Sintas the Blazing Cat is a terrorist based within the Pyranic Empire, fighting for the rights of other naturakinetics, even though she herself is also a pyrokinetic.

Sintas the Blazing Cat

Biographical Information
  • Sintas Ebrard - commonly used alias
  • Ashe - call-sign in the Ash-Lined Fist
Romantic InterestsPending
Physical Description
SpeciesMobian/Blazing Cat
  • Fur: Red, w/ peach skin
  • Hair: White
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • Coal black blazer
  • Coal black jumper
  • Maroon shirt
  • Maroon gloves
  • Silver tie
  • Coal black skirt
  • Black leather shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Possesses the genetic ability Miracle Aroma
  • Powerful pyrokinetic & naturakinetic
  • Skilled with Ash manipulation
  • Explosives expert
  • Skilled marksman w/ dual pistols
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Physical Description

A short, curvaceous red cat with shoulder-length white hair and sharp, piercing yellow eyes, Sintas is reasonably unassuming, and can pass for someone many years her junior.


As part of her cover, Sintas wears a coal-black blazer, jumper and skirt, plus a maroon shirt & gloves, a silver tie, and black leather shoes.


Early History

Sintas was born to Gary the Pyrohog, a well-known twin-blade soldier in the Pyranic Imperial Army, and his wife, Carly Ebrard, a pirate serving as a privateer for the same Empire. However, it was here that a form of supremacy was placed on the family. Carly lost her job as a privateer, while pressure was placed on Gary to divorce the cat, because she couldn't manipulate fire, and as such, was useless. When he refused, he was demoted from his rank to a basic soldier, and all his prior accolades forgotten. Even when the two continued to create a family, entrance to school was hard for the kids. Sintas, the eldest, very quickly tired of the insults, and at the age of five was sent off to a boarding school in the House of Thunda to avoid the bullying and insults of being a 'half-breed freak'.


While at the boarding school, it was discovered that Sintas had inherited her mother's family genetic ability, Miracle Aroma, along with enough naturakinesis as well as her physicality optimized for Fire. This was a remarkable discovery, and as Sintas studied, she focused on specific classes - history, physics, chemistry and biology, to be precise. At first, most at the school didn't think too much of this interest in science, but quickly, they realized their mistake as Sintas built her first firework. By the time she graduated, Sintas was skilled with creating explosives of both an artistic and a high-powered variety. These factors caught the eye of the numerous Technomage weapon construction groups, plus a Pyranic Empire nationalized armory. Intrigued by the Anvil Corporation's offer of a weapons design position, an idea formed in Sintas's head. She sent a message to a contact in a terrorist organization, the Ash-Lined Fist, a team of Naturakinetics who were obsessed with bringing their people up from their second-class positions, and offered her services as a demolitions expert. At the same time, she accepted an Anvil Corp. position as a saleswoman, her focus on the Pyranic Empire.


As a weaponry saleswoman, she would often go to meetings, introducing herself with her mother's maiden name, and discuss with Pyranic Empire officials on a variety of topics to do with the weaponry on offer, while at the same time supplying similarly powerful weaponry, mostly explosives, to the terrorist group. These weapons were hand-made, and a number of these explosives contained the ashes of deceased Naturakinetics, the signature of the Ash-Lined Fist. Using the call-sign Ashe, Sintas set herself up as a master bomber, seeking revenge for her people, the slighted, while still earning herself money through sales to other groups, including the one her true alliance was targeting.

Day of Scorched Earth

Then came the event. Despite the fact that no non-pyrokinetic was allowed to bear a rank in the Pyranic Army higher than Colonel, and the sheer amount of pressure on the army from terrorist groups like the Ash-Lined Fist and it's allies, the Pyranic Empire launched an assault on a number of surrounding nations, including the Terran League. In the event known afterwards as the Day of Scorched Earth, the empire expanded it's boarders, and while the King tried to fight the claims that it was his plan, his son gladly eyed the throne. With a detached eye, Sintas watched the chaos, and with her brethren, began to plan their rise, and a future civil war...


With the Ebrard Family's signature genetic ability, Miracle Aroma, Sintas is immune to any form of debilitating mental affliction, due to pheromones secreted by her body when afflicted. As such, she immediately is freed from issues such as confusion, infatuation or hypnosis, as examples, unless she chooses to allow the issue through. As with most in her family, this makes her harder to influence in interrogation to reveal secrets, and also allows her to remain focused in combat.

While naturally powerful with Fire, due to her body's natural Fire-affinity, Sintas also has control of nature, an ability she prefers to use over the control of fire, users of which had oppressed her mother, and hated her parent's marriage. Even so, she has studied and learned how to combine the two elements, in order to manipulate Ash.

In addition, Sintas is skilled with twin pistols, using twin Anvil Corp. G1 Pistols as her primary weapons, both while serving as a sales negotiator for Anvil Corp, and while constructing explosives for the Ash-Lined Fist. Furthermore, she is known to use, as a secondary weapon, mines created out of old tin cans and plastic explosive. She carries eight of these one-shot weapons, often setting them as traps or using them in duels. However, the bombs that she makes are typically larger and more powerful than these mines.

However, the element of Wind presses the advantage over her, with the attacks capable of stopping Fire's momentum dead, while at the same time cutting through her Nature-based defenses.

Fire Abilities

Nature Abilities

Ash Abilities


Elementless Abilities


Sintas creates the impression of a loyal, slightly air-headed but technically skilled saleswoman, with knowledge of her art-forms - explosives and firearms. However, beneath the bubbly exterior, there is a darker current, one born of repression and violence. Because of her parent's mistreatment, Sintas bears deep anger towards the Pyranic Empire, to the point of joining and arming a rather well known terrorist group, serving as one of their main explosives manufacturers.

Sintas has a keen eye for havoc, and for the freedom of Naturakinetics, a populace oppressed in the Pyranic Empire. As such, she typically has explosives placed around government or military facilities, in order to cause these beings to panic.

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