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Name: Singe

Nicknames/ Aliases: The Azure Liger

Species: Liger

Gender: Male

Height: 3'8"

Birthplace: Unknown

Age: 15


Singe has azure blue fur on most of his body. He has a teal muzzle, the tip of his tail and his chest fur are teal, and the highlights of his hair are teal. Singe has 4 teal highlighted locks of fur that extend from his head (see picture). Singe wears a dark blue coat, black jeans, and either a black or white shirt. He wears blue gloves and shoes with black flame designs on them. Singe has magenta colored eyes.

Family Ties

The whereabouts of Singe's family are unknown, as well as his birthplace. The only known members of his family are his mother, a white tiger, and his father, a white lion.


Singe likes chao, blue, helping people out, cold weather, friends, and fireboarding.


Singe dislikes seeing people suffer, people who cause suffering, poachers, and extreme heat.


Singe has a quiet personality, but he's very kind. He treats people who cause suffering VERY coldly. When Singe loses his temper, he becomes very violent, but this isn’t often. He loses his temper when people treat his friends or family cruelly. Singe tends to hide most of his emotions from people he doesn't know well, and he hides any pain, suffering, and pretty much anything bad he feels from everyone he knows. If someone were to look closely enough in his eyes, they would see how many times he has almost broken from loneliness...


Walk on Water, housethegrate (Hydrocity Remix)

Housethegrate - Walk on Water (Hydrocity)

Housethegrate - Walk on Water (Hydrocity)

Walk on Water

Powers and Skills

Singe can control Icefire, (cold fire that burns and freezes, is light blue/ teal), he can separate Icefire into fire and ice, and can fly on an Icefire board. He also uses swords made out of ice. Singe has average strength, and above average speed.

Super Forms

Singe's only super form is Infernice


Singe never knew his parents that he could remember, but he has one photo of them. He was hunted by poachers when he was young because of his strange blue fur. He lives alone and will often help out people who are being attacked by others or people who are suffering. His fur is cold to the touch. He is also a good judge of character


Singe is a member of the S Squad In Llames City


  • It is a little known fact that the only stripes that Singe has on his body from his tiger blood are 3 teal ones on each hand, covered by his gloves.
  • Singe is skilled with his sniper rifle, "Icy End", but no one has ever seen him use it, and he will do his best to make sure no one ever does.
  • Singe used to try to disguise himself as a fox to ward away poachers
  • Singe crystalised the only tear he has shed for 10 years and now wears it as a necklace

~Singe the Liger 21:48, September 7, 2009 (UTC)

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