Simon Komm, formerly known as Simon Trapp, is a young human boy who debuted in The Storm of Evil, and made a cameo appearance in Broken Trust. He is an orphan boy from High Mountain City who was separated from the other citizens when the town was attacked and destroyed by Infinite. Despite being human, Simon was adopted by Samu Komm, a Kommo-o.


Simon is a white human boy of average height for his age. He has blue eyes and black hair, and is commonly seen in a white t-shirt and blue denim jeans.


Simon is an average 12-year-old, for the most part. He is friendly, kind, and helpful, though it is because of Infinite's attack on High Mountain and later his attempt on the boy's life that Simon is a bit shy and timid around strangers. Despite his nervousness, he is popular around the Base, and well-liked.


Before the Series: Simon was born and raised in High Mountain City, where he lived with his friends Carlo North(a saber), and Timothy Flatt(a beaver). Things changed when Infinite attacked, driving the inhabitants out, and separating Simon from his family. When Simon returned to the City to look for everyone, Infinite caught him and tried to kill him despite Stan's protests(which he would later forget because of Infinite), but he was saved by a massive Kommo-o who took him back to his "Kommonity", taking him in as a son. Simon would then adopt the last name Komm, dropping his previous surname of Trapp.

In The Legend of Fox the Brave:

The Phantom Storm:

The Storm of Evil: Simon is first seen peering out of the abandoned Eggman facility the Kommonity is using as their home. Mortimer Gray(a gray fox) urges him back inside, and Simon curiously walks with the Storm Squad as they enter. Simon is then called to by Samu, who welcomes the Squad to his home. Later, when the travelers are attacked by a group of clones created by Infinite, a strange man rescues Stan from a Zavok clone that is dragging him away. The man is revealed to be Simon's biological father Johnathan Trapp, who is then brutally shot down by Infinite. Before he dies, Johnathan reveals where the High Mountain Refugees are hiding, and Simon goes with Austin SmithStan the Wolf, and Samu to find them. While they are captured by Infinite for Eggman, they escape, and successfully find the refugees, bringing them to Lamarkie Village alongside the missing Red Fox Pack.




Carlo North and Timothy Flatt

Carlo the Saber and Timothy the Beaver are Simon's friends from High Mountain City. They disappeared during the destruction of the city, but were revealed to have survived.

Samu Komm

Samu adopted Simon when the boy was nearly killed by Infinite, and the two are very close.


Not counting Austin(who is a German Shepherd), Simon is the only human at the Base.

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