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"Even if they resent me, even if they tell me things I can't do, even if they fear me, torture me or imprison me, I will help them. I will protect them. For that was why I was created, and it is why I must do what I must, both for my family, for my friends, and for the humans. That is what makes me what I am. It's who I am."
—Simha the Justified Alien


Alien/Normal Form

Simha is a 6' 5" bipedal alien of the Justified Alien Species, and current ruling monarch of her species. Her body is covered with short white fur. She has huge red bulbous eyes with small black pupils, that when in intimated, can shrink or grow, sometimes overfilling the sclera and replacing the pupil with a small red pupil, and sometimes turning into a slit, like a snake or cat eye. Long black spikes protrude from her head, down her spine, and arms. The spikes can retract and be extended by the user whenever it is required or needed. There are also long black claws on her feet and hands which can also retract at her will. A long, thin white tail with a big plumed end extends from the rear. She also has long ears from either side of her head that resemble fairy or elfish ears, but also look like her tail, though shorter and the plumes bigger and a little leaf shaped so as to hear better.

Hyper Form

When in her Hyper Form, Simha's speed is increased and she can jump exceedingly high. Her tail grows longer and the bones become stronger, her legs changing form and becoming more fit for running. Her weight also becomes significantly lighter. Her body becomes thinner and her spikes disappear on everywhere besides her head, her ears become more flexible and able to swerve here and there.

While in this form, she can also wield her Electricity Manipulation Staff quite a bit more easily, and can absorb electricity around her, and a blue light of electric energy flows through her freely, radiating from her in short to long bursts.

Human Form

In her human form, Simha is 5' 5", has short red hair and blue eyes. Her skin is white and freckled.

Her attire often consists of either a black jacket with hood, black pants, and sneakers, a pink shirt with butterflies on it, jeans, and tennis shoes, or her high school uniform. She also wears other outfits, but these are her most common ones.

Normal Attire

This attire consists of a grey jacket with a hood, long black pants that cover her legs, tan, padded, fingerless gloves, and the same thing worn on her feet.

Princess Attire & Appearance

When in her Princess Form, she grows taller, her legs straighten and white armor plates appear over her body, from her legs to her chest and throughout. She also grows wings from out of her back, four spindly wings that end at the end with white scythe shaped wide tips. Though they are delicate and can be easily broken, they are strong and capable of enduring flight. With them, Simha can nimbly fly through the skies.

Her appearance looks the same as her Normal and Hyper forms combined. She wears a visible, airy blue dress that stretches down her body and to the ground, but since she doesn't possess any sexual parts that humans possess, this attire is very modest among her kind.


Simha and her kind currently live throughout Soumerca, and Station Square some species dwelling in the sewers and catacombs beneath the city. They are currently working on creating a village/colony in the Viridian Jungle.


Simha is kind and humble towards others and shows no malice towards villain or hero alike, showing stronger emotions towards those she loves or has deep friendship with. Always a peacemaker, she tries to keep her friends together, and will always look for a way to keep peace in a fight, often with no violence or harm involved. In a fight or when defending or protecting someone, Simha is dependent and can be relied on and trusted. Simha is very patient with the human race and her enemies, hoping that one day they will not view her as an enemy and they would at last get along with her kind. Simha will protect humans and her species, no matter what the cost, no matter the pain.

Though she knows she is a princess and a leader of her people, she is outgoing towards others who are below her rank and will gladly protect someone who was once trying to hurt her. She is often considered a weak monarch among her species because she lacks wisdom and power to rule.


Early Years

Simha was born/created in the year 2006 in a private research facility in the jungles of Soumerca. Her creator had intended for her to be a protector of the human race, and at the same time, to be a leader to the Justified Alien Species. She was born as a 6 year old alien/robot child, and was given abilities of human transformation and an advanced computer chip so she could be capable of learning human behavior. Unfortunately, an illegal organization that was formed by agents of G.U.N., known as the Alien Research Agency (or ARA), confiscated her creator's life's work and she was taken from him by force. She never saw her creator ever again.


Simha was taken to the ARA's secret underground base where she was tested day in and day out. They tortured her in many ways, and she was permanently scarred in her child-like conscious. She was tortured in that dreadful facility until her escape when she was 8.

A Friend

Alone in Station Square and expecting the ARA around every corner, Simha hid in the alleyways, where she bumped into an 11 year old girl, who called herself Ditzy-Pixie "Dot". The two quickly accepted each other and became close friends.


While hanging out with her newfound friend one day, the ARA found her and she was taken from her friend, her human companion, again. She stayed in the facility until she broke out a second time when she was 12, and by the time she had escaped, a couple of months later, the ARA was disbanded.

New Life

Simha went through several foster homes, and experienced much brutality at the hands of the human families she stayed with. In the time she spent, she learned much human behavior and emotions. By the time she turned 14, she started to build up her alien race, made friends with Sonic and his friends, and had created for herself her own personal "family". She forgave the human race for the wrong they had dealt her, and is now fulfilling what she was created to do.


Due to her being an intelligent humanoid/robot and an alien to boot, she can morph (change her physical form/blend in with the human race) which she uses to her best advantage.

She is also able to use electrokinesis, gathering electricity in the air or from the clouds, and can use it as adeptly as she can with her weapon.


Like Spiderman does in the movies and cartoons, Simha can sense incoming objects or attacks using her long black spikes on her head, which forewarn her of the danger in time to dodge or react in time.

Being part robot, she is able to adapt to all situations, though she is not exactly a full fledged robot, but has rather a mind of a superhuman, able to feel and think like a human, but with a super-computer boost of intelligence and energy.

Being part alien, she can morph and control every single form of her species (which is listed in the Justified Alien Species article).


When in her Hyper and Normal forms, she can gather electricity from everything around her, and when she does, blue electricity runs through her veins and gathers along her body. She can use her electricity in short or big bursts and can gather it from long or short distances.

Her peacemaker skills can usually come in handy in hard situations, and she always keeps an open mind in tough spots.

She has a strong interest in technology and robots, and often tinkers with robot parts in her spare time, using the robots she creates to aid her, whether in fighting or for protective means.


Sometimes, when she is angered, she can unleash her powers all at once and her eyes will go from red and black to black and red, her vision will go red, and she will go mad to the point where she acts like nothing but a wild animal. When she gets cocky or arrogant, like Shadow, she can be especially hard to control, and will think she can take on an opponent on her own, and will be defeated, like Shadow, just as quickly.

Being exceptionally young for a leader, she can be prone to mistakes and can be naïve in her way of thinking and seeing others, which is yet another reason for why her kind view her as unfit for leadership.

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