EG-005/Silvra, the Goddess of All Elements
Cybernetic Hedgehog.
Her sisters, Cream (best friend), Cheese, Chocola, Vanilla, Mecha Amy, and many others.
Testing her strength against worthy opponents, as well as Chao and other "cute" things.
Loud noises, the fact that she's part machine, being deprived of her free will, etc.
Theme Song

"No mere mortal can equal ME in power!"
The Goddess of Destruction Part 16

Silvra, the Goddess of All Elements, also known by her experiment codename, "EG-005" (pronounced "Eee-Jee-Double-Oh-Five") is a character from SolarBlaze's episodic fanfic, Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power. She is the fifth and last of Dr. Robotnik's Elemental Goddess Experiments (often abbreviated as "EG Experiments"), and is the only one of them who was cloned from Slush, rather than Scorch.


In addition to having the powers of all of her sisters, Silvra also seems to possess some of their personality traits. As demonstrated by the quote above, she happens to be somewhat arrogant and thinks quite highly of herself (similar to Scorch and Squash), but at the same time, she's been shown to to be very well-mannered and polite (much like Splash and Seedra), and she appears to have a soft spot for Chao, which has quickly caused her to befriend Cream, Cheese, and Chocola. Having been created from Slush's blood, Silvra shares one of her personality traits, as well, as shown in The Goddess of Destruction Part 17, where she was seen flirting with Wechnia.

Powers and Abilities

Silvra has power over all seven elements: fire, water, ice, stone, leaf, electric, and wind. She also has the ability to tap into the power of the Chaos Rings, making herself nearly invincible.


Silvra's weaknesses vary, depending on whose power she happens to be using at the time. Whenever she taps into the Chaos Rings' power, then the Multi-Element Gem is her primary weakness. She's also susceptible to ultrasonic waves, and loud noises in general.



Silvra is the fifth and last of Dr. Robotnik's EG Experiments. As with the other four, she was created using Robotnik's "Egg Merger" machine, by infusing element-based samples with an ordinary, colorless gem, as well as a blood sample. This time around, however, Robotnik didn't use Scorch's blood; he used Slush's, instead, shortly before using Dr. Nega's camera to capture her and "turn her into" a card. Another notable difference is that some of Silvra's insides are composed of mechanical/robotic parts, making her part machine.

Episode 3: the Goddess of Destruction

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Christmas Special

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Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos

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Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik

"I WON'T let you control me, Robotnik!"
The Goddess of Destruction Part 17

When she was first brought to life, Silvra was entirely obedient to Robotnik, doing whatever he asked, without question. This was shown when she willingly accepted the task that she was given, which was to destroy Sonic and the rest of the heroes. However, on the way, Silvra ended up befriending Cream, and then she and all the others let her know just what kind of person Robotnik truly was. After deciding that she wasn't going to take orders from the doctor anymore, he used a mind-control device to bring her back under his control, turning her back into the killing machine she was originally intended to be. After hearing about all the villainous things he's done prior to that moment, as well as depriving her of her free will, this ultimately caused Silvra to see him as an enemy.

Cream the Rabbit, Cheese, and Chocola

"Cream, Cheese, Chocola... It's nice to see you again!"
The Goddess of Destruction Part 20a

When Dr. Robotnik gave Silvra an order to eliminate the Chaotix and the rest of the heroes, she ended up getting lost around the base, and then she and Chocola literally bumped into one another. After accessing her data, Silvra was able to identify him as a Chao, and started to pet him, stating that he was "cute". Shortly afterwards, Silvra spotted Cream and Cheese getting attacked by a group of Egg Pawns. Having "inherited" Splash and Seedra's sense of kindness, she was unable to ignore the situation and decided to lend the two of them a hand by freezing the Egg Pawns in sheets of ice, as well as returning Chocola to them.

Then, Cream thanked Silvra for her help, and from there, the two of them started to become friends. Initially, Cream was not aware of the fact that Silvra was EG-005, and didn't find out until the rest of the heroes pointed it out after introducing her to them. Just as a battle was about to take place between them, Cream interrupted and begged them not to hurt Silvra, letting them know that she was responsible for saving her life, as well as finding Chocola. From there, Cream and everyone else took it upon themselves to let Silvra know how evil Dr. Robotnik was, and recommended her not to take orders from him, which she eventually agreed to.

Many months later, Silvra was seen attending a Christmas gathering at Cream and Vanilla's house, and even helped with the decorations.

PG-005/Goldra, the Goddess of All Elements

"As far as I'm concerned, I have fourteen sisters, and YOU'RE not one of them!"
Dimensional Chaos Cutscene Preview: Silvra VS Goldra

Upon hearing that Dr. Nega was aiming to make replicas of the EG Experiments, Silvra was somewhat uneasy about the fact that another "her" was being brought into the world (since she was aware of the potential danger). Despite this feeling of uneasiness, as well as taking part in hunting down the Lunar/Elemental Emeralds to prevent her completion, Silvra initially bared no grudge against Goldra during the first few minutes of their meeting.

However, that began to change once Goldra enthusiastically talked about committing mass murder and genocide, and asked Silvra to help her level a city. From there, Silvra came to the conclusion that she was "sick and twisted", and immediately turned down her counterpart's offer, stating that she'd rather die than take part in anything that involved slaughtering innocent people. Shortly afterwards, Silvra declared that she was going to stop Goldra at all costs, even if it meant both of them losing their powers.

Elemental Goddess and Number Line Similarities

Number Line + Elemental Goddesses

An image of Silvra and Prickles, along with the rest of the Goddesses and Numbers (plus Dr. Robotnik), drawn by Azuroru.

Coincidentally, the Elemental Goddesses and the Number Line happen to have several similarities to one another. Silvra is by no means, an exception, having some things in common with Tertius/Prickles.

  • Both of them were created by Dr. Robotnik.
  • They're both part of a group that consists of at least eight siblings.
  • Each of them are the "youngest" in their respective groups.
  • Silvra and Prickles are also considered the "oddballs" of their groups, since the former is the only one that's (partly) mechanical, while Prickles is the only one that's fully organic.


  • Silvra's color scheme (including the black eyes and red pupils) was inspired by an old, recolored fancharacter of SolarBlaze's named Silver Sonic.
  • So far, Silvra is the only Elemental Goddess who has never seen or encountered Mephiles. This also applies to Iblis, as well as their "Solaris" transformation.
  • Silvra's personality has changed almost entirely from the way she was portrayed in previous roleplays. Back then, her personality was akin to Bass/Forte's from the Mega Man series. While she still retains some of the arrogance she had before, it's to a lesser degree than it was in the past.
  • In addition to being the only EG Experiment who's part machine, Silvra is also the only one who was created with Slush's blood, rather than Scorch's.




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