Silver the Lucario is a recurring character in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is a warrior, the leader of Rogue Squad, one of the oldest mortal leaders, and possibly one of the strongest. He is named for a patch of white on his nose, a distinctive feature only he has. Originally, he had a family of his own, but when the series' lore was overhauled, this was dropped and retconned. Post-overhaul, his past is unknown.


Normal: Silver is a Lucario. He has mostly blue fur with a stripe of black fur on his face-over his eyes and nose-and between his ears, stretching from the front of his face to the back of his head. His hands, feet, shoulders, aura sensors, and a stripe of fur around the bottom of his midsection are also black. Silver has yellowish-cream fur on his torso with a spike on his chest and one on the back of each hand. He also wears a black wrist-com on his right wrist and a Lucarionite on his left, both behind the spikes on his hands. An interesting feature Silver has is that a large patch of fur on his nose is white-which is how he got his name. He also has a long scar on the inside of his right forearm, but it is unknown how he got this, and has never been mentioned in-story.

Mega Evolved: When Silver Mega Evolves, his aura sensors become longer-with the outer two being longer than the inner two and gaining red tips-his hands and feet are now red-with two spikes on each hand and each foot. The front spike on each hand is longer and points outward(making his punches more dangerous), while the front spike on each foot is longer than the one in back. His tail becomes a cape of fur matching the fur on his torso-which also stretches farther up at his shoulders. There is also a spike on the front side of his shoulder, and ragged black lines stretch down his arms, legs, and across his face. When he Mega Evolves, he retains his white nose and the scar on his arm, yet his wrist-com disappears.


Possibly owing to his Ability, Inner Focus, Silver is a calm and collected person, able to keep his cool even in the most stressful of situations. Silver is strong-willed, protective, and a loyal and fierce leader. Unflinching in leadership, Silver is wise and fair, though he does not tolerate trouble. Even in the heat of battle, Silver is level-headed and calm


Post-overhaul, Silver's past is unknown. At some point in The Legend Begins, Fox spoke to Silver, and the Lucario joined his team with Fox's and Tai's to form the Storming Alliance.

The Final Battle: Silver leads a rescue mission aboard the Egg Fleet with Lucky, Rock, and Crag, to rescue the previously captured Dire Wolf Pack. After Lucky is captured and brainwashed, Silver serves as a POV until his free will is restored. After that, Silver continues to serve as a POV alongside Lucky, and confronts Dr. Starline during the Battle of the Canyon, until the ship they are on begins to crash due to a fight between Lucky and Eggman.

Shattered Peace: Silver serves as the main POV of the story. When Phoenix the Fox goes missing, Silver investigates it, and discovers Starline, who is searching for an amnesiac Dr. Eggman, living at the Base as Mr. Tinker, is behind everything. He investigates Starline's location with Austin, finding the doctor hiding in Final Egg. While they are snooping around, Austin realizes that due to the Rule of the Worlds, he is immune to whatever Starline is doing, which means he could spy on the doctor.


Silver's moveset currently consists of Bone Rush, Power-Up Punch, Aura Sphere, and Metal Claw.


Normal: Despite it never being explicitly mentioned, Silver's current Ability is Inner Focus, which prevents Flinching. This may be the reason why or how Silver is so steadfast in battles and is next to impossible to scare or surprise. Also, like all Lucario, Silver can naturally sense and use Aura at will, yet he cannot sense Finitevus' aura for some reason; a possible reason explained in the Prologue of Austin's Exile is that Finitevus' corrupted Chaos energy powers interfering with or blocking Silver's aura-sensing capabilities.

Mega Evolved: When Silver Mega Evolves, his Ability becomes Adaptability, which boosts STAB(Same Type Attack Bonus) attacks, meaning Silver gets an Adaptability-STAB boost to Power-Up Punch(Fighting), Aura Sphere(Fighting), and Metal Claw(Steel) when he Mega Evolves.


Silver is weak to Fighting, Psychic, Fire, and Ground-Type attacks


As Riolu
Mega Lucario
As Mega Lucario


As a Lucario, Silver speaks through telepathy, yet his dialogue is shown in quotation marks. When he actually speaks with someone through their aura, his dialogue isn't in quotations, and is italicized. The reasons for this are unknown.

Silver cannot sense Dr. Finitevus via aura,. The reason for this is because of Finitevus' corrupted Chaos powers interfering with Silver's aura-sensing abilities. By extension, Arrow the Wolf cannot feel his thoughts

  • Additionally, they cannot sense Infinite because of the Phantom Ruby he has. However, it was mentioned that while the occasional thought slips out from the "firewall" of the Ruby, it is very dark and twisted, owing to Infinite's sadistic nature
  • In the complete opposite however, Silver(and by extension Arrow) can sense Dr. Starline. However, they both compare it to being submerged in icy water, and thus greatly dislike it

Silver might harbor some guilt over Michael's death, as in Rise of a Team, Skye mentions that he and Austin were determined not to let anyone else die to something Finitevus was involved in(as Monty had been beaten within an inch of his life, and the masked villain had an agreement with Finitevus)

  • Skye's comment might also allude to Austin's determination to stop Finitevus and exact vengeance for everything he did.
  • However, Silver's involvement in the battle that caused Michael's death is now retconned, as the way Michael received his injuries is different post-lore overhaul
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