"Those warriors cannot return home because of you!"
—Silver the Lucario to Dr. Finitevus, Silver's Journey

Silver the Lucario is a male Lucario who appears in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is the current leader of Rogue Squad, and protagonist of Silver's Escape, Silver's Journey, and The Villain's Reveal.


Normal: Silver is a Lucario. He has mostly blue fur with a stripe of black fur on his face-over his eyes and nose-and between his ears, stretching from the front of his face to the back of his head. His hands, feet, shoulders, aura sensors, and a stripe of fur around the bottom of his midsection are also black. Silver has yellowish-cream fur on his torso with a spike on his chest and one on the back of each hand. He also wears a black wrist-com on his right wrist and a Lucarionite on his left, both behind the spikes on his hands. An interesting feature Silver has is that a large patch of fur on his nose is white-which is how he got his name. He also has a long scar on the inside of his right forearm, but it is unknown how he got this, and has never been mentioned in-story.

Mega Evolved: When Silver Mega Evolves, his aura sensors become longer-with the outer two being longer than the inner two and gaining red tips-his hands and feet are now red-with two spikes on each hand and each foot. The front spike on each hand is longer and points outward(making his punches more dangerous), while the front spike on each foot is longer than the one in back. His tail becomes a cape of fur matching the fur on his torso-which also stretches farther up at his shoulders. There is also a spike on the front side of his shoulder, and ragged black lines stretch down his arms, legs, and across his face. When he Mega Evolves, he retains his white nose and the scar on his arm, yet his wrist-com disappears.


As Riolu: As Riolu, Silver is friendly and confident, refusing to let any bullies get the better of him. He is more than willing to fight to prove himself and is capable of finding ways to outsmart his enemies, even if they are larger and more vicious than him and are evolved where he is not.

As Lucario: Years of leadership have worn down on Silver. He is mostly silent, stoic, and honor-bound. When someone gets his ire up, he will not hesitate to attack if he sees an opportunity. However, he does recognize where a battle is not worth fighting, and will try to avoid conflict if possible. While he does not let his emotions show too often, it's possible he harbors some guilt over the death of Michael Smith, since he saved him, but Michael died anyway, and he was so determined to rescue Monty the Dog from Infinite, who had an agreement with Dr. Finitevus(Michael's murderer).


Silver's Escape: Silver was initially born into Aura Village as the only son and eldest child of Murray-a Lucario secretly working for the Outsiders, a group of villainous Pokemon-and his mate Isa. Silver and his sister Leah were friends with a Sandile named Ryala, an Electrike named Zymmern, a Chespin named Thorn, a Taillow named Windstrom, and a Shiny Fletchling named Robin, and they all loved to hear tales of the legendary Team of Mega Pokemon, the Mega Force. He was constantly bullied by a Tyrunt named Razorjaw, and defeated him several times in battle with help from his move Copycat and Razorjaw's own weakness to Fighting-Types. Soon afterward, Silver and Leah's father Murray returns to the Village after having been called away by his duties to "an unknown group of Pokemon". After this, the Outsiders attack the Village in an effort to kidnap its Young Ones, but only succeed in capturing Silver and Leah and making Isa disappear. They are taken to the Outsiders' camp, and Silver learns the true colors of his father, a meek and submissive Lucario who was basically the opposite of his fearless and courageous kind. Nero the Greninja also insists on "training" Silver himself, which actually turns out to be more like a brutal beating, since despite his Type-Disadvantage, Nero badly beat the young Riolu, only to be stopped by a sudden fit caused by Sonic.EXE, who had driven Nero mad in the past. Silver used Force Palm on Nero, saving him from the fit, only to be given a serious slap in the face. Silver is carried away by Finn, an old Swampert, and is nursed back to health. Afterward, Finn urges Silver and Leah to run. When they ask him to come with them, he refuses, stating that he'd been with the group since he was a Mudkip, and that Nero wouldn't be as "forgiving" with him if he tried to escape. Silver and Leah then run away, but are cornered at a cliff by an Outsider patrol led by Nero, who cruelly states that Murray sensed them escaping and led the patrol to them. Leah tries to tell Nero off, but is given a hard slap in the face. This enrages Silver and as a result, he evolves into Lucario. The confrontation is cut short when Tai's second-in-command, Cobalt the Mega Houndoom, leaps in with a patrol to save them and bring them to the Megastone Rogues. After receiving some training, Silver decides to travel back to his old Village and reveal that he is still alive. When there, he found that his friends had evolved, and that Razorjaw-now a Tyrantrum-had had deep regrets for Silver and Leah's capture. The two had yet another fight-this one for old time's sake-and afterward, Silver was given a Lucarionite by the elder Delphox, who revealed that it had been left at the Village by Silver's own ancestor, Master Lucario of the Mega Force himself. Silver donned the Lucarionite then headed back to the Megastone Rogues, but is sidetracked by a frightened cub named Braveheart, whom he promptly returns to Team Brave, also receiving a vision of the future transformation Fusion Fox. He returns to the Megastone Rogues and is given a scorching reprimand from Tai the Charizard, who understood Silver's delay from returning to the group since he helped a young fox cub. Impatiently eager to defeat Nero and make him see justice, Silver decides to leave the Megastone Rogues and form his own group, which he called Rogue Squad, being accompanied by Rokky the Krokorok, Mitch the Shiny Flygon, and Blitz the Arcanine among others. When contemplating whether or not to rejoin the Megastone Rogues, Rokky tells him that no matter what, they'll follow him, and that the decision was his to make. In the end, Silver chooses to make his group part of the Storming Alliance.

The Fleeing Evil Saga:

  • Austin's Flight: Silver leads a patrol consisting of himself, Diggs the Excadrill, Austin Smith, and Storm the Buizel to stop Finitevus from whatever he had planned, and when the patrol is ambushed, Silver and Diggs are forced toward a river and separated from Austin and Storm. They are then swept away by the river and Austin and Storm are captured by Finitevus' followers. In the Epilogue, Silver and Diggs return to the Storming Base with Austin's ripped shirt and broken wrist-com.
  • Austin's Exile: In the Prologue, Silver recalls how he and Diggs were separated from Austin and Storm and swept away by a river they were forced near. He swears to himself that he will make Finitevus pay for capturing Austin and Storm.

Silver's Journey: In the Prologue, Silver and Diggs return to the Storming Base with Austin's ripped shirt and broken wrist-com, and Silver is forced to break the news to a heartbroken Michael Smith and Shell and their families. Afterward, Silver comes up with the idea to find Finitevus and get answers as to where Austin and Storm are. During his search, Silver is given a memory of how Austin and Storm fled from the Worlds, and later has a nightmare of catching Austin only to find him effectively dead, and being taunted by Finitevus. At the end of this dream, Silver suddenly feels as if his own aura itself is being strangled before he wakes up. He then finds Finitevus and his followers, and attacks them. He easily knocks out the others, but finds himself in a stalemate with Finitevus. Silver demands answers as to where Austin and Storm are, but Finitevus replies that he doesn't know. The Lucario tells Finitevus that he(Finitevus) drove them out of the Worlds, unaware that Finitevus had no knowledge of this. Finitevus then says that Silver can sense the pair himself, and when Silver searches with his aura to find the pair, and when he finds them, Finitevus also finds where they are, and the Lucario realizes that Finitevus eavesdropped on his aura-the reasons for this are unknown. Silver then heads for where the two warriors are hiding and watches them, waiting for the right moment to interfere and help them get to the Storming Base. He ambushes Finitevus' followers and knocks them out, dragging them out of the way, but is forced to let Austin and Storm run away if he is to intercept Finitevus. He nearly crashes into Finitevus, yet takes the opportunity to sucker punch him with Power-Up Punch. Finitevus mocks Silver about his tactics, only to get a scathing retort. Silver angrily states that Finitevus had Lycus' gang ambush his patrol and force him and Diggs away from Austin and Storm, to which the villainous Echidna replies that he needed some way to get Austin and Storm by themselves. Silver then roars that Austin and Storm can't return home because of Finitevus, who sneers that he(Austin) won't need his home once his goals are completed. During the battle, Silver tries to overpower Finitevus with his aura, wanting to make him realize the severity of his crimes, but it doesn't work. The battle soon ends because of a stalemate out of exhaustion, and Silver reluctantly returns to the Base to break the news of his failed mission. After a despondent Michael and Shell leave, Sandy-Silver's mate-concedes that until Finitevus and his followers are finally defeated and/or apprehended, Austin and Storm cannot return. Silver agrees darkly, vowing that he will be the one to bring Finitevus down, for his own warrior and Fox's.

The Villain's Reveal: See The Villain's Reveal

The Phantom Storm:

The Heart of a Warrior: Silver makes a brief appearance as Mega Lucario when the leaders save the traveling Storm Fighters from a huge robot that attacks them. He is later chosen to help Austin rescue Pebble, and is among the Pokemon mentioned to not be afraid of water when the warriors reach a river in the Mystic Jungle. Silver is Boulder's partner when he crosses the river.

Rise of a Team: When Monty is cruelly attacked by Infinite and beaten within an inch of his life, Silver's Aura Sphere stops the masked villain from killing him, and the Lucario jumps out, knocking him aside with a Bone Rush. Silver then helps Monty onto Austin's back, taking him to the Storming Base. When Monty wakes up from his coma, Skye tells him what happened, saying Silver and Austin were determined to not let anyone else die to something Finitevus was involved with.


Silver's moveset currently consists of Bone Rush, Power-Up Punch, Aura Sphere, and Metal Claw.

His only revealed moves in Silver's Escape as a Riolu were Copycat and Force Palm, but he was able to use a multitude of moves through Copycat.

Moves via Copycat(and the Pokemon mimicked):

  • Dragon Tail(from Razorjaw)
  • Draco Meteor(from Razorjaw)
  • Gust(from Flapper)
  • Double Team(from Nero)
  • Focus Punch(from Finn)


Normal: Despite it never being explicitly mentioned, Silver's current Ability is Inner Focus, which prevents Flinching. This may be the reason why or how Silver is so steadfast in battles and is next to impossible to scare or surprise. Also, like all Lucario, Silver can naturally sense and use Aura at will, yet he cannot sense Finitevus' aura for some reason; a possible reason explained in the Prologue of Austin's Exile is that Finitevus' corrupted Chaos energy powers interfering with or blocking Silver's aura-sensing capabilities.

Mega Evolved: When Silver Mega Evolves, his Ability becomes Adaptability, which boosts STAB(Same Type Attack Bonus) attacks, meaning Silver gets an Adaptability-STAB boost to Power-Up Punch(Fighting), Aura Sphere(Fighting), and Metal Claw(Steel) when he Mega Evolves.


Despite the fact that Pokemon cannot use more than four moves, Silver has gained the unusual ability to use Protect purely through his Aura. This may be because he is descended from Master Lucario, and descendants of Mega Force Pokemon typically have incredible abilities that surpass those of Pokemon that aren't descended from Mega Force warriors, even if they are of the same species(i.e. Silver and Leah could be considered stronger than a regular Lucario). It is mentioned in The Villain's Reveal that Silver's powers are possibly at the same level as Finitevus', and that a fight between the two would end in a stalemate because of Finitevus' corrupted Chaos energy powers clashing with Silver's purer natural Aura.


As with all Lucario, Silver is a Fighting-Steel Type, and is weak to Psychic, Fighting, Ground, and Fire-Type Pokemon, with an Immunity to Poison-Types, and a resistance to Rock, Normal, Ice, Bug, Grass, and Steel-Type Pokemon. He cannot touch Ghost-Type Pokemon with Fighting-Type moves(due to Ghost-Types' natural Immunity to Fighting and Normal-Type Pokemon), and has a Type Advantage over Normal, Dark, Rock, Steel, Fairy, and Ice-Types.


As Riolu
Mega Lucario
As Mega Lucario


As a Lucario, Silver speaks through telepathy, yet his dialogue is shown in quotation marks. When he actually speaks with someone through their aura, his dialogue isn't in quotations, and is italicized. The reasons for this are unknown.

Silver cannot sense Finitevus. While the official reasons for those are unknown, it is speculated in-story that this is because of Finitevus' corrupted Chaos powers either interfering with or blocking Silver's ability to sense Aura.

  • Though this hasn't been brought up yet, this applies to Infinite as well, with a possible reason being the Phantom Ruby.

Silver might harbor some guilt over Michael's death, as in Rise of a Team, Skye mentions that he and Austin were determined not to let anyone else die to something Finitevus was involved in(as Monty had been beaten within an inch of his life, and the masked villain had an agreement with Finitevus)

  • Skye's comment might also allude to Austin's determination to stop Finitevus and exact vengeance for everything he did.
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