Cquote1 We are not a tribe anymore. We are far more.[...]We are a Team. One that will protect the Four Worlds alongside the Storm Fighters and Megastone Rogues until the end of time. To Metal Sonic, we are rogues. So that shall be our name. Rogue Squad Cquote2
Silver's speech to his tribe, Silver's Mission

Not to be confused with the canon character Silver the Hedgehog

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Silver the Lucario is a recurring character and occasional POV in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is a warrior, the leader of Rogue Squad, one of the oldest mortal leaders, and possibly one of the strongest. He is named for a patch of white on his nose, a distinctive feature only he has

Originally, he had a family of his own, but when the series' lore was overhauled, this was dropped and retconned


Normal: Silver is a Lucario. He has mostly blue fur with a stripe of black fur on his face-over his eyes and nose-and between his ears, stretching from the front of his face to the back of his head. His hands, feet, shoulders, aura sensors, and a stripe of fur around the bottom of his midsection are also black

Silver has yellowish-cream fur on his torso with a spike on his chest and one on the back of each hand. He also wears a black wrist-com on his right wrist and a red Lucarionite cuff on his left, both behind the spikes on his hands. An interesting feature Silver has is that a large patch of fur at the end of his nose is white-which is how he got his name. Finally he has a short scar on his face, just between his eyes

Mega Evolved: When Silver Mega Evolves, his aura sensors become longer-with the outer two being longer than the inner two and gaining red tips-his hands and feet are now red-with two spikes on each hand and each foot. The front spike on each hand is longer and points outward(making his punches more dangerous), while the front spike on each foot is longer than the one in back

His tail becomes a cape of fur matching the fur on his torso-which also stretches farther up at his shoulders. There is also a spike on the front side of his shoulder, and ragged black lines stretch down his arms, legs, and across his face. When he Mega Evolves, he retains his white nose and the scar on his face, yet his wrist-com disappears.


Silver is calm, serious, and fair-minded, though he is very quiet most of the time

Silver also has a deep-seated dislike and distrust of Metal Sonic due to their rather brutal fights in the past

Despite this, he is unflinching in leadership, acting as a cooler head in contrast to some of his more hot-tempered peers or Teammates


Before the Series: Silver lived in an unnamed tribe led by his father Murray, who was the previous owner of Silver's Lucarionite. For an unknown amount of time, Silver lived with the tribe, sparring with other young Pokemon to sharpen his skills.

Silver's Mission: Not long after the Egg Fleet were noticed, the tribe were attacked by the army sent down from it. Silver was separated from his tribe and left lost after Neo grabbed and captured him. Silver was rescued by Tai the Charizard and the Megastone Rogues

While staying with them, he gained more training, eventually evolving into Lucario. After that, he set off to find his tribe, instead finding a clan of loner Pokemon that he took over leadership of. The clan ran into Neo Metal Sonic's forces while trying to drive off some Egg Pawns from attacking two traveling loners, Tanner the Fox and Michael Smith

On top of the nearby base, Silver battled Neo Metal Sonic, getting a brutal beating from the robot. Tired and enraged, Silver strikes him with a Power-Up Punch, knocking him back, and knocking him to the ground. However, Metal grabs Michael as the young dog tries to pass. Neo captures Michael, and engages Silver once more. Metal grabs Silver by the throat and holds him over the edge of the base's roof. He boasts that no matter what, he will take the Four Worlds, offering Silver the chance to surrender or fall

Silver refuses to surrender, using Metal Claw to make Metal drop him. Silver is then rescued by Aero as Mega Aerodactyl, but when he is brought back to the tribe's hiding spot, the old Druddigon loner Mudd's cave, Silver passed out from his injuries

Later, Silver led Mitch the Shiny Flygon and Aero up to the main ship of the Egg Fleet to rescue Michael. They confront Metal Sonic in a sort-of throne room. When Silver tells Mitch to find Michael, Metal has the young dog brought out. Silver takes note of a long wound on Michael's neck, which Metal casually says is "a reminder of his attempt to escape"

Silver orders Mitch to get Michael out, before engaging Metal Sonic. Silver initially has the upper hand, beating Metal with repeated Bone Rush attacks, but Metal strikes back, giving Silver another brutal beating. When Silver tries to kick Metal, the robot grabs his foot, twisting it in a way that breaks his ankle, after Silver lands badly. Metal grabs him by the throat and holds him up, but not before smashing the tired and injured warrior into the ground . The robot says that he gave Silver the chance to surrender, but he foolishly threw it away with his mission to rescue Michael. He then throws Silver away, leaving him barely conscious. Silver manages to alert Aero, who swoops in to rescue him before Metal can finish him off

When they return to Mudd's cave, Silver is left bedridden in a makeshift nest because of his broken ankle and the severity of his injuries. They later relocate to Red Gate City, where Silver slowly recovers from his injuries, with the help of physical therapy. When Silver has recovered enough to walk without aid, the tribe set off toward Mystic Ruins with the help of a native, a Jolteon named Thistle

However, Neo Metal Sonic's forces attack the city, forcing Silver to confront the robot again. This time, Silver Mega Evolves, and manages to escape injury, and rescue a pup Neo had attempted to kidnap. Following the battle, the tribe successfully manage to set off

In Mystic Ruins, Silver meets some of his old tribe, who have evolved themselves, and taken up residence in the forest. Silver decides to check an old abandoned Eggman base at the edge the forest, and Thistle and Michael tag along. After they arrive, Thistle decides to leave, leaving Silver and Michael alone. With Michael's help, Silver manages to look through records pertaining to Metal Sonic to find what happened. When they find what happened, they leave

With his mission complete, Silver decides to find help in battling Metal Sonic, and hears about an alliance of teams that have been fighting "Eggman's" forces, and decides to go help them, with the agreement of his tribe

When they arrive at the Storming Base, Silver pleads his case to Fox, who grudgingly accepts them into the Storming Alliance. With that done, Silver decides to give their new Team an official name, Rogue Squad


Silver is incredibly agile and swift, able to leap long distances and land on his feet with no issue, take hard blows easily, and strike back with just as much strength.


Silver's moveset currently consists of Bone Rush, Power-Up Punch, Aura Sphere, and Metal Claw.

As Riolu, he knew Focus Blast, Force Palm, Vacuum Wave, and Copycat

Moves used via Copycat

Earthquake(mimicked from Aaron)


Normal: Silver's Ability is Inner Focus, which prevents Flinching

Like all Lucario, Silver can naturally sense and use Aura at will, commonly using it to sense what his tribe/Teammates are feeling during a given situation, or to find a missing person in a suspected location

Mega Evolved: When Silver Mega Evolves, his Ability becomes Adaptability, which boosts STAB(Same Type Attack Bonus) attacks, meaning Silver gets an Adaptability-STAB boost to Power-Up Punch(Fighting), Aura Sphere(Fighting), and Metal Claw(Steel) when he Mega Evolves.


Silver is weak to Fighting, Psychic, Fire, and Ground-Type attacks


As Riolu
Mega Lucario
As Mega Lucario
Silver vs. Metal
Fighting Neo Metal Sonic


As a Lucario, Silver speaks through telepathy, yet his dialogue is shown in quotation marks. When he actually speaks with someone through their aura, his dialogue isn't in quotations, and is italicized. The reasons for this are unknown

Despite officially naming Rogue Squad a Team, Silver still refers to it as a tribe. He also refers to the other Teams, and other large communities of Mobians, Pokemon, and humans, as tribes

Silver cannot sense Dr. Finitevus via aura,. The reason for this is because of Finitevus' corrupted Chaos powers interfering with Silver's aura-sensing abilities

  • Additionally, he cannot sense Infinite because of the Phantom Ruby he has. However, it was mentioned that while the occasional thought slips out from the "firewall" of the Ruby, it is very dark and twisted, owing to Infinite's sadistic nature
  • In the complete opposite however, Silver can sense Dr. Starline. However, he compares it to being submerged in icy water, and thus greatly dislikes it
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