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Silver the Hedgehog is an action, adventure, puzzle-platformer with some combat elements. The game stars the titular Silver the Hedgehog, a side character of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The main gimmick of the game that makes it unique is the use of physics-based puzzles and platforming challenges, made more interesting by Silver’s psychokinetic abilities. 

The story takes place approximately 200 years into the future of Sonic’s world and centers around Silver taking down Dr. Eggman Nega and discovering his own self-worth. In terms of Sonic’s accounts, the game takes place chronologically after Sonic Rivals and Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity but before Sonic Rivals 2 and Sonic Forces. 

Characters of Interest

Silver the Hedgehog

A young hedgehog who is the youngest member of a mysterious organization known as the Time Council. His role is to protect the time in his dimension by changing the catastrophes of the past, thus preventing the ruining of his era. In order to travel through time Silver has the Time Stone, an ancient artifact that creates portals through time and dimensions. Though his psychokinetic powers make him powerful, his stubbornness, naivety, and lack of experience lead him to be very insecure about his abilities and ultimately give him low self-esteem.

Sonic the Hedgehog

A hedgehog with super speed from the past. Sonic first met Silver during one of his first battles with the mysterious Eggman Nega. Although they didn’t get along at first Silver eventually learned to trust Sonic.

Blaze the Cat

A cat princess hailing from another dimension, Blaze is regarded as not only royalty but a hero in her home. Originally practicing how to use the Time Stone a young Silver accidentally traps himself in the Sol Dimension and only manages to escape with the help of Blaze. During their meeting as children and Silver ended up forming a strong bond with her that lasted until Silver’s present day.

Ash the Phoenix

A cowardly tech genius currently working as an intern at MetoerTech. He runs into Silver early on in his journey and swears to help SIlver take down Eggman Nega in any way he can. Soon he becomes Silver’s closest ally and companion, similar to the dynamic of Sonic and Tails. Not much is known about his past, other than his brother’s death which he blamed himself for. However, at the game’s halfway point more about his past comes to light…

The main antagonist of the story, Ash is Silver’s sworn rival. After Ash’s father was banished from the Time Council because of his greed, Ash swore to take the Time Stone from Silver and rule over all of time unopposed. In order to take the Time Stone from Silver, he pretends to befriend the hedgehog, even making up a story about his past only to betray him later.

Dr. Eggman Nega

Although Silver first faced him some time ago his origins were unknown until recent…

After the defeat of Dr. Eggman 200 years into the past, the doctor was forced to help GUN manufacture police robots. This collaboration eventually turned into a company known as MeteorTech. To preserve the mind of Dr. Eggman, MeteorTech decided to create genetic clones of Eggman to continue his legacy after his death. However the most recent clone, Mk. 5 ends up finding out about his origins and decides to get revenge. His plan becomes to steal the Time Stone and travel to the past to stop MeteorTech from ever existing. According to him only this can prove his own individual self worth as more than a mere clone of Dr. Eggman.


Rather than the typical level structure of a Sonic game, Silver the Hedgehog’s level progression goes by Missions rather than Zones.

Mission 1

  • Crumbling City


  • SCR-Inferno I

Mission 2

  • MeteorTech Processes
  • Polluted Tropics


  • SCR-PION (Pronounced Scorpion)

Mission 3

  • Dark Factory
  • Monopole Traffic Jam


  • SCR-AP (pr - Scrap)

Mission 4

  • City Skyline
  • Monopole Downtown
  • Club Rouge


  • Rouge 2.0

Mission 5

  • The Party District
  • Techno Headquarters
  • Rocky Falls


  • SCR-H2D (pr - Scorched)

Mission 6

  • Wave Canyon
  • Oriental Chase
  • Gigan Ruins


  • Babylon Hawk

Mission 7

  • Aquatic Babylon
  • Icy Minefield
  • Metal Tower


  • SCR-Inferno II

Mission 8

  • Robot Catacombs
  • Mountainside Meltdown
  • Green Rockway


  • SCR-MBL (pr - Scramble)

Mission 9

  • Devine Temple
  • Sanctuary City
  • Hexaco Havoc


  • Shadow the Hedgehog

Mission 10

  • Skyscraper Nightfall
  • Switch Subway
  • Megalo Rush


  • Brainwashed Blaze
  • SCR-N (pr - Scorn)

Mission 11

  • Cursed Wreckage
  • Megalo Tower
  • Into The Storm


  • Master Core: DEVIL
  • Ash the Phoenix


The game’s story focuses on the origins of Dr. Eggman Nega and Silver’s maturation as a hero, fighting to reclaim the Time Stones.

Mission 1: Prologue

The game begins with Silver rounding up Sonic and Blaze to help him take on a powerful robot, SCR-Inferno, which has been laying fiery waste to a city. Although the Team is strong, ultimately they fail, leading the robot to steal the Time Stone from Silver and supposedly kill Blaze. Afterwards, Silver has a very difficult time coming to terms with Blaze’s death. In the end, Silver blames only himself for not being strong enough to save Blaze or protect the Time Stone. 

Mission 2: MeteorTech

Sometime later, Sonic and Silver investigate the matter, learning that the robot was created by MeteorTech (pronounced "MeteoTech".). Along the way, Silver meets Ash the Phoenix, a young MeteorTech employee who agrees to help them track down the one responsible for the SCR-Inferno incident. 

Mission 3: Chasing Eggman

As it turns out the one responsible is an Eggman clone who works for MeteorTech, calling himself, Eggman Nega (who will later travel to the past and battle Silver in Rivals 1.) The group learns about Eggman Nega’s plan but are too late to react before he turns all the police robots against the public. Eventually Silver, Sonic, and Ash reach Eggman Nega at Monopole City. However, now that Nega has the Time Stone he is able to send Sonic back to the past and escape. After Eggman Nega escapes, Silver vows to take down Eggman Nega and get the Time Stone back, with Ash’s help.

Mission 4: Monopole City I

With Eggman Nega’s escape, both Silver and Ash have no clue where to look for him. The only lead Ash can think of is an AI hologram which if it can be defeated, might snap out of Eggman Nega’s programing and tell them where the doctor is. In order to get there, Silver traverses through the cyberpunk-esque city of Monopole at night. Eventually Silver reaches the AI’s location only to find out that the location is Club Rouge, now a business chain of popular night clubs. After going inside Silver meets the AI, the club’s owner, Rouge 2.0. Rouge 2.0 being a holographic copy of the original Rouge the Bat. After defeating Rouge 2.0, she tells Silver of Eggman Nega’s current whereabouts.

Mission 5: Chasing Eggman II

Silver leaves Monopole City to track down Eggman Nega. Eventually, he reaches Rouge 2.0’s coordinates, at Splash Canyon but instead of finding Eggman Nega finds a powerful and dangerous robot able to manipulate gravity, SCR-H2D.

Mission 6: The Gigan Ruins

After defeating SCR-H2D, Silver finds a mysterious artifact in the robot, The Ark of the Cosmos. Thinking it must lead back to Eggman Nega, Ash tracks down its origins to the Gigan Ruins and Silver treks to the area to investigate. Along his travels, Silver butts heads with a bunch of robots and encounters The Babylon Rogues.

Mission 7: Eggman Nega’s Base

With the help of The Babylon Rogues Silver travels through an underwater base to reach Eggman Nega’s HQ. The only obstacle, an icy minefield. After getting passed the minefield and into Eggman Nega’s base, Metal Tower Silver meets back up with Ash who just got there himself. With Ash’s help, Silver climbs the tower and confronts Eggman Nega. Silver once again fights SCR-Inferno along with Eggman Nega and this time is victorious. Ash grabs the Time Stone during the battle and all that’s left now is for Ash to give the Time Stone back to Silver. Except that isn’t what happens. Instead, Ash betrays Silver, sends him into a trash room, and reveals that due to a device he made with the Ark of the Cosmos he too now has Silver’s psychokinetic powers.

Mission 8: The Temple

Shocked by Ash’s betrayal, Silver tries to claw his way out of the trash room. On his journey, he overhears Ash and Eggman Nega’s plan to open a giant portal over Monopole City to bring an army of robots into the past. Knowing this SIlver changes his plan and evacuates the Base. Traveling to a mysterious temple in a forest location, Silver speaks with the Time Council who explains that only he can take down Ash. While exiting the temple, Silver has another fight with Eggman Nega.

Mission 9: Grand Metropolis

From the forest Silver changes course to a city known as Sanctuary City, a futuristic city that is in its own time bubble. Along the way Silver demands to talk to the mayor hoping that he will help Silver quickly and safely get back to Monopole City. Although the robots of the city are less than compliant Silver fights his way to the capital, Grand Metropolis. There he is shocked once again to learn that the current mayor is none other than Shadow the Hedgehog. Shadow explains that 200 years ago he sealed himself away after fulfilling Maria’s promise only to be awakened and asked to run for mayor. He decided to accept out of amusement and agrees to help Silver if he beats him in a fight. Silver wins and Shadow safely teleports Silver back to Monopole City. 

Mission 10: Monopole City II

Now once again in Monopole City, Silver treks his way to Megalo Tower where Ash and Eggman Nega said they were going to open the portal for their army. Silver reaches the duo just in time as the elevator to the top of the tower begins its ascent. Rather than fight Silver directly Eggman Nega reveals Blaze, who is alive but has been brainwashed by Eggman Nega with a mask. Silver fights Blaze and eventually wins by destroying the mask but also ends up destroying the elevator they were on. This also leads the portal to severely malfunction. With no other option, Eggman Nega breaks out his ultimate robotic weapon, SCR-N. 

Mission 11: The Portal

Silver is able to defeat SCR-N and trap the robot on the needle of a giant skyscraper. Silver also saves Blaze but is mad that he still wasn’t able to get the Time Stone back. At this point Blaze recognizes what’s happening and explains to Silver that his constant aggressive and proactive attitude has nothing to do with what’s happening but is about Silver himself and his lack of self-worth. Silver realizes Blaze may be right but none the less is forced to continue on as the portal’s malfunctioning is starting to create a void of time and space starting to violently rip through the city. Along his journey, Silver encounters Sonic again who resurfaces due to the giant portal. 

Silver reaches the inside of the portal only to find a jacked up and all-powerful SCR-Inferno, now being called, Master Core: DEVIL. Silver tries to defeat the robot by himself and fails but at the last moment is saved by most of the people he met on his journey; Sonic, Blaze, The Babylon Rogues, Shadow, and even Ash. 


The group is able to defeat DEVIL no problem but Ash still gets his hands on the Time Stone and jumps into the center of the portal to escape. Silver chases after him and the two have one final battle for the Time Stone. Although Silver fails at first his strong will allows him to harness the powers of the Time Stone and Silver triumphs over Ash. A defeated Ash, hands back his Psychokinesis device, tells Silver the truth about his past and decides to stay in the Portal. His belief being that if he’s really more powerful than Silver he can live through being stuck in the portal. Silver reluctantly says his goodbyes to his once friend Ash and returns back to Monopole City triumphant. After everything is over Silver promises to Blaze that he’ll try his best to improve his view on himself and retain an optimistic outlook on life.


Silver has a number of songs that play throughout the adventure. As of now, the only ones released are found here.

Silver the Hedgehog Soundtrack

Character Themes

Opening Theme Ash's Theme Sonic's Theme Blaze's Theme Eggman Nega's Theme

Every Night (Dreams Of An Absolution Intro Remix) - Silver the Hedgehog Music


Theme of Ash (Early Game) (Event) - Silver the Hedgehog Music

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