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Silver the Hedgehog

Silver the Hedgehog is a mobian hedgehog and a time traveling hero who hails from 200 years into the future to right the wrongs of the past to save his future as well as Sonic's present.


Silver is a mobian hedgehog with whitish-gray fur. Five of Silver's quills are flared up while the other two go down to waist-length behind his ears. He has preach skin on his muzzle and inside his ears, white fur on his chest and golden eyes with the surrounding area of his eyes being black. Silver wears white gloves cyan circles that originate from his golden cuff that hap a strip of cyan and navy blue, cyan and white boots with the top similar to his cuffs with a red gem set in gold.


Silver and his twin sister were born withing the dystopian city of Oynx City. His birth parents went into hiding, as the Oynx City Council desired to perform experiments on them and their children. While his sister was found and raised by the council, Silver was raised by a loving couple who were arrested while he was around 9-10 years old. He grew to oppose the council, but fears of being found out and researched on because of his special powers.


Silver has a strong sense of justice, but his desire to do good often comes with naivtivy and can be easily convinced and to jump to conclusions too soon. His kindness often clashes with his sense of justice. Silver will be willing to set his own mission aside to help someone in need. Despite this, there is an arrogance about him.

Powers and Abilities

Silver's most significant power is his psychonesis, which allows him to lift objects with the power of his mind, which he uses to great effect. He can also use this power and hover and fly.

He can also use the power of the Chaos Emeralds to perform chaos control and can become Super Silver if he has all seven.



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