"You don't understand! I was sent from the future to save you!!"
—Silver, trying to negotiate with Sonic, Joy and Shadow

Silver the Hedgehog is a silver-colored teenage hedgehog and eventual Freedom Fighter to aid Joy's group.


Originally sent from the future to save the present from an unknown catastrophe made by Dr. Eggman, he crash-landed in Station Square having no memory of his identity or his main purpose for being there in the first place. After regaining his memory due to exposure to a radioactive shock-wave from a lab explosion, he joins Joy's team and defeats Dr. Eggman but then is told by Dr. Eggman that he wasn't responsible for the blast or Lyra's death or the missile headed for Station Square in the first place. If not Dr. Eggman, then who was it? That was where Silver's quest really began. Along his journey, he discovers that he is the biological son of his arch-rival Shadow the Hedgehog and that his mother Lyra was killed accidentally in the experimental lab explosion but Shadow wasn't the cause for it or her death for that matter. Despite this knowledge, he has yet to tell Shadow his heritage.


Born from an time-standing "Ultimate Life-Form" and a time-traveling telekinetic female hedgehog named Lyra, Silver resided in the future until his home was destroyed. Upon the destruction, he and his mother time-traveled into the present to find a safer home. Unfortunately, that home would be no longer safe as it was the residence of a secret lab that was turning animals into deadly experiments and a sudden police raid with G.U.N soldiers and an accidental lab explosion would cost Lyra her life and Silver his mother. He was eventually found injured but barely clinging to life and nursed back to health by his foster parents but Silver was never the same by then. Growing up, he would vow to himself that he would not only stop any catastrophes from interfering with time but to find the culprit responsible for his mother's death.

Stopping Eggman

After losing his memory due to being struck by a meteorite and crash-landing into Station Square, he is aided by Joy and her team and eventually gets his memory back. He and Joy's team infiltrate Dr. Eggman's base where he finds the mad doctor cowering in fear and an angry Silver asks him how he could be responsible for the deaths of many people if not the cause of one death previous. Confused, Dr. Eggman replies that he was planning to invade Station Square but only to stop Sonic and steal back a Chaos Emerald -- not kill many innocent people. Surprised, Silver pushes Eggman for more answer, blaming him for the death of his mother. A confused Eggman tells him that he didn't invade that lab and he didn't kill Silver's mother or launch a deadly missile at Station Square but somebody else did it. Stunned by all this, Silver leaves the mad doctor to live while he and Joy and her team cause quite a mess destroying some of Dr. Eggman's robot armies and laboratories and then leaving back to warn Station Square. Once there, they try to warn civilians but it's too late for the missile was already headed to the city. Silver then tells Joy and the team that it's never too late and flies off into the sky where he uses his telekinetic powers to move the missile away into the sky and destroys it with a blast. Everyone cheers and Silver collapses back on Station Square exhausted of his powers but greeted by his new team.

Meeting Shadow

On one of his trips with Team Joy, he visits his foster parents home where he is able to find some of his mother's old belongings and digs through her files. There he discovers a big secret: Shadow is his father. Angry by this, he keeps it to himself until the team has a run in with Team Dark during one of their misunderstandings where Dr. Eggman managed to trick the teams into thinking the other was out to get them for a Chaos Emerald and it was really Scourage who was pulling the strings. During the battle between both played teams, Silver fights Shadow and the brawl turns bloody if not personal. Silver asks him if he knew a hedgehog named Lyra. Shadow is shocked by this but refuses to answer him. Silver doesn't tell him he is his son; instead telling him that someone he knew named Lyra was really important to him. Shadow asks him why would he care and what does it matter to him. Silver fires back that it is everything to him and grabs Shadow into a hold where if either moved wrongly, they would be killed by his blast of Chaos Control energy. During the clash, Silver coldly asks Shadow how could he kill all those people in that lab especially Lyra. Shadow tells Silver that he didn't kill Lyra. Silver then fires back that if he didn't kill Lyra, why did he run. Shadow tells him it's because all those damn G.U.N guards were after him still for a crime he didn't commit over 50 years ago and leaves the hedgehog speechless.

Survivor Lab

After being stranded on an island and taken captive by protester stranded on the island having gone mad from the ailments and Dr. Eggman's tormenting, the team are then thrown into a chamber where they are awaited to be numbed and eaten (yes, the protester survivalists would go that far). Even worst, the chamber they were thrown into turned out to be a gas chamber for execution. Marine asks them which would be worst, to be dead by gas or eaten by protesters. This makes the teams worry and Cream to cry leaving Amy to console her. Thinking that they're all going to die anyway, Silver decides to tell Blaze that Shadow is his father. Blaze, surprised by this, lets out a big what in response to him. Silver then nervously explained that Shadow and his mother got involved once and then he came along but Blaze stops him from explaining any more details of his conception, sparing them both the details. Blaze then clarifies, asking him in her words, "Wait, you're telling me that the bad guy is your father?". Silver tells Blaze that what he's learned so far as he knows, apparently Shadow isn't the 'bad guy' they're looking for. Blaze tells him that Shadow did attack her and their team but Silver tells them all that as far as he knows, they were all tricked into believing the other was out to get them and fighting each other. Gathered together to fight upon hearing loud noises outside the chamber, a blast bursts through the wall and Silver jumps knocking Blaze Joy and Cream out of the way. It is revealed that Teams Sonic, Dark, Chaotix and the remaining members of Rose had come along to fight the protester survivalist who captured them and save their lives. Surprisingly in this, Blaze manages to convince Shadow to help Silver telling him that he has more family than he will ever know and Shadow complies and help him. After escaping the island (and accidentally bursting a dam with their plane), Silver then thanks Blaze for getting Shadow to trust and help him as well for her not telling him about their relation. Blaze asks him since it's personal, when is he going to tell Shadow that he is his son. Silver replies to her that he will tell her when the time is right.


Lyra the Hedgehog (mother) (Deceased)

Shadow the Hedgehog) (biological father/rival)

Rouge the Bat (frenemy)

Joy the Hedgehog (team member/paternal half-sister)

Blaze the Cat (team member/love interest)

Sonic the Hedgehog (rival/ally)

Miles "Tails" Prower (ally)

Amy Rose (ally)

Cream the Rabbit (ally)

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