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Messenger: I know this'll sound ridiculous and unessescary to some. Though, here goes, yes this is Part 2 of the Story Mode. So, I do HIGHLY reccomend that you read the first part which is clearly above. It'll be really confusing if reading this one first, so again highly reccomend that you read the first 7 chapters. This story might be a long one, 14 chapters maximum. So, I guess, sit tight and enjoy.

This page features everything else that happens in Story Mode. It is the continuation of the first part of the Story, as director Williamcost and developers thought that it'd be best (explained more on the actual Telling of the Future page). So, this contains the chapters after the first 7 and things do get really intense. Silver does realise the true meaning of family and finds out all the mysteries surrounding his life and that things have gotten real for his character.

NoteYes, the game is pretty damn long and some of you readers may back away from it due to its size and lengthy paragraphs. I'm sorry for that, its just I think that I tend to do every now and then with stories and its become a habit of some kind now.

Chapter 8: Uncovering Mysteries

Goliath is seen walking out a portal, he is now in a palace. He looks around, and his Legion (the army's name) follow. He is walking through quite a massive palace, it is a little dark however. Tormac also walks with him, wearing the mask. One Legion tells Goliath that "he" (so not Goliath) has requested for silence and to come to the Morzack Room. The camera then focuses on this really dystopian and destroyed world that the Legion have entered. It does resemble a darker version of Silver's future. The palace they're in though, is the tallest and biggest building that is there and can be seen from afar. They're figures that are seen walking around as well as ships that take control of the sky. Its nightime.


Enerjak (alternate reality) This would be how it looks like

Goliath and the Legion go the Morzack Room, Spitfire does come into the room, from a candle. He's now in full on fire form, just with human characteristics. There's a long red carpet ,that looks like blood, they walk on. Candles lit on either side of the carpet, beyond them are these mysterious beings. They look very familiar, their skin is chrome-like, and thier eyes are coloured differently, and don't have iris' nor pupils. Though some do really look strange. The red carpet leads to a throne with a figure with a weird and mystical suit. The figure then asks Goliath why they came to Enerjak (talking about himself in third person). Goliath informs him that there's a favour he requests.
Two Steps From Hell - False King (Invincible)

Two Steps From Hell - False King (Invincible)

Dark Earth's Enerjak Scene

After a little silence, Enerjak asks Goliath how he (Enerjak) would know, that Goliath only came to the palace to kill him. Goliath then tells Enerjak he never had intentions to do that as he has a question to ask, he asks Enerjak if he can burrow one of his warrirors. Enerjak asks why Goliath wants to burrow one of his Prelates. Goliath informs Enerjak about Silver and the situation. Enerjak tells Goliath that he does know Silver, Goliath asks Enerjak when he knew Silver and he explains to Goliath about how he can see through timelines and echoes of the past just like Goliath and that he hasn't acctually seen him in person though (at the point, mysteriously he adds "yet"). After a short conversation, Enerjak agrees and lets Goliath burrow one Prelate. Though, he tests him first, he tells Goliath that to see if he was wealthy one of Enerjak's soldiers (not Prelates) are going to kill him and he has to stop him. One soldier collides and Goliath does fight him, the soldier has a curved sword that has darkness and scythes on his back. The soldier is actually a worthy challenge though Goliath does defeat him. Enerjak then lets Goliath take one of the Prelates, he also lets him take the soldier's weapons. Goliath takes Prelate-V and thanks Enerjak, he then walks off. Spitfire tells Goliath while they're walking to the Portal that the Wreckage has arrived at Mobius. The camera then focuses on Enerjak as Goliath walks past, he then does change position and chuckles a little in his dark voice.

Gold, Gaul, Sara, Thomas, Tez and RuthLess are in the Scorpion. Gold then has a vision, she sees, Silver, Blaze and Kal who are staring at the Wreckage, there is then the Little Planet that is in the distance. She comes out of her vision, Sara asks her what happened. She then tells Thomas to go faster, when Thomas asks why, she tells him that Silver, Blaze and Kal are in danger and that Goliath has arrived. (Milles: Free Field: Drive to waypointSilver, Blaze and Kal are there in the circle of darkness. Blaze tries to wake up Silver. The Wreckage sends other fleet that patrol the sky and some flying figures that search the place. There's then multiple fleet that emerge from a huge Genesis Portal in the sky and then lights shoot out of them. Kal tells Blaze that they are really looking for Silver, Blaze, Kal and Silver then run while the darkness remains there (Kal is holding Silver's body). (Lalia's Point: Free Field: Run to a safe hiding spot) (PC: Blaze, Kal). There's then one small fleet that shines a light on the darkness, then the camera goes to the Legion inside. It tells the others through communicator that the circle has been spotted, it also tells the others that Silver was there, and that he's probably closer than they think. Back to Silver, though his eyes open (scaring Blaze) and asks Blaze and Kal what is going on. Kal explains to Silver what is happening and that Goliath is probably behind this. Blaze asks Silver why he passed out, Silver doesn't really know, the last thing he remembered was Goliath speaking in his mind and these flashes. Blaze is confused to how Goliath can communicate with Silver via his mind. Though, suddenly a Legion attacks the three. Silver does want to fight and Blaze tells Silver to rest for a little. Kal tells them that he'll be fine and that they should find another hiding spot. (Lalia's Point: Free Field: Defeat 10 Legion) (PC: Kal). The Scorpion then arrives, near the scene and spot the Little Planet way in the distance but a huge fleet blocking half of it. The Professor then comes back online via headset, Gaul asks why he wasn't responding before and the Professor states that the systems were corrputed and he couldn't communicate with them, though he finally made a new system, that'll keep them intact. After some silence, the Professor tells the team that the Little Planet has been in Mobius' skies for almost a month already due to Edmund. There's only 36 hours until it disspaears above Never Lake. A tree falls on the front of the car though, and it then can't drive. The team exit the car and search for Silver's team. The Professor guides them. (Lalia's Point: Free Field: Follow the Professor's guidance) (PC: Gold, Sara, Gaul, Thomas, Tez, RuthLess). They discover a Genesis Portal there and Gold throws a device at it closing it (Chapter 4) Then, a fleet crashes right in front of them presumably in an attempt to escape via the Portal or ram the team. They continue going.

Silver and Blaze then are at a small (tiny almost in width) cave. Silver tells Blaze that he's fine and she asks how Goliath can speak through Silver's mind. Silver states that he doesn't know, he had flashes of some sort and then he woke up on the ground. He tells her about what he said, about this Devourer, like the Professor mentioned and how he's going to avenge someone. Blaze theorizes that the Second Devourer might be the entity that Goliath mentioned, and he probably wants to re-awaken him. Silver points out that he only knew about the Second Devourer a year ago and never encountered him, he asks why Goliath wants to avenge the Devourer for something Silver never did. Blaze then states that there's another reason to why, and Goliath hasn't said what yet. Silver does think that its the Darkness, though Goliath told them that he betrayed it and became his own self since it told him what he's meant to do and his destinies etc. Kal then appears out of nowhere and tells the two that Thomas' team have arrived. They all then go into the cave. Kal informs them that he'll scout the area, and make himself invisible (literally). He then runs off. RuthLess uses one his vehicle to block the cave from Legion spotting them. Blaze then takes a stick and puts fire on it as a torch. She puts 3 on each side. They then rest.

Back at Earth, they're people putting up posters of Silver and Blaze's faces. There's a truck that drives by with mechanical tentacles on it. It puts the posters in very specific places (they're autonomous) and there's a World Leader sign on it. They put the normal posters with Silver and Blaze on, and then they put one for the Professor. The OCC then send out another warning, telling the world that the hunt has now spread amongst of the two normal characters. And that they've discovered that the Professor Von Schlemmer is also working with Silver and Blaze. What people'll get out of the Professsor, is what the Science Centre's worth as well as the Centre itself. The Professor notices and one servant enters his hotel room with dinner. The servant then gets a gun out and tells the Professor that he has to do this. The Professor then throws a device at the servant and is knocked out. The Professor then realises that he has to leave the building soon. He blocks the door with the table using some nails and screwdrivers as well as one of the beds. 

Silver and co. wake up from the cave. Thomas, Tez and RuthLess sitting down doing nothing. After a little while, RuthLess tells the team that Kal has given the "all clear" signal. They exit the cave only to see that the place looks like a warzone. There's dead Legion in some places, trees have fallen etc. Kal is on top of one in his suit, and waves at the team. He tells them that they need to move and fast. Gaul tells the team that they should head right since that was the direction they saw Little Planet at. They head that way. Kal does warn them about how fleet are patrolling the place, and one huge fleet in the sky, which from his database is called the Wreckage and was a man called Dr Eggman Nega's (Silver and Blaze then obviously know that name). They go in the right direction. (Fobian Lake: Harsh Weathers) (Fobian Lake: Shining Horizon) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gaul, Sara, Gold, Kal, Thomas, Tez, RuthLess). The Sun is now shining and they've encountered more wildlife. They've made it to a lake. And they stay there for a bit. Silver tells Blaze that Santee in his dream was Nazo. Blaze does question why Silver didn't say before and Silver tells her that he doesn't know why. He then tells Blaze that during the battle of Central City, he felt a quarter of the precise timeline, that's why he was trying sympathize with Nazo. Santee was his name beforehand. Blaze asks if Silver might know why Santee named himself Nazo. Silver doesn't, and he tells Blaze that he doesn't believe he died too. The Professor then is heard on headset and he's panicking. Silver asks what happened and he tells them that the Council know of his involvement and he's now also wanted. They question how and he doesn't know. Silver goes to Gaul and tells Gaul's remaining troops to go to Callinos. Gaul explains to Silver that they're not picking up no signal from the ARK, Silver asks if the troops here can go to Callinos though with thier fleet as they're still in the X-Zone. Silver tells Gaul the situation and then orders his troops through a walkie talkie that there's been a change of plan, and that they need to head to Callinos, Core Hotel, Room18-B and take the Professor, bring him to Mobius. Sara and Gold are talking and suddenly feel a shake. He asks if the guys felt that. The ground shakes, RuthLess then aims at the ground knowing that whatever is shaking, its underground. Then, after a little silence, a mechanical worm comes out the ground and shoots a green beam from its mouth all over the place. The team hide, then collide. (Fobian Lake: Boss: Mecha Worm (Project 214) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gaul, Sara, Gold, Kal, Thomas, Tez, RuthLess). The worm is almost destoyed though not quite. Then, RuthLess takes Tez's two mechanical scythes and climbs the tree. Tez asks RuthLess what he's doing. RuthLess tells the team that its the only way to defeat the worm. He runs at super high speeds on the tree, jumps inside the worm's mouth and uses its sycthe to destroy it's insides. The team back up and the worm explodes green liquid. RuthLess has a shield that protects him, while he's standing in the worm's spot (who's now bits and pieces). Blaze tells them that they need to move. Thomas tells them that this isn't the Never Lake, not yet. Though, they're close. There's a little island in the middle of the lake. Kal then has an idea, he tells RuthLess that he might need some help from him too. Kal then runs on the water while RuthLess flies to the island. (The Lake: Free Field: Run to the island) (PC: Kal, RuthLess).

N-RSP is in a shipyard at night. They're people that are walking around, and loads of builders. There's also lots of containers here. There's some robots that are guarding the place that do carry a different variation of weapons. There's the truck with the mechanical tentacles here and loads of them. And as expected, there's a ship that is also there that carries loads of containers. N-RSP climbs over the chain fence, and then enters with stealth, the poster with Silver in his carrier (inside him). (The Blacksmith: Container Cram) (The Blacksmith: Shipyard Chaos) (The Blacksmith: Boss: The Beta Claw) (PC: N-RSP). N-RSP defeats the Beta Claw, and then looks for the boss. (The Blacksmith: Free Field: Look for Jesse Martins) He finds Jesse Martins, the person who runs this trade. He captures him secretly and takes him into a secret closet. N-RSP (still with the hoodie on) asks Jesse about what's going on here and if they're working for the OCC. Jesse explains to N-RSP about how he's sworn not to say anything to anyone, N-RSP takes off his hood and reveals his face. Jesse does realise that he's Nega's robots and confesses. He tells N-RSP how they're the ones that they are having exchanged weaponry. N-RSP asks what for, and Jesse tells him that the Councils and World Leaders are being given sources of power. Pieces of this thing called the Master Emerald. N-RSP recognises what the Master Emerald is. He then asks if any of what they're doing involves Silver, Jesse (who's panicking like mad) tells N-RSP that Silver is what the OCC want dead. Though, they heard that they want to test Silver a little and expirement on him, use him as a weapon due to his telekenisis. N-RSP asks about Blaze, and Jesse says that he doesn't know any info on her, but supposedly the same thing. Jesse mentions Professor Von Schlemmer also being one of the people that are wanted as he helped Silver and Blaze escape Onyx City. N-RSP asks about the Professor and where he is, Jesse tells him that there's reports he's at Callinos, Core Hotel. He realises that he might be able to get more info from the Professor about Silver, therefore he needs to find him. N-RSP asks if they know where Silver is, and Jesse says that he doesn't know and they haven't found out yet.The camera cuts to the outside of the room, then Jesse is seen being thrown with power and smashes walls down. An alarm goes off, and the guards spot N-RSP. He fights them. (The Blacksmith: Free Field: Defeat 30 enimies) N-RSP takes some of the weapons from the containers, he then hears people telling the people on the ship to drive the ship and take it to Callinos. N-RSP hides in that one container in the ship as it departures.

Kormac and Spitfire enter the Wreckage through a Genesis Portal. Spitfire tells the Legion that Goliath has gone to find Silver with the Prelate. Tormac then loads his weapon, and takes his mask off. Tormac asks Spitfire what Goliath meant for them to do and Spitfire tells Tormac that they should just remain on the ship till Goliath says something else. They have a short conversation about Goliath and if he's a worthy figure to serve. Then, they go seperate ways. The camera cuts to the Wreckage, as it hovers in the evening sky.

The Professor has blocked the windows off his apartment with bulletproof steel, and has made security robots. There's also guns from the ceiling pointing to the ground. The Professor informs the team still on the Fobian Labe, that he's getting a little paranoid as Gaul's troops haven't arrived yet and if they do, maybe some of them might be intending to kill him. Gaul tells the Professor that he's panicking and he's sure they'll help him, he tells the Professor just to have remain calm and know whether to trust them or not. Gold asks when Kal is gonna come back. Thomas tells them that they're scouting the island just incase. As beyond it after one more island is the Never Lake. Kal and RuthLess are inside the island, they enter a cave and then beyond that is a futuristic lab. Kal wonders why this is there. RuthLess doesn't really know and is confused. He does say that whoever was inside, they wanted to hide the place. Kal then sees monitors, he spots one monitor that has the Little Planet on it, it looks bigger than usual. They're other cameras monitoring places around the Never Lake and the island there overall. Then, Kal sees something really shocking. One monitior shows the beach with the team there. There's thermal signatures of figures hiding in the trees. RuthLess warns Tez via comms that they're figures sneaking up on the team and they need to head to the island. Tez tells everyone there to duck, and Raiders emerge from the trees, shooting at the team. One in a huge battlesuit. (Fobian Labe: Free Field: Defeat the Battle Armoured Raider) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gaul, Sara, Thomas, Tez). They defeat the Armoured Raider, and all the remaining Raider's suits then close, therefore they themselves drop. Silver tells them that they need to head to the next island as more Raiders are coming and also will make thier location easier to be found for the Legion. Kal then comes running to save the team. (Fobian Labe: Free Field: Save each and every member of the team and bring them to the island in 8:00) (PC: Kal). Kal brings everyone to the island. He shows them the monitor of Little Planet hovering over the Never Lake. The island before it is filled with loads of trees though. Gaul asks Kal why the lab is so futuristic, and Kal doesn't really know. He theorizes that maybe it was the humans who expiremented on Mobius. They probably made the Mecha Worm, and it does explain why they'd make a worm on the beach and hide in island that is beyond it. The team do see that the theory is starting to make sense, as maybe the Mecha Worm was ment to be security for them in case of any threats like the Raiders. Sara suggests they all explore and see if there's anything helpful that can help them. (MECHA Labs: Free Fields: Search the settlement for anything useful) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gaul, Sara, Gold, Kal, Thomas, Tez, RuthLess). They find some weaponry, then Gold finds a flash drive in a drawer. They plug it into a computer and it reveals different kinds of data. There's loads of pictures of the human's projects, as well as Video Logs.  

They check some video logs, it shows how the Mecha Worm was made, and some other robots. They do say that some of the robots they invented do have the ability of human projection. They eventually find a video on the Little Planet, (or videos) about how they've sent a team to head to the Little Planet. They're videos of people dying who are on the way to the Little Planet (the team that work for MECHA Labs) by getting killed by either animals or mysterious figures. They then talk about the Raiders too and how they pose as a threat and so "shall be eliminated". There's then the last video with a scientist sitting recording on a camera, he explains about how he's the last one that survived the raider attack. He doesn't really know what to do. He apologizes to his wife, Alica and says he's sorry for everything he's done to her (he's referrencing her, she is not actually there). Raiders then attack again and shoot all over the place. The scientist says that he never wanted this to happen, they're Raiders in the background who're shooting all over the place. Then, one raider is about to kill him, until the scientists gets a gun, tearing and points it to his head saying "50 Years. For Sonic..." He shoots himself to which the player doesn't see, as the camera shows the actual team watching and hearing the gunshot. The video then ends. The team are honestly a little traumatized by what they've seen. Silver and Blaze are confused to why they said "For Sonic...". Tez tells the team that he found a boat. They ask if its still functional, and Tez says that it might be. They then try it out at sea. They get on the boat and Thomas drives it. (MECHA Lake: Free Field: Drive to the island) They make it to the island. They then continue to walk through the island. (Never Island: Dull Nature) (Never Island: Purple Skies) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gaul, Sara, Gold, Kal, Thomas, Tez, RuthLess). It has turned evening. Blaze suggests they rest somewhere since she has a very bad feeling about the place consedering the footage they saw. Thomas had taken the Battle Suit that the Raiders had. It was an invention of MECHA Labs. It could transform and so he used it as a backpack. He tells the team this, he then discovers that the Battle Suit is able to materialize things of appropiate length. He sees this through data from the programming of the suit. They question what to materialize to rest from. Thomas tells Kal to punch a hole in the ground really quickly. He does so, and then Thomas takes a device from the suit. He sets it to materialize a narrow cave, that's empty and no creatures. Thomas then points his hand at the hole, and the cave forms. It is really small though. It is first formed in a blueprint-like form, then becomes an actual live cave made up of its needed minerals. They go inside, and Kal puts dirt back on top of it really fast. Thomas, Tez and RuthLess stay on top of the cave, as protection.

Morning passes by, and they wake up. The Professor informs them that there's only 18 hours left until the Little Planet disappears for another year. Gold then sees a light from below the cave. She tells the team, Blaze throws a fireball at the ground and they see a Genesis Portal that is there. Silver then uses his psychokenisis to close the portal. Gaul tells them that they might as well get a move on. They make a small hole to leave the cave, and continue going. They conversate while walking. They talk about what happened with Gold and if she has actual abilities she hasn't discovered yet. Sara spots a compass on the ground, it points South East. She tells the team, who then theorize this compass belonged to the MECHA Team Unit who were sent to the Little Planet. They go further a little and see dry blood on trees. There's also a gun on the floor in the dirt to which Gaul takes. Then, suddenly there's a stomp. The team feel it, and then a tree shakes. Its about to fall on Blaze. Silver then saves her. (A button will appear on the screen that the player needs to press while Silver jumps in to save Blaze). Then more trees fall and then they run. (Never Island: Free Field: Escape the falling trees) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gaul, Sara, Gold, Thomas, Tez, RuthLess, Kal). The Professor tells the team that there's an unidentified figure that is following them. He calls the figure "colourful" for some reason. Silver tells them that this isn't Goliath that's chasing them. Then, there's a green beam shot at them, right through two fallen trees.



It hits Gaul on his side, Silver throws Gaul further to the side using his mind, avoiding the beam and saving his life. Silver then turns around, and creates a shield as the beam still is heading for him. Silver then tries to deflect it, and then it the beam stops. The team face Silver who's looking at the being who shot the beam. Its a being that resembles Vector the Crocodile. Silver asks "Vector" if he's ok. The being says that his name is Prelate-V in a deep voice (his mouth doesn't open though when he speaks) and that Vector has died. Silver is confused to who he is. Sara asks if Silver means the Chaotix Vector, one of Sonic's friends. Blaze says that that's what he means, though he doesn't know who it actually is. Kal asks who sent him. Prelate-V tells them that the information is classified. Silver then tells the team to spread out and then Prelate-V shoots at the team rapidly with his beams. (Never Island: Boss: Prelate-V) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gaul, Sara, Gold, Thomas, Tez, RuthLess, Kal). They defeat the boss. Prelate-V then is on the ground, healing. Silver and Blaze walk up to him and ask who sent him. Prelate-V tells them that he won't say, Silver laughs and puts his hand around the Prelate's throat. Silver asks who sent him, the Prelate then creates a shockwave. And the two go flying back. They realise that to defeat the Prelate, they might have to go for its core (green bit). (Never Island: Boss: Prelate-V II) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Sara, Gaul, Gold) Sara rapidly punches his core (consedering the prosthetic arm). This knocks some energy out of him. He tells Silver that Goliath is coming and he can't be able to stop it. Prelate-V fades into just green energy and a portal is revealed that is behind him. Goliath is then there standing (he didn't kill Prelate-V). The team get into battle positions. Goliath tells them that they're smart. Though, they're not that smart. He says to them that thanks to the Raiders, he knows where they are and where they're going. They tell Goliath that they'll foil his plans and stop him from doing whatever he's going to do. Suddenly, the Legion surround them. Goliath chuckles and asks if they're sure about that. Then one of the patrol fleet land behind him. 

The Professor looks through the keyhole, and sees Gaul's troops fire at two people who want to kill the Professor. He starts breathing heavily as he is really scared. They knock on the door to which the Professor doesn't answer. He hears one troop whisper "Kill him", through a sonicwave interpruter. They keep banging on the door. After a few minutes, they start to shoot the door open. They eventually shoot it down, and the security robots he made fight them though are easily defeated. When, one of the troops is actually about to shoot the Professor, N-RSP then comes through the ground and shoots at the soldiers. (Room 18-B: Free Field: Defeat 25 enimies) (PC: N-RSP). He defeats the enimies and tells the Professor he's not here to kill him, he needs his info. He tells the Professor to hide. More people come with lamps, tables to attack. (Room 18-B: Free Field: Defeat (not kill) 25 enimies) (PC: N-RSP). There's an alarm then sounded and minutes later the Core Hotel is flooded. The Professor is confused to why the people want money when Callinos is one of the richest countries in the world. In the signing office, people are coming, some with weapons. N-RSP tells the Professor to take all his stuff quick. He takes his backpack and tells the robot that he's ready. N-RSP takes a small device and tells the Professor to hold th device and when it makes a cracking like sound, it'll teleport him to a car. He has to get in it. Its in the car park outside the hotel. N-RSP gets another one of the small devices and holds it too, then teleports inside the car. The Professor explains to N-RSP how he studied teleportation, though never actually was able to crack it. The robot tells the Professor that it can only teleport the user a short distance. He then drives the car. The police then start to chase the two in the car minutes later, knowing they're wanted. (Car Chase: Free Field: Drive to waypoint but get rid of the police) (PC: N-RSP). He avoids the police after an epic car chase scene. The Professor asks where they're going, though N-RSP asks him for info on Silver and his encounters with him. The Professor explains to Silver about how they met and the situation occuring. He tells him about Goliath, his army, Mobius, ARK etc. The Professor then realises through a symbol on his arm that he's one of Nega's robots. N-RSP states that Nega died in Sonic's world from his databanks, and he left all his ships in the future. N-RSP was in standby mode for 2 years, and was the oldest robot of Nega's. He knew Silver, as they fought plenty times in the past, usually would end up with Nega failing like his ancestor, Dr Eggman who, as told in the books, was obsessed with killing the legendary Sonic the Hedgehog. N-RSP says that he's learnt that Nega's ways are wrong and that he just wants to make things right, after Nega trapped him in the Wreckage like an animal. The Professor thanks him for saving his life and he really appreciated it. They have a conversation whilst in the car.


World Leader Ship (cglas)

The Onyx City Council are in a Vorda World Leader fleet. They talk about what happened at Callinos, with the Professor and the UR (Unidentified Robot). There's guards in exosuits that are in the fleet. They discuss that what Silver and Blaze did can influence others to go into vigilantism and have them be an "inspiration" instead of them.This could make more people really go against the law. They realise that Silver, Blaze and the Professor are dangers. Though, they need Silver for a little something. That could help them. They talk about Silver's telekenisis and Blaze's pyrokenisis in thier DNA. Discovered by the CPR (Civil Protection Robot)s, they could use that to they're advantage. As an example in a way...

We see Silver, he's walking in a valley-like area. He's just gone over a hill as the camera lifts itself up revealing loads of portals in the sky, as well as one huge one sucking everything up. He's holding the orange Time Stone in his hand. Silver then wakes up, hanging upside down. Him, Blaze, Gaul, Sara and Gold are hanging upisde down actually and below them is an abyss. It is really dark. Goliath is sitting on a chair on the surface near the cliff. He taps Silver's face waking him up. Goliath holds up the Time Stone, that the team took. He smiles and tells them a story about a bird who becomes a birdman. He talks about how he was a dangerous creature when he turned into the Birdman, since some hunters took his children. He became ruthless and eager to find his missing sons. Finding out months later, that they're gone and had been in an act of poultry. The Birdman then released its anger onto the world, killing the innocent, children, elderly etc. And destroying everything. His home city was in flames one day because of his acts and buildings were destroyed, all caused by one powerful entity because of poultry acted upon his sons. Goliath tells the team how he was told that story by his father. A scientist by the name the Duke of Soleanna .

Silver realises the name. He remembers the events of that timeline better because of what happened in Generations. Silver and Blaze, Silver espiecally, question how that was possible since they defeated Solaris. Goliath tells them that he remembers Silver from way before he was stuck at Mourhaun Cave. Silver and Shadow went back in time, to stop the Solaris Project from occuring. They realised it was too late and when the project became unstable and th explosion happened. They're two entities, Iblis and Mephiles , one being power and one being mind, they're Solaris itself split. Goliath tells them that they're actually three. Power, Mind and Darkness. That Darkness being everything Solaris neglects, essentially being apart of the mind, hence Mephiles. They're basically brothers in a way, the trio were bonded. Thier DNA also being connected. When split, they're actually three. The last they forgot to seal. The Darkness (Goliath) was just there and went free. While, Silver and Shadow sealed Mephiles and tried to seal Iblis. The Darknesss roamed free. Then, over time, it formed into an actual hedgehog like Mephiles was due to the DNA samples. The hedgehog was just there. He was put on exhibits on som muesums etc, and different scieentists expiremented on him and his tissue. They hid the fact that he was actually a forgetten part of Solaris. He ended up in MECHA Labs. After years of research, the crew there realise there's more to him than they know and that they could use him as a weapon. He planned an escape, 10 years later, out of MECHA Labs and then ended up in Suhore Cave. This happened because he heard a voice in his head, telling him where to go and what his destiny was. A mysterious figure to which he still doesn't know, and is basically a black strip of smoke always told him about things he needed to do and what his destiny has to be. He let this happen for 1000 years, until, then the figure told him about his past and then told him how Silver is the target, and Silver is the person who he is ment to kill, Silver is his life mission. The figure told Goliath everything about Silver, parents, adulthood, childhood etc (Goliath adds "like one dark twisted stalker"). The figure then told Goliath that two fighters would come to kill him and one of them would trap him in a special ancient container, that the fighters wouldn't know, giving him more energy and power. The fighters trapped him in the container like said, not knowing the container was so precious and special, but just a way to seal Goliath. It was torture but escaped, years later. The figure froze him saying that Silver will meet Goliath here a year later and he will have to spread his energy across the worlds in order to kill him. Goliath was really confused to all these random orders that had no meaning at least in his head. Silver awoke him, and then they fought. That was ment to be Goliath's destiny. Goliath knew that was all fake during the time he rest. During the year that passed before the TOTS incident. He learnt more about his powers and this figure he called "Darkness" that was giving him orders and how to live his life (the strip of smoke). He learnt that the container made him be able to have knowledge towards 10,000 other timelines out there. He did upgrade himself, from armour he made using his powers and some things he stole. He also found out due to knowing 10,000 timelines that Solaris failed its conquering of time, so Mephiles and Iblis died. And so, Goliath continued out with his own destiny. Silver asks about how Goliath is still in time, as that timeline was erased. Goliath doesn't really know, he calls it "a little trick of the Darkness", as he never felt affected in any way. The team argue about the situation a little more and try make sense of it. Then, Silver asks who his parents were. Goliath chuckles, and tells Silver that he'll find out soon enough. Goliath smiles and leaves. Silver then starts getting a little angry and shouts at Goliath, demanding an answer from Goliath. He leaves the room. As Silver is left in an emotional breakdown (he shouts, and asks to demand an answer from Silver).

Chapter 9: The Great Escapes

N-RSP and the Professor have then stopped at the countryside. The Professor complimeents N-RSP. saying that he's an easy person to talk too. N-RSP notes that he wasn't really known as one of the most sentimental robots in Nega's little gang. The Professor then asks the robot about his past encounters with Silver. N-RSP explains nearly all of them, stating that it'd still end up with Nega losing, and N-RSP being held back by Nega. After a short conversation, N-RSP asks the Professor how Silver and co. got to Mobius. The Professor asks if N-RSP can just track them, and the robot states that he's gotten old over the ages and he doesn't remember his previous abilities that well. Schlemmer tells the robot that he had a ship, the Sky Rider. The robot questions where its at, and the Professor knowing he was going to question its appearance. He takes the Bits out of his backpack, they're in standby mode. The Professor rolls them and transform into actual small robots. They walk around a little, until thier antennas then start beaping. N-RSP realises (looking through the data from it) that they got a signal from the ship. The Professor then says, "precisely". Then, the Sky Rider itself fades in right next to him.

The Wreckage flies towards the Little Planet. Almost evening. The team are still hung upside down right above the abyss. Blaze asks Silver if he's ok after everything that happened. He is just there and just looks down. Silver tells her that he remembered the timeline in his dream on thier way to Mobius. Though, he never got to see as far back as his parents, who he never knew about. Blaze tells them that Silver'll probably find out soon like Goliath said, since he its more likely he won't confess and might know Silver will find out somehow. Silver then asks if they can win this fight, if they can actually beat Goliath at his plans. Blaze doesn't really know but has faith in Silver and that this fight will probably end with them victorious. Gaul, Gold and Sara then slowly are engaged into the conversation. They start to have a conversation about how Gold had the psychic vision. Gaul then asks how they're goanna escape from here, then Sara realises that Thomas, Tez, RuthLess and Kal aren't there. Gold states that probably when Prelate-V created the shockwave, when they went flying,(to which she adds, "really flew away"). Blaze then asks if they forgot them, and Silver says that they have to worry about what's at stake now, as they either did or didn't. Silver tries use psychokenisis to get out but it doesn't work. He asks Blaze to shoot at a fireball at it, and she states she can't. Gaul realises that the ropes might be power-proof. Gold then has a vision, its of Silver being wacked continously by Goliath in the face, then after that, we see Sara has electric energy in her hand and cuts the rope, she lands on the surface. Then, Gold comes out of her vision. Goliath walks into the room, with Spitfire and Tormac by his side. Goliath has a cane in his hand and tells Silver that he is sorry for doing what he did, he's sorrry for hurting his feelings. Silver then looks at him, he does look really angry. Goliath tells Silver that he needs info from Silver, as an exchange of information. Goliath asks Silver what he knows. Silver doesn't really admit to anything that Goliath asks. Goliath then gets the cane and then wacks Silver, over and over. Gaul stares at Tormac in anger. While Spitfire points a hand at Blaze. Spitfire tells Silver to answer Goliath's questions or Blaze dies. Silver still doesn't, and tries to stay strong. Goliath then interrogates Silver and the team and wacks Silver with the cane. After Silver tells Goliath that he should've just stayed in the "hellhole" (hence Solaris Project) and died, Goliath uses psychokenisis and Silver drops a little, the rope still on him. Him now lower than his friends. Sara then tells them that they are looking for the Time Stones on the Little Planet. Goliath smiles at her, and then lays a hand on her cheek. The three leave, Tormac looks at Goliath and walks off with Goliath. Gold tells the team about her vision. 

She tells them that Sara grew some eletric energy out of her prosthetic arm to get her off the rope. Sara questions how she'll be able to do that. Gaul then gets a chip out of his hair, he catches it on the tip of his mouth and throws it to Sara, and it magnetizes on her prosthetic arm. Gaul tells her that its a chip that can be able to upgrade her prosthetic arm further and provide her with more abilities. He thinks that the electric energy might be one of it. She then tries to grow the energy though doesn't sucseed. After some motivation from Gaul and Gold espiecally, the energy grows and its able to cut through the ropes. She's then hanging onto the rope, and below her is the abyss. She is afraid of heights, so she does panic a little and ask what to do. She then swings onto the surface. All the team's stuff are there on the surface. She then frees everyone hanging and they retrieve thier items. Silver tells them that they have to leave the ship. Blaze says that the ship could be thier key to getting to the Little Planet, as that is most likely where its headed. Gold then asks if that means they're going to have to hide from them until they reach the Little Planet. Gold questions how they'd know when they're at the Little Planet as the Wreckage itself could pass it. Silver states that they might need to get to a place where they can see the view of Mobius itself, which is probably a control room or something like that. They leave the room. (Wreckage: Free Field: Find a room with a view of Mobius) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gaul, Gold, Sara). After having stealthly taken out the enimes in the room, they find a room with big windows, that have an open view of Mobius. They're loads of trees, and the team can also see a little bit of the ground. But, the ship does look like its on getting closer and closer to the Little Planet, it does look like they have just gone by the Never Lake, since it is very massive. The team then talk about Gold and how she got her visions, she doesn't really know. Though, it probably had something to do with the fact she's from another dimmension. Silver tries to communicate with the Professor via headset, and he asks the team if he's heard from him as he can't get a signal. They haven't, Gaul says that the troops have already came by then though he hasn't heard from them too. Blaze then asks if the Professor has been captured by the Onyx City Council by now. Silver tells her that if that's the case, they'll defeat the OCC and get the Professor back, but they need to get all the Time Stones, since if in the wrong hands could cause great catastrophe. Silver realises that means taking th Time Stone Goliath had that he took from them as well. Suddenly, an alarm goes off and the team hear shouting. Then, some Legion enter the room the team are in and a battle occurs. (Wreckage: Free Field: Defeat 45 enimies) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gold, Gaul, Sara). The team leave the room, and then understand that they need to leave quickly. 

Loads of legion do attack our future heroes, as they proceed to whatever might help them escape the ship. Some Legion do have weapons like Gaul, and fire at the team etc. Sara then tells Gold and Gaul to remember when they're at Lalia's Point and had arrived with the Scorpion, she says that they're patrol fleets being unleashed. She then states that they need to find where those fleets are held and escape to the Little Planet. The team agree with her plan until at one point they're surrounded by Legion and don't stand that much of a chance. Then, the team feel wind and Gold notices a streak. She knows who's there. She then looks up at the walls of the hallway, she sees Kal who's running on the wall (it does look like its in slow motion from her perspective).

Suddenly, one by one each Legion there are taken away really fast. Kal zooms at the last one and spears it. Gaul says that he knew they weren't dead. More Legion appear in attempt to attack the team, and some are shot at. Thomas appears behind little container with a Fireblaster in his hand. RuthLess shoots from the upper railing (so not the upper floor, the place where the Legion walk across) at them while Tez uses his martial art skills with his scythes that finish the last few off. Silver asks them how they got onto the ship, Tez explains that the Prelate-V created the shockwave that sent them back, they got sent all the way to the top of a tree surprsingly and tried to get down. They noticed the Legion surrounded Silver and co and when taken in to the fleet, Kal using his agility and speed took them inside and hid them there. They just fought thier way around the ship to come rescue the five of them. Silver explains the plan they had in mind and he then asks if one of them can track the fleet. RuthLess does and the team follow him, while on the way contionusly encounter loads of Legion. (Wreckage: Doomed Hallways) (Wreckage: Legion Load) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gold, Gaul, Sara, Kal, Thomas, Tez. RuthLess). They pass loads of Legion, and then RuthLess tells them the fleet are all held in the door on the right. They go through a glass door. Legion follow, and then Tormac does who gets his shotgun ready and walks instead of runs. His mask is still on. He then goes inside the door after the glass one which is where all the fleets are held. The team are running to one of them. Tormac shoots at the team, and the fleets too. He then taps the gun to which a little holographic monitor appears, he presses something and the gun transforms into a bazooka . He shoots at one fleet to which it explodes and Sptfire grows from within the aftermath of the explosion (the leftover flames) and shoots at the team. Gaul shoots at Tormac and Spitfire with his G.E.M. Tormac is about to fire at Gaul, then Blaze appears and creates a fire barrier (she basically shoots fire out of her hands, and creates a wall of flame protecting them from the rocket fired. The team make it to one fleet, and get inside one. Blaze then delivers a shot to her ribs, and Thomas helps her inside the fleet. Silver shoots a ball of energy at the Legion creating a shockwave. Though, its not that powerful in terms of damage. The team finally enter the fleet. Spitfire still shoots at the fleet, the back of the fleet is open (like a cargo plane) and Silver is there kneeling down deflecting everything shot at the them. The fleet finally prepares for lift-off and when its driving out of the Wreckage, Silver then uses Meteor Smash on them, he gets all the patrol fleet there together (still kneeling there at the back of the fleet) and throws it at Tormac and all the Legion. The back of the plane then closes as Silver smiles. Spitfire though flies in front of Tormac, and shoots fire at all combined mesh of fleets and it explodes eventually. Spitfire absorbs the energy from the explosion. Then, looks at the fleet go to the outside world. Tormac tells all the patrol fleet on comms, that PF (Patrol Fleet, they're not that big. They're a way smaller than the Wreckage itself) "4932" has escaped and is an enemy. He tells them to eliminate it at all costs. He tells them that its heading for the Little Planet.

While, the patrol fleet heads for the Little Planet. The team discuss what just happened. Mainly, that they actually were able to escape the Wreckage (the fleet). Gold shows the team the orange Time Stone that Goliath had. Silver asks how she found it, and Gold explains to him how when Goliath was talking to Silver the second time. The Time Stone was actually in Tormac's pocket. She discovered a new ability somehow and when she focused on it, it flew straight to her. Silver tells her that she has a form of psychokenisis the same ability Silver has. He thanks her for it. Suddenly, there's two patrol fleet that are firing at the patrol fleet the team are currently on. Silver asks Gold if she knows how to control her powers, and she says that she thinks so. The back door of the fleet opens, and they see the patrol fleet that are chasing them. Silver tells Gold to kneel down a little and just focus. (Dogfight: Free Field: Defeat 5 enimies *the fleet are pretty hard to destroy*). Silver and Gold then high five each other, and that creates a shockwave sending two patrol fleet tumbling down. (Dogfight: Free Field: Defeat 15 enimies) (PC: Silver, Gold). Silver does actually fly out the fleet they're on at one point, only a little bit away from his patrol fleet. Silver then does ESP on them. He did forget the ability, all the patrol fleets then crash together while some fall into the lake. A giant shark does jump out the water and eat 5 of the fleets. To which, then Silver tells Thomas, who's driving the fleet, to go faster and close the back door. He does, and the patrol fleet heads for the Little Planet.

The Professor is on a computer in the Sky Rider with N-RSP trying to get his signal back together with the team on Mobius. They can't really acsess it. N-RSP then tells the the Professor that he might be able to scan the info retrieved from the active signal with the Mobius team before. The Professor states that he has already done that and has gotten no data or at least enough to retrive a newer signal to link with the team. N-RSP then says that he might have an advanced scan fitted in him, or at least may be. So he might as well try. (Data Thread: Free Field: Solve the puzzles) (PC: N-RSP (technically). N-RSP finally unlocks the data, and is able to track a signal back to the team through the headset. The Professor thanks him. The robot then asks why they can't just fly to Mobius and the Professor states that he doesn't know where they are as he hasn't been in contact with them that much. The Professor also doesn't know when they all will come back too which is why he needed the signal back. The signal is still being captured, so it hasn't reached 100% yet. They then have another conversation about what they should do. Since, the police are roaming the streets looking for all of them. 

The patrol fleet is almost at Little Planet and it is nightime, though the Little Planet hasn't gone like the Professor said. Thomas then tells the team that there's an engine that's down. Silver asks how, and Thomas doesn't know. He scans it, and then realises that the Legion that control all the fleet, turned off thier engine. Everyone there questions how they're able to do that, and Thomas theorizes that they're probably in the Wreckage in the control room, looking over everything using the sight of all the Patrol Fleet or any tech to do with the Wreckage. Silver tells Thomas to try keep it up, Silver then joins and tries to make the fleet balance itself. They're really close to the Little Planet. However, it does start to move slightly, as it does make a sound (a little like a siren). Thomas and Silver try to drive quicker to the Little Planet. Thomas states that with one engine gone like that, they might not be able to make it as there's only two. Silver tells him that they need to get the Time Stones and they have to try. (Sky High: Free Field: Fly to the Little Planet).It is more noticeable that the planet is moving, as it goes more to the clouds and the noise gets a little louder. Kal informs the team that they have to get to the planet before Goliath does, as he may know what the noise means. The fleet they're in then starts turning and spinning a little and the engine pops completely. The ship starts to spin, while Thomas and Silver still try to keep it under control. Gaul then tells them that they have no choice but to jump out. Blaze tells him that the Never Lake is dangerous, if they drop into there, they'll for certain die. Firstly, consedering how long it is and secondly they're unknown species in the water. Gaul tells her that if this ship continues to spin off its "axis" (consistant path) they'll probably end up in the water. He tells them they don't have to jump into the lake, they need to jump onto the Little Planet though they need to get low enough. Thomas and Silver can't control the ship and go with Gaul's idea. Kal finds one parachute. He tells Gold to hold on. RuthLess tells the team that he can fly so he might as well fly there. He takes Thomas, Gaul and Sara.

Its then left with Silver, Tez and Blaze. The ship is really spinning. Silver knows that he can fly, but he can't use psychokenisis on two people for so long. Tez tells Silver and Blaze to go, Silver tells Tez that he's not leaving him and that they need to escape together. Tez says that its the only way. He uses his scythe and climbs up the ship to the top. Silver then tells Blaze to get ready, they suddenly jump out. Tez is on top of the fleet as its tumbling down. He then looks at the team who have actually made it to the Little Planet. They look up and see Tez. 

Thomas Bergersen - Remember Me

Thomas Bergersen - Remember Me

Tez's death scene song

The ship is going away from the Little Planet. Tez does a signal with his hands (he puts his hands together kind of like he's praying) to Thomas and RuthLess. And Thomas then tells Tez to not do what he's gonna do in a very emotional way. Tez throws the scythes at them. While he stands on the fleet. RuthLess is about to fly and save him, though Thomas blocks him and does some sort of sign language to him, and judging by RuthLess' reaction it may have ment that "Tez really ment this". Tez goes back inside it through a hole inside it. Tez salutes them, and the ship crashes into the lake and explodes.

The team walk through the Little Planet. Thomas and RuthLess espiecally really hurt since Tez's death. They're in another forest type area (not as much trees as Mobius in itself). Kal tells the team that he was more than a machine. Gold then states that he was a friend. She starts to tear up a little as Tez taught her some moves back at the previous bases. Silver then stops and looks back at her. Noticing that she is quite upset. He hugs her, and tells her that he's sorry for her loss and that the Legion will get what's coming to them for what they did to Tez. Kal asks Thomas how he's doing, he isn't tearing, though he is a very silent. RuthLess then walks up to Silver and grabs him by the neck. He puts him on a tree and shouts at Silver, saying that its his fault why Tez has died. Thomas tells RuthLess that what happened wasn't Silver's fault. Thomas tells RL that if he is going to get pissed at anyone, it'll be him (Thomas). Kal tells Thomas not to do the whole typical "blame game" thing. Thomas, though, doesn't let go of the fact that he was trying stupidly to keep the ship back on its track when that was impossible. It was clearly spinning on a huge scale, and he couldn't just have stopped. Thomas claims he could've have taken Tez to the island but didn't. Gaul explains to them that sometimes in life, you have to move on with some things and know that they're always in your heart (CPU as his says to Thomas). Sara tells the team that they have to keep moving as the planet is. (Deep Forest: Muddy Tracks) (Deep Forest: Cloudy Woods) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gaul, Sara, Thomas, RuthLess, Kal, Gold). The team talk about what Edmund told them about the place, about Nicholas O'Tyme and the Knights of Kronos and then are aware. Sara asks how they'd know where the stones are in. They do realise that is a problem, until Gaul brings up that they are more likely to be hosted in the biggest tomb there or the more mystical-ancient looking ones. They agree with that since it does make the most sense. Then, suddenly a creature attacks them. (Deep Forest: Boss: Fangs) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gaul, Sara, Kal, Thomas, Tez, RuthLess, Gold). They defeat the boss and they do admittedly wonder where it came from. Gaul does get binoculars and spots a large and long tomb in the distance. Gaul tells the team that they're surprisingly close already if that tomb is the tomb they need. Silver tells the team they need to get there fast, before the Little Planet vanishes from Mobius. The Professor finally comes back online with the team. He asks Silver what happened, and Silver tells him that lots of things happened that he'll tell him about later. Schlemmer asks Silver for his location, and Silver tells him that the team are on the Little Planet. They continue going. (Palmtree Side: Loud Trees) (Palmtree Side: Oak Nirvanna) (Palmtree Side: Boss: Steel Hound) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gaul, Sara, Gold, Kal, Thomas, RuthLess).

Silver asks the Professor where the location for the Time Stones are, he tells them that it is at Xorvain, he informs them that they're quite close to there already. They make it to Xorvain, its filled with trees and there's a huge temple of sorts. More clouds begin to consume the island. The Professor tells them that they have to get the Stones and leave the place fast, they only have an hour left until the Little Planet is in the geostationary orbit again. They hurry up even faster, only to find out they're out of the ordinairy beings that attack them. (Xorvain: Night Howls) (Xorvain: Rotten Life) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gaul, Sara, Gold, Kal, Thomas, RuthLess). They're running for the temple that is there. Its kind of intense as they're figures that chase them. Thomas is shooting while running at them. They're then in the clear suddenly, as they're in a plain little spot and there is the temple where presumably the rest of Time Stones are hosted. They're surrounded at one point, since there is a huge gate and they can't open it. Then, another figure jumps from behind them with some armour and a weird-looking mask that attacks the enemy figures. The figure then points its sword filled with power due to the sparks reflecting off of it, and points it at Silver and co.  (Xorvain: Boss: Knight of Nicholas ) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gaul, Sara, Gold, Kal, Thomas, RuthLess). After quite a hard battle, the team observe the figure they fought, as he/she was a very powerful oppenent. Gaul asks the figure who he is. The figure introduces himself, thier name is Muga though he is a Knight of Nicholas. RuthLess, Thomas and Gold are pointing guns at him in case and have circled him. Silver asks the knight about his abilities, since he did have ones out of the ordanairy. The knight tells them that he can't say anything, and has sworn not too, to the Knights of Kronos. The team explain thier situation to them and that they came there to find the Time Stones in order to save the world. Muga tells them that they'll be loads of Knights in the temple and it is thier worship night. So, the team need to proceed carefully around the temple to the Tyme Altar where they're held. Kal asks Muga what the knights do if they find out that Muga is helping them. Muga says that is his problem to deal with, not thier's. They head inside. (Tyme Temple: Vegetational Walls) (Tyme Temple: Rich Trail) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Sara, Gold, Kal, Thomas, RuthLess). The temple's interior does look really ancient. They're some statues that they see, most are past Knights that have passed away and legends. They have sucssesfully gone through the temple with stealth. Muga does inform them that the ritual is gonna occur in 15 minutes, and that the Knights are probably in preperation for it. Muga tells the team not to interrupt the ritual under any circumstances. 

(Tyme Temple: Ancient Markings) (Tyme Temple: Traditional Paths) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gaul, Sara, Gold, Thomas, Kal, RuthLess). They are suddenly in a large room filled with Knights and guards. They're in a huge circle, consedering the population of people there. There's a statue of an owl sort of figure who has his wing out. Muga tells the team that he has to do the ritual so he's gonna go back down, though he tells the team a way of getting the Time Stone back. Muga heads down to the group and joins the Kronos Knights. The team follow Muga's plan. The Professor tells them that they're gonna have to be real careful about this. The ritual occurs, Gaul hides on the balconey (inside) and gets his binoculars out. He looks at the crowd, and waits for the Time Stones to be released. An altar rises from the ground and one knight with armour that stands out from the others, puts the Time Stones in thier sockets. Gaul gives the team the all-clear signal. However, suddenly the ground shakes. The Professor tells the team that the planet is starting to disappear off the skyline and they need to hurry up. He tells them that he is coming to the Little Planet via the Sky Rider.

We then switch to N-RSP and the Professor in the ship. The Professor gives N-RSP a special engine that was in his bumper. He tells the robot that he'll eject one of the engines of the ship, he tells N-RSP that he has a device that os technically a back-up if an engine of his pops but he tells the robot that he has to fly out of the ship and put the engine in place. Schlemmer gives N-RSP a thing that kind of looks like a phone. Schlemmer tells N-RSP to fit that on top of the engine, then he can come back inside the ship. The robot asks why Schlemmer needs to do this, he tells them that it adds extra speed hence mph, therefore they can get there really fast. The device the Professor has can control that speed up to 1000 mph. The Sky Rider is already flying in air.  The robot does so. (Sky High: Free Field: Place the engine in its spot) (PC: N-RSP). He does what Schlemmer told him. The Sky Rider then flies at faster speeds. It actually reaches Mobius within minutes. The Professor then sits in a special seat with a special kind fo seatbelt. He tells the robot to "hang on". 

The ground starts shaking more and more. The Knights realise, and two run outside using thier time speed powers (explored in boss battle). There's then an explosion of dust that is seen as well as heard near the gate. This wasn't apart of thier plan. Kal rushes to see what happens, and hides behind a pillar. He then tells the team via Walkie Talkie that Goliath is there and that they're attacking the island. The Legion then slowly begin to invade the temple. They destroy the entrance hall, and kill all the guards. The Nicholas Knights look to the direction of the destruction. Goliath then makes it to the ritual hall. The Knights prepare thier weapons and they're lots of them. They create a wall of energy using the power from the swords (like a forcefield protecting all of them). Goliath stands there looking at the Knights standing before him. Spitfire then emerges from one of the candles and kills some of the Knights using his power, therefore distracting them and making them break the shield. Gaul tells the team that this wasn't the plan, though Silver tells him to screw the plan, they're priority is to get the Time Stones before Goliath. We do see the Knights who are fighting the Legion and do look like they're winning. The team then collide. (Battle II: Crowded Brawl) (Battle II: Crazy Hall) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Sara, Gold, Gaul, Thomas, RuthLess, Kal). Gaul heads for Tormac, Blaze heads for Spitfire and Silver heads for Goliath. The remaining team try to get the rest of the Time Stones. Goliath then somehow opens up a Genesis Portal using his mind, and a weird tiger-like monster attacks. (Battle II: Boss: The Tigris) (PC: Thomas, RuthLess, Kal, Gold, Sara). They defeat the tiger with the help of the Knights. Thomas makes it to the altar and gets all the Time Stones, only to be attacked by many Legion. (Battle II: Free Field: Defeat 50 enimies) (PC: Thomas). Thomas defeats the rest of the enimies and keeps the Time Stones in his "backpack" (the Battle Armour One). The camera cuts to Silver who's fighting Goliath. Silver is really angry at him (due to Tez's death mainly) so he hurts Goliath quite hard. He tells him that he's leaving Mobius and he's going to spot whatever Goliath is planning, Goliath then gets Silver and throws him with intense power to the statue (its wing). Goliath tells Silver that the Second Devourer, Etheros is coming. Silver questions how Goliath is gonna awake Etheros, and Goliath explains to Silver that Etheros is the next dimmensional destroyer, and that he will be awoken and called too when the inevitable Genesis Wave occurs. Silver still does still have questions though, Gold then comes and uses her powers to throw Goliath away. Gold picks up Silver (he's on the ground) and they then leave. The Professor tells the whole team through headset, that the Sky Rider is at Xorvain and that they need to leave quick. 

Muga assists the fight with Blaze with Spitfire. However, they still can't match his power. He is very agile and powerful in his pyrokenisis. After a short battle, Muga is then shot at in the chest by Spitfire having killed him. Muga does evaporate into dust. Spitfire tells Blaze that its her turn to die, Blaze though creates the fire barrier and then RuthLess comes in does a Flying Takedown. RuthLess tells Blaze to go, while he continously shoots at Spitfire (who doesn't die). Gaul and Tormac are doing some gunplay, firing at each other. Tormac tells Gaul that he hasn't seen him in such a long time. Tormac talks about Gaul's wife and that he didn't enjoy killing her though he felt a sensation in doing so. Gaul does get angry and while in cover asks where Joy is. Tormac then gets a grappling hook gun and wraps it around the owl statue. He tells Gaul that Joy is safe, with the Corlacks. Tormac drags the statue down, and it slowly collapses. Gaul is hiding behind a rock which is in line with the statue. Gaul realises this, and jumps (at this point, everything goes slow mo, as Gaul jumps to the lower platform. They're buttons the player need to press that are on the screen, if missed Gaul does miss his target). The statue does kill some knights, who are still fighting. Sara tells Gaul through Walkie Talkie that the Professor has landed at the Little Planet and he's outside the temple. Gaul does go, but gives one look at Tormac. Tormac looks back at him and his gun transforms into a minigun. He then fires at Gaul, who runs faster to the exit. 

The Sky Rider is just there on Xorvain. (Xorvain: Free Field: Make it to the Sky Rider in 1 minute) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gaul, Sara, Gold, Thomas, RuthLess, Kal). Silver and Gold are the first to make it to the ship. They see N-RSP who is sitting there. Silver does react and shoot a wave of energy at N-RSP, he deflects it outside the ship. He stands up and tells Silver that he isn't the enemy. Silver asks how he can trust him, N-RSP tells Silver that he just has too. Schlemmer then tells Silver that N-RSP is not like he was before. Blaze then makes it to the ship, then Gaul, Sara,Kal, Thomas and RuthLess, who's middle of his right wing is broken and smoking. Thomas asks RL what happened, and he tells Thomas that it doesn't matter he just needs to get it fixed. Thomas asks Schlemmer for a medical room and the Professor directs them to one and goes with them. The Sky Rider then leaves the battle scene, while the Legion try to attack the ship. Spitfire comes out the temple, he tells Goliath that he's going for the kill. Spitfire then flies at the team, and chases the Sky Rider. They're two Legion that sucsessfully make it on top of the ship. N-RSP tells the team that he'll deal with the two, Silver though stops him and harshly tells the robot that he's not the boss around here. There's an arguement that starts to get rougher with Silver and N-RSP. Silver comes up close to the robot and tells him that he was only made from a box of scrap parts. Gaul tells the team that that's enough, and that they're bigger worries as of now. N-RSP deals with two Legion on top of the ship. (Sky High: Free Field: Defeat 2 enimies) (*they're both quite strong in terms of health and damage*) (PC: N-RSP). Blaze then tells Silver that she'll deal with Spitfire, Sara assists Blaze while doing so and Gold opens up the two side doors of the ship. But Spitfire rapidly shoots fireballs and some hit the interior of the ship. Blaze creates the fire barrier and tells Sara that they'll both deflect Spitfire's shots. (Sky High: Free Field: Deflect 10 of Spitfire's fireballs at him) (PC: Blaze. Sara). Spitfire is not defeated, but weakened. He is flying at them but not as consistantly as before. Sara then grows the eletric energy in her prosthetic arm and throws it at Spitfire who then drops. Blaze tells Sara that that was a nice shot however he probably isn't dead. She closes the side doors of the ship. And the ship heads for Earth. The Professor uses a switch to turn the Sky Rider on stealth mode (invisble) so no patrol fleet nor the Wreckage can spot it. The team then rest in the main room of the ship after quite a long day. 

Chapter 10: Preperation

The Professor and Thomas are fixing RuthLess' arm in the medical room. The Professor has added some new programming to it as well, so it works just like it did before. Thomas asks RuthLess how he's feeling and RL tells Thomas that he doesn't really know. He just feels stuck. Schlemmer exits the room and tells the two he'll be back. Thomas apologizes to RuthLess for Tez, he tells RuthLess that he was a great friend and a badass. Thomas explains to Tez that he is very traditional robot who does things out of tradition and Thomas didn't want to get into the way of that. RuthLess tells Thomas that there's no need for apologizing. RuthLess tells Thomas that it was all just anger inside him that wanted to be unleashed on at least someone. Thomas tells RuthLess that they'll avenge Tez for what Goliath's done. They then spud each other as the camera zooms out on them.

Schlemmer walks into the room where the whole team are. They're all either sitting or lying down. Silver tells the team in the room about what happened with Goliath. He tells the team that Goliath was talking about causing this "Genesis Wave" and "Etheros" that were apparently according to him were an inevitability. The team wonder about these names, Gold theorizes it might have something to do with the Genesis Portals consedering the word "Genesis" being in the name. The team do see that as a possibility. The Professor sits down on a chair and looks in a drawer for something and hears Genesis Wave being mentioned. The Professor, after hearing the situation and why it was mentioned, has a little "Oh no" moment signalling the team that it is really bad. He gets his holographic pad and shows the team everything he has on Genesis Portals. He tells them that he has seen little snipits here and there about Genesis Waves and how Eayans discovered that thier "calendar" ended at 3437 PXE. Sara asks why he didn't tell them before about it, and Schlemmer tells her that he didn't because he wanted more info and clearer understanding. Since, they're only snipits and brief mentions of it. Silver asks for a date of when it would happen and what it was. The Professor doesn't know what date as it doesn't really say however from what he gathered, it was a huge Genesis Portal in the sky that would be kind of like a big door to the bigger Multiverse. So, basically a Genesis Portal though the only difference is that its way bigger. Blaze asks who Etheros is, the Professor doesn't have no answer for that until Silver has a theory.

He tells Schlemmer about how when they first met, they talked about the Second Devourer's coming and how Algorgian was the first Devourer and there was the rumours and theories of a "Second Devourer". He theorizes that maybe the Second Devouer is Etheros, as Goliath even mentioned how the "Second Devourer" was coming when he communicated with Silver through his mind. Gaul asks how if everyone was calling him the Second Devourer so was Goliath, and then in thier last encounter he calls the Devourer, "Etheros". Silver does think that Gaul is probably thinking to deep into this, maybe Goliath might've looked deeper into the Second Devourer and who it was. The team do think its a possibility. The Professor then tells them that he could unleash Etheros from within the Genesis Wave to destroy the world. The team then realise that there's something big that Goliath's preparing for. N-RSP tells the team that he did gather info also that the World Leaders and members of the OCC were actually planning on capturing Silver and Blaze and using them as a weapon against the people who go against thier laws. Silver and Blaze are a little bewildered and shocked by that fact and don't really know how to deal with the OCC. Gold tells them that she'll deal with them as she was already a past member. A conversation happens between them, the N-RSP walks into the room with RuthLess and Thomas who are having a conversation as well as a bit of a laugh. He's fixing his "backpack". RuthLess asks who he is, and N-RSP introduces himself. He tells the two about what they're all talking about in the other room. Thomas and RuthLess don't really seem to care and don't really focus on what N-RSP is saying but still go with it. Thomas asks when they'll arrive back on Earth. N-RSP doesn't know though. Silver is looking at the window and can see that they're already in the clouds. The team are all doing thier own things. Gold is conversating with the Professor about her powers, Silver and Blaze as well as Gaul and Sara are having thier own conversations. Blaze tells Silver that Spitfire killed Muga in quite an down (emotionally) way. She isn't crying, however her voice has gone down a little. She tells Silver that Spitfire turned Muga into dust and she couldn't save him. Silver tells her that everything will be ok and they will stop at nothing to stop Goliath, the OCC and his litttle crew. She chuckles a little and tells Silver that they haven't been to Onyx City in a year and she wonders how it is currently. Silver asks her about her dimmension and how her home is. She tells Silver that she hasn't been to her home in a long time, though sometimes she does think to herself what is going on back in her dimmension.

Gaul is in his vest and preparing his weapons. Sara asks him about the chip, how he got it and why they needed more money if they had it in the first place. Gaul explains to her that they did develop the chip at the E-10 Base, though they're still making sure that it wouldn't harm Sara in any capacity or harm Sara through the medicine that she already is recieving. He asks the Professor where the practise room and Schlemmer directs him to it. Gaul then gets the device that Thomas had (to make the cave) and makes two punching bags that hang fine. Sara follows, he then starts punching it. (Sky Rider: Free Field: Punch the two punching bags) (PC: Gaul) During the Free Field, Sara is asking Gaul how they're able to develop the chip in the first place. Gaul tells her that he had special scientists working on the job, he didn't have a lot but he had some smart people. He tells her that he wanted to do what was best for Sara as he knew they'd soon run out of the medicine and then he wouldn't know what to do.Sara asks if this chip will help the prosthetic arm permanetly and he says that he doesn't know. He says that he wasn't gonna do what he did to his wife and daughter. (Free Field ended here) Gaul then has flashes of his wife dying, as well as his daughter getting taken away, he then sees his life in the army. Gaul then punches the punching bags so hard they go flying to a wall. He does a sort of multi-takedown move with his fists (with an angry groan). Sara asks Gaul if he's ok, Gaul takes off his boxing gloves and tells Sara that he's fine. He then walks off. 

Kal is on top of the Sky Rider and is looking out. He is invisible (feature of armour). They're two small ships that are beside the Sky Rider though the Sky Rider goes past them. Kal though then sees two figures that transform into humman-like people. They disappear in the clouds. Gold (in the ship) then has a vision when talking to the Professor about where her powers came from. She sees an explosion in the trees. She comes out her vision and the Professor asks what her vision was. She tells him what it was though she's not sure what it is or when it occurs.


The two robots

Back to Kal however, two robots land on top of the ship where he is unexpectedly. They do drop from the clouds after doing some flips, though they don't spot Kal. Kal becomes visible and fights them. Kal asks who they are, but they don't answer. One shoots Kal in the shoulder and Kal drops on top of the ship. The robots nod at each other they stand back (oppisite directions from each other) on top and then one robot jumps on the other one's hands and the one with the hands laid out throws the other robot using his legs. The other robot is back in the air again and it then flies into the ship and takes out the Professor and Gold. Silver presses the button on the control panel that shields the ship (he knew this due to what happened at the start of the fifth chapter). The other robot shoots at the ship for a bit then transforms back into a mini ship and shoots at the invisible shield in attempt to penetrate it. Thomas, RuthLess and N-RSP come out of the room and ready thier weapons. Silver asks who is firing at thier ship. Kal runs at the robot who flew into the ship (and back out, the robot that flew into the ship came back out again and landed back on top) and punches it. He goes back inside the ship and tells the team that two robots just transformed. Gaul questions why they're after the team and no one can really figure out why. Thomas drives the ship (he mutters "no one is dying today") and tells the team they're heading for a crash landing. N-RSP opens the side of the ship and fires his chest beam at the mini ship shooting at it. The beam is so powerful it destroys part of the invisible shield and hits the mini ship but its not defeated yet. N-RSP, Blaze, RuthLess and Silver fight the two robots. (Sky Rider: Free Field: Defeat the two robot in 5:00) (PC: RuthLess, Silver, N-RSP, Blaze, Kal). They defeat one robot. The other one flies in normal robot form and shoots at the team. (Sky Rider: Free Field: Defeat the one robot in 4:00) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gaul, RuthLess, N-RSP, Sara, Kal). The robot heads for Thomas and tries to kill him (it has turned invisible) then Gold appears who has gone to the top of the ship. She shoots a blue type of beam at the robot, destroying it. She is a bit confused since her beams and things like that use to be in gold and have gradually started to turn blue. She is teleported inside by N-RSP. The Sky Rider has been hit pretty badly, and is in really bad condition. The Professor wakes up from the hit, and asks what happened. Kall tells him that they'll tell him later. N-RSP has an idea. He tells the team that he does have a teleportation device installed in him and can teleport each of them to the ground. RuthLess asks if he's sure there's even ground, and Thomas confirms that there is consedering the thermal scans. N-RSP tells them that the only problem is that they have to get closer to the ground for him to be able to teleport the team there. (Sky Rider: Free Field: Control the ship and lower it a little) N-RSP then grabs each member of the team and puts them on ground. (Sky Rider: Free Field: Get each team member and put them safely on ground)  N-RSP teleports almost everyone. The Sky Rider is pummelling to the ground. Thomas is the last one. The ship is almost about to hit the ground. N-RSP hasn't come to Thomas yet. And Thomas prepares for death, he does the sign of the cross then right before the ship hits the ground, N-RSP comes and (holding Thomas) leaps for the window, jumping out. The Sky Rider hits the ground, it does hit loads of trees. Gold sees this and recognises that this was her vision.

The team then check if Thomas and N-RSP survived as they didn't arrive in the same spot the remaining team did. (They're probably in the forest). (Mortland: Free Field: Go to the crash site) (Mortland: Morning Darkness) (Mortland: Tree Parade) (Mortland: Boss: S.R.P.R (Sky Rider Protection Robot) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gaul, Sara, Gold, Kal, Thomas, RuthLess, Sara).The team get to the crash site and see the destroyed Sky Rider in the dirt. Silver calls out Thomas' name, in attempt to see whether he's there. RuthLess though shouts really loudly, calling out Thomas' name and in his voice you can hear that he's starting to sound a little raged in his shouting (since he doesn't want Thomas to also die). Then, suddenly as Sara's looking around. She feels someone who's in the dirt who she's about to step on. After a few touches of dirt, she feels something hard. She bends down and then uses her prosthetic arm to scrub all the dirt off the figure. She does and then sees Thomas who's in the dirt. Sara carries him out of the hole and lays him on the ground. She calls the team to see this since Thomas isn't waking up. Gaul then does CPR on Thomas, Silver tells him that Thomas' is a robot and questions how it'd work. The Professor tells Silver that he has AI in him, and is programmed to be like a human, so he probably is medically too. Gaul asks the team how much he's probably ment to do and they don't really know. Gaul keeps doing it however it doesn't work. Kal then has an idea, he gets his hand, makes it vibrate at fast speeds and lays his hand on Thomas' chest. Thomas' eyes then open (after he loads) and asks what just happened. Kal tells him that he got saved by N-RSP. Gold then asks where he is, and then N-RSP then emerges from a demolished tree. He stands up and walks to the team. The team have a short conversation about where to go from here, then the Professor asks where the Time Stones are since they had all of them. N-RSP reveals them in his carrier in the lower part of his chest. He tells the team that he's felt a bit weird after he kept them inside there. Silver tells him that that means it isn't safe in there and they still don't really know what it does. Schlemmer though tells the team he can tell the team what they are.

The camera cuts to the team who are walking in a field and its afternoon turning evening. He tells the team that the Time Stones are of course sources of power and are hosted at the Tyme Temple. He also found out that the Time Stones are capable of time travelling and are able to open up Genesis Portals. They also allow the user some time-based abilities from the power to open up Genesis Portals which contain a lot of power if going from the other end. Kal asks again why he didn't tell them before, and Schlemmer tells them that it was for the same reason as before. Gaul asks why Goliath would want them so badly, and Blaze tells him that maybe that's what he might use to be able to make the Genesis Wave happen and unleash Etheros. Silver quitely asks only the Professor about the other remaining Genesis Portals and the Space Colony ARK. The Professor tells Silver that they might not have that much time to close all the Portals, as Goliath is now actually after them and also they don't even know where they are. The Professor thinks they're at the countryside but yet doesn't know what country. Sara asks about the robots that attacked. Thomas can't really put the pieces together on who they are. They did transform though which was the weird part. Gold tells them that the easiest soloution is that they're either bounty hunters or work for the World Leaders. Silver tells her that if they're normal battle robots who wanted to kill them out of money, then they're pretty advanced for that. This depends on what country or place they're in or its Gold's second choice. RuthLess asks the Professor if he knows about Etheros since they need to know what the monster's about. He doesn't really know, he's only heard of the Second Devourer and actually only knows minimal things about it, Sara asks where they'd find info on Etheros. While the team have a conversation, Silver then has an idea. He asks Thomas if the backpack works still.


How the ship looked like (by klauspillon)

Thomas thinks so. Silver tells him to program the "making device" into making another Sky Rider. Thomas tries and it isn't in the device's database. Silver then tells him to then just make a small ship similar to the Sky Rider that has the same features. Thomas tells the team to stand back, and then he forms the ship. Sara asks where they're going, Silver tells them that they need more info on Etheros and Silver then asks what better person would know other than Edmund. Gold tells him that they're trying thier best not to get killed and the Onyx City Council would be "sniffing" all over Onyx Island. Silver tells them that Edmund is thier best shot, at knowing how to beat Goliath and Etheros since they need to formulate a plan when they finally go up against Goliath. Silver tells the team that there's been dangerous outcomes when a plan wasn't formed in his lifetime. The team then follow Silver's plan consedering his confidence and head for the fleet.

Goliath though on the other hand is walking in the rain in a rainforest at night. He sees Mephiles who looks at him. He is in his super form. Goliath asks Mephiles what he's doing here. Mephiles chuckles and tells Goliath that he is happy for Goliath for doing what he pleased and for fulfilling his own destiny. Goliath tells Mephiles that at least he (Goliath) did what he wanted to do instead of helping a mindless entity. Goliath asks Mephiles what he came here for. Mephiles tells Goliath that he's seen what he can do and is impressed that he wants to also destroy the world through time. Goliath tells Mephiles that he wants all worlds to be one and combine Mobius with Earth as the "ultimate empire". Mephiles asks Goliath if he has truly done enough preperation for this battle. Goliath asks why he needs a lecture, and Mephiles explains to him about how they're technically brothers and they got each others' backs. Goliath tells Mephiles that he has done what needs to be done in order for this to happen. Mephiles tells Goliath that he's sick, and that time itself is meddling with him. Therefore he needs Goliath's help. Goliath asks how he's ment to trust Mephiles after what he did to Silver in 2006. Mephiles tells Goliath that he promises there's no games here, and that he really means this. He tells Goliath that he was erased from the timeline though after what happened with the Time Eater, a bit of his darkness had escaped and consumed it. Mephiles calls it a "crack in time" and that Mephiles is stuck in a large white space with nothing. After a little conversation, Mephiles tells Goliath that the Time Stones could save him. Goliath could go back to the abouts of when Sonic was killed by him, or even when Sonic fought Solaris for the last time and somehow stop them. Mephiles tells Goliath that he's sttuggling to survive and if Goliath does this, they both can rule time over and over again. Mephiles tells Goliath to think about it, Goliath then asks how he can trust him and if Mephiles isn't even Mephiles. Mephiles tells Goliath that in this day and age there's usually no one to trust, but if he does this he can find out. Mephiles turns into smoke. A Genesis Portal opens, and Goliath walks out of it. It then closes. And Goliath is back in the Wreckage fleet. Tormac and Spitfire are standing there on guard. After a little conversation between them, Goliath tells them to find Silver's location and bring him to Goliath quickly as the End of Time is near. And Silver is the key.

There's a governemental meeting that is about to occur, they're World Leaders that are walking out of limos as well as the different councils of different sections of the world that come out different limos, while people are cheering for them and others are holding up pictures of Silver with a drawn X mark on his face. There's a reporter talking about it. Then, it is paused. Silver is watching it on the ship. He sighs and continues looking at the screen. Gaul walks into the room and asks Silver if he's ok. Silver (who's still looking at the screen) asks Gaul if he can trust him on a little secret. Gaul nods, and Silver tells him that he has time travelled before to the past with Blaze. Gaul asks how, and Silver explains the situation with Mephiles and Elise etc. Silver tells Gaul that Blaze sacrificed herself in a future timeline like this only that it was dystopian and destroyed. Gaul questions why Silver is telling him this though, Silver then asks Gaul if that's what he has to do to destroy Goliath, sacrifice himself. Or go back in time and defeat him. There is a Time Stone laid right next to him and Silver holds it. Gaul explains to Silver that all he really needs to do is know what's right and he'll get there and reach his goals. Gaul notes that Goliath called Etheros an inevitability and consedering Goliath knows 10,000 timelines Gaul isn't really sure. Silver though asks if Goliath is just saying that and that there's not actual the "End of Time" and Etheros isn't bound to come. Gaul tells Silver that he has a lot of confidence and that having too much could lead to stupidity. Silver smiles and someone calls Gaul (supposedly Blaze) while the camera focuses on Silver. Then, it skips over to Gold who's getting her weapon ready. She has rewinded the news back so many times only to see the City Council. She then throws a dart at the TV with one member's face on it. The dart does have the written words, "I'm coming for you..." on it (and the music builds up and ends) the TV is fuzzing a bit on the image with the one member.

2 hours later...

The ship (to which they now call the Iron Steel) lands at Onyx Island. And they head out for the Libary. The Professor goes by a car (using Thomas' device) and drives to the Libary. After a little debate, the remaining team go on foot. (Tilt Island: Dipped Passageways) (Tilt Island: High Hills) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Sara, Gaul, Gold, Thomas, RuthLess, Kal, N-RSP). They get to the Libary and the Professor has just made it as well. They enter, Silver tells the team that he'll look for Edmund. (Tilt Island: Free Field: Look for Edmund) (PC: Silver). Silver finds Edmund who is presumably hosting a sort of book club in one room. Edmund shakes Silver's hand (similar to way he did in one comic) and asks him why he's back. Silver tells him that they need quite a lot of info on something that they know Edmund knows. Edmund asks what Silver needs. The camera skips to the team in a secret room (kind of like the one from Chapter 3). He is a little weirded about by the fact they have 4 robots by thier side, (to which they wave). The Professor explains the situation to Edmund and what they need. He is shocked by what they know. Gold shows him the Time Stones. Edmund tells them that they risked thier lives and went through "hell" to get these. Blaze tells him that they didn't want it being in the wrong hands. Edmund tells them that they can use Chronos Control and go back to any place in time, present, past or future. Thomas explains to Edmund that the info they really needed was on the Second Devourer, or Etheros. Edmund is aware of name and rushes to a "special" bookcase. The books there are quite big. He takes two. One is named "The Core Monsters" and the other is called "The Mysticals in Time". Edmund tells the team that Etheros is quite a "unique" monster. Edmund explains the team about how after the Battle of Central City 1400 years ago, with the first Devourer of Worlds, Algorgian. Who was then defeated by the legend Sonic the Hedgehog. Scientists and theocists discovered that there was another natrual Devouer on its way. They saw into this plenty of times, and after loads of monster battles dealing with the legendary Sonic they realised and knew somehow that wasn't the Devourer they're looking out for even though some caused huge damage and were hugely destructive. They then went and traveled around the world and then came across the Echidna civilization. They asked them after some persuasion for some info on the coming of the Second Devourer. The echidnas told them about how they predicted thier name be Etheros and that his coming would be on 3437 PXE. They also found out that he would come from a Genesis Wave that they also found out would inevitably occur as well and that was due to scientific research that MECHA Labs handled. 

Edmund tells the team (and is flicking through the pages of both books showing them different pictures) that from research based on the Eayans that Etheros' powers would be based off of the Genesis Portals' power. And consedering the portals can do to people if they enter, Etheros probably originated somewhere within there. Gold tells Edmund about what happened when she was in her dimmension, a monster came from portals that opened in the skies and the portals sucked up everything. Gold was sucked in too as well as her brother and she ended up on the team's Earth. The Professor questions why she wasn't affected by it and Gold doesn't know. Edmund tries to get to the bottom of that, he tells Gold that the monster that attacked probably was Etheros. The "time eater" was known for having the thirst of destroying every dimmension or time he goes by with no void of emotions whatsoever. Gold leaves the room and tells them she'll be back. Edmund theorizes that Etheros might be entrapped in a void of these Genesis Portals or might be trying to engulf time or another dimmension as they speak. Silver tells him that that's why they need to act fast. Silver tells Edmund that no one who has encountered Etheros has ever fought him, Edmund tells Silver that no one has tried at least to his knowledge. Sara asks Edmund if there's any origin stories of Etheros he could tell the team, he tells the team that Etheros is probably trapped within the Genesis Portals and is somehow adapted to them and thier power, though he doesn't know its origins exactly. Kal asks about the Genesis Wave and Edmund tells them that told in the scriptures, the Genesis Wave is destined to happen and will cause a lot of deaths and damage and that the day when it happens is when the End of Time will and that will be it, the pages closed. The team don't really know how they're gonna be able to defeat Etheros then with this limited info but thank Edmund anyway. Suddenly, there's a huge stomp that is felt, and another and another. Silver and co head out to see what it is. They open the door and get to the Libary Hall where then they see Prelate-V who has just faded in through green smoke. He laughs (his mouth though shut). He shouts at the team and tells them that this is for what they did to him at Mobius. Prelate-V then shoots a green energy blast from his hands, tearing some tables and bookshelves. He then gets two bookshelves and smashes one person with it, then he smashes them together using it as a weapon. He throws a bookshelf at where the team are, the team dodge and they accideantly forget Edmund. Though Edmund shoots a sort of bow and arrow at it, making it evaporate (at least the bookshelf not the books themselves). Prelate-V roars a mighty roar and tears up the Libary while people there run in panic and some are killed. Prelate-V then gets a statue and uses that as a weapon. The team then have to fight him while Blaze hides the Professor and Edmund. (The Libary: Free Field: Save the civillians(PC: Silver, Sara, Gaul, Thomas, RuthLess, Kal, N-RSP). They are having a hard time trying to beat Prelate-V and it seems like he's more powerful and upgraded from before. Silver asks where Gold is.

The camera cuts to the meeting, the World Leaders and Councils are sitting on the circular table (similar to the Pentagon's one, forgot what its called) and are having a meeting. There's two people who are filming this meeting a robot cam filming for the news. The Civil Protection Robots are there and are walking around too keeping guard of the place. There's biscuits there that are untouched and cups of wine and beer. The World Leaders and Councils have a conversation for a little about Silver and how they'll have to make a good example to other people to make sure they don't put themselves on top of the law. After that conversation, a World Leader nods at one of thier C.P Robots, and it looks at the robot cam to which the robot cam drops and after they turned thier cameras off, killed the humans by using electric whiplashes. Some robots (that look like they're ment to resemble females) walk into the room moving the table along with it. They're shards of the Master Emerald, retrieved from the Blacksmith crew. They then talk about the use of Silver and Blaze as weapons for them, to show others that they're the ones in charge. There's a slideshow shown and it shows a analyzation of Silver's telekenetic abilities and his DNA. They conversate about using his genome and inputting it into thier robots too as well as Blaze's and they'd be unstoppable. They then go onto the, what they call, the "Project Mega Dominus". Since, they also want to input these samples not just into the robots but themselves too and Silver and Blaze when they join them. They explain about how the Master Emeralds are sources of great power and can make people immortal and beast. Once, they know how to control the power so they don't go bezerk, they'll use it on themselves and be the ultimate beings and "gods". They all cheer a little but not too overexcitedly as they're still pretty chill and in thier seats. Then we see the view of within a scope, aimed at the OCC member showing the slideshow. We see Gold who has a sniper in her hand, there's a sonicwave/soundwave interrupter on the side of her gun too, therefore she can hear the conversation and is on a roof (they're two torn robots on the sides of her and the meeting is in Onyx Island).  (Assasanaition: Free Field: Kill the OCC member) (*here the player may listen more for more info before sniping*) (PC: Gold). She shoots the member down, and he drops. They then all wonder where it came from and are then evacuated. The CP Robots then aim at Gold, while the World Leaders and Councils leave the room. The crowd then also panics and they all then run away in horror. (Assasanation: Free Field: Snipe the CP Robots) She snipes them out and leaves the terror-blanketed scene. The CP Robots and guards realise that the shot came from the roof she was on and go to investigate. She flees the scene with her hoverboard and leaves a bomb however behind on the rooftop. When the guards and CP Robots do come, the roof explodes as Gold escapes.

Everyone sees this on the news and also the wreckage at the Libary is also being reported. The team continue battling Prelate-V. (Tilt Island: Boss III: Prelate-V) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gaul, Sara, Thomas, RuthLess, Kal, N-RSP). Prelate-V has pretty much trashed the Libary the interior is quite badly destroyed. The Professor is hiding in a panic room, while Edmund is actually also helping the team out firing bows at the creature. The team are basically warning Edmund telling him that the fight is too dangerous for him. The Professor calls Edmund to his place to which they both then hide. Edmund has been hit in the sides, however its not that painful at least to him. The team are struggling though to fight the Prelate. He has destroyed the interior and is almost about the tear open the entrance wall. RuthLess tells the team that he'll make the Prelate focus on him as a distraction. RuthLess then flies around the Prelate, and shoots at him while doing so. Thomas is about to activate his battle armour however Silver tells him not too as he'll cause more damage to the Libary as they already have. Gaul questions how they're gonna beat him. Silver has used his Meteor Smash ability on Prelate-V many times already and has gotten nowhere with it though. Silver tries his Meteor Smash one more time though when he's about to do it, Prelate-V summons two smoky green figures that almsot look like green hummanoid clouds that attack. They do look really creepy though. (The Libary: Free Field: Defeat 25 enimies) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gaul, Thomas, Sara, Kal, N-RSP). Kal has an idea suddenly, he runs in circles around Prelate-V trapping him while RL fires at him. Kal then keeps running and running and continously keeps throwing the wind speed somehow at him (similar to this, only that there's not lightning streak when Kal runs just loads of wind). Blaze then throws fireballs at Prelate while Thomas and Gaul shoot at him. N-RSP chest beams the Prelate.Sara shoots her electric energy at Prelate, while Silver then uses his Meteor Smash on the Prelate-V, when he has, it does weaken it quite a bit. The whole team do go flying back though. The Prelate then asks for the Time Stones and he knows they're here. Gold though comes out the blue with a special type of gun in her hand. She shoots it at the Prelate, and the gun fires blue sort of energy at it. (The Libary: Free Field: Shoot at Prelate-V) (PC: Gold) After a few shots, a Genesis Portal is created behind the Prelate, and its then knocked inside after one last shot and the portal is then closed by Silver. They then leave the Libary, Schlemmer explains to Edmund that he can't go with them and therefore has to stay at the Libary to tell the police "what happened" (to which he actually does air quotes). The team go around to get to the Iron Steel, instead of going through the normal entrance.

Tormac is sitting on a chair looking at the wall, he still has his mask on. The player can hear a distant echo of a woman screaming and presumably Gaul shouting "NO!!!" there's also a baby that is heard crying. The camera pans around him as he's sitting. There's a girl's voice that we hear, but don't see (she is actually in the scene). Tormac looks at the camera (he's looking at her). She asks when they'll continue training and Tormac tells her they will soon. She walks off judging by footsteps heard. Tormac tells her that they'll be immortals very soon and Goliath will soon not be the one running the joint (he is murmurring to himself). Spitfire is being injected with more power from the Genesis Portals, from 2 Legion. They're in a private room. After they've injected it, Spitfire shoots flames at one, leaving it burn to death and strangles the other that tries to attack. He tells the Legion that he will not follow a false leader no more, Spitfire does grip the Legion's neck so tightly, its neck pops and the Legion drops dead. The room does begin to burn in itself while Spitfire leaves and closes the door. Goliath is walking with some Legion, asking for Silver's whereabouts. Most of them don't know where he is and state that they've checked everywhere. One Legion tells Goliath about the event that happened at Onyx Island with the "mysterious creature" that attacked the Libary and how Silver and co may have been to the Libary to find info on the Time Stones. Goliath chuckles at that Legion and kills all the other remaining ones looking for Silver's whereabouts. He squishes the last one's head off. He opens up a Genesis Portal and feeds the one that gave him the info that is close enough to being true power from it. Goliath does talk while the Legion is in the background, its head inside the portal. Goliath explains to them about how the End of Time will occur, and he will make the Genesis Wave not conspiracy no more. He tells the Legion that he'll explain to them two things about himself, Goliath tells the team that he senses a traitor among the ship that'll go against him and his plans, he talks about how that was the reason for his opening statement. He tells them that no matter what happens, the Genesis Wave will occur and Etheros will be awakened. He will kill this traitor, and make him burn in ash. After that speech, he tells them why he wants the End of Time to happen. Goliath explains to them about how his father, the Duke of Soleanna, told him through ultrasound on the Solaris Project about the Eayans and how they're calender ended on 3437 PXE due to the End of Time caused by a figure with great power and dominance. The figure will do this, so that he can have his own timeline where he rules. Goliath thought that was gonna be him, for some time until he found out it was Silver after what happened with the two fighters. Goliath pauses for a little bit and tells the Legion that humans are the reason for why this future itself currently is a hellhole. He says that humans are like zombies, braindead, ambigious and really do need brains. Goliath tells the Legion that he's the person to put them out of thier misery and he's the one to create a timeline where he creates the universe where he is a god. The Legion then cheer as Goliath tells them that they'll have thier world and will have thier rule. The Legion that is being fed the power from the Genesis Portal's head blows up in the background after the portal closes (probably intentional due to Goliath's hand gester afterwards). There's then an explosion that is heard and all the Legion prepare thier weapons and Goliath goes with them to the commotion. Tormac hears this and all the Legion and Corlacks are running down the hallway. The girl is sitting there (still not seen) and Tormac tells her not to go. Tormac chuckles while he reloads his RPG (there's Legion that run through the hallway beside the room Tormac is in that is seen by the camera as well).

The camera cuts to different people from different and un-mentioned places (since this part is a montage). People are analyzing the footage from the assasanation on Onyx Island. The police are seen analyzing footage as well, trying to find out who shot. The news have thier own series for it on TV about it. The TV is paused by the team who are watching it, the Professor is showing them this footage and Gold is sitting in the middle chair. She is really silent as the remaining team are talking about it. They continue giving points about how the assasanation could be a result of people who agree with Silver and Blaze's "actions" and how this reason could give the Onyx City Council an advantage. Gold eventually gets really angry and shouts "STOP!!!" her hands turn blue and blue energy balls grow on her hands. The team are shocked by the way Gold looks. She walks off and the Professor follows her. Silver and the team in the main room then question thier next location. Gaul tells them that they're next step is preparation. The Professor apologises if he did anything to her, Gold however tells Schlemmer about how her powers have turned blue and asks why it is. Schlemmer theorizes that its probably the Genesis Wave when she was sucked into it since it might just now be taking affect on her, he asks what weapon she had when fighting Prelate-V and she tells him that it was a weapon of her design, the Genesis Destabilizer. The Professor is about to ask where she got all the info from until Gold tears a little, and Schlemmer asks what's wrong. Gold tells him about her younger brother, Jamie. She explains to him that he was also sucked into the portal, she then tells Schlemmer about her life when she arrived on this Earth and how after her OCC life she studied the Genesis Portals to save him from scientists. She found out that sometimes beings with special abilities that are affected by the Genesis Portals can cause celluar degeneration and that the being's abilities become the color of the portal which is a sign of that. Schlemmer is surprised by what she knows and tells her that even he never knew that, he tells her that he will do whatever it takes to make sure that never happens and they'll fix it. Gold asks him if he's sure, Schlemmer nods at her and after a conversation, Schlemmer lets her rest for a bit while he goes and talks to the team about their next location or mission.


Goliath's First Vision (by RadorVavor)

Goliath looks into the blown up room, he walks on the fire and looks down at it. 

Goliath's Second Vision

He suddenly gets a sense and then absorbs all the fire energy therefore engulfing the flame and then he smiles. He then shoots a beam out of anger at some of his soldiers knowing who the traitor is. He tells the Legion, that the Genesis Wave will happen and that they'll be victorious and the traitor will die. Knockout tells Goliath that they've found Silver's location and they still have the Time Stones in thier possesion. Goliath has a Psychic Vision, he sees the Legion invading the Earth and one of the Earth being destroyed.When he comes out the vision, he smiles as he takes from the visions that his plans will sucseed either or. He tells the Legion, that in two days, the universe ends. He tells the Legion that Argo tried and his interpretation of this plan failed, he says that they'll get it right this time. Goliath orders the Legion to prepare for the end and gear up for war.

The police soldiers from the Councils and World Leaders are preparing thier weapons to engage in combat. They're people breaking down the assasanation and trying to see who it was. One person has only analyzed the tip of the gun and scans the gun from the shooting for fingerprints. He then scans the fingerprints and it comes up with Gold's face. They report this to the World Leaders and the Councils. The OCC remember Gold since she was a past member. The police soldiers are told to kill her and that she may be with Silver. Scientists there are still working on manifesting the Master Emerald's power correctly. They have found Silver's location and head for it, all ships being unleashed from the main one all heading for the Iron Steel to which they have located via an advanced GPS tracking device with a fitted FVC (Flying Vehicles Locator, these would be used to check where aeroplanes are and where they're headed as well as other flying vehicles). Then a room is revealed and there's a Genesis Portal seen in thier possesion surprisingly that they probably materialized. They're some councils from different sections of the world in this room looking at the portal, some of its energy used for thier weaponry. And some ships are actually entering the portal and they're scientists seen using some tech to figure it out right. At the other side, the ships are right behind the Iron Steel. These ships shoot at the Iron Steel and are all being unleashed from the Genesis Portal in the World Leader ship. Schlemmer spots the ships flying at them. They shoot at the team. Thomas flies the ship and tries to evade them somehow. (Sky High: Free Field: Evade 10 enimies) (PC: Thomas). The Iron Steel is hovering above water, and after it twirls around in  a circle, one WL ship hits the ocean and it explodes and another ship passes through the fire and explodes too. One side door of the ship opens and right before Gaul's about to shoot at one ship, he's shot at the shoulder and goes flying to a wall. Sara sees this and then jumps out of the side door and uses her prosthetic arm to punch and also grow electric energy out of her prosthetic arm while doing so, thus when she punches the ship there's more damage dealt to the ship. The pilot probably dies after the punch, as it creates a shockwave that sends some ships shaking a little. Sara then jumps back onto the ship (using Energybeam). She tries to wake up Gaul. Silver shuts the side door and tells Thomas to just continue going. They're lots of ships that are chasing them. Gold comes out the room and into play. She has an idea, and she gets her Genesis Destabilizer out. She has flashes of her life at OCC and how ruthless they were. Gold jumps onto the roof of Iron Steel,and she shoots down the ships. Kal and RuthLess then distract the Legion as help for the team. Kal runs from ship to ship and RuthLess flies over the ships shooting at the ships with his gun. (Sky High: Free Field: Defeat 50 enimies) The chase has become a little tough for our heroes. The Professor informs the team that the ships chasing them were sent by the World Leaders.


World Leader Fighter Jets

N-RSP tells the Professor about how his scans are telling him that the ships are being released from a Genesis Portal. The team realise they have to get away from the ships and the Professor tells them that he may know a way to get them off thier radar. At this point, there's a whole barrricade of fleet chasing them. He instructs the team that he'll hack into the ship's servers since if they're sent by Genesis Portal, they must have Genesis Portal's energy in them, and through the ships that are chasing them's servers, he might be able to tap into all the ships to be sent and disable all thier systems and even possibly disable the portal. He then instructs the team that he needs their advanced systems, their advanced "CORE" system, since that is the device where they've fitted the Genesis Portal's energy. The Profesor stays in the Iron Steel and has Silver on comms. Silver then volunteers to do so and then heads for a random ship. (Sky Chase: Free Field: Head for the interior and look for the CORE using the Professor's guidance) (PC: Silver) Silver finishes off the soldier in the ship, by using psychokensis to throw the soldier out the front windshield. He then looks for the CORE, he eventually finds it at the front of the ship. He flies out the WL ship and goes back to the Iron Steel. The whole team have been called back to the ship. Silver gives the CORE device to the Professor, who takes it and gets straight to programming it. N-RSP, Thomas and the Professor program the CORE together while the team protect the Iron Steel. (Sky Chase: Ship Barricade) (Sky Chase: Iron Walls) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gaul, Sara, RuthLess, Kal, Gold). Suddenly, there's a ship that flies by that doesn't really look like the WL ships. The team do think its the World Leader fleet though they realise that may not be the case. The ship transforms a robot. (Sky Chase: Boss: Menace 2.45v0) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gaul, Sara, Gold, RuthLess, Kal). The robot is a little hard to defeat, and the heroes do actually struggle slightly. Its almost on the verge of killing Gold as she isn't looking, she has a quick vision of her getting shot at through the heart and just about looks back only to see that the robot then falls to the ground. The ships do also drop to the ground, and you can actually see some pilots jumping out the ships and parachuting away. 

At the main WL fleet, which contains most Councils. In the Genesis Portal room, one scientist is calculating the functionality of the Genesis Portal and if its own a consistant velocity. Then, the numbers dial down and the sparks fly out of the screen to which he's calculating the numbers. They come flying out of every screen in the room and some people duck. The Genesis Portal becomes unstable, and after creating a little shockwave it closes itself.

The Professor tells the team that they're systems are offline. The team have a little moment of celebration, the Professor brings the ship back to stealth mode. N-RSP and Thomas go out the ship and check all the systems of it making sure they're not damaged too badly. Silver tells the team that the battle isn't over and that Goliath is still coming. The team do bring up that Goliath could be watching them as they speak and that he could be planning an attack. The team though question where, since he said he'll awaken Etheros and Genesis Wave but they don't know where. Blaze theorizes that Goliath might not want them to know since he knows they'd want to foil his plan and destroy him. Silver points out some mistakes and Blaze's theory. They're all conversating, and Gold has another vision. She realises that her visions are becoming more frequent than before. She has a vision of flames and the world being torn apart and Silver is standing there in the flames. In the background, they're things like cracks in time. The Time Stones are all around him, and there's a huge portal in the sky. In the background, there's echoes of people screaming and someone blaming Silver for destroying time and people call him the " True Time Devourer" Gold is shocked by this and leaves the room though no one notices.


Spitfire hovering over Onyx City at night

Spitfire is flying through the sky, over Onyx City at night. He looks over the silenced city. They're Civil Protection Robots patrolling the place massively, and one is seen dragging a dead human across the floor. Spitfire lands on a roof and looks down on the city. We see Spitfire looking at the robots in first person, the sides of his eye, for some reason, blue. He looks up and murmurs something about how the city will eventually suffer "his" wrath. He then lands, he stealthily takes out some of the Civil Protection Robots, he shoots fireballs at some and sends out flames on others. He goes past a torn Science Centre (mainly the interior) and gets to the OCC's Main Base. He breaks open one door, filled with file cabinets. He finds some classified files (they're all holographic papers/pads). They're files of the Genesis Portals and the Second Devourer's coming and Silver. There's a file called "Project 42" seen, we don't see what's inside it. Spitfire though drops the sheet and burns the whole room, flames still spreading. He comes out into the open near the main road. he shoots fireballs all over the place and then stops when people and Mobians walk out thier houses, some with weapons. Robots also do. One robot runs at Spitifre to which the robot starts breaking bit by bit without Spitfire touching the robot or the robot having reached Spitfire. He tells them about a revoloution that is about to occur, Spitifre talks about how the world will fall soon, and the place is at Onyx City where the end will takes its fold. He talks about how he will not let that happen, as he'll be building a world of his own, a world where "flames consume the planet" and where only he is superior. Spitfire kisses his pointing finger and points up, he tells the people to let what he did here (the little rampage) remind them of his coming. One person tells Spitfire that Silver will stop him, adn Spitfire chuckles quite menacingly, he flies at the person and chokes him, telling him close up that there's no such things as heroes anymore and so Silver won't save them. Spitifre then grows a ball of fire-like energy (sill holding the guy by the neck) around him and disappears. 

Chapter 11: Out of Time

Goliath is facing a Genesis Portal in front of him, he's thinking of what Mephiles told him about freeing him. He does still have questions about Mephiles' location as of currently, since Mephiles only said that he was in a white space. He murmurs about how he needs the Time Stones to do what he has to do. He enters the portal slowly, he gets an arm out and points it out at the portal. There's flashes of the Iron Steel, and what the team are doing currently on the ship. He says to himself that the team have had enough for now, consedering thier battle with the World Leaders. He feels the power of the Time Stones and can also feels a special power on the ship that knows his darkest secrets. He goes through the portal, and goes through the portal though the team can't see him. He enters the room Gold's in, and Gold can feel Goliath's sense. Gold questions what Goliath is doing here, and she closes the door.
Dark Tension Rising Music

Dark Tension Rising Music

The music playing in Goliath and Gold's scene, tension rising

Goliath tells her about her abilities and that he knows about her past as well as the fact that there's celluar degeneration occuring in her body because of the Wave. Goliath tries to minapulate her into joining him, saying that he has great power that he can give to her and save her from her inevitable death. Goliath tells her that all he needs are the Time Stones as they can save her life. Gold however isn't convinced and tells Goliath that they'll kill him and bury him in a forgotten land. Goliath then talks to her about monsters and how Gold has abilities no one else has and in fact can lose control of those abilities and if so, would make her a monster. Gold somehow shuts Goliath from her mind, therefore he disappears. Goliath is on the ship now, and chuckles softly.

Its morning and the Iron Steel is flying through the sky and hits a cloud. The Professor shows the team a holographic board of Onyx City. CCTV cameras recorded a "fire-man" that had burnt the OCC Main Hall and had choked a man and disappeared with the man. Blaze thinks that its Spitfire that attacked Onyx City, because of his appearance. The team question whether they should go to Onyx City or continue flying. Sara suggests finding another portal though Schlemmer tells him that the next portal on thier list is Oin City and thats 3 hours away. Silver tells the team that they should locate Goliath's location. Blaze tells the team that it'd probably be better for them to go Onyx City just to check on the town. After a short conversation, the team agree on going to IonCity for the next Genesis Portal as this could lure Goliath and his Legion to them. They do discuss the ammount of innocent people that could get caught in thier little battle if Goliath arrives. Silver asks how they're gonna tell Goliath that they're going to IonCity without actually telling him full-on. The Professor then goes to Gold, and informs her about the plan with IonCity. The Professor does ask if she can somehow communicate with Goliath's mind however Gold doesn't want too. After some motivation from Schlemmer, she does eventually do it not telling him about what had her and Goliath's conversation. The Professor gives Gold a communication device that allows her the ability of communicating with whoever being she pleases. She just has to manage to get into Goliath's mind. Gold does, though before she reaches Goliath. She hears a voice speaking in her head, it's Goliath's voice. He talks about how he knows about thier plan and he'll meet the team there. Goliath then goes on to talk about Gold's inner monster and how the End of Time will happen. Gold takes the device off her head, really shook and throws it on the ground. She tells the Professor that he'll come and she storms off. Schlemmer is quite confused and worried about her behaviour.  3 hours later....

The Iron Steel has landed on Oin City.

Oin City (molybdenumpgd03)

 The Professor stays on the ship with the robots (Thomas, N-RSP and RuthLess). He guides the team (via headset) to the secret temple where the Genesis Portal is located. (IonCity: Neon Lights) (IonCity: Vibrant Town) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gaul, Sara, Kal, Gold). They suddenly are guided to a tower. Gaul asks why they're at a tower. The Professor explains to them that underneath the tower is where the cave is and where the Genesis Portal itself is at. Sara asks how they're gonna get to the cave. The Professor tells the team that there's a hole on the side of the tower that they have to go through, the hole leads to the sewers to which the team has to go through. There's a certain door that leads somewhere. The Professor tells them that once they get to that stage he'll tell them the remaining instructions. (IonCity: Free Field: Find the hole at the alleys nearby the tower) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gaul, Sara, Gold, Kal). When they find the hole, the team see junk robots that're there (these are how junk robots would look like. They come in different shapes and sizes however this kind is the most common). The team question why Schlemmer didn't tell them that before and the Professor tells them that its not really a big deal. The team enter the sewers. (IonCity: Free Field: Follow the Professor's guidance) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gaul, Sara, Gold, Kal). They make it to the place where the Professor wanted them to be. The Professor tells Sara that she has to punch the wall here as behind it is the cave itself. Sara does so, it is admittedly quite hard. 

Amerios Cave

She punches the wall with her metal arm and it eventually breaks to which the team enter. The cave does look quite creepy. There's alot of junk robots that are there though some completely destroyed and others just slowly "dying". Silver asks where the Genesis Portal is and the Professor tells them that the portal is near, the team just need to get a little further into the cave. (IonCity: Free Field: Follow the Professor's guidance) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gaul, Sara, Kal, Gold). The team do surprsingly struggle with the ammount of junk robots there are however make it to the portal's locations. The team though wake up a dismantled robot (its broken to pieces). It somehow goes back together again, and attacks the team. (IonCity: Boss: Dismantled Robot) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gaul, Sara, Kal, Gold). The robot is really tall and when defeated, drops into the Genesis Portal and therefore an erruption gradually occurs. Silver tries to get back to Schlemmer however the signal malfunctions. Silver gathers that the Professor is telling him to get to the ship quickly, fighting is heard in the background and then we hear Goliath's voice on headset. He tells the team that they're too late, and he has what he needs. He informs the team that the Wreckage is on its way to the Iron Steel's location. Goliath tells the team he'll allow them 10 minutes to make it back to the Iron Steel and try fight him and his army. The Genesis Portal is struggling to close while Goliath's talking, because of the robot is struggling to fit inside. The cave suddenly erupts while the Genesis Portal suddenly creates a massivve shockwave and the robot explodes within the portal. The team escape the scene and hurry for the ship. (IonCity: Free Field: Escape the cave in 3:00) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gaul, Sara, Gold, Kal). Kal does kind of clear the destructive path for the team and eventually the whole cave collapses as well as half the sewers. The team make it outside the tower, and see the roads getting destroyed. The Iron Steel is there and Goliath is holding curved swords with darkness coming out of them, he's slicing cars that go past and is causing destruction. People are running and the police aren't really doing anything as they're easily defeated. The Wreckage then arrives too and lands on some cars desimating them and thier drivers. Legion commence and mindlessly destroy the place. Goliath tells the team that have just come out the alley that this is just practise for the real event, at Onyx City. Silver and the team then go into battle. Silver tells Gaul and Sara that they should find a way to the Iron Steel as it's pretty much blocked. Silver, Gold and Kal fight thier way through. Silver and Goliath are seen charging at each other and the camera cuts to Gaul and Sara who are running around alleys to get to the ship.

Suddenly, some Legion attack them. (IonCity: Free Field: Defeat 50 enimies) (PC: Gaul, Sara). The two then realise that Corlacks are emerging from the ships and coming out of the Wreckage in thier typical crazy vehicles. Tormac then suddenly walks out and spots Gaul and Sara. Tormac then shoots at the two with his shotgun. Sara blocks her face with her prosthetic arm however she is still sent flying back by the force of the bullet. Gaul and Tormac then charge at each other, Tormac delivers a punch to which Gaul dodges and suddenly Tormac then does a back-flip kick while Gaul is on the ground making Gaul's face hit the ground head first. Tormac then is about to deliver the final blow as he's about to shoot Gaul in the head until Gaul rolls back up just before Tormac shoots. Tormac laughs and tells Gaul that he's a smart boy, Tormac talks about how he (Gaul) wasn't that quick thinking when his wife got slit on her throat, Gaul gets angry by this and spears Tormac to which when on the ground Tormac headbutts him (Tormac does have his mask on) and Gaul goes flying back. Then an electric energy blast is fired at Tormac and it sends him going back but he's skidding in the same stance he was before hit by the eletric energy. He looks up and sees Sara and Gaul. Tormac says that this'll be fun and charges at the two. (IonCity: Free Field: Defeat Tormac) (PC: Gaul, Sara)

(IonCity: Free Field: Defeat Goliath) (PC: Silver). Goliath has pinned Silver to the ground, he tells Silver that he has to get over the fact that the world is destined to end and Silver can't change destiny. Silver gets up and continues fighting him. Silver tries to convince Goliath that what he's doing is wrong and Goliath then laughs. Goliath tells Silver that he doesn't get it. After a slight moment of confusion from Silver, Goliath tells Silver the truth about how he is the key to the End of Time. Silver then looks at Goliath, and he is surprised and a little frightened. The camera does a 360 degree pan around Silver while cars and such behind him are being destroyed. Silver then tells Goliath that he's lying, Goliath explains to Silver that when the Genesis Wave occurs due to the Time Stones, Silver will try close the Wave in the sky, however the Wave will become unstable and eventually time in all worlds will too, they'll be ripples in time (as time will sort of mess itself up, since the future will affect the past, and so will the past affect the future as well as the present) and time will then fade hence the End of Time. Silver is confused by what Goliath is saying, as it seems so real. Goliath throws a car at Silver, however Silver uses his psychokensis to throw it away from him. Goliath says again, that Silver can't change destiny. Silver asks how the present and past would be affected by the Genesis Wave and Goliath tells Silver that Wave will appear all across the timeline. Silver then performs his Meteor Smash ability on Goliath to which the mash of cars splits before it even hits Goliath. He tells Silver that he's done all he has to do there's only one last preperation plan. Goliath then walks to the centre of the road that the battle is occuring. Goliath looks up to the sky and then puts his hands out to the sky. His eyes turn blue and then the camera zooms into Goliath's mind. There's flashes of loads of Genesis Portals with monsters coming out of them and weird beings that come out of them. Silver looks at Goliath in shock questioning what he's doing. All the cars around him go flying in tornado-like style for some reason. Then one giant monster emerges from the ground right next to Goliath. Goliath tells Silver that he's (Silver) just out of time. Blaze then Fire Claws Goliath, to which he goes flying back off the road (the road is on a bridge. Motorway-like). The team then fight the monster. (IonCity: Boss 2: Bloodbath) (PC: Silver, Blaze). Kal comes out of nowhere, and does a tornado around the boss. Gaul then fires an two rockets from an RPG at the boss' head and then it eventually collapses. Gaul tells the team that the Iron Steel is ready to go.

The team then head for the Iron Steel. Inside the ship, the team realise that the Time Stones are gone and the interior has been trashed. The team question where Thomas, N-RSP, RuthLess and the Professor are. The team find the robots however the Professor is nowhere to be seen. The team fly off as quick as they can. The Iron Steel speeds off and flies away from the devestating scene. The camera cuts to the team in the ship, they're questioning what they should do now since the Professor is gone.

(Iron Steel: Free Field: Fly the Iron Steel for 5 minutes) (PC: Thomas). Silver is sitting down and is watching the conversation between the team occur. Gaul and Sara are having thier own conversation while Gold and Blaze are talking to the robots. Silver then has a short vision, there's a giant elephant-like foot that hits the camera there's a flash and then we hear a voice saying, "Follow the Path you're destined to walk on! Wake up! Wake up!" during the voiceover there's a colorful vortex and we see a figure there inside it, it looks he's absorbing the energy, then there's a quick flash of Nazo (from a scene in TBB). Silver comes out the vision after Thomas shakes him a little in order for him to wake up. Thomas asks Silver if he's ok and Silver nods.Sara asks Silver for his input on the Professor being captured, after a silent moment, he tells the team that Goliath obviously captued the Professor for a reason and that reason must be his intelligence. Gaul states that Goliath would probably want the Professor for a reason, and Thomas says that its most likely a weapon that he wants built. The team look at Thomas, Thomas tells the team that Goliath had already gathered a plan with the Genesis Wave and Etheros. The team then catch on to what the team's saying, Kal tells the team that supposedly he's building a weapon or supplying more info from Genesis Wave and Etheros. The team carry on discussing what Goliath wants the Professor for, they do note that Goliath can read minds or at least read minds based off the 10,000 timelines he has in knowledge. Gaul notes that Goliath is also in posession of the Time Stones, and he needs those to create the Genesis Wave. The team do question where Goliath is heading for though. While all that is occuring, the camera focuses on Gold, she's looking at Silver and continously thinking about the vision she had with him and what Goliath had told her. She leaves the room and enters another quiet one. She's breathing quite heavily, and Goliath's words are replaying over and over again in her mind and her heart is beating faster and faster and the intensity picks up. She then gets visions that are now reoccuring however they're new, one's of the Earth being destroyed and one's of Gold disentegrating while in the background there's loads of destruction (Silver's hand comes into view in that vision), Gold screams and then collpases.

The team hear this and rush immideatly, only to see Gold on the floor. The team have a moment of shock, then Gaul and Thomas take care of her telling the team that they have experience in this kind of stuff. They take her to (they find) the medical room to which they find a hospital bed and lay Gold on it. There's an operating screen there as well as other medical equipement. Thomas also spots an AI in it, named Gregory. Gaul tells Thomas that he has a feeling the Professor had a feeling this kind of thing could happen, as the team see the other side of the hall and some tools and building equipment. There's also a computer that has encrypted code on it. Silver, Blaze and Sara walk around the room and are surprised the Professor built this room, and hid it from the team. Gregory does eventually start talking which shocks Blaze and Sara. He has a british accent, he tells Gaul and Thomas that Gold seems to be suffering high blood pressure and therefore is quite stressed out. Silver asks Gregory why and Gregory tells the team that he doesn't know yet, he tells the team that he'll run some image neuron scans to check for any signs of what she has been going through recently. After some minutes, Gregory tells the team that he's gathered from the scans that she has a case that is actually untitled. Gregory explains about how the sort of case she has deals with her brain and how her extrasensory perception isn't functioning right or at least in the system Gregory thinks its meant too, that might be because of the stress though there's somehow too much info travelling in through all the neurons as well as too much energy. Gregory questions why there's at least this kind of energy in her brain and the team don't really know. Then, Gregory tells the team that her body structure and celluar body structure is unlike any of this Earth or universe to be precise. Silver tells Gregory that she's from another zone in the multiverse, Gregory then realises what's going on he tells the team about what happened with Gold getting sucked up into the portal and being from another dimmension, Gregory states that these "unknown energies" that the portal contained had given her, this kind of extrasensory perception. Gregory also explains about how this ability is unlocking more new abilities outside of the "mind's gem (due to Gregory's words)" and the power to tap into another part of the multiverse, though all these abilities and the energy that has given her this is causing celluar degeneration. Sara asks what that means, and Gregory says that her cells are decreasing at an extrodaianary rate and she'll probably fully disentigrate in the next 5 days. The team are shocked with this info.

The camera cuts to the main room, Silver,Blaze and Sara walk in conversating while doing so, where all the robots are discussing, they suddenly hear sounds. Sara spots that her prosthetic arm is vibrating, and she is pulled in the direction of the sounds and it reaches Schlemmer's briefcase and she somehow automatically opens it, her arms stop vibrating and the Bits jump out of the briefcase. RuthLess points a gun at the Bits and Silver tells him not to fire. Sara asks them what (she actually says "what the hell was that for!") her whole vibrating arm thing was for, Blaze explains to Sara that they can't speak, they speak through bianary code. N-RSP recognises what they're saying, the Bits are doing hand gestures and silly dances and stuff to get the team to understand what they're saying. N-RSP tells the team that they're saying that the Professor was kidnapped and they're going to show what they recoreded of what occured. The Bits showcase camera footage of the Professor's kidnapping. The footage starts off with the robots and the Professor on the ship communicating with the team at Amerios Cave until Goliath comes out of a room in the ship with a scythe in his hands. He says that he's been looking foward to seeing Schlemmer, then Thomas attacks Goliath to which Goliath easily carries him by the face and throws him and fights N-RSP and RuthLess. The Professor stands there completely shook, and Goliath walks up close to him and tells him that trying to fight him (Goliath) as the Professor could see isn't a good idea, Schlemmer asks what Goliath wants, and Goliath tells the Professor that he can manifest the Time Stone's ability and build a weapon that'll make him control the power of the Time Stones when he activates the Genesis Wave through them in Onyx City today (he doesn't exactly say it that directly to Schlemmer).  After a short conversation about trust and a little minapulation from Goliath about the team and Silver too (being dangerous than he may think, to which when Goliath says that, Silver gulps watching the footage), Goliath touches the Professor and he turns into dust. Goliath then exits the ship at the point Silver arrived at the destructive scene. The footage ends. The team have a short discussion about what might be going down and now have confirmation of where Goliath will unleash the Genesis Wave. Silver tells the team to gear up and truly prepare for presumably the fight of thier lives.

Gaul, Thomas and AI Gregory are dealing with Gold on the other hand. Thomas asks Gaul where he got the medical expierence and Gaul explains about his past life and how before he "never exsisted" he was a military soldier and that seeing many die fighting in war has lead to this. Thomas does show his sympathy for Gaul and the fact he's seen the loss of loads of lives. Gaul tells him that it's ok, Gregory does get involved into the conversation a bit as well and they all then just have a conversation in one mainly revloving around Gaul's past life and how they're comparing Gaul's somehow to Thomas' backstory with MECHA Labs. (Medicals: Free Field: Solve the puzzles (they're 5) Gregory tells Gaul and Thomas to rest for a bit however he thanks them for the assist. Gaul and Thomas then sit down on seats right near the hospital bed. Gregory tells them that she may come back from her sleep in the next 45 minutes after the last neurial scan. Silver and Blaze then enter the room and inform the two on the situation at hand. Gaul and Thomas then prepare themselves while Gregory works on keeping Gold alive. (Iron Steel: Free Field: Find a place to practise your skill) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gaul, Sara, Thomas, Kal, RuthLess). 

Goliath is on the Wreckage with the Professor who's building some sort of weapon. Goliath asks the Professor what it'll do and he explains to Goliath that it isn't complete yet and that he hasn't started encrypting the Time Stone's energy in code yet onto it. After a little conversation about the weapon, Goliath chuckles and then strangles the Professor to which all the Legion there aim thier weapons at him. Goliath warns the Professor about how if the Professor has added some kind of disease or anything that could hurt him, Goliath would immadieatly come to the Professor and kill him. Goliath lets go of him, and tells him to continue working while the Legion continue to watch him. Goliath then has another vision of himself himself with Time Stones all around him (similar to Chaos Emeralds) and then above him is the Genesis Wave in the sky, there's another vision then of Silver who's running to Goliath in order to try prevent him do what he's about to do. Goliath comes out his vision then smiles, then he limps a little and a part of his hand looks a little cracked. He then breaths heavily and opens a Genesis Portal and runs in it, hes panting now and sounds like he's breathing of relief. Mephiles then returns,this time Goliath has entered a white space where Mephiles is sitting in. He's being held in some sort of futuristic white neon-lighted cuffs on his hands (though his hands aren't tied togteher). He welcomes Goliath into the jail he was trapped in. Goliath asks what this place is and Mephiles tells him that this jail, the place where he was kept after the whole Solaris incident. Goliath questions who kept him in this jail and Mephiles tells Goliath that "they" did. Mephiles tells Goliath about he's his only hope of survival from this place. Mephiles and Goliath talk about Silver's true power for a bit and how he is an advantage for the End of Time.Mephiles then talks metophorically about the story of the cat and the tiger and how the cat felt feared by the tiger and the tiger stayed strong and fearless. They then realised that they're equals suddenly and had to accept that, they then became best friends until the cat backstabbed the lion only using him as popularity bait so the cat could get the animals that befriended the tiger to kill the tiger and the cat sucseeded. Goliath understands what Mephiles means by this, and before Goliath could ask his question, Mephiles demands Goliath to save him from what had occured 10 years ago with Solaris. Mephiles demands this and even threatens Goliath, Goliath pushes Mephiles and tells him that he'll do it whenever he pleases. Goliath then leaves the Genesis Portal, while Mephiles stands in the room looking at Goliath walk in the GP, it then closes. Goliath tells the Legion to make way for Onyx City and send thier best ships to go after him, though to bring Silver back alive. Goliath tells his Legion that the End of Time happens today.

The Onyx City Council have also come back to thier original city recieving reports about what happened with Spitfire. The Civil Protection Robots have upgraded quite a lot and are on almost every street in the city. The Iron Steel however is still taking control of the sky heading for Onyx City. Silver is practising his abilities as well as Blaze, Gaul is punching punching bags with Sara, Thomas pilots the ship while RuthLess keeps shooting and Kal keeps catching the bullet and stacking it in order on a table. Silver is thinking continously about what Goliath had told him about him being the cause of the End of Time, we then see a "mind skip" to Gaul who we see punching the bags, his mother's voice is heard and a knife sound too, then a baby crying. Gaul stops for a bit while Sara continues and drinks some water. After the whole training montage, Thomas calls the team from thier rooms telling them that there's multiple ships coming at them from nowhere, they're coming directly at the ship from the front. The team think that its the OCC and the World Leaders again, though Thomas tells them that its not, its Goliath's. The camera cuts to Gold and Gregory, she finally wakes up, she hears Gregory's voice and questions who he is and where he is, Gregory tells Gold that he's an AI created by Professor Von Schlemmer and has helped her heal from her stress. Gold does have a moment of shock and surprise to when Schlemmer built the lab and had the time to code out and AI. Gold asks Gregory where the team have gone and Gregory informs her on how they're in the main room preparing for Goliath's invasion on Onyx City. After a short conversation with Gold and Gregory, Gold is then sent flying off her hospital bed and onto a wall. 

There's a Genesis Portal that opens big enough for ships to commence. Thomas tells the team that the ships are also being released from a Genesis Portal way further in front of the team.

The other squadron of fleet


Wreckage Ships 1

A Wreckage fleet (the one in the picture) then charges at the side of the Iron Steel, and the team in the main room are sent flying to a wall. Silver asks Thomas if he's able to control the ship and he thinks so. Thomas activates the weapons however the ship that charged at the Iron Steel has broken one of the weapon supplies. Then, there's another squadron of Wreckage Fleet that attack that resemble jets more so than the other fleet. Kal tells them that they have to get to Onyx City though and the fleet attack could be a distraction. Thomas tells the team he'll get rid of some of Goliath's fleet. (Sky High: Free Field: Destroy/evade 10 ships) (PC: Thomas (technically). Gaul then shoots at the pilots of the ships that commence at the team from the side windows of the ship. Thomas is still making way for Onyx City while the team deal with the actual ships themselves. Gold stands up from flying back to a wall. The other side of the wall there is almost destroyed. Then, Legion start jumping out of thier ships and landing on the Iron Steel. There's then loads on the top trying to get into the ship. Thomas then initaties shield defenses.  (Sky High: Free Field: Activate 6 shield defenses) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gaul, Sara, Kal, RuthLess). One Legion jumps into the ship, breaking a bit of the wall. Sara then pujnches this Legion out of the ship using her prosthetic arm sending the Legion flying away. Gold is still in the medical room and Gregory asks Gold if she can release him. After a short conversation, Gold takes the USB stick that contains Gregpry's conciousness, she then leaves the room. A Legion has made it to the ship and jumps down from the top of it, right near where Gold's standing in attempt to attack her (at this point the Legion will charge and the camera will go slowmo, they'll be certain buttons on the screen the player needs to press in time) and Gold does eventually defeat it by throwing it out of the hole it came in from. Gold shouts Silver's name coughing while doing so, she is in quite some pain. Silver and co, however defending thier ship. The Genesis Portal to which the Legion have come to them from has gone too. An engine suddenly breaks and Thomas tells the team that they're on course for Onyx City however they'll be taking a pretty hard landing once he gets the position right. The ships though are still on the team's tail, the shield has been activated, though it will disappear in the next 2 minutes. 

The Wreckage has landed in Onyx City, and Goliath has exited the ship and the Legion have too and have already started to wreak havoc on Silver's hometown. Goliath smiles, and then gets the Time Stones. He tells one Legion that he's (Goliath) going on top of the tallest tower and demands the Legion to call the Horsemen as bodyguards (this is the tower Goliath is going to go on, the biggest tower is the one he wants to go on, the Onyx City Council base). The Professor is also called out and goes with Goliath in handcuffs and in a floating box. Tormac also leaves the ship, his mask materializes on, and then he instructs the Legion to head east as well as the Corlacks. 

The Iron Steel is heading directly for Onyx City. Silver checks the HUD, and can see that there's land ahead of them, though they're near the valleys. Thomas tells the team to strap themselves in, the team do so, he evades the last ship after a little twirl (to which the Wreckage ship hits the ground directly and explodes) and then they crash land, skidding across the grass and landing pretty hard overall. After a few minutes, the team leave the broken fleet, they decide not to materialize another one as Onyx City isn't too far away. Sara asks where Gold is, and she suddenly comes out the damage ship. Silver tries to keep Gold upright and asks if she's okay, to which she is. Silver notices a tiny bit of Gold's arm that fades into a blue looking substance. Silver then remembers what Gregory had said and informs her of the plan. The team have a short discussion, saying who does what. Silver says that he will go and confront Goliath, Gaul tells the team that he'll face Tormac (Sara tells Gaul that she's coming with him) and the rest of the team may as well take care of the Legion overall and Spitfire. The team then run through the valley to get to the city. There's a little cinematic cutscene with the team running down the slopes, the hills, doing a few stunts. (Greenhill Valley: Slippery Hills) (Greenhill Valley: Grass Mountains) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gold, Kal, N-RSP, RuthLess, Thomas, Sara). The team are almost at the bottom of the grass mountain and then a Legion boss attacks. (Greenhill Valley: Boss: Spider Queen) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gold, Kal, Sara, Gaul, N-RSP, Thomas, RuthLess). They defeat the Spider Queen, and then the team enter the city itself and the Legion have already done quite the damage to it already. The team then enter the city, civillains already fleeing from thier homes and buildings already being destroyed. Gaul and Sara split up to find Tormac, Blaze and Gold find Spitifre, the robots fight on the ground and defend the city while Silver heads for OCC Base. (Invasion: Death Quarters) (Invasion: Flooded Streets) (PC: Thomas, N-RSP, Kal, RuthLess). Thomas tells the three that there's already too much Legion for them to handle and that they need a distraction or something that'll draw loads of attention to the Legion. Kal has an idea, he tells the RuthLess to fire his gun at the sky (to which the group have a little arguement and question why so), RL eventually does so and more Legion then follow them. Kal whistles drawing attention to himself, the ships have also started to come and Kal tells the team that he'll be back, he then zooms off. The ships then follow him as well as the Legion while the remaining robots hide. (Speed Chase: Close Calls) (Speed Chase: Speedway Bridges) (Speed Chase: Boss: Legion Manipulator) (PC: Kal). Kal defeats the boss, and then clears a path for his group of robots. He gets back to them and they continue going, Legion being encountered on the way. 

Blaze and Gold are running through some debris saving civillians from close deaths. Gold tells Blaze that Goliath's on the OCC Base and she has to get there. Blaze tells Gold that they should stick to the plan and that is to find Spitfire. The two conversate about it, Blaze tells Gold that its also a long way and Silver has already left for the building. Gold gets a little angry until Blaze calms her down. They continue thier find for Spitfire. (Invasion: Torn Buildings) (Invasion: Filled Debris) (PC: Blaze, Gold). The duo can't find Spitfire and question where he is. Ships do shoot at the duo, Blaze notices and blocks the ship from directly hitting the two with her flame barrier. We hear Goliath's voice saying how she has great power that she has learned to master yet and then her and him inetracting on the ship. Gold then has an idea, the two hide inside a house. Blaze asks Gold what her plan is,Gold then puts two fingers on her mind and closes her eyes. There's a flashback to what had happened when the Legion raided Gaul's base, Gold goes into Gaul's mind and then through Gaul's mind in the exact same scene we see the badge on Spitfire, Gold looks through Gaul's memories to see the badge and it read, "Joseph S. Marvin".  Gold contacts Joseph's mind, and sees all fire and flames. She starts moaning in pain (in reality), Blaze then holds her and tells her she's doing great. Gold then  tries to read through the fire and flames after a few attempts, she feels the Genesis Portal's energy that has gone through him and he was in a fire suit before mutated. She looks into his mind and sees him in first person view, he's sitting in a burning warehouse in the forest, somehow he can see that on the news Onyx City is being invaded by Goliath. Gold then tells Spitfire through his mind that they're at Onyx City, she tells him that her and Blaze want to face Spitfire. Spitfire asks whether he should trust her as this could be a trap, Gold tells him that they're alone and are ready to fight him. After a little conversation, Gold comes out of the minds she did and moans again in pain, like she has a really painful headache. Spitfire then materializes from Blaze's hands, and then tells them that they're the people who wanted to fight him. Blaze tells Spitfire that he killed Muga and that's vengeful enough. Spitfire laughs and tells Blaze that he did feel a little pity for the man however he'll kill anyone that gets in the way of his plan. Gold then asks what his plan is. Spitfire smiles, and then shoots a fireball at Gold to which she blocks with her powers. Spitfire then fights them. (Invasion: Boss: Spitfire) (PC: Blaze, Gold).

The fight is taken to the roof of this building, Spitfire is using telekenisis to throw objects and debris at the two. Spitfire tells Gold about how she's suffering celluar degeneration and will be dead within the next 5 hours, Gold tells Spitfire that at least she'll still stop him. Blaze then uses her martial art skills to fight Spitfire, Gold also joins in. Eventually, Spitfire throws Blaze onto the ground and Gold faces him off. (Invasion: Boss: Spitfire II) (PC: Gold). Gold does have a hard time facing Spitfire as he has dealt quite some damage on her. She however still tries to stay strong, she asks Spitfire what his plan is. And Spitfire tells her that he wants a world where everything burns where flames patrol. He explains to them this, although after the explanation to Gold, Blaze throws a fireball from behind him to which he ducks and the fireball hits Gold. Gold then falls off the building and into another one. Blaze then rushes to her and asks if she's okay. Gold then tells Blaze to get Spitfire and that she will be fine. Spitfire then flies at Blaze and spears her. Spitfire then takes Gold. Blaze calls after her and then jumps from building to building trying to catch up to Spitfire.

Gaul and Sara are also running, they're in the middle of a fight with a bunch of Legion. Sara and Gaul do a tag team move to defeat the last Legion (Gaul shoots a Shock Darter and Sara catches it therefore charges her prosthetic arm up, she then punches the Legion with the addition of the arrow as well). Gaul asks the suffering Legion where Tormac is and the Legion refuses to talk. Gaul points a pistol at the Legion's head and demands an answer from it. The Legion tells Gaul that Tormac is the commander of the Legion and is heading for the OCC Base Tower as well as Goliath. Gaul then looks at the Wreckage that's almost at the tower. Gaul thanks the Legion for the info and it bleeds to death. Gaul and Sara continue going. They're now at a bridge, and they're also guiding civillians to safety. A Civil Protection Robot asks Gaul where his records are and why he doesn't exsist, the CP Robot then shoots at Gaul and Sara sticks a hand right through the robot and takes out its main parts from the inside. They continue going. (Invasion: Dissaster Bridge) (Invasion: Obstacle Street) (PC: Gaul, Sara). Gaul and Sara are walking through the streets now, Sara gets her eyepatch on and scans Tormac. She tells Gaul that he's on the other side of the city almost at the base, possibly only 5-8 more streets before he gets there. A ship then flies overhead shooting at the two from behind and they duck and Sara blocks it with her prosthetic arm. Then some Legion come out of it as well as the Legion Creeper. (Invasion: Boss: Legion Creeper) (PC: Gaul, Sara). Sara and Gaul have escaped an explosion after the defeat of the Legion Creeper as it did explode after the boss battle. Gaul gets his GEM back, and continues his journey. Gaul contacts Silver via Walkie Talkie and tells him that Tormac and Goliath are both heading for the OCC Base Tower, and Goliath's preparing the Genesis Wave. Silver sasy "understood", back to them. Sara asks Gaul how they're supposed to get to the other side of the city when they're miles away from the river. Gaul looks up at the sky with the ships flying. Gaul tells Sara that he thinks he knows a way, he tells Sara to keep running.

Silver has just flew over the river and onto the other side of the city. He fights some Legion here using psychokenisis and saves some civillians there too. He can see the tower more clearly from where he's at. He does fight on ground for a little bit. (Invasion: Mad Streets) (Invasion: Immense Casualties) (PC: Silver). He has helped quite a bit on ground, he uses his psychokensis to get metal parts and combines them together building a sort of underground house for civillians. He tries to gather up as many civillians as he can. (Invasion: Free Field: Gather 110 civillians) (PC: Silver). The civillians tell Silver that they need to get to the Hall 42 at the Base Tower. Silver asks what that is, and the civillian tells him that its an underground base that was built just incase this happened and everyone should head to it if they want to survive. Silver questions this and it does raise more questions to how much the Council even really knew and the World Leaders. Silver flies to the Base Tower. Goliath, however is standing on top of the building with the Professor who's locked in an invisible cage. 

The PMC-320 (Power Manipulator Canon)


The beam shot (from Avengers)

Judging from the conversation they have in this scene, the Professor has built a Power Manipulator weapon that can be able to manifest the Time Stone's power and use it to create the Genesis Wave. The Professor tells Goliath that it is ready, Goliath chuckles and thanks the Professor for his cooperation, he also tells the Professor that if there's some backfire that happens with this weapon, he'll kill Schlemmer. Goliath then mind controls Schlemmer and asks him if there's any false code on this weapon and Schlemmer denies this. Schlemmer then types some code on the computer he has connected to the cannon and the canon faces up to the sky. Goliath then murmurs about how Etheros is coming. The canon is shot up at the sky and a blue beam is made and hits a certain bit in the sky. 

A huge portal then begins to form in the sky. The scene cuts to a cinematic shot where the beam has been shot from. We see Goliath who smiles looking up at the sky. He tells his two Horsemen (he has four), Menace and Knockdown to find Silver and the other two to kill the rest. The Horsemen then epically jump off the building. Goliath communciates with the pilot of the Wreckage's mind telling him to inititate the World Hoover. The pilot does so, and the bottom of the ship opens up and sucks everything up as well as the Genesis Wave itself. Silver sees this and realises its too late. He enters the building and loads of personell are leaving in panic and horror. CP Robots are seen and one detects Silver who then runs and does parkour over some things. Silver wants to see why the OCC aren't really doing anything. People are rushing to the lifts to get to the basement of the building to get to Hall 42 and some lifts don't work or are too packed. Kids are seen there too, some even crying. Gaul and Sara see this too and are shocked, a car is about to fall onto them and they move out the way. We see Silver and Blaze in Chapter 2, when they were talking to Schlemmer, the Genesis Wave forms then, it forms in Sonic's time too as well as the Eayans' time. Silver goes into a lift and goes up to the top floor in order to find Goliath. The lift however eventually stops ans the lights on it close, the Legion then attack the lift breaking the top off to take Silver. (Invasion: Free Field: Defeat 50 enimies) (PC: Silver) Silver defats the Legion and then climbs his way up to the levek Goliath's on (as he is literally on the floor before the floor Goliath's on on the roof). (Invasion: Free Field: Climb to the floor Goliath's on and find him) Silver is climbing up the stairs of the building and multiple Legion are rushing down the stairs and Menace who also is there with his rocky hammer. (Invasion: Boss: Menace) (PC: Silver). Silver does struggle defeating Menace as he's so huge, Silver climbs his wrecking hammer to get to the top floor and hangs onto the railing though Menace brings him down. Silver does use ESP on Menace, making him go a little dizzy then Silver climbs up a level using Menace's body. Silver is running up the twists and turns of the stairs, then Menace unexpectedly appears smashing everything before Silver, chasing after Silver. Silver tries to outrun him. (Invasion: Free Field: Escape Menace) (PC: Silver). Menace does eventually drop 15 floors downward (as when Menace drops, he falls through 15 floors). Silver has escaped Menace and after panting goes to the roof of the building.

He has now made way to the roof where he sees Goliath who's standing there looking at him, as well as a mind controlled Professor who is typing on a computer. Goliath laughs and asks Silver how it looks. Silver takes another glimpse at the Genesis Wave that is in the sky sucking a whole load of things up into it as well as the Wreckage which is also sucking things up and causing mayhem upon Onyx City. Silver tells Goliath that he won't let him let this happen. Goliath tells Silver that the End of Time will happen, as Silver will try stop Etheros, he will try stop the Genesis Wave. Silver asks Goliath what his gain will be from this, Goliath tells Silver that he will have the world in his hands and a whole timeline in his hands, that he will take control of. Silver asks how he will make his own timeline, Goliath tells Silver that the Time Stones will help keep him alive and help him create the new timeline where he will rule. Silver calls the Professor and Goliath explains to him about how he's mind controlled. Goliath tells Silver that this Genesis Wave will kill Silver slowly therefore he may need to close it now (wanting Silver to do what he was destined to do). Silver then charges at Goliath, and Goliath gets his curved swords out and charges at Silver. (Invasion: Boss: Goliath) (PC: Silver). Silver and Goliath are fighting in a little cutscene, Goliath delivers a blow to Silver's shoulder, and most the fight Silver's using his psychokenisis to try stop the curved sword from hitting him at times. Goliath does eventually double kicks Silver and tells the Professor to stay on the roof and see if there's any sign of Etheros coming. Silver charges at Goliath, Goliath avoids Silver then uses his psychokensis to throw him into another building with huge glass windows near the OCC Base Tower. Goliath jumps into the building Silver has landed in and tells him that the Genesis Wave is spreading over time, as well as it actually does over time and suddenly Silver then tries to drop kick Goliath and he does hit Goliath however Goliath teleports back to where he was before Silver had drop kicked him and then attacks Silver again, throwing him around the place. (Invasion: Free Field: Defeat Goliath) (PC: Silver). Goliath and Silver have fought through many rooms now, and it does look like Goliath's winning. Silver and Goliath are both arguing with each other, while fighting they even use objects in the room as weapons.

The robots however are in the middle of a fight with some Legion and are also saving some civillians. (Invasion: Free Field: Save 5 civillians) (PC: Thomas, N-RSP, Kal, RuthLess). The robots have noticed the Genesis Wave and do realise the destruction its causing. N-RSP tells them that they need to get to the Wreckage and destroy the ship. RuthLess questions why and N-RSP tells them that its also sucking streets and killing innocent people as well as the Wave itself, there's also laods of Genesis Portals in there that need closing. RuthLess tells them that he can fly up there, although Thomas tells him that he can't carry all of them. Kal tells them that they have to steal a ship. RuthLess then tells them that he thinks he has an idea, he flies up in the air and some ships actually fly past him attempting to kill him, RuthLess then chases after the ships. (Invasion: Free Field: Chase a fleet and steal it) (PC: RuthLess). RuthLess does land on top of one ship, he opens the door on the ship, and wraps his wings around the Legion and then throws the Legion outside the ship using his wings by unwrapping his wings. He then flies the ship to the robots. The ship RuthLess' in, lands near the three who are then attacked by some Legion. (Invasion: Free Field: Defeat 45 enimies in 5:00) (PC: Thomas, N-RSP, Kal). They get inside the ship and fly to the Wreckage. 

Gaul and Sara are running through the streets, Sara has just saved a civillain from death by punching the Legion with her prosthetic arm. (Invasion: Free Field: Defeat 25 enimies) (PC: Gaul, Sara). A ship flies straight at the team in attempt to kamikaze the two. Gaul pushes Sara out of the way into the shop and the ship misses the two. It skids on top of the shop next to the one the two were in and skids on it, squashing a few Legion soldiers when so. After a second of shock, Gaul tells Sara that he thinks he knows they're new ride to get to the Base Tower. Sara however is looking around the place, civillians are running all around the place with no idea of where they're going, some kids are even seen running into an alley, there's lots of misery everywhere (you can hear Gaul calling Sara's name), then we hear distant sounds of her arm getting chopped off. Sara asks Gaul about the people here, Gaul asks what about them, and Sara tells him that there's still people out there that are in need of saving. Gaul tells Sara that the robots are dealing with the people on the ground, however Sara says that she doesn't care what they're doing, she wants to help the people here in thier sight. She tells Gaul to look out how much people are struggling, they can't just leave that and let them suffer and potentially die. Gaul sighs and gets off the ship, he lays his arms on Sara's shoulders and tells her that they'll stop the Wave from killing these people as well as Goliath and Tormac although they aren't superhumans and they can't save everyone, sometimes sacrifices have to be made for the greater good and he learnt that while serving with the military. He tells Sara that he's seen innocent people die, he's seen teammates, close friends die, Gaul tells Sara about how once he had to make a choice, whether save his friend from death or kill the guy about to pull the next bullet and he chose the guy with the bullet though it was too late. Gaul explains to Sara about his experiences at the military and how he knows Sara would feel this way, though he tells her mainly that people die all the time, and sacrifices have to be made. After a short moment of silence after Gaul's motovational speech, she tells Gaul that she knows exactly how it feels and she looks at her prosthetic arm and tells Gaul that that's why that happened, for the greater good, trying to save innocent people caught in the crossfire. Sara shakes her shoulders a bit to get Gaul's hands off of them, and tells Gaul that she's sorry, she then runs. The camera then zooms out on Gaul who's standing near the ship sighing.

Sara runs through the streets, she's in the middle of the road near a tower. Legion then attack Sara, and she fights back. (Flame's Spark: Hell Raiser) (Flame's Spark: Legion Load II) (PC: Sara). Sara has gotten through the Legion. She stands on top of quite a broken and torn car checking if everything is clear. The car does slowly rise and Sara doesn't realise this until she sees she's directly in view of a huge window on a tower and then she realises this. She jumps into the window, and lands inside it. The CP Robots then identify Sara and find out that she is partnered up with Silver. She then fights the CP Robots. (Flame's Spark: Free Field: Defeat 50 enimies) (PC: Sara). She scouts most the rooms in the tower and it is quite abondened. It does look like a buisness sort of tower where people worked although they're no civillians here. They're towers that gradulally rise from the ground as they're beginning too. The background music for this scene then stops, Sara then hears a cracking noise, it is silent at first however it gets louder as time goes on. She then realises what's about to happen, the floor she's on drops and splits into pieces then it is sucked upwards by the Genesis Wave. She jumps however before the floor falls, she jumps towards the entrance door area avoiding the collapse. A civillian is then revealed who is also being sucked up by the debris, the civillian is a male hedgehog in a brown cloak. Sara tells the man to grab on to her hand, the man tries and tries. The debris then is sucked up with the civillian a but further then Sara chases the civillian using the holes made by the debris. (Flame's Spark: Free Field: Chase the civillian) (PC: Sara). Sara does chase the civillian and then is eventually at the final level of the interior of the tower. The debris is stuck to the hole with the civillian there too and Sara tries her hardest to reach his hand. (Flame's Spark: Grab the man's hand) (PC: Sara) Sara then almost grabs his hand, she's inches away. The man is crying here and screams like he's quite extereme pain. Then, he's sucked out of the tower through the roof along with the debris and is hit and rammed over by coaches and cars that also are sucked into the Genesis Wave. Sara looks at this in horror and shock, as she couldn't save him. She puts her hands over her mouth as she's really surprised by this. The words Gaul told her are replayed over and over in her head. The remaining parts of the floor she's on then also collapse and then are also sucked into the hole. Sara does look down and there's massive holes in each floor due to what had occured and 2 floors are completely gone and the whole floor itself is destroyed. Sara does jump to the entrance door for the floor she's on again. The scene ends with the view of the holes in each floor.

Blaze is then jumping really high from chimney to chimney following Spitfire's flight location. (Flame's Spark: Chimney Hops) (Flame's Spark: Flame's Way) (PC: Blaze). Blaze is on top of a roof of a house, she's looking over the place and sees that there's quite the havoc occuring. Two towers have been risen by the Genesis Wave, and it is getting bigger as they speak. The Science Centre is still intact however at least. She tells the team via communicator that the Spitfire has Gold in his possesion and it looks like he's heading for the Base Tower. Silver is heard panting and there's lots of clanging and bashing heard, he tells Blaze that he's a little busy. Gaul then responds telling Blaze that he's heading for the other side of the city and he'll be checking the Base Tower. Silver tells Gaul still panting that the Professor is on the rootop of the tower and is controlling the Genesis Wave. Gaul responds with "roger". Blaze though realises that the most likely place Spitfire has headed for is the the Base Tower. She then goes back on grounds and tries to get to past the river by fighting her way through. (Flame's Spark: Free Field: Defeat 50 enimies) (PC: Blaze).Suddenly, while Blaze is scouting the area, they're cars that drop from the sky and it misses Blaze by an inch. Blaze then runs off dodging all the cars and she can't find a building to enter. (Flame's Spark: Free Field: Dodge all the cars falling from the sky) (PC: Blaze). Blaze then thinks she's dodged all the cars and continues walking. Then, some Legion attack her to which we see a little mini fight in-cutscene of them fighting. Then, there's a bus that's about to drop onto her and she jumps inside the door of a building right next her, the busses crushing the Legion she fought. With no other choice with her way out blocked, Blaze goes to find another way out of the building. (Flame's Spark: Free Field: Find a way out the building) (PC: Blaze). Blaze has gone up two levels, and sees that there's a squadron of Legion who have imprisoned loads of civillians in a hall like place. Blaze then tries to save them. (Flame's Spark: Free Field: Defeat 10 enimies) (PC: Blaze) She defeats the Legion there until a boss attacks. (Flame's Spark: Boss: Legion Terminator) (PC: Blaze). Blaze then defeats the boss and tries to save the civillians, however the building then slowly begins to rise off the ground as well as the tower oppisite. Blaze has stopped in her tracks here, and the downstairs level does completely tear itself about as it is stuck to the ground. Blaze tells the civillians to follow her, however some civillians slide to the bottom of the tower and therefore fall into the sky and die. Blaze doesn't really know what to do at this point as the building is raising quite fast and the civillians aren't standing a chance. There's then only 3 civillians left that are with Blaze, having lost many of them. The building is being split in half, Blaze does find a window. She looks back at the civillians, they're most likely to be a family, a mum and dad fox, and a kid. Blaze tells them that they need to trust her on this and jump out of the window. They're not for it, and the kid is crying in fact, Blaze kneels down and tells him that she and her team will stop this mayhem, she notes about how many people have died and she knows that however she promises not to let them (the family) die like that and she'll avenge all those who have perished today. After the talk, the three jump out, the mum praying silently quite madly. She then jumps and so does the other two, she's holding her sons in her arms her eyes closed. The building then splits itself apart and Blaze then jumps out the window. She guesses where they're going to land and then she glides to the building she thinks they're going to land on. (Flame's Spark: Free Field: Guess where they'll land) (*you can get this wrong and they can die if so) (PC: Blaze). She then glides past them and puts the family in a fire forcefield containing them for the limited time Blaze needs to do what she needs to do and also they don't get whiplash or have a heart attack while in air. Blaze then skims her hand on the building she thinks they'll land on and the building itself then slowly turns into water and the three land in it (its not that hard of a landing consedering the forcefield). The water then spreads to the ground and the three are welcomed back into the air. They thank Blaze and the woman tells Blaze "May the great Sonic be with you". Blaze smiles at them and tells them to run and run away from where the Genesis Wave is as something big is gonna go down. Blaze then sees a car there that is still fine within itself. She runs to it.

Gaul is in a ship and is flying to the Base Tower's location. He lands on the roof of the building and sees the Professor who is standing there looking at him. Gaul asks Schlemmer if he's okay, and Schlemmer asks Gaul what he's doing here and Gaul tells him that its not safe here and that they have to go. Schlemmer tells Gaul that its absouletly safe here and that Goliath has given him everything he needs therefore he'll not break his promise to him. Gaul sighs knowing that Goliath has mind controlled him, Schlemmer orders two robots that materialize out of nowhere to attack him. (Flame's Spark: Boss: D.E.S.T.R.U.C.T.O.R) (PC: Gaul). Gaul defeats the bosses and tells Schlemmer that he doesn't need to do this, and Schlemmer tells Gaul that he does. Schlemmer explains all the mistakes he's made in his life and about how everyday he feels guilt for what he's done in the past and why he got this (he points to his cybernetic implants). Then, Sara's words replay in his head. Schlemmer does seem angry here, he tells Gaul that all he's done is make lives worse for people and that's why he became what he is, a Professor who owns a Science Centre, he asks what does that achieve for him. Gaul tells Schlemmer that he knows how he feels as he was a Europia veteran and therefore he knows how it feels like, with all the mistakes he's made and how he's let people die and sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Gaul and the Professor then have a little back and fourth chat, and Gaul ends up shouting quite madly at Schlemmer telling him that he had to see people die every single day and he couldn't do anything about it, this is why he tried to undergo expirements to get rid of the stress and the shell shock and then his wife died. Schlemmer tells Gaul that its too late now and Etheros is coming. He says that he's sent the echolocation signal to the unknown energies, the dark energies surfing around. The Professor tells Gaul that Etheros knows the Genesis Wave's here and he can't stop that. Gaul gets his GEM out and Schlemmer stands in front of the computer so that he doesnt shoot it. Gaul does know that he can kick him or punch him so he can get knocked out however he doesn't want too. Gaul tells the Professor to please not make him do what he's about to do, he tries to convince Schlemmer that that's Goliath's words talking not Schlemmer's. Gaul then looks up at the Wave, Gaul asks how the Base Tower isn't being sucked up and where the Council are as well as Tormac. Schlemmer tells Gaul that there's a shield defense blocking this tower from the Genesis Wave's energy, Tormac's inside the tower with the Legion looking for Gaul and the Council are inside the building laughing themselves away. Gaul wants to ask what Schlemmer means until a ship shoots directly at Gaul to which it misses, Gaul then runs into his ship and flies it quickly.

Tormac is in the tower with some Legion and most the Corlacks. He tells them that Gaul's incoming. Gaul's ship flies around the OCC Base Tower and shoots at some ships. (Flame's Spark: Free Field: Shoot down 5 enimies) (PC: Gaul). Gaul then shoots at the interior of the building in attempt to find Tormac. Tormac is on the floor Gaul's shooting at, Tormac tells a hooded figure that it knows what to do. It somehow turns invisible and Tormac then tells the Legion and Corlacks to fire at the ship. Gaul then fires at the soldiers with ease, and then Tormac tells Gaul to stop. Tormac tells Gaul (who's still in the hovering ship) that he wants him. Tormac's mask materializes back on, and then he runs at the ship, Gaul then fires at Tormac in anger and Tormac surprisingly dodges all these bullets and jumps onto the window of the ship. Gaul can't really control the ship as Tormac has broken the window is trying to drag Gaul out the ship. He does at one point, Gaul is hanging on to the ship although Tormac doesn't know this. Tormac jumps to a window of a tower. Gaul then gets another type of gun (that looks like this). He is still on the Wreckage ship and then he shoots this gun at the helicopter and a grappling hook is made that attaches to the helicopter. Gaul then swings off this and to the tower Tormac's in directly at the floor Tormac's on. Gaul then kicks the window down and then kicks Tormac to a wall. Gaul then puts the gun away. Tormac stands up and tells Gaul that he has got guts. Gaul tells Tormac that he guesses he learnt from the best. (Flame's Spark: Boss: Tormac I) (PC: Gaul). Gaul is then boxing Tormac and Tormac does it back. He tells Gaul that Etheros'on his way and at that point he'll kill Goliath. Gaul tells Tormac that he doesn't care what he does, as he'll kill Tormac and enjoy doing so. (Flame's Spark: Boss: Tormac II) (PC: Gaul). Tormac does choke slam Gaul into a wall, he breaks the wall and lands on the other side on a table. While, Gaul groans in pain, Tormac tells Gaul that anger will get him nowhere and he needs to accept the fact that his wife's a dead woman. Tormac then kicks Gaul in the face right before he's about to get up. Tormac then says that if anger does help, then Gaul would get up and fight. There's a little in-cutscene battle with Tormac and Gaul. Gaul has finally stood up and triple kicks Tormac out of the building through a window and onto a s Wreckage ship to which Gaul jumps on and spears Tormac off it. They fight a bit in the air, they punch each other and they also trying throwing each other then Tormac lands on the roof of a building blocking Gaul's fall. Gaul then tornado kicks Tormac onto the floor as the building gradually rises. Tormac questions where Sara is, and Gaul ignores the question completely and tries to headbutt Tormac however he dodges and Tormac then double punches Gaul and then round kicks Gaul to the edge of the building and Gaul is left hanging on.

Schlemmer smiles as he types some codes on a computer, and whispers, "Here he comes", referencing Etheros and then the Genesis Wave makes a weird siren-like sound. Silver and Goliath are still battling, the two have fought through many towers by now. Goliath has now gotten scythes and is fighting Silver. Silver is even using psychokenisis on Goliath to throw him however most the time it fails. (Flame's Spark: Boss: Goliath) (PC: Silver). Goliath is becoming more stronger and Silver is struggling. Goliath tells Silver that Silver doesn't get it, he tells Silver that everyone will die and it'll be all Silver's fault. Goliath then throws a giant dark energy ball at Silver to which he goes flying to a wall. Goliath tells Silver that he will stop the Wave however he won't stop Etheros. Goliath then spears Silver right through a Genesis Portal he opens up.

The scene changes to a cinematic cutscene, we focus on the Wave. The Professor is also looking up at the Wave and the destruction its causing and he smiles. The siren-like sound grows louder and louder and more menacing. We see the robots who are running through the Wreckage hearing that. Kal asks what the noise from, then Thomas says, "According to my data......oh shit". N-RSP tells the robots that he's here. Then, it cuts to Blaze who is driving in a car surprisingly. She's avoiding all the destruction around her as well and sees the Genesis Wave and hears all these alien-like sounds coming from it. Spitfire is with Gold in the Base Tower, in a secret room most likely. Spitfire looks up at the ceiling of this building recognising the sound. He looks at Gold and tells her that he'll be back, and if she goes anywhere, he'll kill her. Spitfire then phases through the wall. Gaul is hanging on to the edge of the building and Tormac was about to step on Gaul's hand with a gun. He hears the sound and looks up, he tells Gaul that that's the sound of Etheros. He tells the Corlacks this via communicator and tells them that the time is now. Gaul asks for what, and Tormac tells Gaul that he'll see. Tormac then steps on Gaul's hand and Gaul falls as the building rises further. Then, suddenly, dark energies come out the Genesis Wave, they look purple-ish. These energies then spread out like asteroid shaped clouds of dark smoke that come and hit these buildings, around the world even. They do deal a great damage and its similar to what Goliath had done in Chapter 3. The asteroid-looking smoke do hit the same places as Goliath did with his balls of darkness too. Then, Etheros emerges slowly as people then run for thier lives.



Etheros does gradually emerge out the portal, it finally does at one point and it throws dark energy blasts all around the place mindlessly. It also has this electric whiplash that it also uses, and Etheros also steps on people too like they're nothing. Blaze sees this and is shocked and even a little frightened. The robots see this through N-RSP's mini holographic camera screen of Onyx City (they're all still in the Wreckage). It has also caused quite some damage on Onyx City and has killed loads of people already. It then does quite an unearthly like roar and the screen cuts to black. (This is how it sounded like).

Chapter 12: Destiny

The robots are running through the hallway of the Wreckage and Legion have been alerted due to Kal's mishap and they're now being chased and attacked by different Legion. (Doom Ship: Doomed Hallways) (Doom Ship: Deathly Glows) (PC:N-RSP, Kal, RuthLess, Thomas). N-RSP tells the team that they need to stop the main device that's controlling the suckage of the city. Kal asks where it is and what its called, and N-RSP tells them that its undentified however there's some CORE elements to it (as in like the CORE Engine from the World Leader ships). Thomas questions why there's a CORE Engine that's apart of the device and the team there can't really figure that out. The four are now in quite a massive hallway and explore some of the rooms there. N-RSP explains to the four about this place and how Nega built him out of pure negative energy and dark matter, and was one of his first creations which he barely used at the end of the day. N-RSP does also see the room he was built in, it looks quite similar to a labarory, there's some mechanical arms (by themselves) that are seen there and they do look like they could be functioned. RuthLess then tells the team to duck and then a robotic bird flies right above them that kind of looks like pterodactyl though a little shorter in width. There's a mere Legion soldier riding it. The four then collide with it. (Doom Ship:Boss: X-O DEATHBIRD) (PC: Thomas, RuthLess, Kal, N-RSP). They defeat the bird and it is about to explode as it is on fire. Kal then runs up to the soldier and asks where the device to stop the "hoovering" of the world. The other three tell Kal to get away from there, as the bird is about to blow up though Kal doesn't hear them. The soldier chuckles and then coughs out some purple-looking liquid, it tells Kal that the device is somewhere where they can't find it, then after a little moment, the soldier smiles and says, "The End of Time is near.....". RuthLess runs up to Kal to try save him. Then, the camera focuses on Kal's head and behind him we can see RL running to him and the other two about to jump and duck. Then, the explosion occurs though time has slowed down. Kal smiles and puts on his helmet. He then zooms off to save the team. (Doom Ship: Free Field: Save them from the explosion in 4:00) (PC: Kal). Kal does save everyone and that whole hallway itself explodes. The four hide in a room with metal doors. Kal tells them that he saved thier asses, until then the four start to argue about Kal's descision and what he had just done. Thomas however then walks off and sees another elevator-like door, there's a hand print scan that needs to be imprinted so the door can be revealed too them. Thomas tells the four this after telling them to shush, and then N-RSP inserts a handprint of "Nega's hand" and the door opens. There's a variation of hallways here that the team could go through, not really much like a maze however. The four walk until, they stop and look quite shocked.

The camera cuts to Gold who is still in the secret hidden small room within the OCC Base Tower. Spitfire is gone and she is in handcuffs. She then tries to escape the handcuffs as well as the room itself. (Hidden Room: Free Field: Press the buttons on the screen) (PC: Gold). Gold can't really escape it. She tries using her mind to break it, however Spitfire has put in some of his energies inside the mechanics of the handcuffs, and somehow when she does try break free through communication with it, it doesn't break through. She tries to fight through the flames though, telekenisis being her only option as she can't use her actual powers in these cuffs. She tries and tries and tries to fight these flames. We do see flashes of flames everytime Gold tries to use her mind to break the cuffs and she screams everytime she does. Gregory is heard and asks her if she's okay, and Gold says that she isnt really. She has an idea suddenly, she shakes herself a little and the USB Stick Gregory's on drops, Gold asks him if he can disable the cuffs. And Gregory's consciousness (a tiny ball of blue energy the size of the stick) tells Gold that he can't break it, Gold asks him if he can somehow control the fire energy and portal energy inside the cuffs so she can break free. Gregory tries and after a few tries, he does finally have it steady. Gregory technically grows bigger then back to normal size, and that pattern continues. Gregory tells her that he has control over the energies though she has to be quick. (Hidden Room: Free Field: Press the buttons on the screen) (PC: Gold). Gold can see better than she did before. Her eyes glow blue, and then we see through her. There's fire everywhere and the world's literally on fire. The Earth even is seen orange and all the lands are darker. Then, we zoom in into a devestated burning Onyx City, we zoom inside the OCC Base Tower which has collapsed, and inside the a broken window where we see the hidden room still intact somehow. The handcuffs have been ripped to shreds and have literally melted. Gold then decides to further her mind pass the melted cuffs for a bit, she looks outside the hidden room and there's just devestation and fire everywhere. Skeletons are seen on the floor and many things are ust burning mindlessly. There's these weird devil-like creatures that are also on fire walking towards the hidden room for some reason. Behind them we see Gold herself. She's on fire, though she's not effected by it. She looks like a shadow though she's actually there and in 3D. She has quite a scary voice and has some creepy filters on her voice. She tells Gold that, "I see you....". She then chuckles, she tells Gold that she's destined for this. She explains to her the future that lies ahead will be fire all because of her, and her anger that'll be an advantage for Spitfire and Goliath. Gold however through her mind tells the burning Gold that she'll defeat Goliath and Spitfire and this future will never happen. The burning Gold then walks creepily to Gold (this is in first person view) and then the camera zooms back and to the molten handcuffs. The burning Gold is seen walking creepily as if a ragdoll or a doll, Gold's mind looks at the molten cuffs and tries to go through it so she can break out the cuffs. Her mind's looking at the molten cuffs trying to go through it, she looks up and then we see the burning Gold looking down at her smiling with fangs. The creatures are also tearing that Gold to bits (the scene is a jumpscare). Then Gold comes out that vision and the cuffs open. Gregory asks Gold what happened, and Gold's panting right now. She drops a little on the ground coughing and Gregory asks her what she saw. 

The scene cuts to a wall being burst open, and Gold's seen with her hand out and guns retrieved. Gold's already explained everything to Gregory consedering the fact Gregory tells Gold that she has mind-communication, even though that's not a real medical case. Gregory tells Gold that its those unknown Wave energies that have "furthered" her extrasensory perception quite much and therefore have allowed mind communication and mind manipulation to come into play. Gold then runs out the rooms. (Tower Basement: Dark Barriers) (Tower Basement: Loaded Rooms) (PC: Gold). There's then shaking that is heard, and roaring. There's also cracking like noises heard here too and Gold tries escape the place as fast as she can. (Tower Basement: Free Field: Avoid the cracks) (PC: Gold). There's a dark gooey substance that are on the walls and the floors and they slowly connect with each other and turns into a weird slimy looking monster. (Tower Basement: Boss: Blackmind) (PC: Gold). Gold asks the figure who it is and the figure tells Gold that its her worst nightmare. Then, suddenly the creature disappears, and Gregory asks Gold what she's doing and Gold says that that's nothing and after a little moment of shock, she continues to walk. She then buckles and drops, she groans in pain and holds her head. 3 fingers of her's then disappear in a blue substance, as she's exteremely gradually disentigrating. She looks at the holes in her hands.

We cut back to Silver and Goliath who are flying and fighting at the same time through Zones, multiverses and different universes. Silver and Goliath are seen fighting through places, they do fight through Sonic's Time too and hit some buildings and the Genesis Wave is occuring there as well, not wreaking as much havoc as in Silver's Time, but doing at least more damage than the Portal to a Thousand Worlds. Silver and Goliath are fighting, skidding across skyscrapers and windows. Goliath is telling Silver that he has the oppurtunity to close the Genesis Wave like said in the Eayans' books and Echidna theology, Goliath tells Silver that the dark energy Etheros has created is only making the Wave stronger and bigger among points in time. They're seen fighting in England, India, Egypt and then America, Central City. Its night here, and Silver and Goliath are fighting amongst buildings. Sonic and Tails make cameo appearances and are looking up at the Wave and question what Silver's doing. Sonic tells Tails that they need to get to the place (to which we dont know) quickly, he then questions how they're gonna stop the portal. Tails tells Sonic that Silver probably has it under control. Sonic then runs off to Silver's direction and Tails sighs and calls out his name. (Time Fight: Free Field: Try your best to destroy Goliath) (PC: Silver). Sonic is then running at Silver and barges him while Silver and Goliath are fighting, and skimming glass skyscrapers. Sonic then runs on the side of the tower Silver's on, the caption is in slow mo and Sonic barges Silver onto the rooftops of supposedly a flat. Sonic asks Silver what he's doing, and Silver shouts at Sonic telling him that Goliath's escaping and he can't let that happen. (Time Fight: Free Field: Defeat Sonic) (PC: Silver) Sonic asks Silver who Goliath is, and Silver tells Sonic that its hard to explain however he needs to get to him. Silver is really angry with Sonic and shouts at him, saying that he knows what the portal is and he'll deal with it. Silver then throws Sonic using telekenisis to a wall and then holds him against it. Silver tells Sonic to stay away from the situation, he even adds a "please" to that. Then, Goliath spears Silver right into another Genesis Portal that he opens. 


Eayans' Castle (where Silver and Goliath fight)

Silver and Goliath then enter the Eayans' time where the Wave also is. Goliath and Silver are also fighting through that time. The civilization does look quite grand. The Wave is occuring here as well, and echidnas are being sucked up. Silver and Goliath are fighting also on the buildings, Goliath tells Silver that this is where they predicted when the Wave would occur. Silver tells Goliath that the Wave's conspiracies would've never happened, Goliath holds Silver's shoulders while fighting and tells him that that's why it needs to be closed, then Silver headbutts Goliath. (Time Fight: Time Flythrough) (Time Fight: Civilization Destruction) (Time Fight: Boss: Goliath II) (PC: Silver). The castle is slowly torn apart, Goliath and Silver land on the roof of a floating church of some kind, Goliath tells Silver that he finally can't save everyone now. Goliath and Silver have a little fight in-cutscene, the roof then splits into smalller parts hence pieces of debris. Goliath is being raised higher than Silver on this floating debris. Silver looks at Goliath. Goliath then jumps off the debris when high enough and gets his swords out about to kill Silver and Silver looks like he's creating an invisible forcefield. This is a slowmo shot. Goliath is shouting in anger while doing this and the scene ends right before Goliath's about to hit Silver.

The camera cuts to black, and we see Gaul who's inside a building, and the camera is sideways as well as himself. There's some blood on the left side of his forehead and he looks really dirty. His eyes are closed and then he opens them eventually. He looks around while on the floor then stands up (the camera's back to its normal position). He asks who's there, and there's silence. He is inside a shop and its abondened and torn. Sara then is seen sitting down on a wooden table fixing her arm. Outside the shop is the occuring Wave. Gaul asks Sara what she's doing as Tormac is on the loose. Gaul then asks (adding "more importantly") why she saved him when he ditched her. Sara stands up and slaps Gaul in the face with her normal arm. Sara tells Gaul that they're hidden, as the windows have been blocked and the building in itself looks torn down and abondened already. Sara then convinces Gaul that not everything's about killing Tormac but the people as well, they have an arguement about this now and Sara explains to Gaul about how she wasn't able to save a civillian from death and therefore understands how Gaul feels though they still should try balancing out thier focus when needed. Then, there's banging on the wooden door and it is suddenly shot down by Corlacks. Sara throws Gaul his GEM and he shoots the two of them down. Sara tells Gaul that while he was out on the ground, the Corlacks have begun to invade and are fighting the Legion. She theorizes that maybe Tormac has turned on Goliath. The duo leave the shop and see loads of Legion fighting the Corlacks and many tanks actually invading too (they're a variety of tanks, some look like this , some look like this etc. There's way more different designs for tanks here). Sara tells Gaul that they have to stop this and find Tormac, as well as the main battle tank here. The duo then run as they're being shot at by Corlacks as well as Legion soldiers. (Twist Invasion: Corlacks Takeover) (Twist Invasion: Tank Pile-Up) (PC: Gaul, Sara). There's alot of tanks attacking the two, as they're all quite strong. Gaul and Sara take cover behind a car, there's even a "Gorilla Tank " seen walking past the car as well. Gaul tells Sara that they have to steal one of the tanks as that's they're only chance of surviving consedering the ammount of tanks that are on the streets now. They then try to configure how to do so. Then, there's a siren, and a mesage through huge blowhorns. Its a female voice telling all the civilians to head to Hall 42, Base Tower. Gaul and Sara see the Base Tower and Etheros who's standing there with his electric whiplash that connects to his neck. 

Spitfire is in the tower and is fighting some CP Robots as well as Legion. There's then one Legion that tells Spitfire that he's a traitor. He smiles and then blows himself up, then the room is messed up, he sucks in the energy from the explosion back into him (he's still there). He then walks on. He then tries to use his mind to figure out where Goliath is, he can't trace him. Or at least can't trace him in this timeline. He then goes to check on Gold and disappears in a ball of energy. He then ends up back at the hidden room, he sees a hole there, after he realises Gold has escaped. He gets really angry and screams quite menacingly surprisingly.


World Leader Guards (Normal Armour)

Gold has left the basement and is now in a gold tall hallway. She has heard the announcement and does want to get to Hall 42. Its a straight hallway, that leads exactly into Hall 42 (there's many more halls here however they're all locked). These guards do look like they do in the pic, and Gold realises that they're World Leader Royal Guards. Gold asks them if she can get past, and the knight tells her about how she's Gold, a former OCC Member. Gold tells the knight that she isn't here to cause trouble and that she wants to get into Hall 42. There's a short silence, although the knight then attacks her, telling her that the OCC don't trust her and he's been programmed to recognise these kind of people. (Hall 42: Free Field: Defeat the Knights) (PC: Gold). Gold defeats the two knights. She then goes past the knights and encounters CP Robots to which she also fights with ease by simply sliding under the robots' legs, and firing an energy blast at the CP Robots. All the halls have huge garage like doors and are closed (the ones in this straight hallway). They're more bulky robots here that are guarding the door (it isn't closed yet) and they're looking the other way, with thier guns at the ready for anything. There's loads of people here, families, kids etc. And these robots are talking to some civillians. Gold then decides that she has to go another way through as she doesn't want to stir up too much attention. Gold then finds a secret door in this hallway. She easily uses her mind to break the lock. (Hall 42: Free Field: Solve the puzzles) (PC: Gold). Gold then finds a vent. She calls Gregory, and he asks Gold what she needs. She asks Gregory if he can calculate where she'd have to go, while in the vents to get to Hall 42. Gregory scans the vents' routes completely to get to Hall 42 without being seen. She then asks Gregory the vent is big enough her and Grergory confirms this. Gold then enters. (Hall 42: Free Field: Follow Gregory's guidance) (PC: Gold). Gold then hears the commotion from people within Hall 42. They have announced that the Hall will close in 5 minutes. Gold has made it inside the Hall, without being noticed. She has entered through the back of the hall. There's people all over the place, junk robots, normal robots, hedgehogs, foxes, echidnas etc. Gold sees some families here even and she even sees possibly a renunion with a kid and her family. The garage door then slowly closes, and there's people that are coming in from the lifts, and the garage door is almost about to be fully closed though its going really slowly. The OCC have arrived now, with the Royal Guards. They are preparing a speech, and the guards materialize a box for the member speaking to stand on. The main member does have a blowhorn in his hand and tells everyone to calm down. Gold is in this crowd and tries to get a good view on them. There's a line created on the side she was on now and robots are checking civilians. Gold then waits for the OCC's message as the camera fades out on all the people. 

(Twisted Invasion: Free Field: Drive to waypoint) (PC: Blaze) While driving the car, a ship then crahes right in front of the car she's driving (it drops tip-first and explodes right in front of her). Blaze questions why the ship fell, she does think for a short time that it just tried to kill Blaze by tumbling down on her. Then, there's a canon that fires right past her that shoots a few civilians and Blaze looks at this in shock. She drives the car faster, although then there's a missle fired at the back of her car, this slows down the car. Blaze tries to drive it and then she ditches it and it is suddenly shot down and explodes due to a missile. Blaze rolls behind a piece of debris, and the tanks then go past her and the Legion soldiers do attack them. There's then a huge electric dark matter filled whiplash that comes out of nowhere and splits the tanks in the area Blaze's in in half. Blaze ducks here and then she tries configure a way to get past the river as she's close to River Onyx finally. She is right near the river and then tries to find a boat. She then realises something, she then touches the air inches above the water and fire is created. She creates a sort of fire bridge and then she walks on it. Then, Legion are chasing her. (Fire Bridges: Flame Boards) (Fire Bridges: Raging Grounds) (Fire Bridges: Boss: Legion Ghost) (PC: Blaze). Blaze realises that there's Legion chasing her via the bridge as well as a tank that begins to board it. Blaze runs across the bridge and jumps each time, she finally makes it to the other side and then she takes back the energy from the bridge and therefore it disappears and the Legion as well as tank drop into the water. Blaze then continues her journey, then Blaze hears a voice in her head. It's Gold, she tells Blaze that she's at the Base Tower. Blaze asks how she got there and Gold tells her that Spitfire brang her to a secret room in the basement of the OCC Base Tower, she escaped and found Hall 42. Blaze recognises that as the announcement that was made from the tower told all civilians to get there. Gold tells Blaze via mind that she's inside the Hall and the OCC are about to make an announcement, Gold also tells Blaze that she'll deal with them, she informs Blaze on how Spitfire told her that the Professor is on top of the Base Tower, however Spitfire may realise Gold's gone and may go looking for Blaze thinking she rescued her. Blaze tells Gold she'll go to the Base Tower and find the Professor. Gold then stops the communication and Blaze continues going.

Tormac is standing on one of the towers here, however not the Base Tower. He laughs, and then Spitfire lands behind him. Etheros is wreaking havoc in the background and the Genesis Wave is spreading. Spitfire tells Tormac that he has turned on Goliath and Tormac asks him what he expects. They conversate about how they both had motives and how Goliath was unorganized. Spitfire asks Tormac that if his plan sucseeds, and Goliath dies, how'll he stop the Wave. Tormac smiles and tells Spitfire that he has someone, then Spitfire then flies up to the roof of the Base Tower. Tormac tells the Corlacks via communciator that Gaul is somewhere and they have to find him and bring him to Tormac as well as Sara. A hooded figure fades in and looks at Tormac, he tells the figure that its time a surprise is in order. He tells the Corlacks via communicator to kill Spitfire. 

Spitfire then lands on the roof of the tower. Schlemmer is there next to the computer, Spitfire waves at him and tells Schlemmer about the "change to the plan" and how Goliath has left him and there's no one to help him. Schlemmer however explains about how Goliath'll still win and that the war is not over as this war is destiny. Spitfire chuckles quite menacingly as well, and then tells Schlemmer about how sometimes destiny doesn't take its path, he then walks up to Schlemmer who then materializes 2 robots from a device he made (they're hummanoid). They fight Spitfire and he easily defeats them by shooting them with fire ball and holding one's head and then the body malfunctions. Schlemmer is quite shocked and takes a step back from his equipment. Spitfire then walks up to Schlemmer and puts his hands on his head. Schlemmer then gets these visions of darkness and death as well as fire etc. Then Schlemmer's eyes turn black and he faints on the floor. Spitfire then looks up at the gradually going Wave and Etheros who doesn't go after the Base Tower at all, in fact it looks like he can't even notice it's there. Spitfire then lays his hands on the computer and it closes (after we see lines of orange energy surge through it and go back to normal). The PMC-320 then stops shooting the beam at the portal however the portal still continues itself and spreads even without the canon.  Spitfire then disappears in a ball of energy.

Then the scene cuts to the forest scene in Mobius with all the robots and the Legion ships chasing them. Then, it cuts to the scene to the interior of a cave where they all are. Tez is seen sharpening his scythes. Thomas is then seen laughing with Tez at Milles. Then, we see Thomas in front of the robot cast looking at Tez, an alive Tez along with Legion soldiers by his side. Thomas asks Tez how he's still alive. Kal tells the team that Tez died in a ship crash, however Tez interrupts that and tells Kal that he did however the Legion found him and made him see a new path, a better path even. Thomas asks Tez how he's here. Tez explains to Thomas about how after he crashed into the sea in the ship, the Legion had found him. Tez doesn't know how, however they found him dismantled and broken. Tez says that Goliath then made the choise to reassemble his parts and reprogram him. RuthLess asks who reprogammed it, Tez tells RuthLess that Goliath had simply put his energy in Tez and they somehow programmed him back to life. Tez also explains to them about how Goliath had told Tez about the Legion and how they could save him from death and how they could make him better. The hero robots try to convince Tez that Goliath's lying to him and he just wants more people to back him up only to do what's happening now, they convince Tez that he'll be erased from existance if they don't stop the Wave and Etheros as well as this ship. Tez then orders the Legion soldiers there to fight him. (Wreckage: Free Field: Defeat 75 enimies) (PC: Thomas, N-RSP, Kal, RuthLess). They defeat all the Legion. Thomas tells Tez that he doesn't want to do this. Then Tez does a tornado kick in the air and throws the scythes at the team while doing so. Thomas ducks as well as the team, RuthLess hovers blocking the scythes. The scythes somehow bounce off the walls and back into Tez's hands.  Then, there's a in-cutscene fight with Tez and the team fighting. Kal then zooms at Tez and then the shot goes slowmo, Tez actually can see Kal has ran, he gets his scythe and puts him on the ground with his scythe. Tez pretty much defeats the whole robot team and then Thomas tells Tez that Goliath is manipulating him. Tez isn't convinced on what Goliath is saying. Thomas doesn't fight Tez at all, but the other robots do. Tez is about to kill RuthLess, then Thomas spears him and then eventually fights him. (Wreckage: Free Field: Defeat Tez) (PC: Thomas, N-RSP, Kal, RuthLess).

Thomas is fighting Tez in this cutscene and more Legion are also being invited to the scene. RuthLess and Thomas are dealing with the Legion that are coming while N-RSP and Kal deal with the Legion. (Wreckage: Free Field: Defeat 50 enimies) (PC: N-RSP, Kal). RuthLess and Thomas are trying to convince Tez that what he's doing is wrong while fighting him. There's a small in-cutscene fight between them and Kal and N-RSP gradually join the overall fight with Tez. And surprisingly, Tez single-handedly handles them and finishes all of them. (Wreckage: Free Field: Defeat Tez II) (PC: Thomas, Kal, N-RSP, RuthLess). Tez is quite a formiddable foe, and when about to kill RuthLess, N-RSP fires his chest beam at him and Tez then shoots some electric energy from his scythe at the chest beam, and they both collide. N-RSP is trying his best to stay intact as well as Tez, and his electric energy is overpowering N-RSP's chest beam. Kal looks at N-RSP and he does look like he's struggling as he's being pushed back little by little. (Wreckage Battle: Free Field: Tap the buttons on the screen) (PC: N-RSP). N-RSP is being weakened as he has continued chest beaming something the longest he has and he is an old robot. Then, suddenly N-RSP stops chest beaming and is then hit right in the chest by the lightning-like energy. The energy is so strong it sends N-RSP flying back through a wall. Thomas and the team then rush to check if he's ok. There's holes on his chest and they're quite big as well. Kal looks down, ashamed that he couldn't have saved him. Thomas and RuthLess try thier best to keep N-RSP alive. More Legion are then commenced. And Kal tells the team he'll deal with them, and then he zooms off. Thomas looks down and then looks up and Tez is seen there, jumping from a poll from the top of the room to Thomas, making the both of them crash through the floor.

Silver and Goliath then end up in another unknown timeline where the Wave is occuring. Goliath then tells Silver that he will not stop nothing if he can't follow destiny, then Goliath opens up a Genesis Portal and pushes only Silver into it and Silver ends up in this place, the sky's orange and the buildings are being raised up. Its a city and it looks quite futuristic. It does resemble Onyx City however way cleaner and with better loooking buildings. Silver lands inside a rising tower, and after standing up again, Silver unexpectedly sees Nazo. He however is red with yellow eyes, he also has black shoes with yellow stripes. He laughs manically at Silver. Silver is quite shocked about this, as he did slowly think Nazo had died after what happened before. Silver says his name in shock and Nazo tells him that he's more than what he was. He calls himself, "perfect", and then looks at his hand. A dark energy ball is created in his hands. He then fires it at Silver who dodges it. Nazo tells Silver that he (Silver)'s immune to the Genesis Portal's side effects and Nazo claps. He tells Silver that he has control over an entire world now. Light Earth.  Silver tells Nazo about how he remembered what happened and he knows Nazo is a good person inside. Nazo tells Silver that the "sentimental crap" won't change the fact that Silver left him die. Nazo then uses psychokenisis and tears the part of the room he's on apart and throws it at Silver. He then shoots a dark energy beam at him. Silver asks Nazo how he (Silver) can escape the place and Nazo continues shooting energy beams at Silver. (Light Earth: Boss: Nazo ) (PC: Silver). Silver and Nazo have a short fight in cutscene, Nazo can manipulate energy and does use it to a good advantage consedering Silver's abilities. Silver then escapes the building they're in and tries configure a way to escape. Then, Silver hears a voice in his head again, saying "The Portal. The Portal". Silver then looks up at the Wave, then unexpectedly Nazo flies really fast at Silver, who luckily dodges. Nazo does express his anger for Silver quite much and mocks every bit of him. Silver though tries convincing him of his right path. When Silver realises there's no help, he flies up into the skies heading for the Wave. (Light Earth: Free Field: Fly to the Genesis Wave) (PC: Silver). Silver does try to beat Nazo as he's flying after Silver, and he's also shooting red beams at him and firing electric energy at him. Silver does escape Nazo, by entering the portal and Nazo is then hit by a piece of debris knocking him well away from the Wave and Silver. Silver enters the portal and the camera then cuts to black. 

Gaul is running with Sara, we do cut to them right when a battle is occuring and the Legion are still fighting them as well as the two. Some Legion soldiers do surround the two at a point and they battle them. (Flame's Spark: Free Field: Defeat 45 enimies) (PC: Gaul, Sara). They defeat the Legion and continue looking for a tank to steal. Sara does tell Gaul that there's the Gorilla Tank that is there, Gaul tells Sara that they may need to cause a little bit of mayhem to do what they're about to do. Sara does question what exactly Gaul's plan is, and then Gaul (ignoring her question) peeps (as they're hiding) to see if there's loads of tanks in the area. Gaul then runs to them and shoots at them. Sara asks Gaul what he's doing as there's Legion ships approaching. Though, with mayhem already caused, Sara assists Gaul in the fight. (Twisted Invasion: War Street) (Twisted Invasion: Epic Conflict) (PC: Gaul, Sara). Then a huge tank then attacks the team. (Twisted Invasion: Boss: Steel Rock V-10) (PC: Gaul, Sara). Gaul has ended the battle with the Steel Rock by tossing a sticky bomb onto it, attracting attention to the Gorilla Tank which Gaul and Sara are willing to take. They take cover and the tank does explode and does quite the collateral damage. The Gorilla Tank emerges and shoots at the team with its miniguns. It does detect that they're hiding in one of the houses and shoots it down to shreds. Gaul and Sara then continue to run, ducking the shots. They try figure out a way to steal the tank, now knowing it has great detection and can probably track Tormac's location. They outrun the shots, then Gaul tells Sara they don't have time to run away from the tank. Gaul then runs back to the tank and climbs on some destroyed tanks even to try steal it. He dodges the bullets and climbs through the tank pile up. (Twisted Invasion: Free Field: Get onto the Gorilla Tank) (PC: Gaul) Gaul is climbing on the top of Gorilla Tank's legs. He then gets up to the top of the Gorilla Tank, where the Corlacks are, controlling it. They're 3 that are there. One Corlack shoots at Gaul, to which he dodges and kicks the Corlack of the ship, he dodges the other one's punch and rapidly punches him in the belly and then knocks him off the tank. Gaul then grabs the last one controlling the tank and smashes his head against the steering wheel.

Blaze is running, dodging the floating debris. and then Spitfire appears out of nowhere and spears Blaze. Then, Blaze and Spitfire then battle each other. There's an in-cutscene fight between them, Spitfire then explains to Blaze about how he wants to build a new revelation, a world of fire. He tells Blaze about her pyrokenisis, and how that combined would make the perfect world. Blaze however doesn't agree to this, she then grows a fiery sword and fights Spitfire. He has now taken some parts from objects and put it either on him or in him, acting as a shield. (Twisted Invasion: Boss: Armoured Spitfire) (PC: Blaze). Spitfire is actually quite a challenge consedering his power. He tells Blaze that he turned on Goliath so he can do this, he then explains all the problems in what Goliath was trying to do as well as the fact he is facing a case of celluar degeneration. Blaze is shocked by this, as Gold is also facing celluar degeneration. Blaze then questions Spitfire why he kept Gold, and Spitfire tells Gold, that she is quite special as she does have power that is needed to achieve his goal. Blaze is about to ask what Spitfire needs to achieve his goal, then a bus drops from the sky and is about to land on Spitfire, he stands there and the bus splits in half and then he uses his telekenisis to throw the two halves of the bus at Blaze and she then becomes Burning Blaze making the halves split to smaller pieces (she is still standing in the same position). Spitfire smiles, and then Blaze collides with Spitfire, though after a small battle gradually including Corlacks and Legion soldiers. Then, Etheros then drags down one skyscraper with his hands, the skyscraper shakes a bit and suddenly drops. The two look up and see this, Spitfire tells Blaze that there's some power in her (Blaze) too, he calls "the whole burning body thing" impressive and disappears in a ball of energy. Blaze then runs. (Twisted Invasion: Free Field: Escape the falling debris and the tower) (PC: Blaze). She does encounter some Legion soldiers that also chase her down.The skyscraper does drop on some buildings, and she has escaped the collapsing tower. Blaze looks up at Etheros, who's walking, Blaze hides behind a car and Etheros' foot is seen. It does look like Etheros' heading in the direction of the Genesis Wave as it is spreading.

The OCC have begun speaking. There's one member that is in the front and welcomes everyone to Hall 42. The member tells everyone about how the hall they're in has a quantum-protection field that'll proetct them from the portal in the sky as well as the monster attacking and what is actually going on. The member does talk more about how the OCC do care for thier citizens and they do want to make sure they're safe. Some people cheer to what they're saying. Gold is standing at the back, trying to get to the front. She whispers to Gregory, asking him if he can get a better hearing on what they're saying. Gregory does so, and then Gold hears more clearly now as to what they're talking about. The front member tells the people that what they did to the other families wanting to get into the Hall was very unfortunate but they did have a time limit, since the exposure of the Genesis Wave's energy and the protective shield, it'd make things quite unstable. Gold makes it to the middle and shouts out, "Hey!" to get the council's attention. The crowd make way for her and some people recognise her from Chapter 6 of the game's story when she delievered the message to everyone. The OCC obviously recognise her and ask her what she is doing here, as she is working with the fugative Silver and escaped the Council. Gold tells the crowd that she has something to say. After the crowd's "hmming"s and "mmmm"gs, Gold tells them that the OCC aren't trying to help them. She explains to the crowd of people about how in the meeting on Onyx Island she saw and heard everything. She explains to them about how the camera's were cut off that day because the OCC ordered thier CP Robots to do so with a simple nod. Some people aren't convinced and the member on the blowhorn tells her that she has no proof whatsoever. Gold then explains every single small detail on most things, how she knew them, why and how did she get to them. She talks about the whole Master Emerald plan that they have shards of, as well as the takeover of both islands. Gold also explains her past life with the Council and how they offered her a job in it and she saw that they're just people doing what they did for thier own greed, at that point she brings up the CITIZEN code as well and how that's an example. They're some Royal Guards (sent by Higher Ranking World Leaders) that are there, slowly taking thier swords out as well as some CP Robots. Gold tells the Council to just admit what she's saying is true. The OCC member on the far left nods at the CP Robots and they attack Gold. (Hall 42: Free Field: Defeat 68 enimies) (PC: Gold). Gold has defeated some Royal Guards and uses her powers to do so, surprising the Council and the people there. She tells them that she is no threat, but the OCC aren't trustworthy. The front member is given a weapon. It looks like an assault rifle though has many different elements, and there's some power that is seen running through it. He tells Gold that the world is a mess, and he explains to her about principles and how sometimes they have to end what is good to get things right. Gold tells the member that they don't have to do what they're doing, they don't need the Master Emerald's power to become gods, nor do they need to control the minds of the people of thier city.

Gold tells the member that the people sometimes need freedom and they can't take that away from them. The crowd back up here. The member with the gun explains to Gold about how life is and how power can make them do great things for thier city. Gold then asks what's next, the cities on the Moon and Mars. The member takes off his helmet, and is a tenrec's face. Gold recognises that face, its her brother though he's way older than he was, its Jamie. Gold is surprised and tears are even seen dropping from her eyes. She asks how he survived the Genesis Wave back at Narmonin, Gold stutters while saying this though. Jamie inetrrupts her, and tells her about how when he was sucked in, his mind went blank, he was only 8 years of age. He tells Gold that he arrived at Onyx City as well at 3430 and Narmonin's time is 20 years par to Onyx City's current timeline at that point. Jamie tells Gold that he's 28 years old now and Gold is 30. Gold asks Jamie how he knows this and he tells Gold that the OCC came up to him, after he had brought a place to stay of course and gotten use to the sights. Jamie explains to Gold about how he remembers when Gold arrived and when he was informed of her arrival. He really wanted to tell her the truth, though couldn't.  Gold questions why he killed so many people and Jamie tells her that its power that sometimes gets to a man, that makes him stronger and more confident, as if he can do anything. Gold is literally crying here, she begs Jamie not to do this. Jamie then shoots at some people and Gold creates an invisible shield blocking them. Jamie then tries hitting Gold, though something weird happens. As he does a flip to do so, and he looks shinier. He then fights Gold who unwillingly fights back. (Twisted Invasion: Free Field: Defeat Jamie) (PC: Gold). Gold has pinned Jamie down. He tells her that he also has abilities and laughs, Gold asks Jamie if he's been the head of the OCC all this time and he says that he has. Gold begs Jamie not to continue operating them, Jamie doesn't budge and Gold wants to knock him out, so that nothing happens. She then doesn't after some intensity, she kisses his forehead. She wants to erase the side of his memory that made him do this though she knew it would pay out in the end. She then puts her hand on his cheeks, making his eyes close. All the robots have been defeated and the rest of the OCC are there confused. She takes Jamie and tells the crowd that the rest of the Council are all theirs, Gold leaves while the crowd gang up on them.

Silver then wakes up on the roof of the Base Tower, he looks around and sees the Professor lying on the ground near some destroyed equipment. He stands up immediately and runs to the Professor trying to wake him up. He does wake up and asks where he is. Silver asks him if he's okay, and Schlemmer tells Silver that he thinks he is. Schlemmer questions why he's still on top of the Base Tower. Silver tells him that Goliath mind-controlled him into opening the beam and the Genesis Wave and probably Etheros too. Schlemmer asks Silver where Goliath is, Silver doesn't know though tells him that they need to defeat Etheros quickly as he's adding more damage as they're already is. Schlemmer then has an idea. He tells Silver that the computer still works, Silver asks what Schlemmer is planning and he tells Silver that he's gonna make Silver grow to the size of Etheros. Silver is shocked and even calls the Professor nuts. Silver asks how he's gonna be able to do that, when there's loads of people on the ground including his friends that he may accideantly step on. Schlemmer tells Silver that he knows all the answers to Silver's questions though he needs to wait. Schlemmer tries bring the equipment back online, he does and then reprograms the canon. He explains to Silver about how the canon that created the Wave has the power to Power Manipulate things, make things stronger, enhanced, bigger etc as he can manipulate the particles in Silver's body enhacing him in size, body and strength. Silver tells the Professor to hurry up then. Then, some Legion soldiers attack. Silver keeps them busy while the Professor works on the PMC programming. (OCC Base Tower: Free Field: Protect the Professor) (PC: Silver) Silver has defeated all the enimies, and looks back at Schlemmer. The canon turns to face Silver. Schlemmer gives Silver something, he tells him that its basically a communicator though due to the size of Silver and how his voice may differ and be more "giant-ish", he suggests Silver takes it. Silver does and waits for the Professor to finish the programming.

Gaul and Sara are riding in the Gorilla Tank now and are moving. Gaul is the one controlling it. Sara is on the lookout. They're loads of Legion ships flying overhead, as well as Legion and Corlacks battling each other. Sara stays in the tank, due to Gaul's orders and shoots them down. (Twisted Invasion: Free Field: Defeat 60 enimies) (PC: Sara). Gaul then shoots down some tanks and ships chasing them. (Twisted Invasion: Free Field: Shoot down the enimies) (PC: Gaul). Gaul is having quite the fun with the vehicle he has, as it is a really strong and overpowered tank. He still anticapatingly wants to track down Tormac who he can't see surprisingly at least through the scanners on the tank. There's some in-cutscene battle with the Gorilla Tank and the other tanks and fleet, including sweet combo kills. Then suddenly a rocket is launched at the Gorilla Tank right at the front. There's another one fired at the front, and then one shot at the legs and the Gorilla Tank comes tumbling down. (Twisted Invasion: Press the button at the right time) (PC: Gaul, Sara). The duo land on a building and the Gorillla Tank falls on top of some Legion and explodes. Gaul tells Sara that he took the scannner from the Tank's control area as it surprisingly has a backup circuit. Gaul then looks into it and sees that Tormac is on top of the building oppisite them. Gaul tells Sara this and they then try catch up to him. (Genesis: Free Field: Go to waypoint, parkour is needed to do this) (PC: Gaul, Sara). They make it to Tormac who's holding an RPG. It then transforms into a K-9. Tormac says hello to Sara, he then tells them that there was of course a change to the plan as his Corlacks have set out. Sara asks how he got so many tanks in, and he tells Sara they had a backup cargo with tanks in it. Tormac tells the two that he's no slave to Goliath, he is his own man, and doing this may prove that. Tormac explains to the duo that he doesn't want to rule the world like the other two though he just wants this to be big and he wants the fact that Tormac caused hell on Onyx City to be known so that then more money, more gangs etc. Sara tells him that they won't let that happen. Tormac laughs, and then tells them to catch him if they can. (Genesis: Free Field: Catch Tormac) (PC: Gaul, Sara). Gaul then dives in for Tormac's feet and they both go rolling. Gaul continously punches Tormac and then Tormac rolls Gaul over and punches him and headbutts him. Sara then charges at Tormac right in the belly, sending Tormac back though he defeats her as well in the end. Gaul stands back up determined and tries fighting Tormac again.  A hooded figure then runs in and kicks Gaul right in the face, the figure is really flexible. Sara fights the figure using her arm, though the figure then triple kicks her and then flips Sara with her hand onto the ground. Tormac tells Gaul that he didn't want the reveal to be like this though he might as well. The hooded figure takes off the hoodie. Its a girl. Gaul then recognises the face. Its his daughter, Joy. Tormac tells Gaul that this is Dea. Gaul however refuses to call her that, he tells Tormac that her name is Joy constantly, getting more angered over the course of Tormac's manipulation speech. Gaul shouting in anger fights Tormac until Dea runs and barges Gaul with quite the power out the way of Tormac and onto the ground.

Gaul stands up and tells Dea that that isn't her name, and tells her that her name is Joy and she's Gaul's daughter. Tormac smiles, and expresses his sarcastic remorse for Gaul. He tells Gaul that Dea was with him ever since she was a baby, Tormac tells Dea not to listen to Gaul. Dea then tells Gaul "master" (hence Tormac) speaks the truth, after a small conversation, Dea takes a katana from her back and then attacks Gaul. Gaul does try to dodge her attacks and she is really skilled. He tries convincing her that this is not the path she's ment to take and about how her real mother died because of Tormac. Dea doesn't budge and in fact doesn't believe Gaul, she then delivers a blow to Gaul's side with the katana. (Genesis: Free Field: Defeat Dea) (PC: Gaul). Sara joins in the fight again, she fights Tormac while Gaul tries to persuade her daughter who's on the right side. Gaul tells Dea that Tormac is using her only for her skills and after he gets what he wants, which is to become known, he'll abondon her. Dea asks for proof, and Gaul explains to her what Tormac said himself. The building their on, slowly begins to rise.


Tormac (UPgraded Tormac)

Dea's Suit

Dea's Suit

Sara has just thrown Tormac onto the ground, Tormac stands up again and then tenses, what he's wearing then transforms into a mechanical suit, and he even then looks like a robot. Sara asks him how he did that, and Tormac tells her that this is just a backup suit, immune to the Genesis Portal's energy and almost indestructable. Tormac then puts Sara down easily, even blocking her punch that she did with her prosthetic arm. Tormac then walks over to Gaul and signals Dea to stop fighting, Tormac does a backflip, wraps his legs around Gaul's neck and brings Gaul back down. Gaul also questions why Tormac is like that (his appearance), he tells Gaul that it is immune to energy waves from the Genesis Portals and Wave itself. Dea then also puts one on as well, different to Tormac's, it transforms from the back of her. Then, Tormac grabs Gaul by his chest and throws him onto another rising building. Tormac tells Dea to deal with Sara, Tormac then does an epic jump onto the building Gaul was thrown onto. Tormac then gets his gun out, and shoots at Gaul, who dodges in time. Gaul is bleeding and then after throwing a smoke bomb he runs and tries to escape Tormac. (Genesis: Risisng Haven) (Genesis: Collapsing Pile) (PC: Gaul). Loads of towers have collapsed, and after having escaped a building and landed on a rising shop, he does believe Tormac didn't make it. There's smoke seen from the debris, and after Gaul has looked around, then suddenly there's a grenade launched right near Gaul. He realises and then jumps off the shop, it exploding afterward. Gaul then gets his grappling hook gun out while falling and fires at the window of a tower to which he grapples over to it and lands it. He himself confirms that he has gotten away until there's a bullet fired right past his face. 

Gaul looks back and sees Tormac there with a pistol in his hand. Tormac asks Gaul why he's running when Gaul was the one that wanted to kill him for destroying his life. Gaul (who shouts) asks Tormac why he did what he did and why he killed his wife and took his baby. Tormac explains to Gaul about his childhood, he lived in a bad neighbourhood and he therefore saw many people die including his parents and friends, every day there was always something in store. His parents had secretly had guns on thier hands, and his dad taught him how to use an old Ghost TR-01 as well as the Colt Lightning Carbine and the Carbine Rifle itself. Tormac tells Gaul that his father was the reason he knows so much about guns and how they work, therefore the mechanics in them and what they makes them tick. Tormac then tells Gaul about how when his father died in an incident and his mother commited suicide he went to a new family. The family was quite a strict family and was a terrible foster home. Tormac escaped the home, broken emotionally, and decided to start a new life somewhere else. Tormac states that this is why he's also off the records of the governments, he then made a secret organization, W.E.A.P.O.N where people would come in only to get trolled, as he'd give them abilities and make them his slaves. He met Goliath later after who convinced him to join him, and his speech was apparently really persuading and he did until Tormac realised the bigger picture as Goliath was making him his slave, so he betrayed him. Gaul is shocked of his backstory and apologizes saying he didn't know, then Tormac laughs calling that the "typical excuse" he then fights Gaul. (Genesis: UPgraded Tormac) (PC: Gaul). Tormac is more of a challenge at this point, he talks about how he did what he did, the whole WEAPON program because people get what they deserve. Gaul tells him that that he didn't need to do what he did, he tells Tormac that Kira (his wife) didn't need to die. Tormac then tells Gaul that that was all on him. Gaul, angered, then gets his GEM out and shoots at Tormac multiple times though it causes no damage on him as Tormac stands there as the bullets deflect off him. Tormac then kicks Gaul into the wall.

The Professor has finished programming and then gives Silver a mechanical helmet, though its actually a communcator to which him and the Professor can communicate. Schlemmer then also tells Silver that the growing factor will wear off in 45 minutes, so he needs to be careful. Schlemmer asks Silver if he's ready, and Silver says that he thinks so. Schlemmer then tells Silver that in order for this to work, he needs to stand at the edge of the roof, as Silver'll technically need to get back to ground. Schlemmer tells Silver that he needs to push Etheros to water so they both can avoid civillian casualities, and that's where the two will need to fight, Silver needs to push Etheros into the Wave using psychokensis though he has to do all this in the time of 45 minutes to an hour. Schlemmer gives Silver also contact lenses, Schlemmer tells Silver these help so that he can see the ammount of civillians on ground and where they are so he can avoid them, as well as rising buildings, the lense will scan if civillians are inside, the Professor says that Silver still can throw non-civillian containing buildings at Etheros as an advantage. Schlemmer tells Silver good luck, and then the canon is shot at Silver who drops off the tower, and then he grows taller in size, at Etheros' height. People look up at Silver shocked, Blaze also sees Silver there as well as Gold. Schlemmer tells Silver he'll attract Etheros using a echolocation signal from Silver. Etheros suddenly turns around to see Silver. Silver does see that the river is on the right, Silver then collides with Etheros. (Genesis: Boss: Etheros) (PC: Silver). Silver does struggle as Etheros is quite a formiddable opponent and is making it harder to save civillians. Silver does tell Schlemmer that Etheros won't budge and he's too strong. Schlemmer tells Silver to maybe aim for his chest or heart like usual. Silver tries so. (Genesis: Boss: Etheros II) (PC: Silver). Etheros is really skilled at this point and his dark energy do outmatch Silver's powers. He even throws towers with people in it at Silver, and has now started using his dark energon-whiplash on Silver and it is really strong. Silver then continues trying to drag Etheros to the Onyx River.

Gaul and Tormac are still battling, Tormac now more superior at fighting skills. The building is rising (its a tower) and is being teared apart while at it, with different pieces of debris raising as well. Gaul is trying to escape the building however Tormac keeps him in, punching him rapidly with all anger being let out. Sara and Dea are batttling still, Dea is really skilled and knows alot of martial art skills. Her katana is also very powerful in damage. Sara tells her that Gaul is really her father and that Tormac is lying to her. Dea tells Sara that Tormac is my father and has raised her ever since, she questions how "such a weakling" can be considered as father. Dea and Sara collide. (Genesis: Boss: Dea) (PC: Sara). Sara has defeated Dea, still convicing her and telling her that her father is a liar and has no remorse for anyone. Sara asks how she hasn't realised how Gaul has been so easy on her, and Tormac has forced her around places like a puppet. Dea then tells Sara that Tormac is a good person and she doesn't care what anyone says. Sara continues to persuade her, and suddenly it gets to Dea. She then begins to tear up, Sara wants to comfort her and Dea pushes her away and jumps off the building right onto a Legion ship's window. She kills the pilot through the window with her katana and steals it. Sara then runs off looking for Gaul.

The Wreckage is being shot at by the tanks on the ground, and more Legion are being unleashed to battle them. Thomas is still fighting Tez persuading him that the path he took wasn't the right one. Tez tells Thomas that he knows exactly what path he was meant to embark on. Tez continues to fight Thomas. (Flame's Spark: Boss: Tez) (PC: Thomas). Tez is quite a challenege, as he does have some Legion that also assist him at points during the boss battle and the cutscene battle itself. Thomas tells Tez to remember when they had gone to Mobius, and they went on thier seperate paths, he tells Tez to remember when they were joking around in the cave on Mobius, still trying to perusade Tez. Tez then starts holding his head, shouting "No!!!" he does still fight while he is doing that though he is loosing focus. Tez tells Thomas to stop, and Thomas continues telling Tez about the moments they had together as a team and how they named themselves, the Raiders etc. Tez does groan in pain and sparks do come flying from him. Thomas tells Tez to remember when he taught him this, to which he does a Backflip Kick Knockout on Tez. (Flame's Spark: Press the buttons on the screen) This make Tez completely "faint" and make his red eye stops glowing. He's now on the ground and Thomas apologizes to him. 


Engine Room (the Hoover Controller)

He carries him and tries to find the other robots. He asks where they are and Kal tells them that they're almost at the engine that sucks up everything. Thomas asks where it is from where they last were with N-RSP, Kal doesn't really know. The scene cuts to Kal, N-RSP and RuthLess, N-RSP's core has been damaged and he is being assisted by RuthLess. N-RSP tells the team that his scans are still online and they're at the Engine Room and the energy ball is the hoover. RuthLess asks how they're gonna destroy it, and N-RSP tells them that they can't simply shoot at it or according to the data signals, it can become unstable and explode, blowing the whole ship up even consedering the energy so they have to take it slow. Kal asks if they have to destroy the CORE Elements first and N-RSP nods, telling them that this'll make the hoovering lessen and becomes less powerful. Kal asks how they're gonna actually destroy it though. N-RSP tells him that they will rig energy-distabilizing bombs on the energy-ball though they can't do it with CORE tech on it. Kal and RuthLess get to work. (Engine Room: Free Field: Find and destroy 6 of the CORE Parts) (PC: Kal, RuthLess). They do so, and then get back to N-RSP. N-RSP tells them that now they need to be careful, N-RSP takes the materializing device from his chest (the one that Thomas had). He then programs it to make a energy distabilization bomb. After he does materialize the right ammount, he tells the team to be careful with them and not actually place on the energy. (Engine Room: Free Field: Plant the Energy Distabilization Bombs) (*it directs you to where you need to put them, PC: RuthLess, Kal). They have done so, N-RSP does have the detonator ready to go, he tells the team to step back just in case. He presses the detonate button, and the team do hear a weird-alien like closing sound. They high-five each other, until then the energy grows bigger and all parts of the room are attracted to the growing energy therefore the ship gradually tears itself apart. Lots of Legion commence here, Kal then freezes time, the energy though still grows pretty fast. (Wreckage: Free Field: Save everyone and bring them to waypoint in 3:00) (PC: Kal). He has brought the team out of the ship and into one of the Wreckage ships in the ship storage room. They then realise that they forgot Thomas, Kal goes to find him.

Thomas is running with Tez's body on his shoulders. There's explosions occuring and the blue energy spreading. Thomas continues to run as fast as he can, some parts of the ship already destroyed. (Wreckage: Free Field: Escape the ship) (PC: Thomas). Thomas has climbed up a ladder and out of a hatch, he closes it though the energy rapidly bursts out of it easily. Legion soldiers being sucked into it as well. We then see Etheros who grabs the Wreckage and throws it at Silver. Back to the interior, we see everything go upside down. Thomas continues to run however, he luckily reaches the ship storage place. And a ship with all our robot heroes in it, is rolling out of the ship and into the sky uncontrollably. Thomas tries running to them, he also then slides out the ship with other Legion who do too as well as all the stored ships. Thomas drops, and the whole ship explodes inches after he has dropped out of the Wreckage. Thomas has thrown Tez's body at the robots' ship and it has landed on top of it. Thomas is freefalling now, his eyes closed. The Wreckage ship has fully exploded in the background and the debris is dropping from it. Thomas is then luckily saved by RuthLess who flies up to catch him and also brings him into the ship. Thomas is now fully kncoked out and gone. N-RSP flies the ship away from the destruction. 

All the Wreckage debris does fall, destroying parts of buildings and even killing innocent civillians, as some drop on them. Schlemmer tells Silver that Kal, N-RSP, RuthLess and Thomas were inside the fleet, he tells Silver that he can't see any data on whether they're alive or not. Silver is shocked and there's a little bit of emotion on him, however this causes him to lose the fight and Etheros then chest slams Silver onto a building, through it and onto the ground. Etheros is about to deliver the final blow as he is about to open his mouth, then Blaze is seen running alongside a really tall but fallen Silver. She shoots fireballs at Etheros distracting him while Silver gets up. Silver does, and thanks Blaze for the heads up. Silver pushes Etheros away and tries to fight him, and he is actually pushing Etheros closer and closer to the River. (Genesis: Boss: Etheros III) (PC: Silver). Silver has finally pushed him to the river avoiding civillians. They have a short fight there, Silver using his telekenisis and Etheros using his dark energy to battle as well as the Wave's energy for that matter. Etheros does step quite hard in the river, and there's a small flood caused on the other side of Onyx City. Schlemmer tells Silver that now all he has to do is try weaken Etheros, and using Silver's telekensis, put Etheros back into the Wave, banishing him and stopping the Wave from spreading. Silver questions how he'd do this, and he then continues fighting him.

Gaul and Tormac are still fighting, and Tormac is winning this battle taunting Gaul about his family. Gaul is really struggling here, and there's a lot of blood on his face, especially his forehead. Tormac is just showing no mercy, continously punching him and kicking him, not allowing him under any circumstances to get up. The building their on is tearing itself apart. Tormac doesn't care and still throws Gaul around like a ragdoll. Gaul then stands up trying to be strong. (Genesis: Boss: UPgraded Tormac II) (PC: Gaul). Gaul does struggle through the battle, and he is even struggling to fight in the actual gameplay boss battle. Gaul is on one floor that has been completely torn apart, and is out in the open now heading for the Wave. Tormac has now put Gaul on the floor. Gaul tells Tormac that he didn't need to do what he did, and that all that pain in Tormac's life could've payed off for something,just not for what he has done. Gaul tells Tormac about the ammount of lives that may have been taken because of him. Gaul laughs, coughing out blood and calls Tormac a monster, he tells Tormac that if he wants to kill him, he's just gonna have to go ahead and do it, as he's already a lived a life "worst than death". Tormac is about to stab him until then a ship appears from the remains of debris smoke, and shoots at Tormac. Dea is revealed to be inside the ship, she tells them that she's no one's slave and continues firing. Sara then emerges from a piece of floating debris, she jumps and the shot goes slowmo. (Genesis: Tap the buttons on screen) (PC: Sara) Sara is about to do a Superman Punch at Tormac from quite a high distance. Some purple lights are even surging through her like veins. The shot is still slowmo, and then she eventually punches Tormac with quite a lot of power, Tormac then goes flying. Parts of his suit even breaking. Dea accideantly shoots Sara while she did so, and she is shot in the sides. Dea lands the ship and runs to Sara to help her up. She gives Gaul a hand too, and he thanks her and Sara for the assistance. Sara smiles, as well as Dea who's helping her stand up properly. Gaul just notices Silver has grown to the size of Etheros, and is shocked. Gaul then hears groaning. He walks to the direction of it and Tormac is seen hanging on. Tormac tells Gaul that thier war is over and angrily tells Gaul to be happy and be free.

Gaul looks down at Tormac and tells him that this war will never end with him alive, Gaul tells Tormac that he has to do this. Then, Tormac smiles, expecting that answer. Then, Tormac tells them, "May Sonic be with me", and he lets go of the building, dropping all the way to the ground. Gaul does admit to the two looking down at the "abyss" that he didn't like doing what he did, though he knew it was worth it, Dea apologizes to Gaul, and talks about how she has realised  now that he was right and explains to him about how Tormac treated her as if a slave, and was sexist to her at points in her life. Dea then says that the only sweet thing that Tormac did was her name. Dea tells her that her name in Latin meant "goddess". The duo hug each other, and Gaul tells them that they still need to deal with Goliath and Spitfire. Sara tells them that its best they get back to the ship.

Gold and Jamie have a little conversation in a secret room about rights and freedom. Jamie tells her also about how Goliath offered them a deal, so he could get CORE Parts and he'd provide them with knowledge on the Genesis Portal, Genesis Tech and info as well as programming. Gold is shocked about this and wonders why he did so. Gold hands Jamie his gun, and tells him to shoot at the bad guys this time. (Genesis: Family Thirst) (Genesis: Steel Guns) (PC: Gold). Gold and Jamie hide behind a car and see a really tall Silver, fighting Etheros. Gold tells Jamie that Silver is a good person and is trying to save thier lives right now. Gold then hears a energy bullet shot, she uses her telekensis to push Jamie out the way and creates an invisible forcefield, blocking her from the ball of energy about to hit her. The thing that shot is a Legion soldier though with a weird sort of amour and parts of random objects floating all around it. (Genesis: Boss: Legion Survivor) (PC: Gold). They defeat the soldier and continue going. They encounter Blaze there too and Gold introduces Jamie to her. After a weird conversation and Blaze slapping Jamie in the face, they try configure where to go next. Blaze suggests Silver's direction just incase he needs assist in battling Etheros. They do so. 

Etheros is still fighting Silver surprisingly and Silver is struggling. Etheros does use his dark energon-whiplash and Silver dodges, it then hits the middle of the OCC Base Tower, breaking through the protective field in a clean weep and the tower splitting in half. Silver asks Schlemmer what's going on and Schlemmer tells Silver that Etheros has broken the field and the tower has been split. Silver does panic, though Etheros drags Silver back anticapating a fight. Schlemmer tells Silver that he sees no way out of this, he then tells Silver that whatever happens to him, he needs to stop the End of Time and he can't let Goliath win. Schlemmer gives Silver a motovational speech and the top half slides off the bottom half and into another tower. Silver screams in anger. A ship appears and fires at Etheros, using a rocket launchers too now. Its Gaul and his co. Etheros is about to take them until Silver, angered, takes Etheros and punches him continusouly, using his telekenisis like a madman. (Genesis: Free Field: Weaken Etheros) (PC: Silver, Gaul, Sara). Silver has weakened Etheros, he's destroyed his whiplash as well, Silver then carries Etheros up into the sky and using his strength (carrying Etheros like people do with weights), to push Etheros back into the Wave. The scene turns cinematic here and drones are seen recording the scene and civillians in general. Gold, Jamie and Blaze are also seen looking at what Silver is doing. Goliath then looks at Gaul's fleet and heads for it. Silver then slowly, groaning while so and in anger, forces Etheros in who struggles. (Genesis: Free Field: Try push Etheros back into the Wave) (PC: Silver). He has pushed Etheros into the Wave, and Etheros does "break" into smaller pieces of himself and then pure dark energy. The Wave then shortens itself and spreads way slower than it did. Silver, then after panting, then shrinks back to normal size and drops into the river. Goliath jumps for Gaul's fleet then Spitfire spears Goliath whilst in the air, and they battle each other. 

Goliath and Spitfire do have an in-cutscene battle of course, Goliath keeps bringing up the fact that Spitfire betrayed him and blew up the lab in the Wreckage. Spitfire talks about his plan to create a world full of fire and flames, and use the Genesis Portal's energy to create other beings like him. Goliath tells him that that plan won't be fulfilled, Goliath then gets his scythes out and fights Spitfire with it. Goliath calls all Legion squadrons from the remaining fleet as he has realised that the Wreckage has been destroyed.

Inside the Wreckage ship, to which Dea is controlling, she dismisses all the Corlack tanks, them not knowing that thier leader is dead. Sara asks where the remaining guys are, and Gaul tells them that Gold and the others are near a building. They land near the group. They also see Jamie there with a gun in his hands and the guys that were inside the ship ask why there's an OCC member there and Gold tells them that she'll explain it to them later, though they need to get inside the ship. 

Goliath has cut Spitfire in the shoulder, and then Spitfire drags Goliath onto the ground, where the ground team are. Spitfire then throws Goliath into a building and shoots a fireball at him while he does. Gold, Blaze, Dea, Jamie, Sara and Gaul are still there and watch Spitfire. They're right near the OCC Base Tower, which to which they can't see, is about to collapse. He looks at them, and tells them that they can't stop him. They tell him that they will and this will end. Spitfire then shoots a fireball at Gold, and she goes flying. The other five collide. (Genesis: Boss: Armoured Spitfire II) (PC: Gaul, Blaze,Sara). The five are fighting him and he is quite overpowered now, as he has put Gaul and Sara down. Gold then appears from the distance, shouting however telling the remaining team that Spitfire's mortal. The OCC Base then slowly drops (the bottom half), debris by debris starts falling and some of the CP Robots too. Hall 42 is also shaking and there's people crowded all around the OCC to which we don't see as all we see is the civillians carrying thier cloaks, thier bodies not seen. There's a kid that is seen feeling the vibration, he is holding the OCC's mask.

The Base Tower then collapses completely, and the tower slumps onto the other building containing the other half of the building. Silver has saved Schlemmer, he takes his body and flies out the building. 

Spitfire continously fights the remaining guys, Gold is trying to get into Spitfire's mind until Golrows one sword at this shoulder and another at his legs as the building collapses. Spitfire is locked there, and tries to free himself. He tries burning the sword and turning into ash, though it doesn't budge. Goliath then throws all the remaining team using psychokenisis, and creates a shockwave too while so happens. Goliath tells Spitfire that he can't wait to see his plan play out. Goliath then walks back to the team and the OCC Base Tower collapses on Spitfire ass well as the other building that also does. Goliath, angry, fights the team. They do gradually lose, until another Wreckage ship shoots at Goliath with the robots inside. Jamie then fights Goliath, and shoots at him. Goliath recognises him asking why he is working with the heroes, and Jamie tells him that he knows the right path unlike him (Goliath). Goliath then uses his telekenisis and tosses him to a piece of debris. Goliath then shoots a dark energy ball at the ship the robots are in and they try to land safely. Goliath tells all of them that he will not stop until time ends. Silver then appears with Schlemmer's body in his hands, and then goes to Goliath telling him that time won't end and he will stop them. Silver then collides with him. (Genesis: Boss: Goliath) (PC: Silver, Gold, Blaze, Gaul, Sara, RuthLess, Kal, N-RSP) They have done quite some damage to him though not enough. Goliath is overpowering the heroes, he spawns 4 Genesis Portals around him and abosorbs the energy and he also takes some of the Time Stones' energy. Goliath's eyes turn full on black, and his voice has changed. He tells everyone there that he can see everything and that he will destroy the world and time will die. Goliath fights the team in cutscene and the team don't stand a chance. Silver then tells them that he'll stop Goliath and tells them he doesn't want more lives lost because of him. Silver fights him. (Genesis: Boss: All-Seeing Goliath) (PC: Silver). Silver is struggling and Goliath has taken alot out of him. Goliath has put Silver on the ground now and is about to kill him, telling him that he's had enough of these prophecies and he will destroy time himself. Silver has blood trickling over his face now and tells Goliath that he doesn't need to do this. Goliath smiles, and then Jamie shoots at Goliath with his gun, he continously does and then Goliath then uses his telekenesis to bring Jamie to him and then Gold then pushes Jamie out the way and shoots a beam at Goliath who fires back. The beams then collide.

Gold tries her best to keep the beam intact with Goliath's. She then finds out her mind is interconnected with her powers as they've gone full on blue now. Goliath tries taunting Gold about how she has become better however what she's doing won't save Silver. Gold tells Goliath that she will and he needs to understand that. Goliath smiles. Then, the camera zooms into Gold's beam that she fires. We see in Gold's perspective, that she's dodging all these dark obstacles etc. (Mind Traveller: Interconnected) (Mind Traveller: Dark Barricade) (PC: Gold *first person view) Gold is still running, breaking down all these darkness objects trying to get through it. Goliath does gradually groan in pain as he does realise that Gold has gotten to his head literally. Goliath then fights back. Gold does eventually encounter him (inside his mind), she sees Goliath and fights him. (Mind Traveller: Boss: Dark Mind) (PC: Gold). Gold has put Goliath on the ground in his mind and holds his head. All the darkness on Goliath is taken by Gold, who puts it on herself. All the darkness in the setting flies towards Gold (in Goliath's mind) and she screams consedering the power that goes through her. Goliath (his actual self) then starts groaning more and then he stops shooting the beam which has evaporated. Goliath's darkness goes flying back from him therefore sending him flying back and to a car therefore weakening him immensly as well as taking away his power. Gold then stands still and suddenly drops, as if about to faint. She does and Sara catches her. The whole team go towards her, and Silver stands up, limping however. He goes towards a fallen Gold, he tries to comfort her. Gold tells Silver that they made it, and Silver starts stuttering telling her that this doesn't need to happen, and Gold tells him that its just destiny. Jamie then leans down apologizing for everything and Gold tells him that there's nothing for him to apologize for. Gold is tearing and smiles, she then looks up her eyes frozen. Silver screams "NO!!!" angry, and then looks around and sees Thomas who's also unconscious as well as Schlemmer who also is. Silver gets angrier and angrier looking around. Tez is awake and has most likely regained his memories. Silver then walks up to Goliath, Blaze tries stop him as she can tell its the anger in him and Blaze tells Silver that he doesn't need to do this and should leave her be. Blaze and Silver put thier heads together, and then Silver rapidly punches Goliath in the face left and right. He does do this for a while, and then Silver throws Goliath onto a rising shop. Silver then apologizes to Blaze for doing this, and Blaze tells Silver that he doesn't need too.

Silver smiles and strokes Blaze's cheek wiping the tear away. Silver tells Blaze that he has to try as much as it hates to do so, it has to be done. Schlemmer stands up, held by Gaul, they have a short conversation about the times they've had. Schlemmer understands what Silver wants to do and wishes the best of whatever happens next. Schlemmer tells him to be a good person. Silver nods at them, and all the other team members chat with him. Blaze hugging him as well as Sara. The whole team then say "for Gold" and spud each other. Silver then goes onto the rising shop, and takes the Time Stones. He waves at them and then he absorbs some of its energy. He looks at the Genesis Wave, closes his eyes and then memorizes what Schlemmer said when he first closed a Genesis Portal. Silver then opens his eyes and tries to close the Wave using his telekensis. Silver then tries to close the Wave. (Genesis: Free Field: Try close the Wave) (PC: Silver). Silver is now inside the Wave, and Goliath is laid out next to him. The Wave is almost closed. Silver tries and tries and finally does. He then drops on the roof. He sees all around him dead people floating all around and debris, suddenly then disappearing. Silver smiles. Goliath, who's laid out on the side of Silver tells him that his plan has to work. Silver looks up while Goliath speaks. Goliath then tries opening a Genesis Portal within the Wave. Silver is looking the other way, and Goliath's voice gets a little blurry. Then suddenly we see (but not hear) Goliath screaming and then suddenly Goliath explodes and the scene flashes to white.

Epilogue: The Start of a New Beginning

Silver wakes up on a bed. He stands up off this bed in quite a shock. Sunset has just occured. In this room, they're some holograms of comic heroes, they're posters of Sonic the Hedgehog in this room as well. Some motovational cards, a small robot too that is on standby. Silver looks at all of this however questions where he is. He looks out the window and there's a huge garden there with a fountain, there's also 2 robot guards there facing the other way. Silver takes a peek out the room, and sees the entrance to the house. It does look normal, though there's some wealth into objects there. He then leaves the place and explores the house he's in. (Origins: Free Field: Explore the house) (PC: Silver). Silver is now in the kitchen and it looks normal as well. There's another robot on standby mode and it was cooking in a huge bowl. Silver then hears a kid's voice and sees a small white hedgehog with the same spikes as Silver just smaller and he's in pyjamas. The kid looks at Silver. Silver tells the kid that he's not going to do anything and he's a time traveller. The kid replies with a "woah....", Silver asks what his name is and he tells Silver that his name is Silver. Silver is shocked by this and tells his younger self that he's him from the future and can easily tell by the way they look. Silver then kneels down and tells his younger self something, he explains to him to never give up on what to do and not let people tell him what to do except his parents. Silver tells him that the time will come where he will do quite some extreme things, and he should always stay determined to do what he wants. Silver gives him the same motovational speech Schlemmer did, telling him, "Its no use stopping here". Silver asks his younger self if he understands what he's saying and the young Silver nods. There's then a voice heard, that sounds like Shadow's voice. Silver then hides. Shadow and Amy come down, he asks why the young Silver is downstairs and the young Silver says, "No reason" and walks back upstairs. Silver sees Shadow and Amy together, they question whether they should keep closer check on thier son. Silver is about to cry here as he finally knows who his parents are. He quietly laughs, and then he collapses.

Silver wakes up in a place full of different types of carpets, he however is on one. He stands up, and walks through
Mammoth Future

Mammoth Mogul (PXE)

the place confused as to where he is. Mammoth Mogul (PXE) is seen, Silver asks Mogul who he is and then he remembers who he is from Silver's visions when first going Mobius. Mogul tells Silver that there's alot of questions that require answering and he will anyway. Silver asks where is he, where's Blaze, Schlemmer, Gaul etc. He asks where they are, panic shown through his immense stuttering. Mogul tells Silver that he'll explain everything, as he understands where he came from and why so. Mogul explains to Silver about how he has sent visions, via mind communication to Silver over time, that's why he has kept seeing an elephant's foot all over the place and all these hence "random" visions. Mogul tells Silver that these were all messages of what has happened over the course of many worlds. He knows that Silver came from the Wave and he's a remenant from the other zone. Silver asks how Mogul knows this, and Mogul tells him that somehow he just does. He tells Silver that this is an alternate zone/timeline compared to the one Silver was previously in, Onyx City has retained its normal look and the OCC are still ruling the place as well as the CP Robots which haven't been defeated and destroyed. Silver asks where this conversation is going, and Mogul tells Silver that the world is reversed, so the Wave has never occured in this timeline, Goliath and him never fought, and he hasn't met most of his friends he did. Silver, stuttering like a madman, asks where he is and Mogul tells him that he's in an alternate 3437 PXE. Silver then asks how Sonic's World was affected whenn fighting Goliath and Mogul tells him that every place Silver went too would suddenly be affected by the Genesis Wave as it was sort of destiny for Silver to fail in saving everyone's life, so everywhere Silver goes when the Geneis Wave occured would have the Wave occur there as well and now that he closed it its not occuring now. Silver is confused and Mogul tells him that he understands that though he needs to take time to process this, he'll give Silver more answers to questions later. Silver asks about the Genesis Portals and Mogul tells him that the portals are here now since the Genesis Wave occured. Silver tells Mogul that this is crazy. Mogul tells Silver to sit, as they have alot to go through. Silver nods, and then the camera fades out on the two sitting oppsite each other.

THOMAS' New Form

The robot (in the picture) stands up on a special hospital bed. It has Thomas' voice and he asks where he is. He sees loads of unconscious or dead people all around the place and Thomas then sees one last man flying to a wall. Thomas asks where he is, and gives a little , "hello" ito whoever is there. He then sees the shadow of a certain someone. He is shocked when he sees this, Shadow is seen and he has quite a big prosthetic arm. Thomas asks "the legendary" Shadow why he's here. Shadow explains to Thomas the situation, basically the same as Mammoth Mogul did to Silver. Shadow then tells Thomas that he needs to get into the portal. Thomas asks what portal, and Shadow automatically opens an elevator door and then tells Thomas they need to enter here. Thomas does question why and Shadow tells him that he'll tell him why on the other side. The two both do countdown and they jump into the materialized Genesis Portal that is seen in the room. The portal closes after they've entered and sparks fly out the tech used to create the portal, this also creates a shockwave sending objects flying

We then see Mega Man who's standing on a tower in Mega City looking over the place and then a Genesis Wave is seen in the distance quickly causing havoc and sucking everything up. He jumps off this roof and the camera cuts to black and the credits roll.

Dreams of an Absolution Piano Cover-0

Dreams of an Absolution Piano Cover-0

Second music in credits, till end

San Holo - We Rise-0

San Holo - We Rise-0

First credit song


After the credits (basically a post credit scene), Mephiles' eyes are seen  the camera is gradually zooming out on his, revealing his whole body and the room. There's lots of tech and security tech-wise on him, cameras, a vice on him, long bendy pipe like things connected to his legs. He's locked up sitting on a chair. As the camera pans out on Mephiles, we then see a futuristic looking table and more of the room itself covered in security tech. Zouge the Bat enters the room, and asks if Mephiles' ready to talk and then shuts the door and the room goes silent. She does have mechanical bat wings and looks like Rouge. Mephiles is looking directly at the big window that is also revealed and he does look pretty angry however quiet. She takes out files as we see through the window that she starts talking to him. The camera then cuts to black. 

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