Messenger: This game does take place after the Blue Blur, and loads of things will be referenced from The Blue Blur. Also, some key plot points will be closely connected with what happened in The Blue Blur. I recommend reading the Blue Blur's Story firstly, than reading this first. Since the story will be quite mind-boggling. But, this is optional. 

Silver the Hedgehog: Telling of the Future is a fangame by Williamcost. This game is a spin-off games from other games and takes place in the near future. In this game, we delve into Silver and Blaze's life in the future, so the crimes they fight, the cases they solve, . We also go into Silver and Blaze's past, so how they met and who they were before. Although, there's a new adventure that occurs, a threat is sent to

Two Steps From Hell - Welcome to Amaria (Amaria)

Two Steps From Hell - Welcome to Amaria (Amaria)

Opening scene music

the near future, a darkness trying to destroy the world. Silver teams up with Professor Von Schlemmer, N-RSP the Robot, Sara the Cat and Gold the Tenrec to stop the mysterious darkness that roams the near future only to find out that the darkness that roams, want revenge and wants to take Silver...

While the game loads, a video plays stating the laws of Onyx City kind of like Fallout 4 in the beggining of the entire game. It kind of seems like an old video and they're cartoons that are seen. The game states what makes people a C.I.T.I.Z.E.N. of Onyx City (each letter stands for something). As the entire game is loading (the first time the player plays the game only when they've put the disc and chose the game) this all happens.

C stands for Courage, I stands for Integrity, T stands for Track, I stands for Idol, Z stands for Zonking, E stands for Embrance and N stands for Never. 

Chapter 1: Back to the Future

The player hears a background voice while the screen's black. Its Silver's voice. He's saying that ever since what happened in the past (referencing the Blue Blur) that he feels like he can do anything. He says that the world's a weird place and that there are bad people that roam the world, seeking to destroy it. Silver says that as time goes on, the world gets more advanced, and so does the people that he face, become more advanced. Silver says that this is a story he's going to tell, and the bad guy he's after isn't advanced, he's powerful. Silver ends the speech by saying the future's a weird place.

Then on the screen it says "Near 1400 years into the future.."

 The camera then fades in on Onyx City, a dystopian future. Not destroyed, but its a very silent.

People are there on roofs of buildings, people are selling stuff. They're animals and humans that roam the future, some are in armour while
Onxy City concept artwork 1

Onyx City

some just have really futuristic looking clothes. The sky's quite orange, and there's alot of trash in some places. The camera switches to Onyx City overall, its quite a huge city. They're some floating cars that are seen driving around the place as well as little flying ships that are seen in the sky, presumably on patrol. It then zooms in on the highest building in the city (the one seen in the picture). There's robots that are seen roaming the place, the citizen-type robots (so they aren't guards or something like that) are quite dirty and look a little bit like junk to be honest. Some citizens are seen making robots outside their houses, some civilians are selling food etc. There's a fight that happens in an alleyway between a wolf and a human. The camera moves more forward and they're more patrol ships flying in the sky as well as patrol cars. This scene kind of gives of a dark and sad sense considering the fact that its not a really bright future but its way less destroyed and dystopian as the Sonic 06 future for Silver. There's also a Sonic the Hedgehog statue in the centre of the city, it does say "In remembrance of Sonic the Hedgehog, died a hero. Like he said, "Nothing starts until you take action!" 

They're credits that are seen on screen while people in jetpacks fly by, kids playing soccer etc. Then, it ends with a hooded figure walking past the children to which the camera follows. The figure wields a stick with a blue pearl on top. We see her face and its a girl, she looks at the screen and continues walking. She's wearing a backpack but when she takes it off it turns into a hoverboard. She looks behind her, and sees Silver on a hoverboard with Blaze on it too. Silver's in front and is riding it. She jumps onto the hoverboard and flies off. Blaze tells Silver that the O.P.D have configured that the girl has attacked multiple times, and she's after a special artifact. Silver asks what, and Blaze says that she doesn't know, she says that that's what the police are still figuring. Blaze says that the girl does have an army of Tenrecs. Silver says that this is goanna be fun. Blaze suggests they follow the girl until she gets to wherever she's going. Silver says that she's already realised that they're following her. Blaze tells Silver to follow her anyway and they want her alive. Silver's hoverboard grows miniguns all over a sudden, and shoots at the girl's hoverboard. Blaze tells Silver that they don't want her dead, Silver says that he's shooting the hoverboard down. Blaze says that what Silver's doing might kill her. Although, Silver says that he'll take his chances. There's a short chase cutscene with Silver chasing the girl. She shoots a beam from her pearl on the stick. Silver says that that's new, they chase her through the streets of the city. (Onyx City: Sky Chase) (Playable: Silver, Blaze). The girl finally stops her tracks, as her hoverboard breaks down, she jumps off it and goes on foot. (Onyx City: Foot Loose) (Playable: Silver, Blaze). 

They get to the girl, and eventually get her. Although, when they get her, there's a blast sending Silver and Blaze back. The girl's out of her cloak and calls the Tenrecs to capture Silver and Blaze. She does do parkour around the place, Silver and Blaze chase after them. Silver levitates and Blaze just runs doing flips over things. The girl which is a Tenrec herself, shoots a gun at Silver to which he dodges. The Tenrec eventually stops, she tells Silver to back off.

Silver asks her why she's doing what she's doing. She tells Silver to just get off her case. She shoots at Silver, Silver then uses psychokinesis to stop the bullet and throws it on the ground. Silver then charges at the girl. (Onyx City: Boss: Unknown) (Playable: Silver, Blaze). The Tenrec is almost near defeat, then her army of tenrecs come.

They surround Silver. (Onyx City: Mission: Defeat 25 Tenrecs) (Playable: Silver, Blaze) The two defeat the Tenrecs, although they lose the girl. Silver asks if there's anymore things about the girl in the O.P,D Data and Blaze says that she can't spot anymore data. Or at least, any that actual serves use to the purpose. Silver grabs the scepter and tells Blaze that they should bring the scepter back for analysis. To check if there's anything they've missed. Blaze nods at Silver and they walk back to their hideout. Some people see the battle while some just carry on with their daily lives. A tall robot is also in the shadows, it looks at Silver. It then walks back into the shadows. 

Chapter 2: Meet the Professor 


Silver's hideout

Silver and Blaze enter thier hideout, its at least okay for a hideout. There's a chair on a tree just to get a view of the city. There's actual tents that are set as well as beds that they can sleep on. There are tables, boxes etc. Silver is holding the stick in his hand and lays it beside the tree. Blaze asks Silver if its time they reveal themselves, and Silver says that they can't, at least not yet. Blaze says that people have already seen who they are and asks what's the point of still hiding when their faces are known. Silver asks Blaze if the Civil Protection Robots have come stomping towards their hideout, Blaze says no and Silver (proving his point) says exactly. Blaze says that Silver should be taking that seriously, Silver says that they will focus on that topic another time and says that for now, their priority is figuring out what the scepter is and where the Tenrec got it from. Silver walks into the hideout, while Blaze silently sighs however follows Silver. Blaze tells Silver that there's a blue pearl lodged inside the scepter. Silver takes it out, and says that he might have found out why the scepter seemed so powerful when the tenrec fought them. Silver says that they need more info on the pearl and where its power comes from, he asks where he'd get that information though. Blaze tells Silver that she knows a guy, a robot by the name Professor Von Schlemmer. Silver asks how he knows him and Blaze says that people always visit his Science Centre, not as much as before but they still do. The Professor is the owner of the centre. Silver then says that they might as well make way to the centre. The duo take the pearl and the scepter and bring it to the professor. (Dystopian City: Grand Town ) (Dystopian City: Great Buildings) (Playable: Silver, Blaze). They make it to the Science Centre. There's visitors that are just walking around the place but there's not really much. Its kind of like a futuristic muesum in a way its just that its nothing to do with ancient history although its based around science. There are robot guards that guard the place (not Civil Protection Robots) but they do look like they're built by him. They have guns in thier hands and they're probably at an average height. Anyways, Silver and Blaze do have a little exploration of the place, they're actually quite a lot of insetting exhibits as well as information (theories, how the future is, how the world will be in 200 years time, their tech etc). Blaze asks a guard if they know where the Professor and that they need to talk to him. The guard tells the Professor and after 2 minutes, he comes and calls Silver and Blaze "exactly the people I was waiting for". The Professor asks them to come with him, and they walk with him to the lab. He walks them into a room, there's rubbish in some places, but there's formulas written on the wall, there's probably hidden technology in the room. Its quite weird since he's a Professor and the room was to say, untidy. 

Professor Von Schlemmer

The Professor finally introduces himself (in the same way he did in the comics), to Silver and Blaze. The Professor does admit that the place is not as they expected, he states that he needed a secret room where he could be in peace.

The Professor does have a German-like accent and it times it can be quite strong. He goes back to this holographic board, a holographic pen grows in his hand and he starts writing something. He asks what the two want and Silver says that they need information on the scepter as well as the pearl. The Professor takes the pearl and looks it at it, he looks surprised and shocked. The Professor tells the duo that this is the Genesis Pearl, Blaze asks about the scepter and the Professor says that the scepter was probably handmade, he then asks where they got these things from. Silver says they're chasing down this tenrec and she dropped these. The Professor then says that the pearl probably gave the scepter power, turning it into a fancy scepter of sorts. Silver asks what the Genesis Pearl is, and the Professor states that the Genesis Pearl were the keys to creating the Genesis Portals. They're more like atoms of the multiverse while the portals are shards of it. The Professor states that the Genesis Portals allow people to travel from one multiverse to another. He then states that if they're pearls scattered around the place, that's a sign that they're portals scatted around the world. Blaze asks why that's a bad thing and the Professor tells her that the portals, if there too long, can bring in "bad people" to the world and it can also start sucking places up which could lead to the world turning into nothingness. Silver murmurs about how that's ironic, he then tells the Professor what kind of bad people will enter the world and how the portals can be dealt with. The Professor tells Silver to follow him and while walking, he talks about how there are talks and theories of this second-coming of a Second Devourer, apparently, it'll come and destroy the world. Silver asks who the first one was and the Professor states that his name was Algorgian, the First Devourer. Silver and Blaze recognize that name (from The Blue Blur) since they fought him. Blaze then clarifies that Algorgian was a devourer of time, and asks if the Second Devourer is also a time devourer and the Professor says that that's the truth. He then gets a newspaper kept in a tube, its a newspaper made after the Battle of Central City. Its how scientists theorized that they'll be a Second Time Devourer. 

Silver and Blaze then ask why the tenrec would want them and the Professor states that these are the keys to creating Genesis Portals so he says that she probably wants to find a way to get to the multiverse. Silver says that they need to stop her then just in case she does any evil doings. The Professor tells the two they're correct and that he might have a hand in what might help them get to the tenrec and the various Genesis Portals. The Professor grabs a box, which is quite dusty and tells Silver that "they" might annoy and he says "sorry". He opens the box and they're 3 balls. Silver and Blaze are quite confused about what the Professor may mean and start to think that he's gone crazy. Until, the Professor rolls the balls on the ground and they all transform into these little robots. Silver's shocked while Blaze is surprised. The Professor tells them that they speak in binary code however he can translate it. 

Trolol these are the actual bITS


The robots are do touch everything to which the Professor tells them to stop. Silver then uses his physcokenisis (after a little funny scene) and stops the Bits from roaming everywhere. Silver lays them next to each other, then the Bits have a little arguement with the Professor. Silver asks about the portals, and the Professor remembers. He asks the Bits about the Genesis Portals and the pearl. The Bits supposedly say that the Genesis Portals are back in a shocked manor. The Profesoor explains to them about how they need to know the loaction urgently. The Bits then open up a holographic map (exactly how they do in the picture) and it shows the location of the Genesis Portals. Silver and Blaze look at the map, and there's names of places around the world, and some islands where Genesis Portals have been located and found. Silver says that he can't close all those portals in one go, the Professor says that they don't need to close all of them. Though, they just need to close the portals in the open and exposed areas. Blaze asks what the Professor would recommend as thier first location. The Professor points to this place called Xevon. Silver asks if the Professor has been there and he says that he hasn't, he informs that its a republic however. Blaze asks how they're goanna get there, the Professor asked what happened to the hoverboards. Silver questions how he knew and the Professor says that he's knew, he watched him fight. He called the battle "awesome". The Professor tells Silver that he does have transport. The Bits ask if they're going fight some bad guys and the Professor says they're goanna kick some ass indeed. The Professor then takes off some giant cover, and a ship is revealed. The Professor gives an analysis of what it is, explaining to him that he found this in a base in the Green Zone in a destroyed lab. He found it and took it back to his lab. The Professor says that he needs to check if it still works overnight and tomorrow he'll bring them back and be sent to Xevon. Silver and Blaze agree to that and leave the room. 

Silver and Blaze are walking back to the hideout, until Civil Protection Robots then walk around the city, inspecting the place. People are hiding behind bushes while some people run back inside the house. The kids playing soccer stop and look at the robots who walk past them saying "Pity humans". They do look quite menacing and appear quite menacing as well. There's people in exo suits that also walk them with guns too. A man tries to stand up to

Civil Protection Robots

them so he tries to punch one of the exo soliders though the robot grows an electric whip and whips him, obliteratng him. At the hideout, a Civil Protection Robot comes marching down to thier place with an exo solider and another robot. Silver looks at them in confusion, they tell Silver that the City Council do not appreciate what they've (Silver and Blaze) have done and demand them to stop. Silver asks why and it says that they tolerate people trying to put themselves on top of them. Silver asks how they're doing that and the robot tells them they have no time for questions. The exo solider is about to grab Blaze's hand, until Silver tells him to back off. He uses his physockenisis and throws the solider far away, killing him. The robot tells them that he will be returned to the City Council. In pieces. The robot attacks the two. (Dystopian City: Boss: Civil Protection Robot  ) (Playable: Silver, Blaze). They defeat the robot, they do panick a little afterwards stating that the City Council will find them out eventually and the O.P.D. They also bring up that they're also putting the Professor's life at risk. They hide the pieces, and after a little back-and-fourth chat. They go to sleep.  Although, during the time they're sleeping, Silver hears the sounds of the Civil Protection Robots' foots crashing on the ground. Silver wakes up only to see a light shining in the fog. Its night here. Silver wakes Blaze up, then she and Silver then notice, Silver whispers to Blaze telling her they need to leave. Blaze tells Silver that he may be having hallucanations, the robots then say "Identiftying Silver the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat". Then a solider says they found pieces of robot near a tree. Silver and Blaze then sneak out, Blaze asks where they should go and Silver says that he knows where they're going. (Dystopian City: Free Field: Sneak to the Science Centre without getting caught). They get into the Science Centre, no one's there and the lights are all closed. They're no people outside. Silver and Blaze go into the Professor's room, he's sleeping and the Bits are now in standby mode (they're now balls). He wakes the Professor (another little funny scene with him saying bianary code in his sleep). Silver wakes up and tells them that the Civil Protection Robots and the City Council have found out about the two and are looking for them to bring them to the Council. The Professor does admit that that's bad, Silver says that they need to get to Xevon now before they spot the two and the Professor. The Professor does admit that's bad too, he then says to get in the ship. Blaze asks if the kinks have been figured out, the Professor says yeah, then adds a little mostly. They strap themselves in the ship and on the pilot seat. The Professor gives them a device, he puts it on thier ear. It

The Sky Rider (from

looks like a really futuristic headset, thats turned off. The Professor says with that they can contact each other through headset on the go. The Professor prepares the ship and eventually the ship turns on and is about to go. Blaze asks where the Professor will go (through the window) and the Professor says he'll find a way. The ship then leaves and blasts off, destroying the roof completely and flying into the air. The Professor hides with the help of the Bits turning him invisible. The ship flies at high speeds to Xevon. 

Chapter 3: The Darkness

The camera switches to a darkness that floats around the room. There's a figure that walks out of it, bare footed (since the camera does focus on its feet). The camera pans up and its a hedgehog wearing a hood. It has white eyes, and walks out of the cave. He then kneels down and he takes his hoodie off. He then freezes, some dark clouds float around him, telling him that today "he" dies and that today he shall be awakened. Then the dark clouds heads for the camera.

The ship is flying to Xevon, the professor then comes on headset. He asks the two how they're doing and Silver just shouts to the headset, telling the Professor that they're really not. The ship eventually slows down in the air and then they fly at normal speeds. The Professor informs them that they're all over the news. Blaze asks him if he's safe and the Professor says that they did ask him some questions, however they still haven't found out he helped. They let him go. Silver says that at least there's some good news, the Professor does tell them however that they're wanted. The Civil Protection Robots are looking for him and some high ranking members of the Authority. Blaze asks if the Council have come to the city yet and the Professor says they haven't yet. He says that they're probably tracking where the they (Silver and Blaze) are. Silver stands up off the pilot seat and leaves the headset on the table. A hologram of the Professor appears who is watching the conversation that occurs with Silver and Blaze. Blaze tells Silver that now the City Council know, and that now everyone knows. Silver says that Blaze was the one complaining that they show thier face, Blaze tells Silver that she knows although she didn't know the outcome would be that bad. Silver tells her that the C.I.T.I.Z.E.N code clearly says to NEVER go into vigalantism and then Silver asks what they've done. Blaze says to him that they saved people, and that they helped others. Silver says the City Council don't care. Silver then tells Blaze that they don't want other people "making themselves look that they're over the top of them". Blaze says that she didn't want this to happen, since the City Council will be tracking them as well as the O.P.D and the Civil Protection Robots and she doesn't want the Professor getting involved. After a little longer conversation, Silver, very angry, says that they should just continue the mission. Blaze looks at Silver in quite an upset manor.

The camera skips over to when they're at Xevon, its night and the city is quite futuristic and bright with colour. 


Its quite reminiscent of France, but probably just in the near future. They're loads of people that are walking around wearing armour and some are wearing neon clothing etc. Basically, they've gone quite wild in what they can wear. They're also some aliens there as well. They're ships coming in and out of the place and even people on jetpacks. The Professor informs the two that its the Nign Temple, where the first Genesis Portal is located. He tells them that its quite a dangerous place in terms with what's inside the temple. They're rumours floating around that there's a man who's lived in that temple forever, the portal giving him more power.


Nign Temple

Silver and Blaze reach the temple and the ship turns invisible. They do state that its quite weird. They head in. (Nign Temple: Haunting Tombs) (Nign Temple: Gloomy Hallway) (Playable: Silver, Blaze). Its quite dark inside the place and scary. The Professor tells them that the Genesis Portal should be wear the man is. The Professor then says that he is in one of the rooms. He says that he should hear screams that will lead the two to him. Blaze asks where he gets the info from, and the Professor says that he's hacked into all data surrrouding the Genesis Portal, or at least, has unlocked it to find more data. Silver and Blaze then search the area. (Nign Temple: Free Field: Search the room and follow the screams). They find the man and its a just a human sitting there. His face turned. The Genesis Portal right in front of him. The two stand there, confused. Until, the man turns his head only to see that the man has no eyes, nose or mouth and he's bald. He looks at them and tells them (somehow) that this is his home, Silver asks what his name is and the man says his name is the Mindmaster and that the portal is his source to being immortal. He then attacks. (Nign Temple: Boss: Mindmaster) (Playable: Silver, Blaze) They defeat the boss and are now standing in front of the portal confused. Silver asks the Professor via headset how he's ment to close it. The Professor tells Silver that he has physcokenisis and can use it to close the portal. The Professor tells Silver that he can communicate through his mind with the portal its just that he needs to concentrate. Silver closes his eyes, then opens it. He then puts two fingers on the sides of his eyes and looks at the Portal. It slowly starts to close. He continues doing so and eventually completely closes. The Professor claps and tells Silver and Blaze that now they just need to get back to the Sky Rider. He then clarifies that that's the ship's name.  They enter the ship and head for the next location. The Professor tells them that they're next location is Onyx Island. Silver says that he knows that island, the Professor then gives a quick brief about it. He says that Onyx Island use to be called Angel Island back in the past, but fell due to unknown events. He says that the island is now a slanted island with some of it pointing to the ground. He says that the mighty Knuckles the Echidna has fallen and so have the others after him as guardian and now its Edmund the Echidna who is guardian of the Master Emerald. The Professor also says the city is quite massive and quite lively as well as there is a lot of things to explore, he then says that the Onyx Leaders are here on the island and usually talk to the Council. They ususally have meetings with other leaders across the world. After the brief, Silver's sitting there in the fleet. He looks at the ground, and he is imagining the start of everything. The scene flashes to him and another hedgehog who's being hit by eletricity. The other hedgehog's screaming while Silver is hiding. Then suddenly, there's an explosion and Blaze interrrupts Silver's thoughts. She tells him that they're nearly there. She then asks Silver if he's ok, and he says that he is. Nega's voice is heard in Silver's head (again from the Blue Blur) about how Silver just makes more enimies. Silver then sees what happened with the hedgehog screaming and exploding. Silver then fires a table away with his mind, angry. He stops, realising it was just the anger and the guilt, and heads slowly to the pilots seat to see the island that awaits them.

Onyx Island

There laid Onyx Island. The fallen Angel Island. Silver's surprised, by it to see that Angel Island has turned into a fallen island. The Sky Rider heads for the island. The Professor even admits the island does look pretty slick. He suggests meeting Edmund to see if he knows info as well as the Libary. 

Silver and Blaze head for the Island, the Sky Rider lands. The two get off the ship, and decide to make due for the Libary. People are walking around the place, as it does consist of many civillians. Though, its not as "expected" per say. The two explore. (Onyx Island: Slanted Paradise) (Onyx Island: Ancient City) (PC: Silver, Blaze) The Professor guides them, however eventually they make it to the Libary. Its quite massive and looks quite fancy. They're books on shelves etc just like you'd expect a libary to be. People are reading too, some are looking etc. The Professor tells them that the person they're looking for is the owner of the Libary, Edmund the Echidna, the guardian of the island. They eventually find him after a short conversation, and a little exploration of the place. Edmund is found talking to a civillian. 


Edmund (Silver's future)

After Edmund has finished with the civillians, Silver and Blaze go up to him and ask if they can talk to him for a bit. Edmund accepts this and takes them to his room. The room has a bookshelf, a table, a holographic board and some paintings on the wall. Silver and Blaze are quite surprised by the room as it looks quite ancient. Edmund asks what they want and the duo explain to him about how there are Genesis Portals scattered across the globe and they need to find most of them and close them before anything happens to the timeline. Edmund probably knows of it, consedering his reaction. Edmund asks how they know and Silver takes off his headset and the Professor's seen (after a 5 second awkward silence, he says "Hi"). Blaze says that the Professor informed them with the info about the island since they want to close the Portals. After a few more questions, Edmund then tells the two to follow them.

Edmund pulls some string and then a secret room opens up, he gets a torch and then guides the team through the darkness. Eventually, there's a light switch and Edmund opens it. There's more bookshelves and Edmund takes one book out and puts it on a table. Its quite old and dusty. Edmund opens the book and tells the two about how the Genesis Portals. The Professor tells Silver to let him see, Silver lays the headset on the table and the Professor sees the commotion. Edmund explains how the portals were there ever since the start of time, consedering the name "Genesis" which means "origin". They're portals that were shards of the previous multiverses, he explains how 5000 years ago, they were portals spottted across this place called Albion where the echidna laid. The Portals were first discovered by a warrior that fought in the famous Echidna war. The warrior told the ancient scientists (known as the Eayans, and discovered quite a lot of things). And they studied the portals, trying to find out what it was, before they entered it. After some research, and a formula they theorized that the Portals were Portals to the Multiverse. They built a suit and tried a test subject, the very first robot ever however they're made out of sticks and wood, and it was powered up with some source of power that contained artificial intelligence. The robot went in and was suddenly in a place by the name Moros, a destroyed city. The Eayans continued to research and found out more about the Portals, they ran expirements, more tests, sent more test subjects to the Portal etc. Though, one day, something tragic happened. An Eayan there looked at the Portal, he tried putting his hands through it. Then, a power surged through him. It fed him with power, his eyes turned white and eventually for the past month. That Eayan was seen standing there looking at it, the day he turned his head around, his head was half cracked and his eyes were gone. The Eayan then blew up. This all happened behind the scenes of the war.

Blaze tells Edmund that they saw a man sitting near a Genesis Portal in Xevon. All his facial features were gone as well as his hair. He told them the Portal fed him power, it gave him immortality. Edmund says that the Portal is also known for being able suck up the place its in if its there for too long, he also says there's a bad side to the Genesis Portals that they need to be careful about. The Professor asks Edmund how old he is, after a short silence. Edmund sighs and tells them not to tell anyone. But, he's 110. Silver asks about how he is the Guardian of the Island, and how there's Onyx Leaders instead of him. Edmund calls himself a "failed guardian" and that he sold what his legacy was to demons. Edmund says that the island use to be his, but one day, actual Leaders were put in charge and replaced him. They called Edmund "an idiot and a sack of lies". A tear rolls down his eyes, and he says that the only thing he really owns now is the Libary. Silver says that they should get off the subject, he says that what they need is the Genesis Portal's location. Edmund says that he'll show them, and they follow him. (There is A LOT of easter eggs in the Libary, and loads of things teasing what's to come in the SCU).

E-0 Hovercar (by tomwalks deviant)

Edmund takes them to a garage and takes the cover off the car. Silver and Blaze are surprised to see that kind of car in his garage. Blaze asks about the Sky Rider and Edmund says that it'll be fine. Edmund informs the two that he set a password which is kind of like a digital monster they need to face to actually get into the garage. (Onyx Island: Boss: Cyber Monster ) (PC: Silver) They get in the car and Silver actually drives (after a short conversation about who should drive, and Edmund giving a reason about why he can't drive now). (Onyx Island: Free Field: Drive to waypoint). They reach this cave, and Edmund gets out the car first. Silver asks Edmund if he's sure this is the place and Edmund says that it is. This is the Morhaun Cave. Silver and Blaze follow Edmund in the darkness, Blaze uses her hand is light as she lights it on fire as a torch. (Morhaun Cave: Trap House) (Morhaun Cave: Shadowed Paths) (PC: Silver, Blaze). There's a light that shines eventually. They follow it and see it. There's torches lit up that lead to the Portal. Edmund walks towards it while Silver tells Edmund that he'll go first. Suddenly, some weird creatures come walking like spiders, and atttack the three. There's a monster that jumps out of the ground, as well and attacks too. (Morhaun Cave: Boss: Karmby) (PC: Silver, Blaze). Silver and Blaze are about to be defeated until Edmund shoots an arrow at the monster's back to which it drops. The two check if Edmund's ok, and he says that he's fine. Silver then closes the portal, however after the portal's gone. They discover a room that's there surrounded in black smoke. The three explore this area there's ancient scriptures, statues and there's really weird sounds. Stairs are formed and the three walk down it, there's then a hedgehog in a hood kneeling down, its half statue, half itself. It has quite a ripped cloak on it. Silver asks the Professor if he's seeing what they're seeing, the scene cuts to the Professor who's watching on a screen. The camera cuts back to the three, Silver sees that there's a cage there and the door is opened. Edmund says that it probably escaped and is now frozen (The Professor adds "or its constipated"). Silver touches it and nothing happens. There's a voice that is heard, it asks what they're doing here and Blaze says that they're looking for answers. The voice then says that they need to leave or they'll die. Then, it says "Thank you, Silver". Then, there's an explosion that occurs (invisible). The three stand up eventually only to see the hedgehog who's standing there propely. He looks around, for a little bit, he might've been trapped in the cave for a long time. 

Silver asks who he is, the figure turns to Silver and tells him that he is Darkness in a really dark voice. Blaze asks who trapped him and he says the last thing he saw was The Darkness, it told him that one day he'll (the hedgheog) find his target and he will die. Silver tells the hedgehog that he can come with them and they can help him since it seems like whatever the Darkness is is  The hedgheog looks at Silver closely and lets Silver help him. The hedgehog tells Silver that he doesn't know what to do. Edmund whispers to Blaze that they need to go now, Blaze nods and her and Edmund run up the stairs. The hedgehog then looks at Silver again in a very confused manor, like he recognises Silver but just doesn't know where from. The hedgehog tells Silver that Silver's his target. Silver asks what the hedgehog means by that. And the hedgehog says that The Darkness told him, that one day, a hedgehog in white and with physcic abilities will visit this place. Silver tells the hedgehog that it may be a coincidence and the hedgehog says that the Darkness said he would come with a cat and an echidna. The hedgehog attacks Silver. (Morhaun Cave: Boss: The Hedgehog) (PC: Silver). The Hedgehog then tells Silver that he (the hedgehog) has to do this. Then, the hedgehog does a pose looking like he's absorbing dark energy. Silver runs up the stairs, blocking the way with anything he can find using his physic powers. Suddenly, black stripes of smoke come bursting through all the walls and all over the place, they go in all different directions. Silver, Blaze and Edmund are driving away from the destroyed cave. Its collapsing while all the strips of black smoke and are flying out of it like asteroids. Some hitting the ground and some mindlessly go flying straight. 

The camera cuts to Onyx Island itself with all the buildings etc. The strips of black smoke hit some towers, therefore destroying that part of it, or destroying it completely. Some fly to some cars making them explode. Civillians are also hit and that black smoke that hits them, turns them into another creature. The Libary is also encountered, though no civillians are hit here only the statues and a few bookshelves. We see the Tenrec, she's shooting some down and eventually runs. The O.P.D also come into the picture trying to stop it. One also hits Onyx City itself, and the Professor spots it flying overhead. There's quite some destruction caused by the "asteroids" that hit. Suddenly, there's no more, and some parts of the city are destroyed. This includes buildings and towers. On a screen in one place (which is not any of the places they've visited) on one building there's the news.

Two Steps From Hell - Black Blade (Invincible)

Two Steps From Hell - Black Blade (Invincible)

The scene's score

A reporter states that something happened Downtown Onyx Island in the Morhaun Cave. The camera skips to multiple scenes with different reporters and broadcasters etc. Then it ends with "Who or what started this act of terror?". To which the screen cuts to black.

Chapter 4: Goliath


3437 PXE

Monday 26th July 3437 PXE


Onyx City Council

The camera fades in on the Onyx City Council. They're all having dinner with some other leaders and members of the Authority. There's beer on the table, chicken there's cookies on a plate that all laid untouched. Only the beers. Civil Protection Robots are seen as guards and some other robots (thar aren't Civil Protection Robots)  are also seen serving. They're all talking about the incident a year ago. Although, the weird thing is that they're all happy and joyful. They then talk about how Onyx City is safe and that noone will be harmed. One member informs the other leaders that everyone in the city has been assigned a certain duty or shift and that doing that would insure the future would be continued of prosperity and joy. The Leaders then basically say that that's fine with them. They then say "For the Citizens!" and cheer with beers. One leader asks if they've dealt with the vigalanties and the Council say that they haven't found out yet. Though, they hired a man, or a fox, by the name Tony who's helping them upgrade the Civil Protection Robots. They then say they're inserting a new tracking system, more upgraded than the last one. Another member ( a woman) says that they'll find those "little witches" and do somethig quite special with them. The Leaders laugh as they enjoy this kind of talk. Another member says that they've found thier locations, though they haven't actually found out who they are. Though, the member says that everytime they track the person down, they're near a Genesis Portal. Though, before the member finishes his sentence, a Civil Protection Robot grabs the member by the head and hits him on the wall multiple times, killing him. There's a little silence, then another member says that the guy said a little too much. The Leaders then say they're localizing a portal and the Council agree. The Leaders also say that this could lead to finding the little witch of thier's. The Leaders leave, suddenly and the City Council walk out the room. One member tells the C.P Robot to put the body in the garbage compactor.

(Boloton: Advanced City) (Boloton: Polluted Tech) (Boloton: Boss: Master Tech) (PC: Silver, Blaze). Silver and Blaze close yet another Genesis Portal and they head back to the Sky Rider. It flies over to the next location, the duo have closed quite a lot, approximately 67 Portals. The Professor does tell them that one of the Portals do lead to Sonic's World. The Professor also informs that the Council have come to town quite immensly scouting the place and they announced they're goanna send O.P.D to look for the two next week. Silver then suggests they begin to hurry up with the whole mission. There's then a call (on this holographic tablet) and its Edmund (who's face shows holographically). He has helped the team ever since thier last encounter and basically gives them some info on the place as well as a little history if needed. Edmund tells them that they might as well travel next to the Isles of Emeralds, thats where the next Portal is located. He also states that the island is quite ancient however it does contain some inhabitants. The duo do have a conversation though they end up going to the Isle of Emeralds. (Isle of Emeralds:Emerald Beauty) (Isle of Emerald: Glistening Stones) (PC: Silver, Blaze) Silver and Blaze find the Portal, though the Tenrec does appear with a repaired hoverboard. It fires at the two to which they dodge, Blaze shoots a fireball at the Tenrec and misses. The Professor actually recognises the tenrec, he informs the two that the Tenrec they're facing is Gold. She used to be apart of the City Council. She escaped however and went rouge. Blaze is about to throw another fireball, and Silver signals her not too (only Silver heard what the Professor told him). Gold has upgraded her suit and faces them. 
Gold the Tenrec

Gold the Tenrec

(Isle of Emeralds: Boss: Gold the Tenrec) (PC: Silver, Blaze) There's some difficulty though they eventually defeat the boss. Gold says the both of them need to back off. Silver asks why she's even going after the Portals, Gold says that she needs to do something that's none of thier business. She tells them that everywhere she goes they're there. After a little conversation, Gold throws these penknife (well 10 little knives within a penkinfe) at the duo who dodge. Gold throws something else into the Portal, closing it and threatens the two. She tells them to stay away from her. She then flees.

Silver and Blaze are then back on the Sky Rider, Blaze asks the Professor if there's any news for them, and he says that nothing has happened so far. He does inform them about how the Council did have a meeting with the World Leaders last night though. The Professor explains to them that people have spied on the conversations and some say they're building a better tracking system on the Civil Protection Robots to find them (Silver and Blaze) so they need to get moving faster. The next location that appears on the map is a place called Callinos. A city that is quite exotic, one of the richest countries in the world. The Professor says that people can buy anything anytime any place, thier cars are way past the current tech as well as thier buildings. They're skycrapers are extremely high, and they're talking with other leaders plotting thier idea of sending people to different planets in space to be able to live there. Silver asks where the Genesis Portals would be then, or portal. The Professor then states there's a slight issue in finding portals, since they're actually testing on them in one of the most wealthiest tower in the continent, the Tower of the Skies.


Tower of the Skies (from

The Sky Rider flies over the city, Blaze takes the time to admire the city view. The sun glistening over it, and they also see the Tower of the Skies from really far away in the distance. Blaze asks if they're really goanna go inside there and try close the Portals, she asks why they need to get the Portals in the building if it would be too hard. The Professor states that they're probably goanna tamper around with the Portal quite a bit to further human tech though this can cause catastrophic events consedering the ammount of energy, this also can affect the dimmensions inside the portals. They have a conversation about it and how that'd happen. Then, the Professor drops them off. (Callinos: Extrodanairy Towers) (Callinos: Great Sightings) (PC: Silver, Blaze). Silver and Blaze see the towers, they all look really tall to be honest. The Professor informs them that they're closer to the Tower of the Skies. Though, they need to sneak into it, like a heist. The two are in shock and ask him why he didn't say before and the Professor states that he thought the two would know since it is one of the most wealthiest buildings in the Europa continent and that mainly the richest people live there. Silver says that they can't just go in there and expect not to be seen, they need to rest and plan. Blaze asks where they're goanna say, the Professor then gives them a location and tells them to head there. (Callinos: Free Field: Go to the waypoint) (PC: Silver, Blaze). They are in a hotel, all over a sudden, they pay for thier stay and rent a room for a day. They then begin to plan. Silver takes off the headset and puts it on the table. The Professor's holographic face is shown. He tells them that he has looked through some data and has spotted some files on the Tower of the Skies, as well as some classified ones. The Professor analyses the first pile of data and its nothing to do with the Genesis Portals, he continues until he eventually finds one classified file to do with the Genesis Portals.

There's all types of info on the Genesis Portal and what the goverment of Callinos actually plan on doing with it. They want to use it, though they want to be able to upgrade and enable it to travel to places in a flash. Although, the goverments have planned to also use it and some of its energy for thier nucelar weapons. The Professor then explains all this and states how there's loads of Genesis Portals in that tower that they need to close. The Professor finds a picture with the room the Genesis Portals are in and shows it to the two as well as a video they recorded. Its a test subject, presumably, consedering the scientists that aren't preventing it. The person looks at it and eventually enters. They all jump up in happiness until he comes back and his suit that he wore has moulded onto his body itself. He shoots a energy beam at the scientists and continues causing havoc until one man shoots at him with a rocket launcher, however this rocket launcher sends the test subject into another world. The man that shot the test subject is angry and states that "Test 90, Failed". The video ends. Silver asks why when people go in and out of the portal, it corrupts them. The Professor does inform them about how they're some side effects to going inside the portal. For a while, the person will be fine and in another dimmension or place, though if they stay to long. The dimmensional strain  or time strain (depending on if you traveled through time, dimmension or place going through the Genesis Portal) can't stretch far enough as there is a certain time limit. The two then understand why they need to close the Portals as they figure out, the Portals are the reason why the enimies come into the world, and that's the reason they're bad. The Professor then shows them a blueprint of the building showing everything there is to see as well as the lab itself containing the Portals then they plan.

We skip to the Tower of the Skies, the Sky Rider (which has camoflauged to the sky) and releases Silver and Blaze at the top of the ship, but to thier surprise, there's a robot guard that fights them. (Callinos: Boss: Red Shock V-1) (PC: Silver, Blaze). They enter the place, everything planned. Silver tells Blaze that she knows the drill, then they jump off the railing. The camera cuts to Silver who's disguised a person who lives at the place. He has the keycards, using the Professor's help. He walks around the place and tells the Professor via headset that he's in the Main Room. The Professor then tells Blaze (who's in a hallway with doors), that she's up. (Tower of the Skies: Free Field: Follow the scientist) (PC: Blaze). Silver then gets the keycard and slides it on the scanner. The Professor tells them that they need to find the man they saw in the video, his name is Carlos Baverstock, the owner of the whole building. One of the most wealthiest people on the planet. The Professor informs Silver, he's deffinetly in the Main Room and the Professor tells Blaze to steal the scientist's clothing and give it to Silver. (TOTS: Free Field: Find Carlos (he's the only one wearing a suit and has a robotic arm) (PC: Silver) (TOTS: Free Field: Attack a scientist and steal thier clothing). Silver eventually finds Carlos and they have a little conversation about the Genesis Portals and Silver pretends he's a big fan of his work. Carlos tells Silver to get his gear on and they'll go down to the lab. Silver walks upstairs to Blaze who has the clothing and then he rushes to follow Carlos. He enters the lab and witnesses the Genesis Portals. They're some builders who have rebuilt the ground after the incident. Carlos gives Silver some informatio about the Portals and about how the Portal does contain some side effects, Carlos also tells Silver his plan.

Outside the Sky Tower, there's a female cat that is flying a jetpack to the Tower. She has a mechanical arm, as well as an eyepatch. She's looking through one eye (the one with the eyepatch) and it shows a thermo camera of people in the building. She tells someone (through a watch) that she's going in for the kill. She grows a gun from her mechanical arms which aims at Carlos. She then states that she has found Carlos.

Blaze tells the Professor through her headset, that Carlos and his organisation want to use the Portals to be able to conquer Rethan Rouge they're goanna have an agreement with the goverment and if they agree, they'll use it as keys to conquer Rethan. Or to be more simple, use its energy and its power to create supersoliders that'll do the job. The Professor asks how Blaze knows, and we then see Blaze with a tied up scientist (with all his clothes off, and only wearing a vest and shorts) in presumably a closet. The Professor is puzzled and tells Silver this as well. The Professor tells Silver that Carlos is the enemy he wants to use the Portals' power to be able to create an army of supersoliders to conquer Rethan Rouge (another country they're at war with). Blaze then tells the Professor that its happening tommorow. The Professor then tells Silver to find a distraction to distract the scientits and close the Portals. (TOTS: Free Field: You need to provide a distraction for the scientists and close the Portals) (PC: Silver) Silver then closes the Portals, all four of them. Silver and the Professor celebrates, and Silver then tells the Professor he's getting out of here. Then, before Silver leaves, Carlos tells Silver that he thought he was goanna stay and enjoy the ceremony. He then gets a gun out (since he saw Silver close the Portals). Carlos asks Silver if this was a setup. Carlos then attacks him. (TOTS: Boss: Carlos Baverstock) (PC: Silver). Silver defeats Carlos and escapes. He fights some guards on the way using his physcokenisis, and leaves the lab. Guards spot him eventually in the Main Room and a battle scene occurs. The citiizens there just watch as the battle continues.

Blaze leaves the closet, she walks through the hallway, until a rocket launcher is launched right in front of her and makes Blaze flying back. She stands up eventually in a struggle, and sees another figure who lands here. Its a female. Consedering how the smoke makes her look like, and she has a gun in her hand. Blaze asks who she is, and the figure looks back at Blaze, she has a mechanical arm and an eyepatch and tells her that its none of her business. Blaze tells the female she almost killed her, and the figure says that she doesn't have time for this. Someone that's probably on comms with her, asks Sara if she has the thing. Sara (the figure) says she's coming and shoots at Blaze to which Blaze dodges. Blaze tells the figure she just made the wrong descision of her life. Fire then surrounds her hands, and then the two cats collide. (TOTS: Boss: Sara the Cat) (PC: Blaze). Blaze defeats Sara, and while Sara's down, Sara grabs Blaze by the neck and throws her to a wall. Sara then runs to her target.

Silver defeats all the guards, the Professor tells Silver to leave the place and quick. Then, suddenly Sara runs and jumps from the 35th floor (there's 60) and onto the 10th which is the Main Room. She tells everyone to move, she grows a gattling gun on her shoulder as well as a blaster on her mechanical hand that she points at. Everyone there stands still, in shock and confusion. Silver then looks around the place, he spots Sara. The Professor tells Silver that's the same girl that attacked Blaze. Silver then asks who Sara is, she introduces herself and tells everyone that she doesn't want to hurt them and she only wants to find Carlos Baverstock. Carlos eventually runs up the stairs, with arnour (not a battle armour, so it isn't big and bulky). He tells Sara that its been awhile, Sara tells everyone that Carlos plans on using the Genesis Portal's power to create supersoliders that'll take over Rethan and then will come back and take over Callinos as well along with the help of thier goverment. Carlos states that this is all for the money, they need money, and that they need power. He asks everyone to think of what they can do with that ammount of power. Silver states that that "power" corrupted one of thier scientists. There's a little standoff in the centre of the Main Room between the three. Until, another voice is heard. He says that that was a great scene, and claps. Everyone looks up and sees a hedgehog that slowly lands on the Main Room. He has a hood, with dark eyes and looks a little like Silver. He wears gloves with a red circle inside it at the centre like a mini core. He tells them that this whole commotion is needless, he asks why they all can't just make up like good friends. The hedgehog then looks at Silver and asks Silver if he remembers him and Silver shakes his head. The hedgehog laughs and asks if he remembers back at Mornhaun Cave with that guy that "exploded". Silver then remembers who he is, and says that he thought he died. The hedgehog laughs and says that he's back and way more prepared than a year ago. Carlos shoots at Silver, to which Silver uses his physcokenisis and blocks it from hitting him, throws it at Goliath to which  Goliath stops it and turns it into a really big dark energy ball, he throws it at Carlos to which Carlos flies out of the window and onto the ground (he drops 9 floors). The hedgehog introduces himself as Goliath the Dark. He then shoots all over the place to which everyone runs, he fires at Sara and Silver saves her by jumping on her therefore pushing to the ground. Silver tells Sara to hide, then Goliath tells Silver that he (Goliath) is way stronger than imagnined, and that during the time Silver left, he got a little more insight into who he is and what he can do. They then fight (TOTS: Boss: Goliath the Dark) (PC: Silver, Blaze*joins a little later* Sara*joins a little later*). Goliath is stronger than before, he also tells Silver that he also knows everything about Silver as well, all the mysteries surrounding him. Through Blaze's headset, the Professor tells them to leave and quick.Goliath says that he knows who Silver is a descandent of, and he even knows what Silver is in the trillions of Earths in parellel universes. Blaze throws a fireball at Goliath, to which it hits him, but he doesn't fly back. He thanks Blaze for the energy. Blaze runs to escape, while Silver creates an forcefield, and takes Sara with him. (TOTS: Free Field: Escape in 2:00) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Sara). Goliath blows up the tenth floor (Main Room) and therefore the whole building collapses (it falls into itself). The Tower of the Skies is eventually completely destroyed and many civillians dead.

Silver and Blaze head back to the Sky Rider once they're out of the building, until Sara asks if she can come with them. Silver tells her that the job is far to dangerous for her to handle, though Sara lifts her mechanical arm and tells Silver that he hasn't seen dangerous. Silver and Sara then head to the ship.

Chapter 5: Duty Calls

In the Sky Rider, which is flying in the air by auto-pilot, the Professor tells the two that they should've just left the place when he told them too. Silver then states that they're guards that spottted him and he couldn't have done anything. There's a conversation between all of them that occurs, Sara also slowly coming into the commotion. They all talk about what happened and what the plan actually was etc. Blaze though, while she's talking, she tilts her head to the window only to see that they're two jets behind them.
Futa Jets

Jet Fighters (from pintrest)

With one massive one in the middle (in the picture to the left). Silver and Sara eventually check up what's going on. Sara scans it and states that it says the Callinos X-Force Fighters. She says that the military have attacked, consedering what they did to Callinos. The Professor tells them not to worry, since the goverment usually keep things like this on lockdown. He tells them that there are some miniguns that can be activated on the sides of the ship. He then says that there's only two of those to which the person can fire. The third person has to fly the ship. Silver flies the Sky Rider while Blaze and Sara go into the sides of the ship and activate the miniguns. (Sky Rider: Activate the minigus (you'll need to complete a puzzle to do so). (PC: Blaze, Sara) They activate it and suddenly a minigun is formed on the side of the ship and the doors slide open, Blaze and Sara (on the right and left sides) prepare to fire. The Jet Fighters eventually fire at the Sky Rider, Silver orders the girls to fire to which they do. Silver controls the ship however. (Fight in the Skies: Jets Galore) (You can control any character here on the Sky Rider, except the Professor). They are now in the city flying over building. Jet Fighters whizzing past buildings and shooting with the precision. 

Edwin Starr- War (HQ)

Edwin Starr- War (HQ)

The scene's score (also during the gameplay of this part too)

The team eventually evade some jets but there's still a lot to be evaded including the massive one in the middle. (Fight in the Skies: City Attack) You can control any character here on the Sky Rider except the Professor). They evade the 2 Fighters (one crashes to a building, another blows up). Now, its left with the big one. The pilot says that the bogey is almost in pursuit, to which the Jet grows extra guns within guns and fires rapidly.

(Fight in the Skies: Boss: The Mortifero Pecus) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Sara). They defeat the Mortifero Pecus since it drops into the water and explodes too. The Sky Rider continues to fly and the team rest. The Professor states that it has been a long day and that he thinks they should all get some rest.

Silver and Blaze are in the Sky Rider, Silver is laying down on a bed. Its nightime and the Sky Rider is an auto pilot and in the skies. He sleeps and we see (in his perspective) him talking to a hedgehog.  The hedgehog tells Silver to follow him to which Silver does. Then, we see this lab room. The hedgehog asks Silver what he thinks and Silver's reaction is shock. He looks around the place, until there's this raygun. Silver opens it and it looks pretty awesome, there's a tube in which the hedgehog goes in. Although, he's eventually locked and bangs the glass, asking for help. Silver recognises and tries to free him until the raygun's beam hits the hedgehog and he's filled up with some sort of energy. The hedgehog tells Silver to hide and to save himself, Silver hides, then there's a flash and Silver wakes up. He spots Blaze who is standing near a window, watching the night cloud's go by as well as the beautiful stars shining in the night sky. Silver asks Blaze if she's ok, and Blaze says that she's fine though she just doesn't feel right with all that's been going on lately. She's scared that Goliath might actually be the person to finish them off, Silver encourages her that they'll probably win and that they'll defeat Golaith, no matter what it takes. Silver says that they can't just rush it, they need to find some answers and how he got better at using his powers and how he knows everything about him (Silver). There's a conversation of encouragement then Silver sleeps. The camera still focuses Blaze and Silver sleeps in the background. She closes her eyes, and we see Blaze in a pink and white laced cape with a sword then it flashes back to current day. Sara hears the whole conversation, while she fixes her mechanical arm with some tools, and in her head she's processing what's been going on recently. The person on comms asks where she is and why she isn't back yet. Sara then says she'll come back, but now isn't the time. She takes the wrist comm off and closes it and continues to process the conversation Silver and Blaze had and her life.

In Onyx City, the City Coucil are watching the news. They are seeing what happened on Callinos, with Carlos' death, as well as the Tower of the Skies completely devestated because of a "mysterious figure". The reporters say that Carlos fell 9 stories down the Tower of the Skies, and his body was found in blood, as blood was splattered on the ground. One member tells the Council that the vigilanties were probably here. One member asks how they're so sure, and the member that stated the fact tells the Civil Protection Robot to rewind. Then, we see camera recordings from someone on a building oppisite. The Civil Protection Robot says that he recognises the two vigilanties from the TOTS. It scans it and eventually recognises. It tells them that his databank is showing him that they snuck in for something. The City Council state that they have to head to Callinos, to collect some info. They'll go tommorow with the O.P.D and some of the robots.

Morning eventually arrives, the Sky Rider is still flying in the clouds and the sun is shining. The Professor tells the team that he thinks that he might leave Onyx City since he thinks that the OPD are probably onto him. Silver tells the Professor if if he thinks its best, he can do it, since its now more likely they'll find out he (the Professor) is working with them. The Professor also tells the team that he's heard rumours about the Council are leaving to find them with the help of some Civil Protection Robots, however, they don't know where they're going. Blaze asks what thier next location is, and the Professor states that thier next location is Mehica and they'll head in a few hours.

Although, Silver then hears sounds in Sara's room, like she's talking to someone. Silver checks, but then Sara (hidinhg the fact) asks what Silver's doing, and Silver asks if she was talking to anyone to which she declines. Then, they head to Mehica. (Mehica: Supreme Island) (Mehica: Polluted Patterns) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Sara). Silver and Blaze finds the Genesis Portal, although a figure comes out of it. (Mehica: Boss: Bloodbird) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Sara). While they're fighting, Silver sees Sara talking to someone on wrist comms. After the battle, and while they're on the Sky Rider, Silver asks Sara for the truth. Sara then confesses, there's an arguement between them and Blaze suddenly intervenes and so does the Professsor (who states that they shouldn't have trusted Sara). Blaze asks Sara who was on the wrist comms, and Sara tells them that its a secret organization she works with. The Professor says that he can't find info on who's on the other side of the comms, Sara then says that there's no goverment files on them as well as "him" or "Mr Nobody" and no trackings. Silver asks if that's illegal, and Sara says that it is though the orginazation she's working with kill targets with a bounty on them or if they're threats. Silver asks Sara if they're (Silver) a bounty and Sara says that they're not though they wanted info. Silver, angered by this, points his hand at her face (threatining him, since a energy ball is about to be formed). Sara tells Silver to shoot her then, she screams to Silver to shoot at her, then there's a flash with the hedgehog and Silver, another one then Blaze knocks her out.

A little after that, Sara has her mechanical arm in a vise and Blaze sits down with her. Sara then tells Blaze that she's sorry for what happened. Blaze tells them that its ok, then after a conversation, Blaze asks where her secret organization base is. The scene cuts to them flying to the base. 

Corlaias E-10 Base

In the base, there's someone that's checking the radar for any flying objects. Its a human and he states that there's some sort of flying vehicle that's requesting permission to land. Sara eventually says that its her through the radio then the human tells them that its Sara and she's back. Someone (to which we don't see, but the human looks back at the camera) tells the human to let them land, but still tell the guards to aim thier weapons at the ship, but not to fire, just incase. Then the guards aim at the ship just to make sure. The Sky Rider eventually un-camoflauges and comes into view. It lands. Then, the door opens. The guards cock thier weapons. Sara walks out the ship, she then says that its ok, she's in safe hands. Silver and Blaze follow. Then, the main man, presumably comes. He's a monkey by the name, "Gaul" but they can call him Mr Nobody. He wears a brown jacket, with brown boots and a bandana on his mouth. He also has a gun on his back, he takes off his bandana and asks where Sara has been. Sara says that she has been in the place they told her to be in. Gaul tells them to come to his office. (Corlaias E-10 Base: Free Field: Follow Gaul).


The Weapon (on Gaul's table) By Javroviski

They're inside his office, and Gaul asks who the two are (Silver and Blaze). Sara introduces them, then Gaul remembers them as the vigilanties that disappeared in Onyx City. Silver asks why they wanted info from them, and Gaul says that he wanted Sara to do it since it was actually intresting to him that they are actually wanted back in thier hometown and the news are "loving" the two. Though, the Council of thier hometown has put a bounty of 2,000,000,000P (Pixels). And that's alot of money. Blaze and Silver then ready themselves. Gaul then gets a weapon on the table (that looks exactly like in the picture). He picks up the ammo (he throws it into the air and lands in the gun) and points it at Silver. Sara asks what Gaul is doing, and Gaul says that if they kill them they'll be rich and they'll be able to mobe from this town. As well as help Sara's arm. Sara and Blaze persuade Gaul not to kill Silver, Silver (using his physcokenisis) flicks the gun out of his hands and punches Gaul. Sara tells Silver and Gaul to stop it, Sara asks Gaul what he was doing and Gaul says that they can kill Silver right now and after they tell the Onyx City Council. Blaze tells Gaul that they have no idea what the Council are like and they won't keep thier promises. She states that there was no point trying to kill Silver. Gaul rubs the blood of his nose, he then tells the two that they better not give him "shit" (meaning any trouble from outsiders, the Council or the goverment), Gaul then marches out the room. Silver apologises to Sara about what happened on the Sky Rider and what he caused here with Gaul. The Professor tells Blaze to go to a private place since he needs to talk to her, only. Blaze then leaves. 

Sara tells Silver that she understands its just that Gaul is a person who wants rings and pixels and anything of his intrest. Sara then summarizes that he's quite a self-conscious guy. They then have a conversation. The conversation leads to Sara explaining her past and why she got her mechanical arm. She says that it was a mission that she was on once, here. It was mission where they had to fight off the Valdarians (aliens) in Myro. And one day, Sara was captured and taken in. They usually had this tradition when they captured thier enimies called, "The Segementam Ceremony". It was usually in thier so called "church" (since it totally didn't look like one in any way possible). They would put thier enimies to the alter, and slice them into little bits. The enemy they sliced would be stripped, and all the clothing would be off of him/her. The Valdarians would then chop and slice them into tiny pieces in front of a crowd. This happened to Sara, they sliced her cheek, and they chopped off her arm. Then, the Corlaiais soliders came and rescued her just in time. They replaced her arm with a mechanical one. Silver asks why they needed to help it, since Gaul said that and her arm is fixed. Sara says that she needs a special medicine that continues to keep her blood cells attached somehow to the mechanical arm, so that it doesn't affect her. With the money, Silver's worth, they could probably be able to make loads as well as have the money to be able to connect the mechanical arm and its properties with Sara's blood tissue. Silver expresses her sorrow and talks about his past, at least what he can remember. Blaze walks into the room and tells Silver that they need to head to the next Genesis Portal, since Goliath is racing them there. Silver then has an idea. The three look for Gaul and eventually find him talking to a guard. Silver tells Gaul what;s going on and how they're looking for the Genesis Portals, he also tells Gaul about thier importance and why they need to be closed. Sara then says that they could really be helping the world. Gaul isn't convinced, until Sara convinces him (she mentions how her daughter would be really proud). The Professor informs the team that the next location is Ghali City.Then, they prepare. 

Eventually, Silver, Blaze and Sara go on the Sky Rider and fly to Ghali City with some other back up fleet. (Ghali City: Mystic City ) (Ghali City: Glorious Land) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Sara, Gaul). Eventually, when they reach the Portal, Goliath suddenly shows up. He laughs quite menacingly, and tells Silver that he (Golaith) honestly thought Silver wasn't goanna come with backup. Goliath says that its nice to meet Silver as well as his "guests". He also recognises Sara from the incident in Callinos. He tells Silver to introduce him, Gaul does eventually ask who Goliath is to which Silver does. Gaul gets his gun ready to fire and Goliath warns Gaul and tells him that what he jist did wasnt a smart move. Goliath explains to all of them that now he knows everything about the portal. How to close it, how to open it etc. Goliath says that he now knows a way to unleash various monsters out of them. Blaze asks what he means and Goliath tells them that he now plans to unleash creatures from all the portals. Since he already has the power to do it, thanks to the Darkness, and he can go through portals without there being a limit to how far he can go and how long he can stay there. Silver says he'll stop Goliath, and Goliath asks Silver if hes so sure about that. Goliath walks away from the Portal enough so the whole Portal is seen and a monster emerges out of it. (Ghali City:Boss: Spitfire) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Sara, Gaul). Spitfire does kill most of the guards and so does Goliath in an assisted battle. Gaul is almost killed too until Silver unwillingly saves him. Goliath, using physcokenisis, throws the team back, except Silver who he grabs by the neck.Goliath tells Silver, close up, that he can see everything and knows everything about Silver. He then calls himself, Silver's "guardian angel". Goliath then says he'll see Silver soon, and throws Silver away. Then, Goliath turns into ashes of darkness. 

At the base, Gaul and Silver get into an arguement consedering the ammount of deaths. Gaul tells Silver that he knew he wasn't trustworthy. Silver then says that at least he tried to warn them and that he saved Gaul's life. Gaul punches Silver,  to which Silver is about to use his physcokenisis though Blaze and Sara as well as the guards seperate the two. Gaul starts shouting at Silver that one of his best teamates die. Silver tells Gaul that he never intended for 28 of Gaul's guards to die, there's a short silence, then Silver says that he's seen a million people perish than this. He then walks off.

The Onyx City Council have depatured and head for Callinos. They make it and see the destruction of the TOTS building and to thier surprise, some other towers are a little torn. The ship lands, right near the destruction where some goverment agents are waiting for them. There's a wall being constructed blocking off the TOTS. The Council with the Police Soliders go inside their cars (they all look the same) [Look like this ]. They arrive at the goverment's Hall of Executives. They then talk with the President about the vigilanties, the incident, who was involved and even theorizing why it occured. The Council also ask about happened with the other buildings and the leaders explain how they're some jet fighters that were chasing a ship and that happened. The Coucil thank the leaders for the info and leave. They then come up with a plan and that is to track the ship that was chased as they had suspicions about it. 

Silver is sitting down in his room, Blaze enters with some food on a plate to which she lays down on his bed. She asks Silver if he's ok, then Silver explains to her that Gaul doesn't understand what both of them have been through. Blaze then tells Silver that he is an "a-hole" though he's been through a lot. Silver asks how Blaze knows and she talks about how she's seen pictures in Gaul's office, how he had a daughter and a wife. She also remembers when Sara was convinicing Gaul to come with them, she was talking about Gaul's daughter. The two then begin to have a conversation about life and Gaul as well as if it was right coming to the base.

Silver eventually visits Gaul and tries to get along with him. Gaul's not really in the mood overall, though Silver  explains to him how he (Silver) knows that Gaul had a daughter and a family. He explains to him that he understands what he's been through, Gaul (who's sitting down on the table, reloading his gun as well as fixing it) tells Silver that he doesn't understand what he (Gaul) has been through, Silver then tells him that he was in a place where everything was devestated. And, as Silver could tell, it was him and Blaze versues this menace called Iblis. Silver also tells Gaul how the "world" was in flames, and that he saw people burn crying to be saved. Silver then says that he even saw kids die and it wasn't pleasent. Gaul puts hus gun down and tells Silver that all those people that he saw burn, he didn't know them. Silver though tells Gaul he still thought that the people didn't deserve to die. Silver then ends the conversation and tells Gaul he knows what Gaul has been through and wanted to end this feud between him and Gaul. Silver apologises and then he walks out the room, the Professor calls Silver via headset and explains to him that something big is going down. The Professor tells Silver that he's taking the next plane to Callinos to find the two or at least go to Callinos and go to the base they're in. Silver asks what's going down though and the Professor states the Council have left and according to the news, and have talked to the goverment, now there's a bounty on the Sky Rider, he also explains how they're also tracking it themselves. Silver tells the Professor that he (Professor) made the right choice to leave since they're getting closer to being onto him. The Professor then tells Silver to go into the Sky Rider since the matter he's about to explain is a little more private for now.

The scene skips to the interior of the Sky Rider, and Silver's sitting down, the Professor's holographic head in front of him. The Professor's plan is to find Goliath's base for now, since the Professor can't track the next Portal. Consedering the fact he's on the plane and all the tech is in his bag. Silver asks the Professor if he's sure about this and the Professor says that that might be the only option they have left for now, until the Professor gets to Callinos and also they can't just wait since the Council and Goliath are possibly looking for Silver and Blaze anyway. Silver asks the Professor if he's tracked it yet, and the Professor says that he's looking. He then eventually scans Goliath and finds out that his base is off the radar as well, its called Morongou. Silver asks how the Professor tracked the base so quickly, the Professor states that that's the place with the most Geneisis Portals, and some people. Silver is a little skeptical however he still does accept the travel.

The Professor informs the team of the mission, they eventually get on with it. They prepare their weapons and gear, as well as thier fighting skills and combat techniques for an hour. Then, they take lift-off. The scene cuts to Gaul who looks at the photo of him, his daughter and his wife. He smile, knowing thier in a better place and tells them that this isn't the end of him. He puts the photo down and keeps on reloading his gun. The fleets then head for Morongou.

The camera cuts to Goliath, with the biggest Genesis Portal (not huge like the Portal to a Thousand Worlds). He steps out from this pod, that's upstraight. There's a guard that was apart of Gaul's team, strapped to a chair looking away from the portal. Goliath then asks him how the last 3 days have been sitting there. The guard doesn't resist though and tries to stay strong, but it doesn't last long. Golaith interogates him, punching him repeatedly and turning his head to the portal. After quite a lot of pain and suffering, Goliath grabs the man along with the chair and throws him in. Goliath then somehow controls the portal and tries to close it, a figure then jumps out the portal. The uniform that the guard wore has moulded and melted into his skin as well as the chair, and he also has powers. His face is also pretty messed up. The guy's head then goes on fire (intentionally) and goes off again, Goliath smiles at him and puts his arm around him. Goliath tells him that they'll rule the world together and avenge his (Goliath's) brother. Goliath tells the guy though he'll think of a name for him soon, Goliath grabs the guy's head and sticks his head in the portal to which the guy gets more powerful, and therefore on the other side of the portal. the guy's heads there and the place is in is kind of messed up, and it looks the world is destroying itself at least in the guy's eyes. Then, the guy screams consedering the power going through him.



The team arrive at the island. (Morongou: Levitating Towers) (Morongou: Plain Lands) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gaul, Sara). They don't really get how Goliath would be in such a not-that-menacing kind of place. However, they don't see him or the Portal. Silver finds a cave and thinks that Goliath might be somewhere down there. The team go there. Gaul tells some guards to guard the entrance of the cave and to warn them if anything happens. Gaul then tells Silver that this might be a trap and that this could be a distraction to where Goliath actually is. Silver says that he'll take his chances. They start to hear strange noises and notice some unnatural things about the cave. They come to a space where there's torches on the ground (not electronic, the sticks with fire on them). Blaze spots some writing carved into the wall. Sara then calls everyone since there's a warning on one side of the wall. It says "You think that your safe. Your not. This world will perish and so will your friends you call family in the ocean you call sea. None of you will survive. And once I have what I want, this world and every world will be destroyed and under my mercy. I will avenge my soul brother. This espiecally goes to a fellow friend named Silver. What are you afraid of? Don't worry I'm your guardian angel". Silver states that Goliath wrote this and he's deffinetly here then. They continue to explore the cave, there's a dead end. But, Blaze grows a fireball and launches it at the wall revealing an even wider and spacious cave. There's even more torches here. Silver spots a secret room in the place, he goes inside. Then, the side of the room breaks, and there's a glowing box on a stone table. Blaze walks next to him, making Silver get a little shocked (scared). He then asks Blaze what the box might be, Blaze tells Silver to open it then. Silver does so, and when its opened, there's a invisible unharmful explosion that occurs. However, it doesn't destroy or kill anyone/thing. Silver stands up and inside the box is a some sort of gem. Its orange and glowing. Its oddly rectangular with patterns on it. Unlike any gem they've seen before. Not even Blaze knows of the gem, then Silver has a flash and feels like he knows it from somewhere for a second. He sees some giant animal in his 2 second vision, kind of like an elephant. Silver slowly picks up the gem, and then a figure comes and tells them that they're not supposed to be here. Its face is filled with dark bees that fly around it, leaving his face unseen. His body is also in darkness. The figure grows really long claws and attacks. (Morongou: Boss: The Protector) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Sara, Gaul). 

Silver asks if the Protector is working for Goliath, he says that Goliah told him that he was ment to protect the box forever and that it was his destiny to protect it from anyone who attemps to steal it. Silver then realises, if the figure is here, that means there's a Portal lying around somewhere. Silver tries using telepathy to find out and his mind eventually finds a connection with a Portal just beyond where they are. None of the team can break the wall down that remains, Gaul then points his gun at the Protector and tells him to break the walls or he'll die. The Protector gets his claws and rapidly slices the wall, and suddenly, the whole wall drops. They see the Portal, the Protector murmurs something to himself, then he attacks the team again (Morongou: Boss: The Protector II) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Sara, Gaul).This time, he tries to throw them all into the Portal, Gaul gets a robotic hand glove from a wrist watch, and then fights the Protector. The Protector does slowly grow in size, he grabs Silver and is about to throw him into the portal, until Gaul does a "Superman Punch " at the Protector, knocking him into the portal and saving Silver. Gaul says "now we're even" while Silver smirks then closes the portal. 

Blaze states that they might as well leave since Goliath has probably been notified. They leave the cave and enter thier fleets. The cave then collpases while the Sky Rider along with the Corlaias' fleets head off. 

The camera zooms out only to see Gold who's standing on top of one of the buildings on Morongou. She looks at the fleets that leaves, then she goes on her hoverboard.

Chapter 6: Out of Hand

Silver, Blaze, Sara and Gaul are in the Sky Rider, and while its flying back. Silver asks the Professor what the gem is. The Professor actually doesn't know and therefore can't acquire any data from it. He states that it does look quite ancient though, so probably its been in the cave for years, maybe milleniums. The Professor tells Silver (and Blaze) that he'll check on Edmund to see if he can give them some info. The Professor calls Edmund who responds. They tell him about these gems and what they are. Edmund tells them that the gem is probably something called a Time Stone. Edmund explains about how they've gone missing for quite some time in the tombs of a planet called. There's a little pause, then Edmund says the "Little Planet ". 

Edmund tells the team that Little Planet is a little planet that passes Mobius every year for a month. That's where the Time Stones are meant to be since they're hosted there. Blaze asks who lives there, and Edmund says that it usually passes the Never Lake and that place is still a mystery and if anyone lives there (either the planet or near the Lake) they don't make themselves known so that the threat of attackers are low. Edmund does say that they're really close secret scriptures that he found stating that the legend Amy Rose's cousin King R 'o Hedge lived there with his little army of Freedom Fighters. Rumours say that a owl spirit named Nicholas O'Tyme is there as well as a being called the Knight of Kronos. Edmund then says that they're loads of rumours about the inhabitants that live there. They're Genesis Portals there however. As Albion kept the Portals and the Little Planet a secret and Albion's Eayans as well as Emperor were expirementing with them. Silver then says that they're not going Albion, since it might be destroyed by now. Edmund says that Albion is not completely destroyed although it is hidden somewhere after the great war 1400 years ago. The Professor then says that he might have an idea. Then, something hits the ship.

Two Steps From Hell - Unforgiven

Two Steps From Hell - Unforgiven

Gold's score

Sara asks what is going on now, Blaze looks out the window and sees Gold riding an upgraded hoverboard. She puts a finger over her mouth (signaling "Shhhhh") she then smirks and flies over the ship. Blaze tells the Silver that its Gold. She gets a gun and jumps on the top of the Sky Rider. She gets a gun and shoots at the top of the ship repeatedly trying to break the top off. Gaul's fleets then fire at her and Gold shoots at them back with quite the prescision. One fleet drops due to Gold killing the driver. The fleet drops on another small fleet (and some guards actually jump out the fleet as seen). Gold breaks the top part of the Sky Rider (not all of it, enough so she can fit in). Silver asks Gold what she's doing, and Gold says that they still don't know how to go away. She then shoots to which Silver blocks with an energy shield. Blaze shoots fireballs at her, and Gold dodges them as well as Gaul who is taking cover behind a wall with his gun. Sara tries to punch her and Gold blocks the punch and kicks her to the ground. (Sky Rider: Free Field: Defeat Gold) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Sara, Gaul). Gold is suddenly cornered by them, and she then puts her gun down. She then tells them that she has something to do and they aren't letting her get to it. Gaul asks what she wants to do, Gold then tells Gaul that its none of thie concern. Blaze tells Gold that they can help her. Gaul handcuffs her and puts her in a cell in the Sky Rider. Gaul tells her she won't be here for long, only until they arrive at the base and then they have a few questions to ask her. They arrive at the base and unlock Gold from her cell, she is still sitting there in her cell but when the guards come, she asks if they're goanna take her out of this "crap" now. They don't say anything however they, like said, unlock her and bring her to a room in the base. The whole team are in this room, as well as the Professor and Edmund's holographic heads. Silver asks why she is following them and Gold interrupts though states that she wasn't following them, she wanted to do something and everywhere she went they're there like some creepy stalkers. Gold states that every single step of the way, Silver and his team were always there. The Professor asks Gold what she wants to do and what are her intentions. Gold sighs, though she tells them that she has been looking for the Genesis Portals because she wants to find her brother. The team are confused and don't believe her to be honest. She then explains to them her backstory and why she is doing this to them.

Gold says that she used to be apart of the Onyx City Council, she was apart of the more higher up members. She was there for quite a while, 3 years to be precise. Her family was taken from her and she was upset about this. Her brother was the person that'd make her day everyday and she couldn't handle loosing him at the first few months of being at the Council, and as years went by. She could never stop thinking about him. However, the Council were ruthless and warm-hearted people. She says that she witnessed many deaths during those years because of them and done by them. How, they used to kill thier own members because they say something they weren't ment too, the way they kill people, the way they interrogate them etc. They even almost killed her for saying too much, or at least, almost. She saw who they really were and never trusted them. One day, they had a meeting with leaders of Kapros, they had files about a top secret classified thing that happened. She saw that there was an explosion due to the Genesis Portals there, though, the Portal's explosion wasn't really one that was normal. It sucked everything in. They're portals everywhere. They sealed the place and locked up. They closed all the Portals too. She also saw the people involved and caught in it, she scanned the sheet and saw her brother, Jamie Kraig. His full name (including middle) was the same as her's and she knew. So, after some time and planning, she escaped the Council taking the uniform too. She snuck out and was finally free. She spent a year learning about the portals and the physics of it as well as the side effects that come into play. She discovered that if in the portal to long it can affect the person's nerve system as well as thier brain and even thier body itself, she learnt about how the Genesis Portals can lead anywhere. Dimmensions, somewhere in the past, present or future. She was determined to find her brother. She gathered some tenrecs to join her and left. Now, she can scan portals with her special device as well as her eyes to tell whether its dimmensional or not. Even, knows how to close it too.

Gaul asks her where she got her weapons from, and she says that she spent some time learning about weapons, espiecally the MNG-99 and some soundwave weapons. Blaze asks how they're meant to believe her since Gold could be working with Goliath. Gold says that she will never work for Goliath as he's a crazy man. The team besides Gold huddle up and have a conversation about whether Gold should join them and whether they should believe her. Eventually, they come to a descision and ask Gold if she can redeem herself and join the team since they're looking for the Genesis Portals, they want to take down the Council and probably find her brother too. Gold asks how she can trust them since they might dump her in the cell in the Sky Rider again. Edmund says that that won't happen again. Suddenly, there's screaming heard and people running. Something hits the base as well. Gaul asks a guard that's with the team to check what's going on. A siren is then heard, and it does sound like the ones where a base is getting attacked (like miliitary). The guard opens the door and suddenly, he's dragged up by something. Gaul gets his gun and looks as well as Silver who goes with. The rest have a focused eye on Gold who's sitting on a table, fixing her gun.

Gaul and Silver are about to get taken by some weird flying thing that's covered in darkness however it misses. Silver and Gaul then try uncover the truth behind the mystery. (Corlaias E-10 Base: Free Field: Ask guards what happened and what occured) (PC: Silver, Gaul). The two gather up that its Goliath who attacked with an army. Gaul questions why, and Silver tells him that its the Time Stones. He says that they stole the Time Stone from Goliath and he probably located them to take it back. Silver though only asks where he got the army from and Gaul says that these are all either people in general and guards of his put into the Genesis Portal and forcefully about to be closed. Since, that feeds them with power, and corrupts them. Suddenly, while Gaul and Silver are fighting, they spot a guard of Gaul's thats bee corrupted. His head is on fire, and he has some armour too. Gaul sees the corrupted creature's badge, Gaul tells Silver that that is his best solider and that he was always strong when things were rough. The badge is kind of burnt though. The person says that his name is Spitfire and he is Goliath's new protector. Silver and Gaul attack him. (Corlaias E-10 Base: Free Field: Defeat Spitfire) (PC: Silver, Gaul). They don't defeat Spitfire, though they do weaken him. He fires at Gaul to which Gaul ducks he then hides behind a car. He tells all his troops to leave with the escape vehicles and thier fleets through Walkie Talkie. They do so, and fight in the process. Spifire then fires at Silver to which Silver uses his physcokenisis and blocks the attack. He deflects the shot and hits Spitfire. He then disappears in fire. 

To the room, though, Gold says that they can't stay inside here forever. Sara says that they do know that. They put on the headset and grab Gold along too. Sara, though, still doesn't trust Gold. They exit the room and there's an explosion in the room, knocking the three back off the second floor and onto the floor. Then, the camera switches to Goliath. He's walking through the whole gunfire. He does kill some guards, and knocks some away. Goliath shouts and asks where the Time Stone is. Gaul's guards continue to fire at Goliath, although don't stand a chance. Silver tells Gaul that they need to get to the Sky Rider and that they all need to leave the base. Gaul argues that he's been in this place for years and he's sure as hell that if he leaves the place for too long the goverment will find him and he will be dead. Silver tells Gaul that they have no choice or they'll die now. Gaul does have a sort of emotional impact and looks around the place. Silver tells Gaul that he (Silver) is leaving and so are the others with or without him. Silver then gets hit by a dark energy blast. He stands up only to see Goliath walking up to him with a dark phasma blade in his hand. He tells Silver that he knows he has it, and he wants it back. As well as Silver's life. Silver and Golaith collide while Gaul takes cover and fires. (Corlaias E-10 Base: Free Field: Defeat Goliath) (PC: Silver, Gaul). Silver and Goliath start using physcokenisis against each other, so they start throwing vehicles with thier minds at each other as well as a little flying too. Silver uses Pyschic Charge at Goliath sending Goliath flying however, when he drops he teleports back to where he was and tells Silver that he can't kill him. Goliath grabs Silver and throws him to a building. Gold then comes and shoots at Goliath and so does Gaul. The Professor tells Blaze that she, Sara and the rest of the team need to get back to the Sky Rider. Gold is suddenly hit by a dark energy ball but it doesn't send her flying back. Goldust just drops, and then she shoots a gold energy blast with her hands. Although after that, she doesn't know what she's just done.Goliath does go flying back. Silver tells the team that they don't have time for this and they need to get to th Sky Rider and leave. Goliath then tells his army to destroy the Sky Rider.

Then, more of Goliath's attackers head for the Sky Rider whil Gaul shoots them down, and Sara and Blaze fight them. The Professor tells Blaze there's no time to fight and that when they get in the Sky Rider, there's a protection system he installed into the ship incase of events like the one that's occuring. He then says that its at the Control Panel, and its the green button the wall. The code is 19601. Blaze and the rest enter the Sky Rider quickly and they do as the Professor said. 

Silver and Goliath are still in battle however. Goliath tells Silver that he's weak and he's nothing. He says that he plays hero, only so people can trust him. Goliath then tells Silver that he knows everything about him and he knows about how Silver has time travelled and he still hasn't told the team yet. Goliath then brings up that Silver doesn't know his past properly and he gets flashes of his previous life before the Iblis dissaster. He continues to talk about the timeline, he says that he knows Silver's parents. Silver, angry, asks Goliath why he wants him dead so badly and why he's doing this to him. Silver says that the Darkness isn't in control of him anymore. Goliath does tell Silver that he knows, Goliath says to Silver that the timeline that him and Sonic changed messed up everything. Goliath does give quite a beatdown on Silver, until when Goliath is about to tell Silver why he hates him the Sky Rider appears behind them with a light that shines on them. It shoots at Goliath, although this doesn't affect him. Silver flies up to the Sky Rider and Goliath follows. (FITS: Crazy Fireflight) (PC: Silver) (FITS: Dark Clouds) (PC: Silver). Spitfire does appear flying up to Silver, shooting at him. Silver dodges and then has an idea. He uses his physcokenisis to stop the fireball from hitting him. He then deflects it at Goliath. Silver then flies to the Sky Rider, while it shoots down at Goliath and Spitfire. Spitfire and Goliath disappear in fire while the base is then left in ruins while some of the surviving army invade.

The Sky Rider is now flying along with the other fleets high up in the air. The Professor has programmed the ship to auto pilot and then looks at the team. He tells them that he has got off the airplane and he's arrived in Callinos. He's goanna rent the same place they did, and stay there for presumably a day. He tries to lighten the team up consedering the silence, he says that the good news is that they can now locate the Genesis Portals and continue with the mission. Blaze tells the Professor that Goliath is probably onto them and might be releasing creatures from every Genesis Portal as they speak. The Professor then says that that's no reason to stop trying. Silver (who's sitting on a chair, looking down, arms folded) tells the Professor they still need to find a hideout. Sara suggests the Space Colony ARK since it crashed years ago and the goverment haven't even come near it for some reason. Blaze states that something dangerous might be inside it, Gaul though says that he'll take his chances and says that th Space Colony ARK is big enough for all of them. And that whatever is in there, they have to defeat it. The Professor finds the location. Sara tells Silver that they're still finding the Genesis Portals. Silver says that they just need a place to lay low then they'll continue with the task at hand. The Professor informs the team that the journey there will take 5 hours so they better get "comfy". Then the camera zooms out as the ship slowly turns invisible and continues heading for its destination.

Silver enters a room, and sits there inside the Sky Rider. Gold's inside, fixing her gun. There's tears dropping from her eyes. She's talking to herself about her brother. Gold tells Silver she's fine, not looking at him, while doing so. Silver does question how she did that but in his head. Silver tells Gold that she's crying, Gold says that its nothing. Silver tells Gold that she can tell him. After some motivation, Gold finally comes clean and tells Silver that she was lying about her backstory when she told the team. Most of it was false, except finding her brother and being part of the Council. Silver asks what her real backstory is then. She explains how she is from another dimmension. She lived in peace and harmony and then a giant monster attacked through a Genesis Portal. She lived with her brother and he got sucked into one of th Portals, not the same as Gold's. She was about to die until she was sucked into a Genesis Portal. She ended up at the Science Centre at Onyx City. The Council invited her to become a member, they taught her and trained her. They told her about the C.I.T.I.Z.E.N code and thier laws. They're quite strict. She did stay with them for 3 years and she didn't feel right knowing her brother might be dead. Although, she did learn over time the cruelity of the Council, how if you said the wrong thing at the wrong time you could be killed etc. A member could be killed for any reason, even in front of other Leaders. She states that she grew a bond with one of the member, Simon, until eventually he was killed for doing a sign that ment "Death". So, they killed him for it, even though till this day Gold doesn't know if he wanted to die or not. She explains all the tragic things that happened there and all thier plans. They want to expirement on some people at the city and swap thier minds together, they have a bigger plan of mind controlling all citizens of th City Council. She then says that during the time she was there, she learnt they're using her as a way to get info on the Genesis Portals and they began to subdue her to do so. That's when she wanted to leave the place, knowing what they're real plan is. She planned to escape, did and searched more about the Portals like she said before as her plan currently is to find her brother wherever he is. Silver sits there taking it all in, while Gold begins to crack up. Silver then takes the headset off his ear, and the Professor's holographic head appears. Silver tells the Professor to hack the screens of Onyx City. Gold questions what Silver is doing and tells him he doesn't need to do it. The Professor does and then Silver tells him to put a camera on him for all the city to see. 

In Onyx City, the people there are doing they're casual things continuing thier day as normal. Silver's face appears on all screens of the city. He tells them that he has something that he wants to tell them. The people all watch in wonder. While, Gold just looks in shock. Silver tells them that the Council are not who they think they are and that they're corrupt and have a very corrupt mind. He says that they have plans, hidden plans with other World Leaders, expirements. To mind control all of them so they can all do thier bidding. Silver says that the Council are very secretive people and that they shouldn't trust them of all people. Silver then tells Gold to come up, she does and tells them that she use to be apart of the Council. She says that she saw what they did to thier own crew and that they killed thie own people. She says that they have no regard for them and that they should all stand tall and rebel against this order. Silver says that they don't control them and that this is a free world. The people then agree (hence the "Yeah!" and the applause as well as "Woo!"). Silver tells them (more triumphantly) that they will stand up to the Council as they are all unique and no one's special. Silver tells them that today is the day, the poor open will open thier eyes, the suffering walk and the people of the city rebel.

Two Steps From Hell - Heart of Courage (Invincible)

Two Steps From Hell - Heart of Courage (Invincible)

The Rebel of Onyx City score

 Everyone shouts in anger and suddenly run attacking the Civil Protection Robots and the Police Soldiers. Some fal while some actually sucseed. Some robots that aren't CP, even attack. They throw some people away, there's robots that verse the CP Robots, as well as the soliders. Its quite epic. The people all fight for this one last day to rebel. They escape the city and fight for thier lives. An epic song occuring.

The Council watch this, angered that the people have officially broken the C.I.T.I.Z.E.N Code. They then track where the video came from. The video ends. Gold hugs Silver. The Professor smiles, and Gold thanks Silver for that. Silver says that he just wants everyone to be happy. The Professor does inform Silver that his actions will cause great impact on the Council and therefore more concentraction on Silver's location. Silver tells the Professor he'll do whatever he can. 

Space Colony PXE

Crashed Space Colony ARK

The Sky Rider lands right near the Space Colony ARK. It does seem quite weird to them as it is in plain sight however it has crashed near the ocean. There's a huge hole as well which might be a result of it crashing. Silver asks the Professor what happened to the ARK and the Professor tells Silver that the ARK crashed 200 years ago, after an incident. This happened in result of the robots there gaining to much artifical intelligence. So, they basically turned against the people onboard and then there was technically a fight that occured. Then, it got too out of hand and crashed, because they hacked into the Ecplise Canon, but they turned it and made it blow up the ARK. That's why there's the hole at least. Silver tells them that he'll explore. (Clomian Beach: Sandy Plains) (Clomian Beach: Blazing Sands) Silver encounters a weird aquatic creature that comes out the sand. (Clomian Beach: Boss: Kork Squid) (PC: Silver). He does give the team the all-clear and thy all eventually head in. Gaul, Blaze, Sara and Gold head in the fleet prepared for whatever is to come. The Professor tells the team that the goverment don't come here, so something is probably still in here, Silver says that they're some weird creatures in the beach so there might be one inside as well. Blaze tells the team that they might as well explore the AR just for a checkup. (Space Colony ARK: Torn Hallways) (Space Colony ARK: Destroyed Rooms) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gaul, Sara, Gold). They do spot some surviving robots and eventually spot one large destroyed room, but it could be multiple rooms as the ARK was destroyed. Although, its an exteremly big torn room. The team enter and then see some roots that have grown into the ship. Suddenly, there's a shake that is felt, then afterwards its a huge one. Then, a giant sea creature rises from the ground that is a hummanoid. Its a shark with really human features. It tells them that this is his home and he is the king now. He attacks the team. (Space Colony ARK: Boss: King Nanune)  (PC: Silver, Gold, Blaze, Sara, Gaul). They defeat the hummanoid and free the ship from control. Sara then explains to the team that they might as well make the best of what they have. Gaul then says that Goliath and the Council are tracking them as they speak, so they better protect it as they (the team) have the Time Stone. The Professor tells the team that he'll scan the ARK for any threats and see if he can get it back online again. He also asks Silver when he's (the Professor)'s done to come to him as he needs to talk to Silver about a plan he has.

The camera cuts over to Goliath walking through this pile of fleets and eventually came upon the largest fleet in plain sight. Spitfire asks Goliath why he needs the fleet.

Nega's Wreckage Fleet

Goliath tells Spifire that he has some things to do. He enters the Wreckage and it was really massive. He does realise it is a massive fleet and one that he can use to track the team after they make it work. After the tour, bullets are fired at Goliath. Goliath deflects the bullets then asks who's there. More bullets are fired and 2 rocket launchers. Then, the robot lands. Its very sleek in design, and is one of Nega's robots. It has mechanical wings on him and there's Nega's symbol on his wing. Goliath tells the robot to move out of thier way and the robot states that it can't do that. Then, a guard by the name, Menace attacks the robot. (Wreckage: Free Field: Defeat Menace) (PC: N-RSP the Robot). The robot defeats Menace and asks Goliath who he is. Goliath explains to the robot that he has come to take something he needs and the robot is an interruption to the plan. The robot retaliates however after being asked to move aside multiple times. Goliath and N-RSP (Nega's-Robot Singular Project) eventually collide and fight in a cutscene battle. Then, some guards join. (Wreckage: Free Field: Defeat 10 enimies) (PC: N-RSP) N-RSP loses and is eventually defeated, he asks what Goliath wants and he then says that he's looking for Silver and his "little team of misfits". N-RSP recognises the names, and asks how Goliath knows them. Goliath tells him (ending the conversation) N-RSP likes to ask a lot of questions for a robot. Goliath carries him by the chest and asks N-RSP how he knows Silver and Blaze. N-RSP refuses to answer, then Goliath tosses him into a pile of old deceased robots. Goliath orders the whole team to get the fleet working again and kill whatever comes out of the pile of robots. Goliath says that they find Silver and his team, they take the gem and kill all of them.

A goverment-fleet lands at the destroyed Corlaias E-10 Base. They're multiple fleets and the Council exit the fleet, and are shocked since the place has been wrecked a lot and there's even some dead bodies. A member of the higher Authority tells the Council that something happened here, a member of the Council tells the higher Authority member that the fleet that jets chased down in Callinos, does have Silver and Blaze and they've been travelling via that fleet. They only question what happened and why, as well as who else was at the scene.

The Professor is at the Callinos hotel, and to be honest he is a little scared that he might be caught since that will result in death and therefore he'll lose his job as the owner of the Science Centre and his life. In the scene, he's writing in an actual diary, a holographic pad sat next to the diary that he switches back and fourth too. He hears Silver and the rest fixing up the fleet and talking. He then gets his tech out that can enable the team to find another Genesis Portal. He sets it up and finds out the next portal is in X-Zone, Mobius. He is quite shocked as people do live there, although the planet is quite mysterious and the World Leaders do plan of taking control of that planet and Earth itself. The Professor then continues to research on the Time Stones.

Silver and the rest have fixed up the place at least for thier sake. Gaul is making a security system outside on the sand plains that detects any intruders along with Sara. Gold is just repairing what is to be "her room" and so is Silver and Blaze. Silver tells Blaze to come, and they exit the ARK and stand behind it. Silver tells Blaze that he's been getting visions. He explains to Blaze about how he's been getting flashes of his past presumably though the only thing is he doesn't remember. Blaze explains about how that might be because of the alternate timeline that is now occuring (after the events of Sonic 06) since the other timeline with Mephiles was altered. So, she theorizes that Silver might be remembering the reminents of the actual consistent timeline (not the Sonic 06 future) that he had, or at least was meant too. Silver is impressed with Blaze's theory, she asks what Silver is seeing, and he explains to her that he's seeing what happened to Nazo and how he turned into who he was, he also saw a elephant's legs and around him was a room full of carpet etc. He doesn't really remember his past that well. Blaze says that Silver might remember the timeline properly soon, she asks if he knows anything with Nega. He says that he hasn't seen anything of him yet. Blaze pats Silver on the back in companionship and tells him everything will be alright. They then go back into the ship. The Professor then informs Silver that the next Genesis Portal is at Sambero. Gaul tells the team that he'll stay and protect the ARK from any dangers while they go. After a conversation, they then leave. (Sambero: Polluted Green) (Sambero: Colourful Bombardment) (PC: Silver, Gold, Blaze, Sara). Gold then overhears people talking about a "Festival of the Portals". And after more info, they learn that its the Genesis Portals. Sara suggests they wait for the festival, since its only in 3 hours. When that time passed, the festival eventually began. Crowds polluted the streets and floats passed by, with people dancing on them. Silver, Gold, Blaze and Sara watched as the Professor did gather some info about how they'll be unveiling the Portals and the Portals have already been affected by Goliath. Everyone is celebrating, families are there etc. Silver looks around him, and he doesn't want to ruin that oppurtunity for them. The Portals float eventually passes and its in a specialized case,with people in futuristic dancing clothes. Silver does think, but in order to save the world, it must be done, then creatures emerge from each portal, flicking some of the people inside away. Everyone is now in panic, the team collide. (Sambero: Boss: The Destroyers) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gold, Sara). They defeat the Destroyers, Silver asks one what Goliath's plan is and why he unleashed them. The Destroyer tells Silver that Goliath wanted them to be a distraction for Silver, to his real plan. Silver then asks what his real plan is, and then another Destroyer stabs him in the back of his head. Then, that Destroyer kills hiself. Silver closes the portals and tells the team that they have to go back to the base quick. They get on the Sky Rider and it heads for the ARK.

The Sky Rider lands at the base and then Silver and his team see some figures talking to Gaul. They put the ship in stealth mode and it turns invisible. The figures then look back and spot the ship somehow, they fire at it and the team. Silver and his team duck and dodge while Gaul knocks one out with a blow to the head, shoots one down and does his Tail Swing move on the last two, cracking both thier necks. Gold asks Gaul what happened. Gaul tells them that they're people on the beach, a group, that know of Silver's presence and how he's wanted, therefore they can earn a lot of Pixels and Rings if they told the OCC. The Professor asks Gaul if he got thier name, and Gaul tells them that they didn't, they just asked where Silver was and where Gaul denied they knew he was lying and threatened to kill him. Gold brings up that they need to find thier hideout as they're probably going to send more people thus if a "war" occures, it'd get a little "out of hand". Blaze then checks thier bodies for anything useful and anything that can lead the team to they're whereabouts. She finds some guns as well as pixels, but also finds a note that reads" Thorlta Point (base at Rolpo) rendevous point: Clomian Beach, 13:47, Tueday 10th August, X-Zone II Co-ordinates: 10 degrees North, 15 degrees west. 4 figure grid refereneces=20,13". They take note of Rolpo, however they do question why they stated the exact rendevous. The Professor analyzes past footage of when they arrived at the Clomian Beach and he does do a scan. He discovers that they're watching the team ever since then. Maybe to take the Sky Rider and kill Silver. Silver and the team then head for Rolpo, with the Professor's guidance, while Sara protects the ARK. (Clomian Beach: Free Field: Follow the Professor's orders to head to Rolpo) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gaul, Gold). They find Rolpo, and head for the base. (Rolpo: Heavy Winds) (Rolpo: Damp Hills) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gold, Gaul). They discover the base, and see that its operating and quite much. 

Thorlta Base

They try gather a plan, and do. They decide to raid it however they need to do a few things that won't alert more people. (Thorlta: Free Field: Disable the alarm signals). (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gaul, Gold). They then find a little section where they're quite a lot of robots (that look like robot concept by Jy-Kim on DeviantA this) that are scouting the area. They take them out with stealth. (Thorlta: Free Field: Defeat 35 enimies with stealth). They defeat the robots, at least in that area, and then raid the base. (Thorlta Base: Collosal Paths) (Thorlta Base: Bulky Cram) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gold, Gaul). 

Gaul finds a anthropormophic wolf in a room that is wearing a black and red cloak. There's a hood over his face, leaving his face unseen. He orders the robots to attack the intruders. (Thorlta Base: Free Field: Defeat 15 enimies) They defeat the robots, and the wolf reveals himself, he's wearing a mask over his face that resembles a gas mask. He tells the four that its rude to raid a king's castle, Silver asks him who he is and why he's sending his people after them. The wolf introduces himself as Tormac, he tells Silver that he's find out alot about Silver and the ammount of money (or as he calls mula, which is what money means in Spanish). He then walks towards Gaul and asks if he remembers him, the team are confused to why he'd ask that question. Tormac takes off his mask slowly revealing a scarred face (the scar is from the left side of his forehead to the right edge of face). Gaul then has a moment to process and then realises who Tormac is. Gaul spears him, though he teleports away from the spot he was previously in to another in the room. They attack him. (Thortla Base: Boss: Tormac the Wolf) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gold, Gaul). Tormac is defeated and tells the team that its not over, and that he has ordered all his men to attack the ARK and take the Time Stone. They question how he knows, Gaul, however, keeps punching him and there's flashes on the screen of him and his daughter in a garden, and him and his wife kissing. Then, one of his robots throws all of them out the window. After have woken up, they see that all troops are escaping. Gaul then whsipers Sara's name, he tells the team to go and protect Sara while he'll deal with Tormac. Blaze tells him that they don't have time for this and then after a conversation, Gaul states that they have no choice and he's not going to let Sara die. He tells them to go and he runs to the base. Silver and the rest then go back to the base by stealing a truck.

Sara, though is at the base, keeping the security miniguns that are underground, loaded and ready. Then, suddenly, it comes out of the ground and spins around. It then focuses aim, Sara looks and sees a whole bunch of troops driving down to where she is. She looks in confusion as she doesn't know who they are. She signals it not to do anything using her mechanical arm (she does a gesture with her arm that links it with the weapon). She walks up to them. All cars and trucks are parked in front of her with robots and people as well. She asks who they are, and one responds with a loudspeaker that they're the Corlacks, and are in need of the ARK and the Time Stone. She tells them that that won't be happenening any time soon, though the man talking says that there's hundreds of them and one of her. They all aim, there's a moment where everything's silent until she clicks her fingers and the miniguns (her ones) fire at them. She then also fights. (Clomian Beach: Free Field: Defeat 100 enimies) (PC: Sara) She defeats quite a lot of enimies. In the cutscene, we see a little fight where she punches a truck into some people and throws some vehicles, she even hacks some robots by the flick of her fingers. She does struggle though, at least towards the end. Until, Silver and the rest destroy all the cars with the truck that they aqquired. (Clomian Battle: Free Field: Ram all vehicles in sight) All the vehicles are in flames and the Corlacs are dead. Sara asks where Gaul is and they tell her that they don't know since he went to deal with the boss of the Corlacs. Silver tells them that they can't leave now and that they have to wait for Gaul to come back. Sara has quite an emotion impact as Gaul was a person she liked and is worried that it might be too late. Silver tells them that Goliath might be onto them and so are the Council so the next location they go too they need to be quite prepareed. The Professor informs them that he'll check on data of the wreckage that occured at Thorlta even though Gaul has no public record. Silver cleans the mess up.

Goliath is still in the Wreckage, with his army. N-RSP opens his eyes and eventually is on again. Goliath, however, who's worked out the manuals and how to control the ship tracks Silver and the rest down. Though, he can't find out where they are. He has flashes of when he was nothing really (Chapter 3) and when he met Silver, then red eye look at him. Goliath then is back in reality and angered, he talks to himself (though it does look like he's looking at someone) the power of the Time Stones surging through him and he will eventually acquire it. He then uses his teleknisis to throw a chair to the wall in a anger.  

N-RSP then decides to escape the ship however find out what the intruder is planning and why he needs Silver. (Wreckage: Free Field: Find out why Goliath wants Silver so badly) (PC: N-RSP). He doesn't really find out why Goliath wants to kill him, although he does calculate a way to escape due to the info he got. But, also he's been on the ship, shutdown for quite a lot of years. (Wreckage: Free Field: Escape the Wreckage) (PC: N-RSP). His plan does sucseed however one member of Goliath's army alerts Goliath that he has escaped. Goliath commands the members to find the robot as he does have info on who Silver is and they need that. They then go on high alert, while N-RSP disappears into the pile of Nega's fleet. He hides in one of the fleets and checks for data on Silver and Goliath. He then realises that he needs to find out what happened during the time he was on standby mode, what happened to Nega and Silver. He goes to uncover the mystery.

Chapter 7: Mobius

Silver walks into a room in the ARK, and then asks someone who the player doesn't see, what they want. The Professor's holographic head is shown and tells Silver that he needs to tell Silver about something, a plan that he constructed. The Professor talks about how he's looked more deeply into Mobius and what is there. He states that humans and others are already travelling to the Moon and Mars. And yet they haven't gone to Mobius. Silver asks the Professor about firstly how they'd get there and why. The Professor explains to Silver about the Time Stones and how precious they are. And the Little Planet passes every year for a month past Mobius which is where they'll find the Stones. There's also quite alot of Genesis Portals there and mysterious people that inhabit the planet secretly. He also explains how if they agree they'll have to go to Mobius and make way for the Never Lake where they'll encounter the Little Planet, close some Portals and possibly meet some people. Silver does querry about how they're going to go on with the plan but after a little deep thought and a conversation, he eventually agrees.

Silver then walks into a room with Blaze, Sara and Gold in. Some of Gaul's troops are also inside. Silver tells the team that they have been known for taken risks and that this one he's about to tell them might be the biggest leap yet. Although, Gaul's troops are seen driving a stolen buggy with Gaul inside it to the ARK interrupting Silver. Gaul does look a little dirty and there's some blood on his arm. Sara and Gaul have a little conversation about how Sara scared the living hell out of her. Then, Silver talks about the plan. He tells the whole team that him and the Professor have decided that thier next location is another planet, Mobius. The team overall do ask questions mainly about how long it'd take to get to Mobius and what the purpose is. Silver does explain all the info about the Time Stones and the Genesis Portals. He calls the idea "stupid, but worth it". After a team discussion, Gold asks when they leave for Mobius. To which everyone looks at the Professor. He states that about 2-4 days may do the trick since he needs to get the co-ordinates and research a little about the safest routes. This gives the team time to prepare to which they do. In the meantime, there's a montage of Gaul practicing weapon fire, Gaul training Sara to fight, Gold also preparing her weapon and practising her discovered abilities and Silver practising his physcokenisis with Blaze who's also using her pyrokenisis in preparation. Silver does ask Blaze while preapring themselves, if her history has altered due to the timeline changes. Blaze says that it did kind of, but not hugely. There's then a flash of her on a throne and then it goes back to reality. (Crashed Space Colony ARK: Free Field: Train for the mission) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gold, Gaul, Sara). 

The Professor informs the whole team that they'll be landing at the X-Zone in Mobius. A direct point where the place with most space is. And after that they'll be exploring the place and going to Never Lake, Edmund is there too and informs them to expect mysterious tribes and people that will eventually ally with them on thier journey. Some of Gaul's troops do stay and protect the ARK and then they finally leave on one day. They then departure. The Sky Rider along with a group of other fleet. The Professor tells the team that they'll be in the ship for quite a while, so he has some things in a storage room to which they can eat. He tells them that it'll take approximately 2 days to get there, since he has to configure a way for them not to be spotted by the goverment because of the Space Station, it might take more than that. Silver sleeps, and then he has a dream, about the exact timeline before this.

Then, the whole scene rewinds back to a lab. Silver and another hedgehog by the name Santee. Him and Santee are walking through a lab, Silver tells Santee that they're probably not meant to be in here and Santee tells him that everything will be alright, he says that he knows the place from inside and out since his mum use to work in, until chaos energy went into her corrupting her and blowing her up. Silver tries to convince Santee not to do what he's about to do and Santee says Silver can just leave if he wants too. (Karawain Labs: Free Field: Explore the labatory with Santee) (PC: Silver, Santee). Santee suddenly sees glass tubes, each one numbered 1-50. Silver looks around and the lab admittedly looks pretty impressive.Santee enters one tube after a he dares himself too. He goes inside and laughs callig Silver a chicken and that he can't do it in a jokingly mannner. Until, the glass tube door automatically closes when Santee is about to walk out. There's then a gush of smoke that eventually bombards the tube with Santee inside who's really confused. He asks Silver what's going on through the glass and if he touched anything and Silver tells him that he was always standing right where Santee saw him. Silver though tries his best to find anything to break Santee out. (Karwain Lab: Free Field: Try see what might break Santee out the tube) (PC: Silver). There's a countdown is heard and Silver is panicking until Santee then tells Silver to leave and save himself. Silver does refuse quite alot and does get really emotional, Santee tells Silver to leave and he's goanna die anyway if what happens kills him. Silver does tear up a little, until he hides behind a table and the countdown goes to zero. Santee is then filled with energy within the tube and then explodes a white substance knocking Silver out. 

He eventually wakes up in a forest, and realises that he probably ended up in the forest because when him and Santee went down to the glass tubes, it was underground. However, he still wonders what the place he's in is and why he isn't in Onyx City anymore. Silver then walks around the place. (Gulham Forest: Free Field: Explore the forest and see if there's any residents or clues to what the place might be) (PC: Silver). Silver, is eventually captured by a mysterious tribe. They attack him and capture him. Silver wakes up in a room filled with patterns, and they're guards with bows and arrows that have fire on thier tips, standing on either side of Silver. He tries to break free, until another figure walks into the room, Silver suddenly realises that this tribe are an echidna tribe consedering the person who comes in's face. They're patterns drawn by paint all over the walls. And pictures of Knuckles. The figure wore a cloak, with patterns all over it. He had a robotic leg as well. He also had a beard and looked a little old. He introduces himself as the Emperor of the Knucks Clan, Cuta Khan. Silver explains to the Emperor everything that happened and how he ended up in thier forest. The Emperor does find the story a little hard to believe but consedering the ammount of detail, there was a chance the story was real. Silver does also show a little zig-zaggy like scar on his right arm. There's a conversation that occurs between them, and Silver does get a little angry and uses his physcokenisis (to which he hasnt discovered yet) to throw one of the guards across the room and after that, Silver apologises and is really confused to what just happened. The Emperor analyzes the scar. He mumbles a few words, and tells Silver that he has physcokenisis, an ability that enables the person who has, when he has manipulated it properly, to use his mind to move objects or organisms about. Silver is still a little confused, the Emperor calls him gifted and tells Silver that he's had this for a long time. The Emperor invites a confused Silver to dinner, as they can give the visitors the good news. After the Emperor has motivated Silver, Silver agrees to attend after a little laugh.

The Emperor and Silver do go to dinner, in a really massive hall with high ranking members of the Knucks Clan. They're 3 visitors, Sanko-Su, Chamberkhan, and a cat governer, Krisch who also has 2 others by his side who are more like assistants. Its a tradition for cats not to eat the same dinner as the echidnas and to not shake hands, as they've always been at war. However, Krisch and the Emperor have a civilised distinct conversation about the whole war, Krisch understates the echidnas, calling them weaklings etc. The Emperor tells Krisch that they have invested thier money in them for an exchange of weaponry, Krisch tells the Emperor that the Princess hasn't allowed that descison for an unspoken reason. While, Krisch and the Emepror conversated, Silver took in all this. And after, Silver comes up with the idea to raid the cat warrior's base and assisanate Krisch as a first target then take out the Princess. The Emperor does doubt it at first, Silver does stay with the echidna warriors for some time now and has particapated in many battles and has stayed for about 10 years and has even to say has become family with them. There's a montage of this, all the battles and enimies they've fought as well as victories they've met due to Silver mainly, there's also some victory cheers seen etc. Eventually, the Emperor does agree to Silver's plan with what to do with Blaze (after he lets Silver remember it). He does train Silver over time and the echidna warriors, they do have more future tech on thier side too as a way to help themselves and Silver more. (Pachamac: Free Field: Train for battle using some of the things the Emperor has given you) (PC: Silver). A week later. the echidnas have prepared enough of the cat warrior's ways and thier current queen, Princess Blaze. Silver and the echidnas plan the attack on the Mysterious Cat Country. They discover though that a man has also been travelling dimmensions causing havoc upon the place, by the name Dr Eggman and Eggman Nega. However, the Knucks Clan and Silver then raid the (not so) Mysterious Cat Country secretly at first. 

Off of Silver's perspective, we see Blaze who's sitting on the throne in the Sol Zone within the Cat Country. The cat warriors then sound the alarms as they're under attack. The Jeweled Scepter is seen placed beside Blaze, she takes the scepter and stands up off the throne. She has a white cape on, that opens. She takes a fiery sword and places it on a sheath. She waves the scepter, and closes her eyes. Mumbles a spell, then a portal opens up and she comes out of it. There's a standoff between the Cat Warriors and the Echidnas, Silver and the Emperor in front. Silver is quite amazed how advanced they are. She does quite an epic landing and walks towards the front of the army. There's silence for a little until Blaze raises her hand up and while she stands still all the cat warriors charge. Silver raises his hand, and the echidnas all charge. Silver charges into battle. (Battle: Warrior Contamination) (Batte: (Battle: Epic Fight) (Battle: Free Field: Defeat 45 enimies) (PC: Silver). Blaze, though, eventually jumps out of nowhere and lands in front of Silver. She asks Silver what a he's (or a hedgehog) doing here, she calls him "puny" and "lack-worthy". Silver (who calls her "lady") tells her that there's more to him that she'll ever know. Blaze then collides with Silver. (Battle: Boss: Princess Blaze I) (PC: Silver). He does realise that she has pyrokensis. So, she's admittedly quite powerful and good with the scepter. After another back-and-fourth chat, they collide again. (Battle: Boss: Princess Blaze II) (PC: Silver). She uses her fiery sword to fight and her powers too, as well as the Jeweled Scepter. Her and Silver do fight in a cutscene for a little bit, she throws a fireball at Silver and he doesn't really realise. He's about to be killed, until the Emperor then sacrifices himself for Silver jumping in the way of a fireball launched by Blaze. He does die, and Silver does weep over his death a little as they did get close. The Emperor tells Silver, as last words, to save himself and to remember his powers are a great gift and says that with greatv power, comes great thought. There's an alarm that is heard and all the cats retreat. Blaze apologizes to Silver, she kneels down and closes the Emperor's eyes and she retreats as well. The echidnas all look at Silver while also leaving, some echidas warriors died and cat warriors too. Silver stays looking over the Emperor's dead body.

After the Emperor's funeral, Silver then secretlty heads to the Cat Country and sneaks into the palace. (Cat Country: Free Field: Go to the Sol Zone) (PC: Silver). He then sneaks into the palace goes inside the remaining Sol Zone Portal. He then tries to find Blaze and he does explore Blaze's palace to find her. 

Blaze's Room (oo-foo-lio deviant)

He spots her room and she's sitting down, a servant asking if she's ok after what happened 2 days ago, consedering the ammount of people that died. Blaze and the servant do slowly go into conversation. The servant leaves, and the camera zooms out on Silver hiding in the vents, spying on the conversation. He makes his way into the room using caution and then when he jumps down in surprise, Blaze is about to throw a fireball at him, until Silver tells her that he's come in peace. Blaze asks Silver how he got to the palace when she's in another Zone, Silver explains to her about how the Sol Zone portal still remained open from battle. Blaze and Silver have a conversation later on about the fight that happened two days ago, and Silver apologizes to Blaze, however Blaze apologizes for killing the Emperor. They do start to realise they have somethings in common. They talk about the Jeweled Scepter, they talk about life being a princess. Silver and Blaze then secretly have conversations and practise the use of thier abilities over time. Blaze does tell Silver about her past life, and how she thought her pyrokenisis was a curse and she was afraid of using it. Blaze and Silver then soon configured a plan, Silver told the echidnas in a huge assembly that he was goanna leave the clan while Blaze did too, they did this so they could spend more time together and the cat nor echidna warriors noticed. 

Then, we skip to a place with Mammoth Mogul (PXE), Silver and him are in a dark room with carpets of different colors all over the place. Mogul tells Silver that the physcokenisis he got was a gift from his parents, however Silver denies the fact and states that it was because of what happened with him and Santee. Silver does have a little silence when he says Santee, Mogul sighs and tells Silver to focus on the Genesis Portals, he states while Silver is looking that this was a gift he had yet to manipulate properly and now's his chance. The Ultimate Test. Silver then closes his eyes, and opens it. He then stares at the Genesis Portals and uses his telekenisis to close it, though it doesn't. After some motivation from Mogul, Silver eventually closes it and Mogul says that he has finally past the Test and that a bright future awaits him. A bright light fills the entire screen and Silver is in modern day sleeping and has been woken by Blaze. She informs Silver that they've arrived at Mobius. Silver sits up and asks Blaze how long he's been sleeping for, and Blaze says that he's been sleeping for 2 days straight. 


X-Zone, Mobius (by 00AngelicDevil00)

Silver and the team arrived at Mobius and departured. The team and Silver are bombarded by trees and wildlife. The Sky Rider turns invisible, and the team walk. The Professor gives a reminder to them that they're heading for the Never Lake where they go on the Little Planet, find the Genesis Portals, take the Time Stones and leave the planet. Gaul sarcastically states that that won't take less than 2 days. The Professor also informs that there's alot of mysterious creatures, they'll probably encounter too while on thier way. Gold asks what direction they'll go, and the Professor tells them that they'll be heading straight for now. Some of Gaul's troops stay inside and beside the ship and some stay with the team. (X-Zone: Free Field: Follow the Professor's guide) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gold, Gaul, Sara). (X-Zone: Foggy Wilderness) (X-Zone: Tall Trees) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Gaul, Gold, Sara). They do encounter a lot of mysterious wildife already, and Blaze has already adapted. Until, when Gaul is just searching around, he hears something and orders the team to be quiet for a second. There's then another hard footstep (to which Gold whispers, "There's a Bigfoot on this planet?") then something huge and hairy jumps out at them and back into the fog again. Silver tells them that he'll check what the creature is. (X-Zone: Free Field: Follow the sounds of the creature) (PC: Silver). He goes into the fog and the leaves rustle, Gaul points his G.E.M (his own weapon, a gun) foward. Until, the creature throwsSilver into a tree. And emerges with a roar. (X-Zone: Boss: Forest Guardian) (PC: Blaze, Gold, Gaul, Sara). They defeat the Forest Guardian and wake up Silver. They do suddenly continue to explore and make it to the Never Lake . They find thier way past the forest, and they find themselves in a more plain field. They're then captured by a figures in robotic hoods and on hoverboards. They take the team to a place (that looks like this) and leave them all in a room. Silver, Blaze, Gaul, Gold and Sara are all captured on chairs in a circle. Silver murmurs the fact that he's been captured "how many times?". Gaul tries to break free, and fails. He tries to get a penknife out of his pocket. 

T.H.O.M.A.S Salazar (by duster123)

A robot walks into the room at that moment. It walks to the captured team with a gun in its hands. It has quite a robotic/human voice mixed together. There's two other robots on the side of the robot, one's on a ledge near the top of the building (that looks like this) and another on the left who's sitting on a rock (that looks like this). The robot that's walking introduces itself as T.H.O.M.A.S (Tenacious Hummanoid Official Mechanical Autonomous Singular)  the robot on the ledge as Tez and the one on the rock as Ruthless. Silver asks Thomas why he captured them and Thomas tells them that he saw through his database and scan of them that they're intentions are to go to the Never Lake. He asks why though, Sara explains to them about how they have to go Never Lake to get to the Little Planet. Thomas explains to them about how the Never Lake is a dangerous place and no one has been there for years. Gold asks how they live on the planet, Thomas tells them that 2 years ago, while humans continued to upgrade robots and thier intelligence, they brought six to Mobius as an expirement to see how long they'd survive there and if thier intelligence could outmatch the "harsh weathers" of Mobius, though they found out that humans built these so called "moons" that were ment to be giving off harsh weathers. That included Tez and Ruthless and Thomas, the other 3 also disappeared in thier own group. After a little conversation, they agree to help the team find what they're looking for. They untie the troops and the team from the chairs and Thomas tells them to follow him. 

He then informs the team about how they'll get to the Never Lake as him, Ruthless and Tez have tried before and failed due to how many dangerous creatures that are along the way. Thomas explains to the team all the dangers of the trip and how they need to be quite prepared to do what they're goanna do. Silver nods, and says that they're always ready.

At the ARK, while the troops are just playing around. The Wreckage eventually lands right in front of them, destroying all of the grass and nature etc. It does also run over some troops. Goliath leaves the fleet, along with his army. The troops fire at Goliath however don't stand a chance against him, as the army are more powerful and Goliath does also fight them with ease. After they're defeated, Goliath explores the ARK. He does get the scent of the team and Silver. He also senses the Sky Rider that left, he then feels the power of the Genesis Portal and Time Stones surging through him. Then, cars and trucks drive to the Wreckage, they're the Corlacks that are there along with Tormac who walks towards Goliath. He informs Goliath about how Silver and his "ragteam group of asshats" werre in the ARK and attacked thier base. Goliath tells Tormac that they had a deal and that was to kill Silver and capture the team as they're an interruption to his plan. Tormac tells Goliath that he knows that, though some of the Corlacks did see a ship that landed by the name of "Sky Rider". Goliath informs Tormac he sensed them, Silver's power travelling through him. He has left via the Sky Rider to another place. Goliath then grabs one of the injured soldiers and asks where Silver was heading, after a few slaps and punches, the solider finally reveals that they left to Mobius. Goliath smirks, knowing why they're going there, Goliath thanks the soldier for the information and then the soldier somehow fades into dust.

The Onyx City Council have now issued a hunt for Silver and his crew to the whole world. They report it via cameras that Silver is dangerous and he has already killed innocent men and woman. Its showcased to the whole world, they also mention that they'll double the bounty by 2 million Pixels, and 1,000,000 Rings. After the speech has been delievered by a member of the Council, another member finds the Science Centre symbol on a small note.

(Zork Base: Free Field: Find the holographic board) (PC: Gold). Gold brings the board to the team and Thomas thanks her for the pad, Sara asks what it'll do and Thomas states that once fully functional he can be able to give the team a glimpse of the Never Lake, people that've tried to go there and people or figures they might encounter. (XPAD:Free Field: Unlock the data (complete the puzzles) (The player basically plays Thomas, as he is unlocking it, though the player doesn't get a third person view of him). Thomas unlocks the XPAD, and reveals the data based on the Never Lake to the team, via a huge projector, from the pad. It shows pictures of dead people, and figures, some destroyed robots, a video of a robot lion eating a human alive etc. There's lots of devestating videos, and there's finally pictures and videos of the Never Lake. The team don't really see the problem with the actual lake itself, until they see that it's a little wide and there's a sinkhole in it in one video filmed by a drone, sinking three people in with it. While Thomas shows the clips, he informs the team that people have tried to get to the Never Lake before to get to the Little Planet, and haven't sucseeded in 1,000 years. Silver tells them that they need to go to the Little Planet under any circumstances as there's a really valuable artifact (or "artifacts) there that need to be taken. Tez asks what the reason why they need to go and why they need to collect these artifacts, Gaul informs them that there's a dangerous man by the name Goliath and explains to them his plan however states that his plan is still unclear as he hasn't said all of it and what he will get out of it. Thomas then tells them that they'll head for the Never Lake tommorow at dawn, since they have to patrol the area first for any threats and get the way to the Lake set. 

Silver's in a room with Blaze and tells her about what the dream he was dreaming, he tells her that he knows the timeline perfectly now, the normal timeline, how it was ment to be. He explains to Blaze about what happened during the "dream", and how they met etc. Blaze is surprised, and she admits to Silver about how she didn't even remember her proper timeline and thanks Silver for remebering it for her. They have a conversation and the camera fades on Gaul and Sara. Sara has just taken her medicine for her arm, and is putting a bandage on him. She is in the middle of wrapping his arm all up and asks Gaul if he feels ok and he says that he's fine. She then asks why he was so angry at Tormac, Gaul explains to her about how he was the figure responsible for killing his wife and taking his daughter. Gaul explains to Sara about how he was apart of the military and fought in Soki and Emsaula Sha. He talks about how when he came home from war, they're all happy and life was great,they had a baby 9 months later and named her Joy. Gaul calls her a "beauty" and says that she was his world like his wife was. He went back to the military again, as a call of duty from an attack about to occur at Kapros. The fight was intense, and many of his fellow soilders died, his best friend even. He died. Most his fellow soldiers died. Gaul grieved over thier deaths, and his squadron lost. He went back home and he didn't recognise his wife and daughter well and had shell shock. All he could hear was screams and see death everywhere. He knew it was temporary though it didn't stop for the next 5 months.One day, a wolf proposed a deal to cure him and help him with what had happened and make him "unsee" all these things. When Gaul accepts this, the wolf does backstab him and his promises to cure him are false and instead he wants to make people superservants. Breaking his promise, Gaul is quite cocky about the whole thing, he mocks the wolf several times, mocking his name, and calling him a "person who delivers crap his whole life" The Wolf who expirements on him does get really annoyed by this as Gaul even begins to mock his family, so one day they brought his wife in and slit his throat right in front of Gaul and the baby was sent somewhere. Gaul eventually escaped thier labatory after close planning and indirect interviews  

Gaul does tear up as he tells Sara that he still doesn't know where Joy is. After a silent moment, Sara finishes putting over the bandages and tells Gaul that everything will be ok and he will get Tormac. They (implying Silver and co.) will save her and defeat Tormac as well as Goliath. Sara then continues to help Gaul's arm. Then, afterwards, Silver and co take off the next day at dawn. Thomas, Tez and RuthLess, have got a vehicle and the team leave in it (there's two, this and this one).

The Scorpion (by herck.deviant)

Thomas and Tez drive the Scorpion and then whole team also go with. RuthLess drives the other vehicle with Sara. (Zork Base: Free Field: Drive the Scorpion to waypoint) (PC: Thomas). He drives to the Lalia Point. There's more wildife that they see and there's also some civillians they spot that are hiding over the place. There's one man that they see who runs at superhuman speed past them somehow. The team then see how beautiful Mobius really is. 

While, they're driving through Lalia's Point, there's eventually a crossfire that occurs. Figures are shooting at the the Scorpion and the fast-running figure runs back and fourth. Sara asks Thomas what's going on, Thomas explains to Sara that they know where they're heading for. Silver asks how they know, and Thomas tells them that he doesn't really know. Gaul passes Silver a gun, and Silver panicks a little when holding it as he has never used one and swore that he would never use one in his life. Gaul tells Silver he'll shoot on the left and that Silver should shoot on the left. Gaul instructs Silver how to cock the gun, (there's a little funnny scene with he tells Silver about the magazine of the gun and Silver asks Gaul how he's supposed to know all this). Silver then aims and fires. (Lalia Point: Shoot the people who are firing at you down and listen to Gaul's instructions about how to fire) (PC: Silver). Silver does get a few shots until Gold then tells Silver to budge up, she then fires at the people shooting at them. While Silver is still shocked, he gives the gun to Gaul, who nails a double kill. 

The Scorpion is still going, and Gold and Sara are having a silent conversation. While Silver is talking to Blaze and Gaul. He explains to them about the dream and how he saw a Genesis Portal before they got intel from the Professor. He does tell them about Mogul and how he was some sort of mentor to him. They rest at night near a tree. They set up a tent and then sleep while Thomas, Tez and RuthLess stay as guard. After some of the team have rested, Silver goes outside and looks out at the night sky. Silver asks Thomas, who's standing right next to him, what Mobius was in 2016. He then asks how it came to be. Thomas tells Silver that, from history gathered from the internet through his database, Xorda attacked the Earth centuries ago, people theorize it was the world's first. When Xorda came and unleashed Gene Bombs, it hit Mobius and genetically changed humans. Loads of people died in this event, some were sucked up by Xorda's ship. In the aftermath, the people that survived were actually mutated and transformed into animals with human characteristics. No one has seen Xorda since, at least that's been said in the Echidna theleogy. The animals then transferred themselves to Earth, while some stayed on Mobius. That's why its so common. Then, Mobius slowly became a target for the goverment foor domination. Thomas tells Silver that he doesn't really know what happens in 2016, he knows of the whole End of the Earth thing about turning the world into computer coding by someone but there wasn't really anything that happened on Mobius. Silver thanks Thomas for the info, they do have a conversation about the planet's beauty. There's then a blue lit up butterfly that flies by and Silver looks at it astonished. He then goes back to sleep.


The Bus inbetween crossfire (by tr5prog.deviant)

N-RSP is now in the streets of Marnos, it's in a hoodie. He looks through his data and looks through Silver's whereabouts. There's then a battle that occurs on the road. Its a crossfire. There's a bus blcoking the crossfire. When N-RSP notices, he does want to ignore it. Until one person on the right side of the bus grabs a little girl and blocks himself using her with a gun at her head. N-RSP then hears that he is saying that the girl will die if he (the other guy) tries. N-RSP then goes into battle. (Marnos: Crazy Crossfire) (Marnos: Intense Bullets) (PC: N-RSP). There's one robot that is driving a tank , it rams the bus, flipping it over and destroying it completely. One robot is on top of the tank, using a gattling gun and firing everywhere while cars follow. N-RSP is annoyed as he doesn't want innocent people to get hurt. He follows the tank. (Marnos: Free Field: Follow the tank) (PC: N-RSP). He reaches the commotion which has gone onto a bridge now. (Marnos: Boss: Red Rock) (PC: N-RSP). He has a short fight with the one robot that was controlling the truck, he has now got out of the truck and the truck's just driving foward perfectly fine. N-RSP puts the robot on the ground near the edge of the tank (since they're on the edge of the rails, and below is quite far down). N-RSP asks the robot if he knows of Silver, the robot does say that he knows of him only because of the fact he's wanted. N-RSP asks why the robot is killing all the innocent people, the robot coughs green liquid and says "For Sonic the Hedgehog..." . The robot then breaks the bit of the tank he's on, and drops onto the ground, now scrap metal. N-RSP then has to find a way to stop the tank. (Marnos: Free Field: Find a way of stopping the tank) He breaks the rails and jumps off the tank, the tank drops and explodes. He then saves some innocent people, he sees a poster on someone's car of a wanted Silver, how the person who gets him wil be rewareded 4mil Pixels, and 1mil Rings. N-RSP takes the poster and flies off.

The camera zooms out on a Genesis Portal, there's a figure (looks like this) that walks past it. The camera then reveals Goliath who's looking at it, sitting down in presumably the Wreckage. His cloak is off and is in dark clothing.There's then dark smoke that goes encircles it. Goliath then talks to it. He tells it that he never meant for him to die and he never had any inetentions to betray him. Goliath then tells the darkness that he will kill Silver for what he did, for what he did to the timeline, for killing someone that he (Goliath) loved. So, he'll return the favour, he'll kill Silver's loved ones. Goliath explains to the darkness that he is going to Mobius. He tells it that might or might not be Silver's deathplace, but he'll die eventually. Goliath then walks into the portal with ease. When he's in, he sees Silver and his team. Though, its not actual reality, he's just seeing what's occuring right now with Silver at Mobius. They're sleeping. He sees Silver and Thomas talking. Goliath hears the conversation, he tells Silver (to which he can't hear) that he will come for Silver and avenge the darkness and ressurect the Second Devourer, father of timelines.

When they wake up, Gold tells them that the robots are gone. Silver gets off the bed and looks outside. Thomas, Tez and RuthLess aren't there. The Scorpion though is still hidden in its normal place, in a tree covered by the leaves and bushes. The fast person they meet then runs past them at fast speeds. He stops and he's wearing a mechanical suit he tells the team to get down. Then, they're shots fired down at the tent. The fast guy then slows down time, he kicks the people shooting off a ledge and throws one guy to a tree, he then pushes one last figure who shot. The time un-freezes, and then the fast man introduces himself as Kal.
My name's Kal


He takes off his mask and tells the five that Thomas, Tez and RuthLess are in the base. Silver asks who the people that are shooting at them are and Kal tells them that they're Raiders. They are people that just kill to loot and find things that'll help them. Gold asks why and Kal states that he doesn't even know. Kal goes to the Raiders' base with Silver and co. Thomas, Tez and RuthLess are there, and there's bodies all over the place.  Thomas asks if the six are ok. Gaul asks Kal if he knows where they're headed and Kal tells them that Thomas already explained to him. Tez informs them that some of the group should maybe be on patrol and guard the Scorpion for a little bit while they drive. After a little conversation, the team decide on who will be patrolling the place making sure the path is clear. (Lalia's Point: Emerging Pathways) (Lalia's Point: Steep Ground) (PC: Silver, Blaze, Sara, Kal). They are stilll walking on a clear path, still checking. Blaze asks Kal how he got to Mobius, Kal tells them that he is also artificial. He tells them that humans connected human DNA with robots programming. He was abondedened at Mobius, he is still unsure why but he speculates its probably due to the fact he maybe didn't work out for them or something. So, Kal just tried to adapt, he took armour from the Raiders and started a new life. They do also notice the Little Planet way in the distance and realise that they need to hurry.They continue walking, and then a lion emerges from the shadows. Kal tells Silver and Blaze to run, Blaze asks Kal why Kal can't simply can't run at him with speed and he explains to the team how the lion is a Festilius Lion, one of the fastest things alive, some even noted to breaking the time barrier. Silver and Blaze run. (Lalia's Point: Free Field: Escape the Festillius Lion's clenches) (PC: Silver, Blaze). Kal is eventually put on the ground and the lion catches up with them. After a vicious growl, the lion jumps at the three. (Lalia's Point: Boss: Festillius Lion) (PC: Silver, Kal, Blaze). They defeat the lion, they're about to finish it off so it can at least knocked out for a long time until a circle is formed around in darkness, it was smoky. Then, they're lines of darkness that also spread (it resembled a dark sun in a way). Kal is confused to what's going on until Silver then feels a weird energy inside him. He then hears a voice in his head, it sounds like Goliath. He says that he is always watching, and that they're feud was"inevetable". Goliath also talks about how he knows all the secrets of Silver, and how the Devourer will awaken, and then avengance will be served. Silver then drops. Blaze tries to wake Silver up, Kal stays on the lookout and there's a giant ship that is then seen in the distance. Blaze looks up as well and whispers, "Goliath....".

There is a Part 2 to the story and it will be continued here. Yes, the game might be up to 14 chapters maximum. The characters explore Mobius more and eventually get to the Little Planet, until they find out there's way more than what they know and Earth, as well as all timelines are on the verge of extinction. Silver also discovers why Goliath wants Silver dead and that's when everything changes...

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