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This page features all the weapons the player gets in the game. This includes secret weapons, super weapons, mega weapons etc. They're certain users for these weapons in Story Mode and in Free Roam. In Online, the player can also buy weapons or make his own. There's 3 categories for each weapon, Upgraded, Super and Mega. They're all better than the last one. The player either upgrades the gun using the money he has or find these weapons scattered around a stage. 

This page also goes more in depth with the weapons and more details about it. There is an extra 20 weapons from the last list on the actual TOTF page that will be included on the table below soon.

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Cost: 10,000 Rings/5,000 Pixels

The G.E.M (unloaded)

The G.E.M is a homemade weapon made by Gaul/Mr Nobody the Monkey . So, yes, he did create the weapon, and it does look quite professional. However, this is all due to Gaul's history and his backstory which will be on his page. The only appearance of the weapon is the Telling of the Future. It is a basic weapon as the player already acquires it when he/she first plays as Gaul/Mr Nobody. There's the normal one, one with medium damage, range, fire accuracy etc. There's an upgraded version, it is basically the same thing though there is an extra clip, there's Super and then Mega. The G.E.M fires like a normal weapon, it is inspired off of a rifle and AK-47, as well as snipers. It shoots like an AK-47, and it kind of does shoot like a rifle at times. The sniper, however is involved consedering one extra part that might be found in a stage, FF or apart of Weapon Customization (its either already unlocked, or needs to be for different people, the sniper bit that is not the gun). 

Damage Range Fire Rate Fire Accuracy
48% 32% 54% 72%

Upgraded G.E.M

The Upgraded G.E.M is basically the same weapon as the normal with differences though.  It does have extra clips, therefore it does have more ammo than it does, normally. It also does twice the damage it does other than the normal one as well. There's more fire accuarcy as expected, fire rate (so how hard it'd affect the person who's been shot) etc. A shot to the head of a target (if its a living thing, not a tree or plant) can kill the target instantly. Its not the best version of course, but its deffinetly an upgrade from its competetitor.

Damage Range Fire Rate Accuracy
56% 50% 51% 74%

Super G.E.M

The Super G.E.M is now a littlle bit different visually and physically. It is a little bigger than the last, and its stats are better. So, it does more than twice the damage to the enemy and there is way better aim than the last. The aim is better from far distance and the target might not be completely destroyed although it might take up more than 50% of its health. It also enables the player to use it better in actual fighting combat (you can use the gun in fighting combat but by that, I mean maybe a hit to the head, a punch with the gun or a combo move with it).

Damage Range Fire Rate Accuarcy
79% 55% 60% 80%

Mega G.E.M

The Mega G.E.M is a lot different from the normal one especially. It has an extended clip, as it has way more ammo and the gun is longer. There's better gun stats, better accuracy, better damage, can kill the target within seconds, and the player can go further distance. There's also better physical fighting combat with the weapon too. It is the most powerful upgrade from the two stated previously. The extended clip can be found scattered in a stage, FF or Free Roam, as well as the extended parts (because the gun is longer). But, the parts are a little rare. This upgrade can be brought from the Weapon Customization, though it does cost quite a lot of Pixels/Rings.

Damage Range Fire Rate Accuracy
88% 75% 63% 90%


Minigun (Normal)

Cost: 50,000 Rings/ 25,000 Pixels

The Miniguns are acquired for a specific stage and mission in Story Mode, and are unlocked after completing Story Mode. Gaul, Sara and N-RSP the Robot can use this gun. The player does hold the "shoot" button and the minigun will rapidly fire at its target with prescison. In some cases, it'll make the target (if a vehicle or wall) explode consdering its rapid fire rate. This normal version isn't admittedly the best with aim, though it can destroy targets within seconds. Therefore, the weapon is already really strong when found or put together. 

The character the player plays, holds the handle of the weapon and the three gun barrels, they'll rapidly spin around and fire while doing so. As a way of making it unrealistic, the camera shakes a little bit, and the gun is a little "heavy". Though the upgrades are quite immense.

Upgraded Minigun

The Upgraded Minigun is the same thing, its just that it looks slightly different. The gun stats are better than the last, so accuracy is better and the damage it does too. Its not really too different, the only noticeable change will be its physical appearance (slightly).

Damage Range Fire Rate Accuracy
76% 64% 85% 56%

Super Minigun (by nadusse.deviant)

Super Minigun

The Super Minigun has a way more noticeable change in terms of design as it does look different comparing the two pictures. The aiming is actually more stable for the player to handle, and the stats are still topping the last. It can shoot way more rapidly and also blow up things faster. It is also longer. These parts can be found and put together in Weapon Customization. 

Damage Range Fire Rate Accuracy
85% 72% 90% 68%

Mega Minigun

Mega Minigun (by dxexodus)

The Mega Minigun is the best out of the two previous ones. Mainly because of its better precision, and it can destroy targets within miniseconds even, as they'll explode/die/break easily. It is quite powerful in terms of what it is capable of. There's better stats for the gun itself too. 

Damage Range Fire Rate Accuracy
95% 83% 92% 78%



Cost: 75,000 Rings/ 45,000 Pixels

The Fireblaster is a weapon in the game too. It fires a little bit like a shotgun. The normal ones don't really kill enimies within an instant, as usually the enimies have to either be at close range, or the player needs to aim at the target's head (if its living). But, it is a decent weapon and is only used by N-RSP, Gaul and Thomas.  With N-RSP, its already integrated into him while Gaul requires it or different parts of it. 

Upgraded Fireblaster

The Upgraded Fireblaster is the same thing, only that the gun stats are better than the last. It does have better fire accuracy and range. The player holds the "shoot" button like the minigun and the player is firing the Fireblasters. The player can do an attack with this gun (melee one), where they hit the gun on the target's head. That's the only one the player can do with this upgrade. The gun doesn't look that different. The player can find it or buy it off of Weapon Customization.

Damage  Range Fire Rate Accuracy
80% 75% 69% 80%

Super Fireblaster

The Super Fireblaster has more of a difference in terms of its physical appearance as well as what it shoots out of its barrel. It does have an extended clip and in itself is longer. It does have better gun stats, like usual. Mainly in fire accuracy and range like last time. It does have more ammo so it lasts longer. It also shoots something a little different than the last two. It shoots a orange kind of bullet that looks like a little lazer when fired. The player acquires this in Weapon Customization mode and can be found scattered around Free Roam (the parts of the weapon).

Damage Range Fire Rate Accuracy
85% 82% 75% 88%

Mega Fireblaster 

The Mega Fireblaster does look difference in appearance. It does look bigger than last time and looks more like its inspiration (a little more like a shotgun). It does fire better and does better damage as well. It does contain a lot of ammo already. The player can find two and can use them both at the same time (left and right hand). The player acquires those types of this gun in WC (Weapon Customization). The player finds these in Weapon Customization or parts of it in Free Roam.

Damage Range Fire Rate Accuracy
95% 88% 86% 94%

Pixelizer Gun

Cost: 85,000 Rings/65,000 Pixels The Pixelizer Gun can only be used by Gaul. It is a weird-looking gun however, as it doesn't look like the previous guns do. It does fire pixels at its target and when fired and hits the target, it explodes into pixels. It is a weapon that needs to be unlocked in order to use it. So, the player does get this gun off of the Weapon Customization Mode. It does take with the normal version, up to 5 shots to kill the target as parts of the target will start to turn into a pixel-like substance and with the last shot the target will explode of pixels. The pixels are really tiny though its still noticeable that the target has been pixelated. With this gun, the player can get a sort of glove that connects with the gun as well that can be unlocked as well from WC. 

Upgraded Pixelizer Gun

An Upgraded Pixelizer Gun is well upgraded and doesn't really have any differences in terms of looks however does in gun stats. Mainly in its damage and accuracy.

Damage  Range Fire Rate Accuracy
88% 78% 57% 67%

Super Pixelizer Gun

The Super Pixelizer Gun does have a small difference in terms of looks. It does have a little bit of an extra scope that has a bigger squared barrel. The pixels are now more red than before as in the last upgrade, they're blue. This signals that there's basically more damage dealt with this upgrade and can destroy enimies quicker too.

Damage Range Fire Rate Accuracy
92% 85% 62% 76%

Mega Pixelizer Gun

The Mega Pixelizer Gun is a little bigger and the pixels are full on red now, so it does more damage. The pixels are also bigger than the last upgrades and more noticeable that they're actually there (they look a little like Lego bricks). Some pixels that are fired can actually cause some things to create a pixelated explosion which does look pretty cool. It is way better in gun stats espiecally damage. This upgrade is acquired from WC.

Damage Range Fire Rate Accuracy
98% 90% 80% 89%

For Unlocked weapons, the stats would usually be better than story ones firstly. And secondly, you may find parts of unlocked weapons in some stages, Free Fields or Free Roam. However, if you haven't unlocked them, if you try to acquire them the game won't let you and a message will come up (kind of like when you touch a Hint Ring with the Bits being the guys who tell you what to do) saying you can't as you haven't unlocked it. Unlocked may mean for extra side missions, bought, meet-ups, stopping a crime, getting an achievement etc.

Hot Blast

Hot Blast

Cost: 100,000 Rings/50,000 Pixels

Hot Blast is an unlocked weapon therefore is brought off of WC. This weapon is one of the most damaging weapons in the game as it does do quite a lot of damage. It is kind of like a raygun from GTA however it does fire bullet kind of like lazers (like Star Wars Stormtrooper's) Either way though, it does a lot of damage to its target and also has great aiming and precision. The gun is known for being best at that.

Upgraded Hot Blast

The Upgraded Hot Blast is actually quite useful. It does have better stats, so the damage is quite hard-hitting. There's not too much to say about this however. The lazers that are fired are more light red coloured.

Damage Range Fire Rate Accuracy
80% 78% 70% 71%

Super Hot Blast

The Super Hot Blast has more of a noticeable change in its physical appearance. The lazers are light blue appearance when fired. The gun stats are improved as well. There's also a scope that is on top of the weapon itself and is used for aim therefore making the accuracy better too. When the lazer hits the enimies too, they do disintegrate in a blue-looking energy too.

Damage  Range Fire Rate Accuracy
90% 84% 79% 80%

Mega Hot Blast

The Mega Hot Blast doesn't have a huge change in terms of physical appearance although it does in the way it works. There's more ammo firstly, and target's are defeated in one shot with this upgrade of the weapon. This upgrade can also destroy objects quick too. This upgrade is similar to the Lazer Cannon weapon itself.

Damage Range Fire Rate Accuracy
95% 90% 86% 84%



Cost: 500,000 Rings/250,000 Pixels

The Flamethrower is actually quite a popular weapon in games overall, they shoot out flames and burn things or make things explode. They're not that complex really. The damage though and fire rate must be quite off the charts consedering all the things that this weapon can do to its target. It is a weapon that needs to be unlocked so the player can use it. The picture on the left is obviously a normal Flamethrower and would also be an Upgraded Flamethrower. 

Upgraded Flamethrower

An Upgraded Flamethrower, like said before, does look like the normal one and there isn't that much change to how it looks like. It does do more damage and there's more fire rate like normal upgrades. The range is quite low for this weapon as flamethrowers can't fire a large distance.

Damage Range Fire Rate Accuracy
90% 62% 92% 85%

Super Flamethrower

Super Flamethrower (martinszeme)

Super Flamethrowers have obviously a huge change in terms of physical appearance. It does look more professional for a start as it does have more of a clean and smooth sort of surface and is bigger than the previous upgrade. The sound effects for when the fire is unleashed from the barrel of the weapon has changed a little if the player listens really closely and in a way sounds more menacing.

Damage Range Fire Rate Accuracy
95% 70% 95% 88%

Mega Flamethrower

Mega Flamethrower (dee-virus)

Mega Flamethrowers look completely different in terms of physical appearance, as obviously the surface is less square and straight and has more of a circular sort of base which contains all the mechanisms for this weapon. There's also a handle which the character the player is playing as (or in other words, the character that can use the weapon) holds the weapon with similar to the miniguns. The flame sound affect when fired sounds more menacing than previously even and actually at some points sounds quite scary. 

This upgrade of the weapon is said to be one of the most dangerous upgrades in the game of a weapon and there's still a lot of weapons to go.

Damage Range Fire Rate Accuracy
99% 80% 99% 92%

Grenade Launchers

Grenade Launcher (torvenius)

Cost: 110, 000 Rings/55,000 Pixels

This weapon is a weapon required in story mode however it can also be acquired from Weapon Customization if a breaks maybe etc. By the name, it does shoot out grenades at the targets, and therefore that causes explosions that will occur when it hits the target. So, damage-wise, it is quite dangerous and does take away the target's health quite quickly. This weapon does get bigger and badder as its upgraded like the Flamethrower too. Speaking of the upgrades, they are found in WC.

Upgraded Grenade Launchers

Upgraded Grenade Launchers don't look that much different, they look a tiny bit "fatter" though not that much change in what it shoots. 

Damage Range Fire Rate Accuracy
75% 72% 84% 69%

Super Grenade Launchers

Super Grenade Launchers (biometal)

Super Grenade Launchers have a change in physical appearance. They look more like actual grenade launchers, more like GTA 5's ones. It is still normal though when the grenades are fired there isn't too much difference to how it explodes or something like that. There's better range and accuracy in them, and the player can equip a scope onto the weapon to aim at the target.

Damage  Range Fire Rate Accuracy
85% 80% 87% 75%

Mega Grenade Launchers

Mega Grenade Launchers

As you can see, Mega Grenade Launchers also have quite the change in physical appearance from the previous two and resembles more of the first upgrade for this weapon. Obviously, they're better gun stats for this weapon. When grenades are fired, while its flying through air, they'll be multiple small explosions before it hits the target doubling the ammount of damage. There's a better aiming for this upgrade as it does have an automatic scope so its already on this version of the weapon. 

Damage Range Fire Rate Accuracy
95% 89% 96% 88%

Sticky Bombs

Cost: 10,000 Rings/5,000 Pixels for one. Limit is 20.

Sticky Bombs aren't really per say weapons however they are used to destroy certain targets. The player basically places the bomb where he/she wants to place it and detonates it creating an explosion. The more upgraded they get, the more deadlier and devestational. They don't do too much for the player, unless the player wants to blow up something for fun or blow up a door to get in somwhere or something.  Though, they're still fun objects to posess in the game.

Upgraded Sticky Bombs

Damage Range Fire Rate Accuracy
84% 68% 86% 64%

Super Sticky Bombs

Damage Range Fire Rate Accuracy
87% 75% 87% 76%

Mega Sticky Bombs

Damage Range Fire Rate Accuracy
92% 82% 90% 88%

Shock Darter

Shock Darter

Cost: 100,100 Rings/75,000 Pixels

Shock Darter is a weapon that the player can be unlocked however can be unlocked from story. It does resemble a bow and arrow, and when the arrow is fired there is different kinds of "elements" to when it is. Sometimes there's electric energy inside the arrow, fire arrows and even data-swiper arrows that the player can shoot. It doesn't do high ammount of damage however it does have quite good range and accuracy that could come in handy at times for the player. This weapon however is a weapon that gets quite dangerous over time.

Upgraded Shock Darter

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