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Silver the Hedgehog

''Silver the Hedgehog: The Telling of the Future ''or'' Silver the Hedgehog: Goliath's Rising" (UK) is a sci-fi futuristic action packed fangame made by Williamcost. This game is developed by Sega and Sonic Team. Although, it does take place after the events of The Blue Blur when Silver goes back to his future with Blaze, of course. So it is still apart of the TVOS franchise even though the game isn't based around Sonic. This game is intended to give an action, sci-fi, comedy and actually fantasy type game, it is one of the more unique Sonic games in a way.                                                                  

Silver the Hedgehog: Telling of the Future
Sega and Sonic Team
Action, Fighting, Platformer, Sci-Fi
PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Vita, 3DS, 2DS, PC, PC Controller
The Voyages of Sonic the Hedgehog series
Crush 40, Han Zimmer, Steve Jablonsky, TSFH (Two Steps from Hell), San Holo, Madeon
Release Dates
June 1st 2016
3D Platformer
PEGI: 12 (Violence, Online, Bad Language)

There are some violence and some bad language

ESRB: E10+ (Fastasy Violence, Mild Language)
Single player, multiplayer, co-op, Online, Missions, Future Mode, Death Mode, Free Roam
Hedgehog Engine Havok Engine
Preceeded by
The Blue Blur
Proceeded by
Silver The Hedgehog: A Ghost In Time

It is an action, fighting and platforming adventure where we delve into Silver's past, as in how he met Blaze, thier friendship, how thier future is, also why Nazo knows them and Nega too? This'll answer questions that were unanswered in the Blue Blur about the two, but it does take place after The Blue Blur. There's also a new threat out there, ready for revenge because of what the two done to him in the past. Its being released on Wii U, 3DS, 2DS,Vita, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. This game shows who Silver really is, and why he has a use in the (fanmade) franchise and his life in the future. The game came out on June 1st 2016. 


After the events of the Blue Blur, things have changed for our heroes. Although, we foucs on the story of Silver and his future at Onyx City. A lively futuristic city, with a great cityscape and grand protection by robots including the now legend of Sonic the Hedgehog, we delve into the cases Silver solves, and the crimes that occur in his hometown and him and Blaze's lives there after the events of Algorgian and the Portal to a Thousand Worlds and the way they became themselves.  Professor Von Schlemmer is intrigued with Silver's abilities, and is invited to his Sciennce Centre which is where everything begins. The two heroes struggle with life in the future, as there's a threat unleashed onto the world, by a man seeking revenge on Silver. Silver teams up with Professor Von Schlemmer, Sara the Cat, N-RSP the Robot, Gaul the Monkey and Silver's loyal friend Blaze, to defeat the man behind the mayhem, while in the meantime, Silver discovers mysteries that have surrounded him, his whole life...

The story is a two-parter, as loads of things as you can tell does occur in the story. The first part focuses more on the scope of the future itself and its strict laws etc. While the second part gets more personal and we learn more about Goliath and his intentions, as well as why he is so hell-bent on wanting Silver.

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The story was completed on 18th June 2016.


Silver the Hedgehog: The Telling of the Future is a 3D platformer, action, RPG (a little) type game. This kind of gameplay is very unique than any other Sonic game, consedering the fact Sonic isn't present in the game and neither are his allies. The player only plays Silver, Blaze, Sara, Gaul and N-RSP. They all too have unique abilities (see the Playable Characters section below). The stages are also differ quite a lot from recent TVOS. The player is still surrounded by a 3D enviorment, it is still the same routine, during the stage the player collects rings, power-ups, defeat enimies (sometimes this isn't the case) and after 2 stages (again sometimes it could be more) end with a boss battle. Each stage is 7:00 and depending on the kind of stages it'll sometimes be 10:00. The player also can collect some unlockables. Though, when the player reaches the Goal Ring, the player earns a rank. (A,B,C,D,E,S,P) centered around the player's score.

There are some new features added to the game, as well as power-ups, combo moves etc. The gameplay of this game does resemble Sonic 06, and Silver's gameplay mainly. The player has a homming atttack and aerial attacks are quite emphasized. He does have some new ablities and Blaze does too. Although, there's also additional characters now such as Sara the Cat, N-RSP and Gold who all feature they're own unique gameplay. Speaking of characters and combo moves, now the player can do combo moves with two characters who do a certain move. So, maybe Silver can perform his Meteor Smash and Blaze will do her Burning Blaze which will create some sort of combo move. When done, it also does twice the damage. 

There's also a new coin system, so they're Rings that still remain as well as the Rings overall in the game (that the player obtains in stages though in free roam, its all the player has earned throughout the stages added up and the player can then buy characters as well as items etc). However, there's also Pixels, that the player can also find although they're kind of like Red Star Rings, since they're not rare to find but the player wouldn't really see a line of pixels in a stage. Though, they're the new coin system of the game, so after the Story Mode has been completed, they'll be the Ring Count bar as well as a Pixel bar.

Another new feature is the Free Field, this is kind of like how Missions was in The Blue Blur however this is a slight difference. In Missions, the player has to, say, defeat a certain ammount of enimies in a minute. The Free Field, though, is when the player has a little more freedom. The player is assigned to do something, although the thing is the player has more freedom to what he's doing. Free Roam, though, is still in the game and will work like it did in TBB.

Back to gameplay though, the player also has the ability to Boost, kind of like in Sonic Unleashed. Since, in some stages in that game, the player does boost quite a lot. So, if the player is playing Silver, they'll tap X (PlayStation) and Silver will boost (as in he'll boost but he won't be running like Sonic does, he'll be levitating and flying at really high speeds). They're more aspects of the game that are inspired by different games, like Rachet and Clank series (with the Minis and fighting style), Sonic 06, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Heroes and Adventure 2. They're also some aspects that are taken from Grand Theft Auto, to do with the weaponry in the game. Sonic Heroes' fighting style is also taken into consederation etc. As well as the fans too who can tell the studio they're ideas and they might or might not be included into the game. The player does get some time for exploration too so during a stage the player can go around explore for a little bit like Rise of Lyric and Unleashed.

Like usual, they're are the "Type" characters such as Speed Type Characters etc. But here it differs quite largely, there's Weaponed Characters, Future Characters, Armoured Characters and Power Characters. Speed Type Characters are usually only unlocked in DLC Packs (so Sonic the Hedgehog will be reoccuring unplayable character but maybe in a DLC, we might be able to play as him in the future). More of this is in the Character section.

They're also some new Modes included into the game as well as old ones, like Online, Free Roam, Multiplayer, with the addition of Challenge Mode, Future Mode, Death Mode, Hardcore etc.

Playable Characters

They're quite a lot of characters in the game, though a few are N.P.C's for the Story Mode. While others are playable in Free Roam only or DLC's. 

Even though the Right and Left Analouge Sticks aren't there on the Moveset, they're only there to move or turn the camera. They aren't that important to the overall moveset.


Silver the Hedgehog

Silver the Hedgehog

Silver is the main protaganist of the game, along with Sara the Cat, Blaze, N-RSP, the Professor and Gaul. He is quite demanding and wants things done the way he wants too, though sometimes its not the smartest of options. In this game, we explore Silver's past and his future, like how he became enimies with Nazo and Nega. As well as how Silver got his powers and his relationship with Blaze. We also explore the mysteries surrounding his life. He poseses physcokenisis (control things with his mind) like in previous games. Silver's gameplay doesnt really differ from previous features though they're some additional features. Inspired from Sonic 06, Heroes and the Adventure series (even though Silver wasnt in most those listed games). He is voiced by Pete Capbella.

The buttons are all PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Wii U and 3DS (however the three buttons that are on the left are Playstation and Xbox One, Wii U and 3DS basically have the same buttons as Xbox One, and Vita has the same controls on the Playstation (with a few extra).

Silver's Moveset
X Button/Y Button/Space Jump
Square Button/X Button/W Combo move/attack
O Button/X button/D Grab One (using Physcokenisis)
R1 + R2/ RT + LT/ A+D Meteor Smash
O + Square Physic Wave
R2/RT/Space + S Levitate
R2/RT/D + E Teleport Dash
R1/RT/Q Physcokenisis
X + Square/ A + B/ W+X Grab All/ Hold Smash
Tap X+ Square/ Tap A+X/ Tap Space+ F Pyscho Shock/ Pyscho Smash

Triangle+O Button/B+ Y/ A+Q

Tap Square/ Tap X/ Tap S

Pyschic Knife


Hold X/ Hold B/ Hold Space                              Launch object/ Launch object 2/ Launch object 3 (using Phsycokenisis)

Some moves do return from previous games (like ESP, Psychic Smash etc). Boost is also a control however the player can't always use it as the the developers didn't want the game to be a "boost to win" game, the player takes it a little slower with Silver.

Blaze the Cat

RushAdventure Blaze pose

Blaze the Cat

Blaze the Cat is one of the most loyal friends Silver has. She has been on many adventures with him before, and has inspired her to be more open with people. She is a normally calm person, although sometimes she locks up her actual feelings from others. Her royality back in the her dimmension, is still within her as seen in some parts of the franchise (like in Generations, at the end, Blaze stands tight and upstraight compared to the others, in the scene with the Time Eater, final battle). She speaks in a polite tone, again another feature of her royality back in her dimmension. She posses pyrokenisis which is the ability to control fire in any way possible. She was born with this ability and always thought of it as a curse. Until, over time she got use to it and learnt how to control it, as well as her emotional status since there's signs when she's conflicted. Like when she has quite a fiery temper etc. This game explores how they both met and who's on the throne. There's also a DLC Story for Blaze that will come out for this game, explaining her backstory and life as a princess as well as the things she had to go through at young age. She is voiced by Bella Hudson.

Blaze's Moveset
Tap X/ Tap A/ Hold Arrows Run/Walk
Triangle Button/ Y Button/ Z Pyrokenisis
O + Triangle/ X+Y/ Q+Z Burst Dash 
Sqaure+R1/RT+X/ Space+Y Spinning Claw
Hold X/Hold A/ Hold F+ A (to actually throw) Throw/Aim Fireballs
Hold Sqaure+X/ Hold X+A/ Tap R+T Combo move/attack
Tap Square+Tap X/ Tap X+Tap A/ Hold R+T Tag team attack
R1+X/ RT+ B/ W+S Fire Claw
R2+Right Analouge Stick/ RB+ Right Analouge Stick/ Space+B Burst Hover
Tap Square+Hold O/ Tap X+ Hold B/ Tap E+ Hold T Fire Boost
Triangle+X/ Y+A/ E+Tap C Axel Jump/ Fire Tornado

The player can do the Axel Jump however during it, the player can be able to use the same buttons again (while still in midair) and Blaze will perform Fire Tornado, and if lucky, if the player has quite the reflexes. Blaze can do a combo move with the Fire Tornado and Axel Jump together. However, the player can do the Fire Tornado and Axel Jump seperately. There are hidden abilities in the game that the player can discover for some characters, mainly unlocked. One of Blaze's either hidden or abilities within her DLC, is the Iron Fist. This is a nod to the actual character .

Gold the Tenrec


Gold the Tenrec (image from tumblr)

Gold is a new addition and is adapted from the comics (however, she isn't that old of a character). She is a tenrec who has quite a strong emotional arc. She does have a secret that she is hiding from the team in the game to which she reveals at the end, this does explain her personality. As she is quite secretive. In the game, she starts off as a villian and gradually changes to the hero side and joins Silver. She has alot of hidden abilities that she discovers during the game as she starts off only using a gun that she made. Being a psychic is also something that she discovers and is quite a big part of her gameplay and abilities as well as physcokenisis however her gameplay isn't similar to Silver's suprisingly.

Though, she does have a intention in mind, from going rouge to being a hero, and that is also explored in the game. Her and Silver do develop similarities and do get along eventually. She is voiced by Laura Bailey.

Gold's Moveset
Physcokenisis R1/RT/Q
Goldust L1+X/LT+A/B+D
Soft Shower R1+Tap X/ RT+Tap B/ Tap Space+C
Aim/Fire Weapon Hold X+Tap X/ Hold A+Tap A/Hold D+Tap D
Death Hallows L1+Triangle/LT+Y/ Q+ Tap E
Torch Press X/ Press A/ Press T
Aim/Fire Gold Energy Blasts Hold X+Press X/Hold A+Press A/ Hold D+ Press D
Light Dust Tap Circle+Press Triangle/Tap A+ Press Y/ Tap R+ Press E
Charge Attack Press Square/ Press X/ Press A

Combo move/attack

Hold Square+X/Hold X+A/ Tap R+T
Gold's Moveset (Last 2)
Fast reflex (slow down time) Hold RT/Hold R1/ Hold Space
Psychic Vision Hold Square/Hold B/Tap T

Her fast reflexes are obviously because of her Psychic Vision. Though, her psychic vision either tells the future and what's to happen (at least a brief of what's to happen) or it works kind of like Assasain Creed's Eagle Vision , where the player can see where enimies are, and can form a plan to process through the stage. She is a unique character in the game in terms with gameplay and is noted for being one of the best. 

Gaul/Mr Nobody the Monkey


Gaul the Monkey (drawn by Silverluv)


Gaul/Mr. Nobody the Monkey (drawn by Mac the Writer)

Gaul is a monkey who doesn't join the team, however Sara the Cat leads the team to him. He is quite a fearsome character although he does have soft spots. In the story, Sara and him keep bringing up Gaul's daughter and wife but yet the players do not know what happened to them (at least, not yet). He is called Mr Nobody often, since he has no public records on him, no tracking etc. So, he's basically a Mobian who is in hiding from the goverment and due to the strict laws of the future if suddenly, someone or a member of the World Leaders/Council find out, he'd be killed.

He does speak in quite a typical solider like voice, kind of like Call of Duty. He is quite muscular but that's not really seen and he wields his G.E.M. The gun that he usually carries (here's what it looks like or this ). He dos start out not liking Silver as much but they gradually begin to grow a bond too. His gameplay, however, differs from other characters gameplay as he does do things monkeys do as well as use weapons. He can also fight in combat with his fists. He is voiced by John Eric Bentley.

Gaul's Moveset
Crouch/Duck R1/RT/Space
Aim/Fire G.E.M (or any other weapon) Hold R2/Hold RT/Hold X
Gun Choice Hold L1/Hold LT/ Hold W
Tail Swing X+Triangle/ X+B/W+E
Combo move/attack Hold Square+X/Hold X+A/Tap R+T
Climb/Swing Tap Square/Tap B/Tap T
Take Cover X/A/E
Reload Weapons Tap Square+Tap Triangle/Tap X+B
Tail Grab R1+Hold Square/RT+Hold X/ Space+A
Robotic Glove/Jump+Shoot Tap Circle+Square/Tap A+B/ E+ Tap Q
Slide Hold R1/Hold RT/ Hold Space

His gameplay is inspired from Rachet and Clank, GTA (surprisingly) and Call of Duty. So, he can choose between guns and different ones too. His main one that he'll start off with, is his homemade one (even though it still looks professional and works like a gun should) the G.E.M. The player may collect more ammo for this weapon and can find weapons scattered around a stage or Free Field and that'll then be on the Gun Selection if used for the player.

Sara the Cat

IMG 20160407 0853424 rewind-1-

Sara the Cat (drawn by Noahc2015)

Sara the Cat is a cat that knows Gaul quite well and is apart of his crew. She started out trying to assisanate someone (not goanna name names, he's in the game) and Blaze encounters her. They collide and fight, Blaze being an interruption to the plan. She eventually recieves orders from Gaul telling her to follow Silver and his team (for plot details) as they're worth lots of pixels as well as rings. She does eventually grow a bond with Silver and his team and also stops this feud between Silver and Gaul. She is more like the voice of reason in the game (like Blaze).

She has a mechanical arm and it changes to a prosthetic arm during the game. She is quite ruthless when it comes to actual combat. She does have multiple abilities and is probably one of the strongest  characters in the game. She is voiced by Danielle Nicolet.

Sara's Moveset
Ground Pound Tap X/Tap B/Tap W
Chest Slam R2+Square/RT+B/D+A
Headbutt Hold Circle/Hold Y/ Hold T
Super Jump Triangle+Tap X/Y+Tap B/Tap S+R
Destroyer L1+R1/RB+LB/X+Q
Active Miniguns (on her mechanical shoulder) R1+ (to fire) Tap R2/RB+Tap RT/ C+Tap X
Superman Punch  Square/B/E+D
Carry Vehicle/Object/Item Tap Square+Hold Square/Tap X+Hold X/Tap Space+Hold Space
Take Cover X/A/E
Slide Hold R1/Hold RB/Hold Space
Shield (by mechanical arm) Triangle+Circle/Y+A/S+D

Sara's "Superman Punch" can only be activated at the appropiate time, therefore it won't always work at random times in battle. Everything around Sara goes into slowmo and there's a bar with a button (Square/X/F, with PC, it'll vary). When the bar is full, then Sara superman punches the enemy. 

Lastly, she does have the Charge Attack and is quite different from the Blue Blur's representation of it. When she charges, she runs really fast, her mechanical arm blocking her face and it creates a shield. This knocks enimies away from the camera etc. Its basically what can happen when performing the Shield skill she has.

N-RSP the Robot


N-RSP the Robot (drawn by Silverluv)

This is a robot created by Nega. He's more of a sleek robot compared to others. He has a core in his chest and also wings that can grow on the side of his body. He has superhuman agility, and can even jump to high standards, and flight. The game explores Nega's ruthless side since the robot is redeemed by the heroes, and has witnessed Nega's doings of the past. He's however, the oldest robot of Nega's, therefore he knows quite a lot about him and even remembers Silver.

He's been turned off for quite some time during the events of the game. He is a courageous character and also is very dangerous and powerful. He's also really strong as he can carry vehicles (kind of like Sara).  He is voiced by John DiMaggo.

N-RSP's Moveset
Dive Hold X/Hold B/A
Flight/Wings Hold R2/Hold RT/ Hold Space
Fire Blasters+Fire Waves Tap O+Square/Tap B+A/Tap T+D
Thunderclap/Thunder Blast Hold L1+Release L1+Double Tap Triangle/Hold RB+LB+X/Q+A+Space
Combo move/attack Tap Square+X/Tap X+A/Tap R+T
Gun Choice Hold L1/Hold LB/Hold W
Superhuman Agility R1+O/RT+A/Tap X
Ground Pound Tap X/Tap B/Tap W
Hack (unlockable ability) Sqaure+O/Y+X/Hold A
Core Blast Hold Triangle/Hold Y/Hold S
Lazer Beams/Turrets (unlockable ability)  Hold R1+L1 (to aim)/Hold RT+LT/Hold Space+W

Goliath the Dark 


Goliath the Dark

Goliath is the big bad of the game (antagonist) and is the villain of the entire game. He is not playable in Story Mode, however he's playable once unlocked in Free Roam. He was accidentally awakened by Silver, he was nothing then. He had just discovered himself, until time passed by and he upgraded himself quite immensly, seeking the knowledge to other timelines, his plan, and overall Silver who he wants to kill so badly. Though, it isn't understood why for most of the game. 

He does wear a dark hood and his hair is a little scruffy, he is a hedgehog by the way. He has a black and red symbol on his hood, as well as black and red gloves that have knives pointing out of them. His eyes are quite weird, as he has a blue iris, though his retina isn't seen, like its full on white. He does have claws that can grow, can fight etc. He is quite a badass and strong character. His history is a little unclear but explained during the game. He is voiced by Mark Hamil.

Goliath's Moveset
Dark Energy Blast Tap X/Tap B/Tap A
Dark Psychokenisis R1/RT/Q
Shoot Beams/Aim Beams Hold R2+O/Hold RB+Y/Hold Space+Tap A
Open Genesis Portal+Close Genesis Portal Square+Tap O/A+Tap X/Q+Tap S
Phasma Blades/Spin Attack/Slice and Dice Attack R2+L2+Triangle/RT+LT+Y/ Double Tap Spcae+Hold E
Headbutt Hold X+O/Hold B+X/Hold A+W
Flight/Levitate Hold R2/Hold RT/Hold Space
Mind Control/Celluar Devourer X+Triangle+Tap O/B+Y+Tap X
Unleash Monster (from portal)+Order Legion R1+Tap Square/RB+ Tap A/ Space+ Tap Y
Thunder Smash/ Death Claw L1+Tap Square/LB+Tap A/ E+Tap Q

Fierce Pierce

Launch object 1/2/3

Tap O/Tap Y/Tap S

Hold X/Hold B/Hold Space

Combo move/attacks                               Tap Square+X/Tap X+A/Tap R+T

Goliath's gameplay is quite different from the other characters and is probably one of the strongest characters in terms of gameplay. He isn't playable at all in Story Mode, however is in Free Roam though he's a character that the player needs to buy in order to play him in Free Roam. His combo moves and attacks are probably one of the best ones in the game.


My name's Kal


Kal is a figure that Silver and co encounter on Mobius. He can run at high speeds, and he even stated that at one point he was on the verge of breaking the time barrier and travelling back in it for running so fast. He has a special suit of armour he obtained from a Raiders' base (Raiders on Mobius, not Earth). His real name is S3-U7, and is artifical. He was abandoned by humans as he was presumably either a threat or he wasn't really working out for them. So they dumped him on Mobius. He is quite calm about things and is pretty much the comic relief for this game, espiecally the chemistry towards the end of the game with the whole robot cast. He is voiced by Troy Baker.
Kal's Moveset
Zoom 1/Zoom 2/ Zoom 3 (super super speed) Hold X+Tap X/Hold A+Tap A/Tap Space
Walk/Run (normal pace) Hold Square (walk) Tap Square (run)+ Hold X+Tap X (XBOX)+ Arrow Keys (or) A/D/W/S
Plough through enimies R1+O/RB+Y/Space+Q
Throw Speed Wind R2+Hold Triangle/RT+Hold Y/Hold Space+Hold A
Stab enemy (Heart Attack) R1+L1/RT+LT/Space+ Right Arrow Key
Run+Jump+Stab Hold X+Tap X+Square+R1/Hold A+Tap A+B+RT
Combo move/attack Tap Square+X/Tap X+A/Tap R+T
Run on wall Tap X/Tap A/Tap Space
Freeze Time Hold O+Tap O (to stop it)+L2/ Hold X+Tap X+LT/Hold Q+Tap Q+Space
Tornado Hold R3+L3/Hold R3+L3/Hold E+D
Spin Dash (not like Sonic's) O+X/ B+A/A+S

The developers didn't want Kal to be like Sonic that much, since they're both fast. For example, Kal does not have a streak when he runs at super speed and instead a lot of wind is created. This is probably due to the fact he's wearing a suit of armour that helps him. His Spin Dash ability is nothing like Sonic's however. Kal runs in circles around an enemy/ies and runs slowly in a closer perimeter everytime Kal runs one circle. This traps the enemy/ies and sometimes makes them go flying away from camera's view. Tornado is kind of the same however Kal just runs in one big circle while things get sucked in and spin so much they're then killed supposedly and objects destroy each other. Both these moves can be very catastrophic.

In order for Kal to run on walls, he has to be close to one. Its the same buttons as the Zooming buttons to run on walls. The player just needs to make Kal jump and then press the Zoom buttons and then he'll be running on walls. 

T.H.O.M.A.S (Tenacious Hummanoid Official Mechanical Autonomous Sentinent) Salazar


T.H.O.M.A.S Salazar

Humans were intrigued with robot tech and artificial intelligence, and wanted to push it the extra limit almost every day. So at one point, humans ran a little test. They fitted six robots with artificial intelligence and the ability to look through the web. And then in 3435 PXE, they sent them to Mobius. They were tested to see if they could outmatch the "harsh weathers" of Mobius. There was no human guidance only a drone which picked up the footage of thier every move. They realised that these so called moons that hovered above Mobius were artifcial satellites and they're the ones giving off all the harsh weathers. When, thy found out the humans' intentions which was to send robots there so that they could have patrol robots for the governemnt, since the World Leaders had the plan to take over Mobius. The robots destroyed the drone, then seperated they're own ways. Thomas, Tez and RuthLess one way and the other three in thier own respective path. Then, Thomas and his team never saw the other three robots nor the humans that made them ever since then. Thomas is known for being really calm too and resepctful to other people's feelings and opinions. He is quite a master with weapon and machinery though and can fight a little. He is voiced by Steve Blum.

Thomas' Moveset
Combo moves/attack Tap Square+X/Tap X+A/Tap R+T
Punch/Kick/Double Kick Tap Square/Tap B+Tap A/Tap D
The Cloaking Eagle/The Cloaking Bird (Thomas and RuthLess) Triangle+O/Y+B/Q
Slide Hold R1/Hold RT/Hold Space
Take Cover X/A/E
Duck R2+L2/RT+LT/Space+ Tap A
Killer Blade/Death Twirl Square/B/E+D
Physical attack with weapon Triangle+ Square/Y+Tap B/ A+Tap W
Exchange weaponry (between RuthLess and Tez) Hold X/Hold B/Hold D
Gun Choice Hold L1/Hold L2/Hold W
Body Slam/Chest Pounce L1+O/LB+Y/Space+ Tap W

Thomas does have quite alot of chemistry with the other robots, therefore he shares some abilities with them. So, for example, he exchanges weaponry with Tez and RuthLess and sometimes this can create a combo while playing him. When exchanging weaponry, the player basically switches from that character to the characater you've thrown the weapon too (only the robot cast except Kal). He also has similar abilities to other playable characters in the game too.


RuthLess is apart of Thomas' team, and is therefore one of the robots that was sent.


RuthLess (by bri-in-the-sky)

Thomas named him RuthLess because of what he can do and how he fights. He isn't really like a martial arts kind of level fighter though in what he can do he is quite dangerous. He can deliver quite the combos too. He can grow mechanical wings (something the 

humans never told them) and does carry two katanas he found which he can use. He does have guns too which he uses more than the katanas (again not martial art level). He is voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch.

RuthLess' Moveset
Wheel Kick/Eagle Spin X+O/A+Tap B/A+X
Sense/Smell/Detect Hold R1/Hold RB/Hold Space+Z
Flying Takedown Square/B/E+D
Headbutt/Triple Headbutt (equals Combo) Tap O+Triangle/Tap Y+B/Tap D+X
Strangle Triangle/Y/T
Kick/Punch Tap Square/A/Tap X+D
Box (fight) target L2+Square/LT+B/Space+E
Gun Choice Hold L1/Hold LT/Hold W
Shoot weapon Hold R2/Hold RT/Hold X
Flight (with wings) R1+L1/RB+LB/Tap Q
Fly+Shoot R1+Hold L1/RB+Hold LB/Q+Space

RuthLess does have a katana that is apart of his gameplay, and is mainly used when the player does combo attacks with RL. He can also fly too, and has some abilities that deal with Tez and RuthLess like exchanging weapons and tag team combos.



Tez (by reza-ilyssa)

He was also apart of Thomas' team and therefore was one of the test subjects. He would be considered a skilled martial artist. He does carry two scythes that he constructed from parts of himself (after an animal attack) and can use them quite skillfully. Therefore, he can create a lot of good combos with them. He is also proably the second fastest being out of the whole playable roster as he is really fast (not as fast as Kal). And can use his speed to an advantage at some points. He is voiced by Jackie Chan.
Tez's Moveset
Front Kick/Multiple Kicks Hold O+Tap O/Hold B+Tap B/A+Q
Run Tap Square/Tap A/Tap D
Hook Kick R3+O/R3+B/Tap T
Fight using Scythes Circle/Y/A+Space
Combo move/attack Tap Square+X/Tap X+A/Tap R+T
Hammerfist Combo Triangle/B+A/Q+E
Energon Scythe/Electric Scythe Combo Square/B/Space
Jump+Slice X+O/X+B/X+A
Chop Chop R2+X/RB+A/Space+Double Tap Q
Headbutt Tap O+Triangle/Tap Y+B/Tap D+X
Side Flip/Backflip Kick Circle the joystick+R3/Circle it+R3/Up Arrow Key+Down Arrow Key

Tez is a really skillful Martial Artist and was also intended to be very traditional to his country which is Japan (he was meant to act like that due to the way he was programmed. Humans wanted to add extra personality to it. Also, no offense). He is noted for being the best character in terms of combo moves and attacks. The most noted combo was the Chop Chop combo, which was very brutal and did loads of damage even killing the enemy in itself or killing multiple. What Tez does is rapidly and quickly chop up the enemy like in a sushi place, he chops the enemy really fast killing him/her/it.

N.P.C (Some Unlockables)

These are all the non-playable characters,although that's only in Story Mode. Some characters might be playable in Free Roam when unlocked.

Professor Von Schlemmer


Professor Von Schlemmer

The Professor is a character that appears in most the game, and is more or less like a mentor to Silver. He is a human of some sort, but has quite a lot of cybernetics (although its unknown why). He is the character that informs Silver of the mysterious Genesis Portals. He tells Silver about thier importance and how they need to close them so now threats enter the world. He does also save Silver from being captured and taken in so he is quite a pivotal character to Silver and Blaze even, personally. 

Back to basics, though, he does own the Science Centre which is not as popular as it was before. He did also make guard robots for his labatory and has a secret room where he does all his expirements and formulas. As well as the Bits, who are kind of like the comic relief and are his prized possesions. He is also the voice of reason in this game too. He does have a German accent too, though and says "vun" instead of "one" (little known fact). He is playable in Free Roam once unlocked. He is voiced by Wally Wingert.

The Bits

Trolol these are the actual bITS


The Bits are creations of Professor Von Schlemmer, they're a line of small artifical and virtual hedgehogs that he made that speak an bianary code however it can be translated. There's three models, yellow, blue and red models. They can go into standby mode which is when they curl up into a ball. They also have red orbs on thier head, that look like antennas. Its probably a form of communication nevertheless. They're playable in Free Roam once unlocked.

Edmund the Echidna (P.X.E)


Edmund (Silver's future)

Edmund is an ancestor of Knuckles the Echidna and the overall Brotherhood of Guardians . Edmund is the owner of th Libary in Onyx Island which is where he lives. He was destined to be the guardian of the island since Onyx Island is probably Angel Island. They're quite a lot of easter eggs in the Libary, and hidden secrets. Edmund does call himself a "failed guardian" but for a different reason from the comics. Since, they're now World Leaders who're split into sections, therefore they control each of these sections and one of them was Onyx Island. Edmund use to be in control of the island, although they did take the island for themselves and controlled it instead of Edmund. So, that's why Edmund doubts himself quite a bit.

He is a really old man and they're surely questions to who he is and his past since he did say that he's 100 years old. He doesn't have a bond like he does in the comics with Silver, though they do still talk mainly through holograms. He is voiced by Greg Eagles. He is playable when unlocked in Free Roam.


Spitfire (stirlzozacular)

Spitfire (II)

Spitfire is one of Goliath's Legion. He is the first Legion that Goliath creates, thanks to help of the Genesis Portals. He has pyrokenisis, telekenisis and physcokenisis. Pyrokenisis is the ability to control fire in any capacity. He was one of Gaul's security but turned by Goliath and the suit that he wore and weapons that he had during his days with Gaul have moulded onto his actual skin. So, he does look quite disgusting, but is badass in what he can actually do. He is called "The New Protector" by Goliath consedering his impressive work on the Legion. He's playable once unlocked in Free Roam. He is voiced by John DiMaggo.

The Legion


Picture coming soon

The Legion are Goliath's army. Most of them use to be people that, thanks to help of the Genesis Portals (not saying what happened, as it is quite key to the plot) changed them into what they are. They're clothes, suits, armour etc have been moulded into thier skin and have been fed power by Goliath. The more higher-ranking members of the Legion do have slightly wacky names, like Menace, Knockdown etc but that's to show that they're more appreciated and over the top of others.

Onyx City Council


Onyx City Council

The Onyx City Council are the council of Silver's hometown and they're quite mischevious and self-absorbed. They give the people of Onyx City a code by the name C.I.T.I.Z.E.N. And all words stand for something (Courageous, Integrity, Track, Idol, Zonk, Embrace, Never), the code is a code the people of the city have to live by, by law. However, everyone is given a job to do, and if not done, could be killed almost instantly. They believe doing this will give "a future of continued prosperity and joy". At thier disposal, they have the Civil Protection Robots and talk to World Leaders about plans they have and sometimes just celebrate overall. They do go looking for Silver and Blaze in the game, as they're wanted. They do also have a bigger secretive scheme up thier sleeve....

They're 4 members, one is voiced by Karen Strassman, another is voiced by Troy Baker, another is voices by Danielle Nicolet and lastly,  Steve Blum plays one with a British accent. They're playable in Free Roam whe unlocked.

Tormac the Wolf

Tormac the Wolf is apart of Goliath's main trio. He is a wolf that wears a cloak similar to Goliath's (with some differences), he also wears a mask that resembles a futuritsic gas mask. He is a notorious and selfish villain per say, as he does want lots of things for himself. He is pivotal to Gaul's arc in the game since he was a scientist that worked secretly underground and started up a program that Gaul became apart of. Tormac is responsible for killing Gaul's wife in front of him and taking his baby daughter. He does have his own group of fighters by the name, "the Corlacks" that are at Rolpo near the Clomian Beach. They're bad people who take whatever they want under the command of him. Therefore, Tormac's Corlacks and the Legion are ascossiated with each other (though thier relationship doesn't go to deep in the game since there's no need too). He is voiced by Liam Neeson. He is playable once unlocked.

The Knights of Nicholas

The Knights of Nicholas are situated on the Little Planet on Mobius. They are knights with time-based powers, so they have the ability to stop time etc and they can fight. They do worship Nicholas O'Tyme, an owl spirit to which whom they serve. The spirit and the knights protect the Time Stones from any enimies who seek to get thier hands on it. The Nicholas Knights are in the Tyme Temple which is one of the biggest and tallest temples on Mobius (however it is on Little Planet). They don't play too big a role. One helps Silver and co get the Time Stones.One random member of this group is unlocked in Free Roam. 

They're more characters, about 2-3 more actually though these characters are quite pivotal to the story, and therefore basically are spoiler characters. So, I can't really write them down here. At the right time, I'll add them.

Voice Actor Cast

Silver is the main protaganist of the game and is a user of psychokenisis, he made his first appearance in Sonic 06 and reprised his role a cameo in Sonic Generations. He also is the handy partner of Blaze. When the Blue Blur, was still in the works, Pete did kind of say that he wouldn't mind doing a Silver the Hedgehog game as there's so much to explore with that character when asked by a fan in Q & A, though, the fan didn't exactly ask if a Silver the Hedgehog game would happen so people did suspect this. At the Sonic the Hedgehog Day event on February 16th, the cast of the game did make an appearance (more info about the game was confirmed from January 15th to Sonic the Hedgehog Day as well as the day itself, or at least more official info was confirmed). Takashi Izuka stated in the event that, "we wanted to delve more into who Silver was since we've noticed that most fans probably consider him a least favourite. However, there's alot to do with Silver's future that I and the producers and such wanted to see through and it was really interesting to how we could set that out". Pete added that, "Silver is kinda like the big brother you never had in this game, we get to see a hell of a lot of chemistry between him and Blaze as well as the new characters. I have read Silver's comics before, and even though we kinda flipped that up [to which he asks the director if Blaze was in Silver's comics comically, no pun intended] though we have looked into Silver's struggles and how his future or at least the place he lives in is so silent but are enslaved to do certain things, there was so many oppurtunities that we could've taken with that so it was fun really". Pete did talk about Silver's gameplay and said that "its over the top awesome [laughs and audience claps]". He stated that Silver's gameplay has been improved from 06, and that they've actually looked at all his abilities from the comics to the games and tried to make people fill like the gameplay was enjoyable and would be entertaining to the player. Takashi Izuka said that we'll also Silver's emotional states as well as his past life, and also the reveal of his parents. He said that they really wanted to do Silver justice and this was thier oppurtunity.

Blaze is also another protaganist of the game, she is Silver's most loyal friend since they've been with each other over timelines (literally). She is a cat with pyrokenisis, and is the queen/guardian of the Sol Zone and Sol Emeralds as well as the Cat Country. She has been with Silver for quite a long time and therefore hasn't seen her home that much (she does in the DLC Pack).  At the Sonic Day event, Takashi Izuka sais, "Blaze is also another enjoyable player to juggle with, emotionally and physically. As she is a very confident and strong woman, and also is a really skilled fighter who posses fire-based abilities. She is a very smart girl in this game, and is the voice of reason for Silver just like in Sonic 06". The writer of the game, Shiro Maekawa, said (translated), "Blaze, and even Silver, were fun to write. These guys are like Tom and Jerry only that they're not trying to trap each other. I wanted to reveal her past through her, and make her look like a loyal and wise being while sometimes expressing minor jokes here and there. Her and Silver's chemistry was amazing to write and even some of the new cast's chemistry, since from the chemistry, you see them have different opinions and say different points for some things, its a very realistic relationship. She is also an embodiment for woman out there, because she is a strong being and is very intelligent". At an interview with Erica, she stated that, "'She's fun to voice since she is a say...evolved woman. Since, she is commonly known for being a shy woman who hides her feelings and anger from others and was also really calm. She is really calm however she's less shy. And that's what I liked. I enjoyed working with Pete, he's a very witty guy as well as Takashi. They're all good people, which motivated me more into doing Blaze right". 'Erica also said that she does also have some chemistry with the new characters, like Sara. 

Gold is a female tenrec who is a user of psychokenisis due to the fact that she's from another dimmension. She was also a former member of the Onyx City Council. She is a new addition to the cast from the comics and is another protaganist. On Sonic the Hedgehog day, Takashi Izuka said about her that, "she's a new character to the team and her backstory and previous life was really interesting to play with, there's alot of things we did with her emotionally, mainly evolving around her past life as well as her Onyx City Council life". She is said to have alot of knowledge on the Genesis Portals too. Laura Bailey said, "She is a very uptight character and really strong in terms of her abilities. She is personally one of my favorite characters to voice, I love her character so much [laughs]. Takashi did also say that they've also thought of her being a lesbian like said by her creator (real life) so they could add a bit of different turn for the franchise however they're not focusing that much on that. Her design was a little changed from the comics although the theme of her clothes are still gold like in the comics. Laura did a Q&A session at Sega, with some fans. One person asked how Gold's gameplay would be like, and if her psychokenisis would be in comparison with Silver's. She said,"her gameplay is different from Silver's, Silver's gameplay has psychokenisis as a main ability and where his gameplay is based around, though with Gold, that's not specifically it, she has some unique abilities and moves". Sega and Sonic Team didn't really release too much about Gold, just a more detailed explanation of the basics around her character which got fans thinking that there maybe is more to her character that will be a big plot point in the game.

Professor Von Schlemmer is a German scientist who informed Silver on the exsistance of Genesis Portals and the person who initates Silver's adventure in the game. At the Sonic the Hedgehog's Day, Wally did say that, "the Professor in this game is kinda the comic relief of the game, and is fun to voice act. There's so much fun in him and his personality that I honestly see myself in him at points of the game". Takashi Izuka said that, "Schlemmer is kind of like the brother Silver never had, and also is a sort of mentor and teacher to Silver if that makes sense. He was fun to write since we could really make anything out of his character mainly because of the fact that in the comics the Professor is basically Silver's mentor and in our opinion doesn't do too much, at least as much as he does in our game. We wanted to give him the oppurtunity to do great things". Takashi did confirm that the Professor is unfortunately non playable in Story Mode however is playable in Free Roam at the event. Wally did do an interview with IGN as well, he did say that the Professor is the person who initiates Silver's adventure in the game by informing him on the importance and exsistance of the Genesis Portals. Wally also talked about how he is kind of a guide for Silver in missions of the game, he'd communicate with Silver and sometimes even inform the player what to do. In a featurette for the game, Takashi talked about the differences to the comics Schlemmer had as well as how he looks. In terms of how he looks and what he wears in the game (his costume) he stated, "they're actually unanswered questions about his character surprisingly, our writers and producers have realised that the Professor has cybernetic implants on him although its not known why. In this game, we kept that an unanswered question too as we liked the mysteries behind his character and what has happened to him". 

Gaul the Monkey is a monkey with no criminal records and has a base off the radar known as the E-10. He is basically the boss of Sara the Cat, as he sends people on missions for him on search for things, info etc. At the Sonic the Hedgehog Day event, John said that," Gaul is a new character that we've written, he's a weapon expert in this game and he has his own gun [crowd laughs after short silence] he's a very interesting character to voice because of the questions surrounding this character, I mean, in this game we explore alot of backstories. And Gaul does have an important sort of role in the game, I don't think I can say anything about his backstory here but let's just say that this character has been through a hell of alot and at some points you'll probably feel sorry for his character". Takashi Izuka said in a Q&A that, "Gaul is a new character of course and is, to us, the line between kids and adults in the game. There's alot of things that kid "aspects" to the game and there's also a lot of adult aspect espiecally revloving around his backstory. Also, we have added the addition of guns in the game, and that's mainly because of the way Gaul's character is. He's a guy that works because he uses weapons and that would be the kid and adult side in him as kids do like guns, not literally by the way. Though, we wanted to incoporate that use in him". In an interview with Brendan Graebar in IGN, John mentioned that he does agree with Takashi's statement about Gaul's character and said also that Gaul is the barrier, gameplay-wise, story-wise and emotionally too as his backstory causes him to feel loads of emotions, guilt, sorrow and mainly anger.

Sara the Cat is a cat who works for Gaul's E-10 and has a prosthetic arm. She is one of Gaul's closest and best soldiers. At the SOH day event, Danielle did tell the fans that, "Sara is quite a dangerous chracater and is actually quite unique in her character emotionally and physically". A fan did ask if the rumours are true that Sara would have a prosthetic arm in the game and Danielle did say, "Yes, she does. That's another thing I really like about her character. She does have a prosthetic arm that she uises a lot and it is quite pivotal to her character as a whole in my opinion".  Takashi Izuka stated in Q&A session that Sara is a character that is very complex and that at first sight, her character isn't really understandable until later on in the game's story where we see that she's the more hopeful character than all the other ones while also being quite ruthless in fighting techniques. At a GameSpot interview with Greg Eagles and Danielle Nicolet, she stated, "Her and Gaul are kinda best buddies in the game, as Gaul is the guy who's basically made her what she is, and that is a badass [laughs] though he's also made her understand life properly and has raised her kind of like the father she never had". Greg also pointed out, "Yeah, Sara is basically Gaul's son and that's what I like about the game. It does have some points where it deals with families and character's relationships with them". Takashi did talk more about Sara's costume design, "we wanted to give her a tomboy-like design, as well as mixed in with normal clothes I guess if that makes sense as she's not like Blaze nor Gold though she's kinda like her own person".

  • John DiMaggo as N-RSP/Spitfire

Spitfire is hummanoid fire being, he was created using the Genesis Portal's energy. As he was wearing a fire protection suit however still put on fire when reieved the portal's energy hence being the villain and N-RSP is the oldest of Nega's robots made out of negative energy. John DiMaggo did talk about both these characters, he told more about N-RSP's character than Spitfire who was confirmed later during the development of the game (like a month before the game's release). John even said, "N-RSP is not really your typical robot, as he tells Silver and co that he was made using robot parts but also negative energy, so he looks very futuristic and modernized". William stated that his character is very badass in terms of gameplay, and that he doesn't really have too much of an arc however he does have quite the chemistry with the rest of the other robots and does help out the team quite alot in some parts of the story. 

  • Mark Hamil as Goliath the Dark

Goliath is the main villain of the game that wants Silver for some reason. His intentions in the game are very unclear at first and his motives aren't really understood. At SOH day, Mark said, "Goliath is a very weird villain, per say. He is a villain that is kinda Silver-centric to be completely honest [laughs] by that I mean, you'll see when playing through the story that he's a villain that only Silver would understand and not Sonic". Mark didn't really talk too much about his character, as they did also interestingly hide alot about his story story-wise. However Takashi and William did discuss his abilities and gameplay in some Q&A's, as well as inspiration for his character. In one Q&A with GameSpot, William stated,"We looked through some comicbooks, checked some of the villains and we continued looking at Silver and the type of character he is of course. In the writers' room, we tried to combine some of the villain's personalities so it matches with the type of person Silver is. The villain starts from the very bottom in the story, he's been through loads of timelines just like Silver therefore he understands Silver, so Silver can understand him back". Takashi added, "Yeah, he's not technologically advanced like the future in itself is as he is an "elemental" being, and wields power and magic. Though, still, even through his personality there's some Silver in him, and they can both connect more". Mark was also in some interviews, he talked about Goliath too, and also included some plot details though he still revealed the basic things about his character,"Goliath is very weird, if you'd use that word to describe him. In the game's story, he's very uncertain of what he wants to do and what his destiny should be as he's basically very conflicted with what he wants to do and what he wants to achieve and that's cause in his life he's been forced around places all the time and told what to do and now that he's free. He just doesn't know and that's what I liked about him as a character, he's different and he's a foe that Silver can relate too". Mark was then asked of how powerful Goliath was and he answered saying, "His abilities are off the charts awesome, he can do all sorts of magic and has loads of powers that he uses and he got these powers from something which I'm oblidged not to tell you [sniggers] though he is exteremely dangerous. He does have an army who follow him too and there's a story behind them too. Its basically all very detailed and I like that about him".

  • Greg Eagles as Edmund

Not much was said about Edmund, however Greg had stated that, "He's a character that helps Silver and his team out, he provides them with information that they need, some histories behind things etc. He does also own the Libary in Portal in Onyx City like in the comics. He isn't too big to the plot though". 

  • Troy Baker as Kal
  • Johnny Yong Bosch as RuthLess
  • Steve Blum as THOMAS
  • Jackie Chan as Tez
  • Liam Neeson as Tormac the Wolf

Characters like Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Shadow were rumoured to appear and because it was reported that apparently Ryan Drummond was found entering the voicing studio and some other voice actors. Eggman Nega was also rumoured to return from an alternate timeline too as Jim Cummings had also been seen entering the voicing studio.


Main article: Silver the Hedgehog: The Telling of the Future/Stages

They're two seperate sections to gameplay in Stages in this game, Free Field and the Action Stages. Free Field is inspired from Adventure Field in previous Sonic games, however they're some differences as sometimes they're enimies to defeat in Free Field. Though, the player does have a wider limit to put it simple, when in Free Field. Sometimes, the player does explore the place as that is the objective while sometimes the player has to follow another character etc. Action Stages are the same kind of stages from previous installments, functioned exactly the same way like The Blue Blur.  Though, there's a lot of places that are there and that the player goes during the story. 


Story Mode

Main article: Silver the Hedgehog: Telling of the Future/Story

Main article: Silver the Hedgehog: The Telling of the Future/Story/Part 2

This is an option the player has to choose as it tells the story of the entire game. It contains stages, boss battles, Free Fields etc. The player can collect Rings and Pixels that will make up an overall count of both and enable the player to buy characters and items (espiecally on Online). The player goes to numerous locations trying to close down all the Genesis Portals with the help of a very iconic character of Silver's future in the comics, Professor Von Schlemmer. And along the way they meet interesting allies. The story also tells of Silver's life and backstory (so where he lives, what kind of things he goes through etc.). Up to 2-4 players can join in playing the story.

Multiplayer Mode

This mode works exactly like it did in TBB only that they're different options to which the player can choose. Up to 2-4 players can particapate. There's now options like Racing, Flying, Fighting, Ski-ing, Driving, Powers etc. The player can also choose the character he/she wants to play. It can be the console's avatar, one of Silver's characters (Sonic, Tails, Shadow, Knuckles, Amy and Rouge are only there if the player has ordered the DLC Pack) or the player's Online Character (s). 

Free Roam

This is also another mode taken from TBB, however, upgraded and hugely different. To make the world more lively there's some things the player might see-

  • Crime- So, the player might see someone getting robbed by a robot, the player might see someone running with a purse or some money and they'll be a exclamation mark on top of it/him. There's also someone getting stabbed or about to get stabbed, drug dealing (what Zonking is) and gambling etc. The player will see these things though its optional whether to stop these or not.
  • Robbery- I know that this presumably goes under the category of Crime but there's more depth into it. So, the player can see a bank robbery occuring, O,P.D troops will come and try to stop it. The player can go and stop it from happening and help the police. Or take the money and escape. The robberies are mainly in the more huge banks, the player can see either humans, animals or robots robbing a bank (however robots will be more harder to face than any of the others). Excluding bank robberies, someone or something can come to Silver's hideout and takes his things, and someone or something can come up to the player and try to rob him/her.
  • Side Missions- These are missions that appear in most previous installments so Sonic 06, Sonic Unleashed, Rise of Lyric etc. They're quite a lot of things that the player can be doing, so maybe take out a specific target, help someone with something, protect someone from something etc the ammount of things that could occur are endless to say the least. They're cutscenes when the player first approaches the side mission, but not in all side misisions. Some side missions do also link with the story or answer questions.
  • Meet-Ups- The player can choose to call and meet up with other characters like Blaze, N-RSP, Sara, Gaul etc and the player and him/her can do various activities together (if someone else is playing and using Gaul, you can't meet up with him you have to choose another character).

The player can also go to different HUBS during the game which are different places to roam in. There is a real-life night and day cycle in the game too. All of the places listed are in the story. So, yes they're SPOILERS here.

  • Onyx City- This is the city the player spawns in. Its not a huge a HUB world but it is the second biggest. This is Silver's hometown therefore Silver can go to his hideout, go to Professor Von Schlemmer's Science Centre, go to some destroyed towers and even go to the City Council's office. They're loads of crimes annd robberies that happen here as well as side missions.
  • Onyx Island- This is the biggest HUB world in the entire game, the player is on a slanted fallen Angel Island. They're sime bank robberies and crimes here, but alot of side missions. There's lots of landmarks that the player can visit like Edmund's Libary, the Leader House etc. There's also lots of secretive places some that are easter eggs to previous games. Loads of civillains are present and they're also more cars that drive about. There's caves, mountains, almost everything in this HUB.
  • Callinos- Callinos is the third biggest hub world in the game and consedering the city's wealth there's barely any bank robberies or normal robberies. Just side missions. The TOTS is seen being rebuilt, from a distance too. Realistically, as real time passes, the TOTS will be slowly actually rebuilt and eventually will be back to its old self again. But, they'll be alot of landmarks here and loads of skyscrapers in this hub. Also, loads of bridges that pass by on top of skyscrapers. Again, cars are present in this hub and look way better than Onyx Island's ones as they do look very futuristic and sleek. Ships are seen in the sky too etc. The hub is designed for player's to know the place is quite wealthy in terms of tech.
  • Xevon- This is the fourth biggest hub of the game. Its a republic city. It is also quite futuristic too but in terms of tech etc, its not really exceeding that well. Towers will be seen, as well as one resembling the Effiel Tower. Crimes happen here alot as well as side missions.
  • Mobius- Mobius is a secret HUB that needs to be unlocked, its the biggest one. There's lots of wildlife here and futuristic residents. There's alot of side missions, the most are in this hub and there's some secret organiszations and people that are also there that the player needs to find to get too. The player can see the Little Planet although can't enter. Though, it does pass over the Never Lake in the game and looks really stunning visiually as the graphics look really good.

Onto places-

  • The Libary- They're loads of easter eggs in the libary and is the biggest building the player enters. They're alot of secretive rooms the player can visit as well as paths etc. The player can read most the books (some do easter egg what is to come in  TVOS and what already has, like Mighty's diary etc). There's also some statues that easter egg what's to come etc. The player can buy a book from the Libary and one of the books (thats very rare) has a teaser trailer for the EXE Choronicles to which the player can also buy (in Pixels or Rings). Edmund is also there at various times, most the time he's helping civillians and dealing with situations. This was discovered by one of the players.
  • Sonic Square- The Sonic Centre/Square is a place in Onyx City, where the Sonic Statue is. But, there's lots of markets within it either inspired by Sonic or about it. Sonic's memorial is here and there's even a Sonic Church (yep). 
  • Science Centre- The Science Centre is also in Onyx City and is owned by Professor Von Schlemmer. The Centre is more like a futuristic museum, there's alot of easter eggs in here about previous games, there's alot of theories seen written on the holographic board on the main room of the Science Centre. There's civillians that are seen walking and walking out of the place, they're robot guards (that are dirty and look a little like junk) etc. 
  • Corlaias E-10 Base- This use to be Gaul's base, even consedering what happened in the story, the base does still look fine and operating properly. Gaul is there when the player isn't playing as him, he's either talking to fellow soldiers or in his office. There's alot of rooms that the player can explore in this base. There is a gym here too that the player can train in. There is an Underground place that players have found and people have speculated that the base was a G.U.N Base.
  • Space Colony ARK- The ARK has crashed, and is in the Clomian Beach. It is also quite a huge place the player can explore and might find some easter eggs as the ARK was pivotal at least to the first (this doesn't include Adventure 1) 2 games. There's some tapes that can be found and some hints to Shadow's whereabouts (Ultimate Life Form...)

    Silver's hideout

    Silver's Hideout- This is also in Onyx City, it isn't really that big. There's lots of big tents all over the place. There's a chair on a tree and if the player sits on it, he/she will get a beautiful view of Onyx City overall. There's costumes in here which Silver and Blaze wear when they're fighting crime (a mechanical hoodie). There's also a lot of plans on paper on the wall etc.
  • Portal- Portal is the Libary and Edmund's hometown on Onyx Island. An ancient looking city that isnt really that populated. 
  • Shops- The player can buy food and equipment from the shops as well as the ammoes. The player can also buy guns from the shops.

The player can also go into the Sky Rider and Iron Steel and fly it to the next destination or even fast travel. The player can also explore the Sky Rider and Iron Steel.


Online is a feature taken from the Blue Blur. It does require wi-fi connection as the player does connect with people playing across the world. What happens is, the player creates a character at first, he/she can choose, Hedgehog, Fox, Cat, Echinda or Human. The player can choose thier characteristics, such as eye colour, personality, thier body size etc. When, they've done that stage, the character'll be named the player's console name and the player will spawn in someone's world. Since, there's hosts to worlds in this game, if the host (so the person who joined the game first) leaves, everyone leaves. Though, they're different worlds by different names, and sometimes lobbies to wait for the host to finish whatever he/she's doing. There's lots of things that can occur in Online, the player can get money from others, pixels or rings alike (yes, online also takes place in the future). The player can gather money to buy a house, they can make thier own world, and build thier own hub within it to which people can enter. Though, the oppirtunities are endless with Online, other players can kill the player though he/she will still respawn. They can drive vehicles, attack civillians for whatever reasons, fly jets, have a dogfight in the air etc. Like said before, the oppirtunities are endless. The main four hubs for Online are Onyx City, Onyx Island, Mobius and Callinos. The host's worlds can be any of these. The player can also join a team, they can come up with a name and become a team etc. 

The player can also use the money he/she collects to change thier characteristics and features, he/she can buy food, drinks, a house and much more. Again, the oppurtunities are endless.

There's challanges like in the Blue Blur, but also Missions assigned by characters from the story, like Professor Von Schlemmer, Edmund, Mogul etc. The player can play the mission with at least 3 other players making the count up to 4 players who can particapate in the mission. There's also races that the player can particapate in Online that are up to 12 people and other activities.

Death Mode

Death Mode is apart of a DLC Pack, although what happens is that when the player has finished and is onto Free Roam, Death Mode is basically Free Roam though the world has fell apart completely due to the Genesis Portals (if you've read the story) and they're people that are dead/dying. Its a really creepy world that the player is in and the only hub there is Onyx City, a destroyed Onyx City. Legion do attack the city a lot too.

Hardcore Mode

This mode is when the player fights in a little tournament, with the unlocked players he/she has. The player can make up different teams and even have his avatar as part of the team. In the stadium/colleseum, Legion can attack the player and with the Old Gen pack, Savori may also attack the player. Sometimes, they're may be sub bosses and even bosses that could attack the player. Depending on the score the player gets, the player will be rewarded some Rings/Pixels for this. 

Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode is kind of like Multiplayer although a little different. This is when the player is tasked with challenges from characters in the story. Some may even deal with the story of the game.

Weapons Customization

The player can reconstruct he/she's weapons depending on the character. This can be done in Free Roam with the story characters that use weapons, they can customize the weapon with colors etc. This can also be done for the player's Online character, they can consstruct a weapon and customize it though they still need to be smart with money as the player does spend it to construct the weapon.


This is things that the player has unlocked during Free Roam and the Story Mode. There's some bonus content, mainly depending on if the game was pre-ordered. Though, as apart of the normal order of the game from a buyer, this does reveal items that the player has unlcoked, such as concept art, deleted scenes, gallery, scoreboards and even bits of the soundtrack. Though there is 2 DLC Stories, one that is brought along with the game and one that comes with the game when pre-ordered as well as DLC Packs. There is also the achievements that the player can earn after certain things are completed: 

Main article: Silver the Hedgehog: The Telling of the Future/Achievements

Note: Same as the List of Weapons' note.


This is a list of well options the player can choose from, there's story mode that is there and whole lot of other modes that are listed that the player can choose from. But, the player can also adjust the brightness and fix some settings etc.


Main article: Silver the Hedgehog: The Telling of the Future/List of Weapons

Note: The page above (the link)  might take a while to complete, as I'll be editing my next game while doing this page, as I do have a schedule for when I do things. So, yeah, this page might be edited way slower than usual.

As you can tell if you've seen the story, they're various characters besides Silver and Blaze who use actual weapons. Weapons can be obtained by either, because of the story, the player can go to a Local Shop in Free Roam and buy one, through an achievement, find components and assemble them together in the Weapon Customization, they can be unlocked at random times if the player does something in-game and can even be unlocked from Online and Hardcore Mode.

Each character's weapons will be on thier page and for more details regarding thier weapons or on the sub heading above. Weapons will be split into three categories: Firearm Weapons, Melee Weapons and Gadgets and Equipment.


These kind of weapons are used by characters besides Silver and Blaze (and most N.P.C's). Some of these might be only for Online and others can be for Free Roam or both.


Upgraded Weapons Super Weapons Mega Weapons Users How Acquired
G.E.M Upgraded G.E.M Super G.E.M Mega G.E.M Gaul In Story
Miniguns Upgraded Miniguns Super Miniguns Mega Miniguns Sara/Gaul In Story
Fireblaster Upgraded Fireblaster Super Fireblaster Mega Fireblasters N-RSP In Story
Pixelizer Gun Upgraded Pixelizer Gun Super Pixelizer Gun Mega Pixelizer Gun Gaul Unlocked
Hot Blast Upgraded Hot Blast Super Hot Blast Mega Hot Bkast Gaul/Sara/N-RSP Unlocked
Flamethrower Upgraded Flamethrower Super Flamethrower Mega Flamethrower Gaul/N-RSP Unlocked
Grenade Launchers Upgraded Grenade Launchers Super Grenade Launchers Mega Grenade Launchers Gaul/Sara/N-RSP Story
Sticky Bombs Upgraded Sticky Bombs Super Sticky Bombs Mega Sticky Bombs Gaul/Sara/N-RSP Unlocked
Shock Darter Upgraded Shock Darter Super Shock Darter Mega Shock Darter N-RSP/Sara Story
Lazer Canon Upgraded Lazer Canon Super Lazer Canon Mega Lazer Canon N-RSP/Gaul Unlocked
Rocket Blaster Upgraded Rocket Blaster Super Rocket Blaster Mega Rocket Blaster Sara/Gaul/N-RSP Unlocked
Uzi (with different elements) Upgraded Uzi Super Uzi Mega Uzi Gaul Unlocked
Crossbow Upgraded Crossbow Super Crossbow Mega Crossbow Sara Story
Diamond Gun Upgraded Diamond Gun Super Diamond Gun Mega Diamond Gun Sara Unlocked
Pistol Upgraded Pistol Combat Pistol (Super) Mega Combat Pistol Gaul Story
Shuriken Propeller Upgraded Shuriken Propeller Super Shuriken Propeller Mega Shuriken Propeller Gaul/Sara/N-RSP Story
Proximity Bomb Upgraded Proximity Bomb Super Proximity Bomb Mega Promixity Bomb Gaul/Sara/N-RSP Story
Torpedo Upgraded Torpedo Super Torpedo Mega Torpedo N-RSP Unlocked

Radioactive Bubble Blasters

Upgraded Radioactive Bubble Blasters Super Radioactive Bubble Blaster Mega RBB Sara/Gaul Unlocked

There is 20 more weapons in the game that'll be on the List of Weapons page as it explains what the weapons are and what their use is in extra detail.

Melee Weapons/Attacks

Melee attacks differ from each character. They're activated when pressing Square or the PS3/PS4, Y for the Wii U, and B for the Xbox 360/Xbox One. When activated, the character'll perform an attack, either with a weapon (so not guns) or his/her hands.

Character Attack Description
Gaul/Mr Nobody the Monkey Knockout Uses his fist (or pistol only) to continously punch oppenent from various directions, and ends it in an uppercut knocking the oppenent out.
Sara the Cat Superman Punch Uses her prosthetic arm, and can, either jump from something and then punch her target delivering a lot of damage and sometimes knocking the oppenent out. It can also be done normally on ground (just timed correctly if so).
T.H.O.M.A.S Salazar Killer Blade Grows small blades from hands, and contionusly swipes at the oppenent in different directions and then ended with a swipe to the oppenent's face.
Tez  Energon Scythe Uses the scythe, which has now been recieved more energy, and does more damage. More combos can be done with the energo scythe, taking out the oppenent quicker.
RuthLess Flying Takedown Uses his mechanical wings and either shoots with his gun at the oppenent, or kicks the oppenent. Multiple combos may occur while doing so.
Kal Time Spear Can run really, really fast at oppenent and spear the oppenent.
N-RSP the Robot Shockwave Blast Used with the robot's fists at first, he delivers multiple kicks and punches and ends it with a shockwave blast which may also cause a multi-takedown.
Blaze the Cat (unlocked in DLC) Iron Fist

Used with her fists, she will grow fire on her fists and when the punch has been delivered. It'll deliver quite a lot of damage and if so, send the oppenent out of camera's view.

Gadgets and Equipment

Gadgets & Equipment can be brought from the shop, by completing missions, or achievements, or  (with luck) simply if found during a stage, FF or Free Roam. The player does need to buy these gadgets and equipment at the shop using the money they collected. If found during a stage, then its basically free for the player to use anytime.

Gadget Description
Jetpack Jetpacks help the player fly for a short period of time.
Fire Boots Fire Boots help the player get past fires 
Booster Boosters help the player fly like a Jetpack, however its less controllable. The player will be directed to flying straight really fast and land.
Energy Beam Energybeams help the player swing on special sections, where its needed. They're only used for certain characters.
Grind Boots These help the player grind on certain sections like railings, rails, edges of some things etc.
Time Grenade These are only found in Free Roam, and when thrown. When they blow up. In that certain section where it did, time freezes. It looks more like a invisible shockwave than an actual explosion though.
Shot Deflector They help when an enemy shoots something at the player, the player can get this out and it'll deflect back at the enemy.
Grav-Boots These are basically Jetpacks, but are more slower and are more controllable. Its also in some cases longer as the player stops floating when they want.
Ropes These can be found in mainly forest type stages, and the player can either be balancing on them or climbing them.
Magnetic Armour They can be acquired from the market on the main menu and can make coins, pixels, items and unlockables flying towards the player.
Data-Swiper They can clean off data off some stages or Free Fields, and also can be used to trespass some areas.

Items, Gimmicks and Enemies

This a list of all the items, gimmicks and enemies (common) that are encountered during the game (no gadgets and equipment will be on this list):

Note: Ones that are in italic are Special Sections while ones normally in bold are items or gimmicks.

Items, Gimmicks and Special Sections

  • Vehicle- The player can either drive the vehicle (any) or can use as a way to pass the stage, usually depending on the character the player plays for a mission.
  • Rings- Just like the previous installments, Rings make an appearance. They have the same function as previous installments and are added up throughout all stages for Free Roam. They're the different types like the previous installments too that appear. The same for the pixels.
  • Pixels- Pixels have the same function as Rings in a way. They're not as easy to find as Rings are, but they're around stages. The player wouldn't see the pixels in a line that much however they're not rarity. They don't really help with the player's health, but are added up throughout stages for Free Roam/Weapon Customization.
  • Hint Rings/Pixels- They have the same function as previous Sonic installments. The figure that tells the player when touched is the Bits.
  • Ammo- Ammo is scattered around stages and Free Roam, that the player can collect for their weapons.
  • Turbine- Turbines have the same function they do in previous Sonic installments.
  • Climbing WallThe player uses Gaul to proceed here, the Climbing Wall is a special section for him in which he climbs. They look a little rocky kind of Knuckles' ones in Rise of Lyric.
  • Ramps- Some ramps are visible in stages, and most the times they're used to unlock and find something like unlockables etc.
  • Speed Pad- Speed Pads can be found, Silver, Blaze and Gold are the only characters that can use these an actually run/fly fast on the speed pads. 
  • Rocky WallThis is a purple sort of rocky section, usually on walls. With these, the player plays as Sara and they have to just punch these kind of walls with Sara's prosthetic arm. These can be found in stages and Free Roam. 
  • Magnet Field- The player basically finds a power-up, and when they pass it, all the coins and pixels flying at the player and also causes extra damage.
  • Shield- This is when the player has an invisible shield and when processing through a stage can ram down enemies and at points it can increase speed. It does automatically go after 10 seconds of use.
  • Mystery Boxes- They do make a return from the Blue Blur, and have the same function. The player may find it and after the stage or Free Field, they're revealed to the player. These can be concept art, deleted scenes, and one can actually be the announcement trailer for the next game.
  • Rails- The player usually has to have the Grind Boots to be able to grind on the rails in a stage or Free Field. 
  • Portals- The player has to play Goliath in order to do this. They're some Genesis Portals that are there and when he goes through them, this can either teleport them to a different hub or spot.
  • Energy Pad- These kind of pads, fill the player with more energy therefore making them quite destructable.
  • Portals- Some can be found around stages and Silver can close it.
  • Time Multiplier- These are quite rare, however they add extra 5 seconds to the stage.


  • Legion Soldiers- Legion Soldiers are alien-looking creatures, that originate from humans or any being to whom the dark matter has corrupted. They come in all shapes and sizes, some of the soldiers carry bo-staff, most normal Legion soldiers carry a "cheap" scepter like object when fighting or fight with thier abilities or fists. They'd usually look like this  but they come in all forms and colors (usually dark colors however).
  • Legion Destroyers- These are kind of like sub bosses, however they don't have thier own boss level as they're just apart of the normal squadron that the player faces normally. They're bigger than the other soldiers at least. They look like this
  • Legion Cyborgs- Sometimes, the player might see some Legion with some parts on them. Most do look like cyborgs while others actually don't. Maybe they're just bits of pieces of metal on him/her when given the Genesis Portal's energy.
  • Legion Robots- As the game proceeds, they're Legion robots that attack the player. These are either normal humans who have been moulded with cybernetic parts (not really cyborgs per say) or robots who have been moulded into themselves due to the Genesis Portals. They also come in different shapes and sizes and have different sort of weaponry with them at different points. Some may carry actual guns that the player can retrieve, others can carry different things etc. Some might be mistakened for junk robots as some do resemble thier "need for repair" sort of look.
  • Legion Dino- Legion Dinos are seen towards the end of the game (Chapter 9 and on). They're hummanoid-looking dinosaurs that are at normal human height. They carry these weird looking scepters that they attack the player with. Theyr'e known for being one of the smart groups of Legion in the game.
  • Legion Drago- These can either be hummanoid dragons or they could be normal flying dragons however just smaller and more level than thier mythical counterparts. The hummanoid dragon and the normal flying dragons do shoot flames out of thier mouths, they can fly and can use swipe attacks at the player. Sometimes, they can even carry and eat the player, or fly and carry the player then drop them to thier death. Its unknown to how they're made.
  • Legion Knights- Legion Knights wear a sort of futuristic like armour. They do wear red cloaks and carry a fiery scepter like object that they use to attack the player with. They do use charge attack a lot and do get very annoying at times as they're hard to defeat. Sometimes, they'll sneak attack the player at points in stages, therefore making them another clever group of Legion in the game. They look like this .
  • Legion Maniacks- Legion Maniacks are these crazy looking Legion soldiers. They do admittedly look quite creepy due to the way they look. They do sometimes come at the player unexpectedly and out of nowhere. These are presumably moulded humans that are the Maniacks (as in humans that have moulded into their own skin), They would look something like the common Doom monster always shown (forgot what they're called).
  • Legion Spiders- Legion Spiders resemble giant spiders that attack the player. Sometimes, legion soldiers will be seen riding on them however sometimes they can come at the player solo. They can trap the player in webs, eat them or toss him/her around the place. They are quite hard to defeat as they do have alot of health.
  • Legion Killers- These Legion are soldiers that have phasma blades and some additional weaponry. They're not that different to Legion Soldiers.
  • Legion Demons- Legion Demons are minotaur looking creatures, with flames all over them. They are quite rare to encounter and they do a lot of damage.
  • Legion Horsemen- These are the main four leaders of all Legion (lower than Goliath, Spitfire and Tormac though). Menace, Knockdown, Death and Mercy. They're kind of like "Horsemen to Apocylapse" sort of guys. They're not common enemies, as they're bosses that the player fights. They organised which Legion group goes and which one stays etc.
  • Legion Kree- These do look pretty violent and gory. They're blue creatures with armour and carry these black energon swords that they use to attack the player. They can jump really high and in addition do have quite a lot of pace and stamina. 
  • Legion Paranormal-Soldiers- These are Legion soldiers however they have blue eyes and look completely like a silhoutte of a human (they're basically completely black all over and the only thing showing are the eyes of the soldiers). Sometimes, they can also come out of nowhere and attack the player, especially in forest type areas and temples and such. Though, they're also quite rare. There's a noise that they make that signals that they're coming.
  • Legion 01-These are super rare groups of Legion that can attack the player. They are basically really tall Legion beings that even outsize some skyscrapers. Even though they're super rare in both Stages and Free Roam, they're more visible in Free Roam, especially on Mobius in the forest-looking areas.
  • Legion Mimmickers- These are types of soldiers that mimmick the player's combat and therefore use thier attacks against the player. 
  • Legion Zombies- These are basically corrupted humans like Legion Soldiers though its more noticeable that they were humans due to their human shape. Their face is kinda messed up, and they have really sharp nails that do a lot of damage. They do come out of the ground most the time in stages or Free Roam,mainly in concrete or dirt-filled places. They are also quite creepy, they can crawl creepily on walls and they can also stealth attack the player. 
  • Legion Legends- Legion Legends are all enimies however they're just larger and taller and outsize all skyscrapers. They're usually found in Free Roam in forest type areas like Mobius mainly. They're usually stomps heard that signal their coming. Legion 01's and Legends can sometimes be seen battling and the player can interfere (in Free Roam), they're battles are actually really epic. 

Blaze's DLC Enimies

  • Wolf Pack Soldiers- Wolf Pack Soldiers are wolves that wear armour and wield swords or scepters. They use this to attack the player,
  • Metal Squadron- These are the Metal Squadron and are part of Razorclaw's army. They're metal robots that attack the player, they're sleek looking and have green neon lights all over them.
  • Wolf Pack Assassin's- Wolf Pack Assassin's are wolves that wear cloaks with hoods on. They also carry the same things as normal soldiers, sometimes they stealthily attack the player. Sometimes, they come unexpectedly and attack the player.
  • Wolf Pack Knights-These are wolves that are guards of the Queen. They do wear futuristic like armour with blue neon lights all over them. They usually appear when the player is near the Queen or at least near the Queen's Location. In the story, Blaze does attempt to sneak into Queen Hathor's tower and they do show up a lot and are quite hard to defeat.
  • Sol Zone Pirates- Sol Zone Pirates are the most common enemies in the DLC. They're basically robot pirates that attack the Sol Zone alot and mindlessly cause terror. They look like this.
  • Girl Squadron- These are woman cats that wear purple futuristic armour. They do sometimes attack the player. They wear masks and attack the player at any time really. They look like this .

Gold's DLC Enimies

Gold doesn't really have enimes in her DLC except Silver really. The only one you could say she does have are the Civil Protection Robots and the Police.


These are the soundtracks for the game, this game does have quite a lot. Like usual, Crush 40 made some and helped some too along with Two Steps of Hell who have given in some songs and made some specifically for the game. Hans Zimmer also returned along with Steve Jablonsky. Though, there's some newcomers, like Two Titans, San Holo and Madeon who have come to help the game a lot. San Holo and Madeon brought the more modern vibe into the game as it does take place in the future and Two Titans worked with TSFH, Hans Zimmer and Steve Jablonsky on the more dark and epic music. They're quite a lot of soundtracks put into the game. 

Steve Jablonsky's Tracks

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen (The Original Score) - I Rise, You Fall-0

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen (The Original Score) - I Rise, You Fall-0

One of the tracks

  1. Our Only Hope
  2. I Rise, You Fall
  3. Your a Soldier Now

These are the tracks borrowed from Steve Jablonsky for this game, and the others were made with Hans Zimmer, TSFH and Crush 40. However, some of their original tracks were also borrowed for the game as well.

HanHan Zimmmer's Tracks

  1. Hans Zimmer - A Way of Life

    Hans Zimmer - A Way of Life

    A Day in the Life

    A Way of Life
  2. Why So Serious?
  3. Why Do We Fall

San Holo's Tracks 

  1. We Rise
  2. New Sky
  3. Fly
    San Holo - We Rise

    San Holo - We Rise

    Track for the game

Madeon's Tracks

  1. Imperium
  2. You're On

Main Score

  1. Intro
  2. The Bright Future
  3. Onyx City Score
  4. Dystopia
  5. The Hedgehog and the Cat (Silver and Blaze's score)
  6. Civil Protetction Robot Score
  7. The Fire that Binds Me (Blaze's score)
  8. Restart
  9. Never Ever
  10. Who I Am
  11. Badass
  12. Mobius Score
  13. Goliath's score
  14. Sara's score
  15. Gaul's score
  16. Gold's score
  17. The End
  18. The Living Embodiment
  19. The Second One
  20. Time to Die
  21. THOMAS' score
  22. Sacrifice
  23. Time in Your Hands
    Montage Mx - Tunnel Drop (Andrew Prahlow - Epic Choral Action)

    Montage Mx - Tunnel Drop (Andrew Prahlow - Epic Choral Action)

    The game's main theme song

  24. The Adventure of the Time Traveler
  25. Future

The main soundtrack for this game is: 

In the game however, it is extended and there will be added parts. This is explained furthermore in the Development section.

DLC Packs

There are 2 DLC Stories, one is brought along with the actual game and one is brought when the game is pre-ordered. The first that is brought along with the game is the backstory of Gold. And the one brought with the pre-order is about Blaze and it takes place after the events of the story when she returns back to the Sol Dimmension.

Blaze: Born Royal, Always Royal

This is the DLC with the pre-ordering for the game. This pack comes with these characters, Queen Hathor, Razorklaw, Pachacamac, Grand Chief Lupe and [http:// Blaze Woman]. There is an upgraded version of Blaze that the player does also get as part of the pack some vehicles, like the Transporter (a cat vehicle, its a floating vehicle that looks a little like a motorbike), Hoverlust and Ember. There's also some weapons that come with the pack like some new ones and some that relate to the pack's story. There's also added levels, bonus content and two new hubs. The Mysterious Cat Country and the Wolf Pack Nation . The story takes place after Blaze's come back from what happened after the game. The plot is:

" After the events of the Telling of the Future, Blaze returns back to her home, the Mysterious Cat Country only to see that its now been overun by a corrupt queen by the name Mother Hathor. Blaze tries to see who this new queen is until caught by her warriors. She suddenly meets this evil queen and discovers that she's been doing bad things for the Cat Country. After an epic breakout of the Saciana Palace, she then explores numerous places within the Sol Zone as well as the Sol Dimmension. Some cats have been shuttened away from the world by her, so they try to survive in either the most harsh conditions or struggle to survive over all. Blaze fights to uncover the secrets behind this mysterious queen, why she's so corrupt, what has happened to her and what she'll get out of all this devastation and corruption. Until she then uncovers there's way more to it, there's power involved, she then looks into the enraging war with the Wolf Pack Nation..."

The Ancient Onyx is an item the player gets as apart of the DLC Pack. The DLC isn't too long but wouldn't be considered too short as well. This does also include some elements of Blaze's backstory. There is a moral compass to this story, it is about power and corruption and what's right in the world.

Dust of Gold

This a DLC brought along with the game. This DLC is about Gold and her backstory. This includes her past in the last dimension and life in the OCC. This is a prequel to the actual game and how she gone rouge as well as what she did while she did. In this pack the player unlocks an upgraded version of Gold with additional powers and loads of weapons. Jamie, her younger brother, her mother Merlina, her father Jorgan, Slach, Korman, all the Onyx City Council, Finn the Scientst and Klavoc the Weapon Engineerer. The plot is: 

"Before she became a hero, she was zero. Gold the Tenrec, a tenrec who lived in another zone, the Narmonin. She couldn't be able to afford things people would as she was broke. Her family couldn't really make it in life as they lived a painful life. She could only cope with Jamie, her younger brother, parents and Slach and Korman her only friends. Although, the day came. Judgement Day. When a Genesis Portal formed in the blue skies, a mysterious monster took its exit and unleashed its rage on this dimension. A Genesis Wave then occurs, and destruction spills all over the dimension, sucking everything in its sight. Gold tries to escape this disaster, her friends disappear while she witnesses her parents perish. Gold's only possession is then sucked up into the Genesis Portal, her younger brother. She is then sucked in and wakes up in Onyx City. She is proposed an offer by the Onyx City Council, to help her and have a better life. During this, she learns the secrets behind the OCC and how corrupt and dishonest they are. They're plans for the city etc. She then plans an escape due to interviews and overlooking of the building. She escaped and then devoted her life to learning about the Genesis Portals because of Finn the Scientst as well as weapons from Klavoc the Weapon Engineerer. She becomes a master with the Genesis Portals in terms of knowledge and weapons. She goes on the hunt to find tech that can help her in her conquest. There's then one hedgehog who's stopping her intentions, a figure in the shadow who Gold seeks to stop.."

There are weapons that are unlocked as well as an upgraded version of Gold and some characters. There isn't really much items. Though Finn does have some out-there weapons and Klavoc too. This pack is a pre-order DLC Pack.

Old Gen DLC

The last one is just a DLC Pack instead of a story, it is called the Old-Gen Pack. This includes Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Rouge, Shadow, Tails as well as some skins for the player's online character. The Sonic characters do get some upgrades, they do wear some futuristic costumes if the player wants too as they do come with the pack. This pack came on July 12th 2016.

Trailer Descriptions

They're four trailers that were released for this game. One was actually released a month after the Blue Blur's release, as a teaser/announcement trailer. The second one was released on Sonic the Hedgehog Day on 16th February, while the third was released in April and the last in May. A launch trailer was also released the day before its release. The descriptions will be coming soon...

Teaser Trailer: The announcement trailer for the Telling of the Future was full-on CGI (kind of like Assasain's Creed announcement trailers). It was released at January 17th 2016, nothing here is in the actual game. Its 3:06. It starts off in a snowy like place. Its an alley of some sort, but its morning. The camera is just there staring at a dumpster that is there and there's snow that is falling as well as snow on the ground. Wind blows, then a blue "junk" robot runs at fast speeds and then jumps over the dumpster. Then, the camera follows the robot. He has a gun on his chest. It does do parkour over some things in the alley, it does keep looking back and then forward while running (as its running very fast). Then, suddenly a chain fence is thrown at him, it doesn't hit the robot as it stops when it falls. It then runs again, and the camera then goes to Silver who is running at the robot. The robot does then run again. Blaze is on a rooftop of a building and is also running. After a little foot chase sequence, the robot then does parkour on this warehouse (as he's doing it and the camera's following, you can see some civilians walking around). The robot goes inside the warehouse. Silver waits for Blaze to get down from the rooftop she was on. Silver asks why she took so long, he then flies up to the window the robot went through. And Blaze just jumps into it. The warehouse's interior is abandoned so not really anything is there. Silver and Blaze spread out to look for him. The robot eventually jumps out from the ground (its wooden) and attacks them. They eventually come to a standoff. Silver tells the robot to put the gun down and to settle this like men. The robot does after a few minutes and they both fight. Though, they gradually lose surprisingly. After a little fight scene, Silver uppercuts the robot, then when the robot looks back, Blaze throws a fireball at the robot in attempt to finish him. However, the robot dodges. The fireball hits the ground. Then, Silver (who's behind the robot) then uses his telekinesis to bring the fireball back out of the ground and throw it right through the robot's chest creating a huge hole in it as well as green liquid that spews it while its "dead" on the ground. Silver and Blaze then look at the robot. Blaze tells Silver that he could've ended it, and Silver tells her that that could've taken months. After a short conversation, about who was better at fighting they tell each other it was a pleasure doing business with each other. Silver and Blaze then take the gun, and run out the warehouse. Silver and Blaze then run on rooftops together and jump off to which the camera then goes slow mo then goes to black and it goes to the title.

Critical/Fans Response: This trailer was meant to give players a tease of Silver and Blaze's abilities, partnership and chemistry in the game and show that it was almost brother and sisterly. That was the reason for the announcement. Fans were hyped for the game after this trailer and was a good way to tease the game as people were skeptical to how this game'd be handled. Some though didn't like the chemistry and thought it was weird but still were just gonna see how everything goes in the meantime.

Hi-Finesse Music - Momenta (Epic Dramatic Female Vocal Action)

Hi-Finesse Music - Momenta (Epic Dramatic Female Vocal Action)

Trailer #1: The second trailer was released on Sonic the Hedgehog Day (February 16th) and was actually a surprise to some. This was the first actual trailer for the game named the "Future" trailer as the trailer is based around Silver's future and its laws as well as the new gameplay elements. Not that much of the story yet however.

The trailer starts off with the camera panning over Onyx City, it then shows the people of the city doing thier day. People are selling food and everything and they're also robots that are walking around. They're kids playing soccer and they're also robots in a small basketball pitch and one does a Slam Dunk. (0:55) The Sega and Sonic Team logo then shows up. Silver and Blaze are then riding on a hoverboard shooting at a hooded figure also on one. There's then more montages of either people doing things in Onyx City as normal, one shot shows Silver holding some sort of scepter, him and Blaze talking, and even these really sleek looking robots walking down the street of presumably Onyx City who are probably Civil Protection Robots, and people and Mobians do look at them in fear and some even duck thier heads down or stand back then Silver shouting though we can't hear it since its silent. The screen goes black.


(1:36) We then see the gameplay side of things. Firstly, we see Silver's gameplay and he's fighting some weird looking creatures. He uses Psychokensis of course, and throws some of them away using that ability. There's also Silver using his mind to launch a car at one enemy. And then, Silver in what it seems like, a boss battle with a Civil Protection Robot. Its basically him dodging one's electric whiplash. (1:42) Then, Blaze's gameplay is seen, she's throwing fireballs at the weird looking creatures and also does an Axel Jump and Fire Tornado move on some enemies and also is seen doing her Fire Boost ability on some soldiers. (1:50) Silver and Blaze then do a partner-p move on some enimies, Silver does his Meteor Smash attack on one enemy and Blaze shoots flames at it, blowing it up thus doing a lot of damage. (1:55) Its then a cutscene, where Silver and Blaze are putting thier heads together (literally) while they're explosions and destruction in the background. There's a anthropormophic monkey that is wearing a bandanna on his mouth and is shooting across the place quite rapidly. There's a ship that is flying past buildings while jets are chasing it. (2:04) There's more new gameplay that is shown, and they're both of Silver and Blaze. Silver pushes the bandanna-monkey, and then we see Blaze who throws a fireball at the weird creature. The last shot is Silver swiping his hand up in the air for some reason while they're loads of destruction in the background too. (After 2:14 of the trailer, the trailer ends there) The title screen shows up, and after it we see a hooded hedgehog jumping from the ceiling, it is doing various flips while jumping maybe and when it heads for the camera and the trailer ends with "COMING SOON..."

Critical/Fan Response: Fans didn't mind this trailer and got them even more hyped for the game. Fans mainly stated about how Sega and Sonic Team may finally get a game right and like how they've set the scope of the city itself. Free Roam was also confirmed in this event and fans were also really excited to explore Onyx City due to the trailer. More info was also confirmed but this'll all be in the Development section. 

Trailer #2: This trailer was released out of the blue on April 2nd on YouTube. This trailer is called "Adventure", and does reveal the plot of the game itself so it is like a Story Trailer. There's some new gameplay elements that are seen in the trailer. More info was released on this day as well about the game too.  Its 2:32. 

Two Steps From Hell - Protectors of the Earth-0

Two Steps From Hell - Protectors of the Earth-0

Song playing halfway through the trailer around the 1:32 mark

San Holo - New Sky

San Holo - New Sky

Second song that plays halfway through the trailer, fully starts at 1:38 mark; there's a little instrumental that occurs before the song begins

The trailer starts off with Silver sitting on a building looking over Onyx City. He's sitting there cross-legged and its night. A shooting star goes past overhead. There's a voiceover from Silver, saying that the future is a very weird place. (0:14) The Sega and Sonic Team logo then shows up. (0:16). There's then a shot of Onyx City itself and the patrol fleet flying by. Silver is walking to the Professor's office and he welcomes the two. There's a voiceover of the Professor telling Silver that they're something he needs to show the two. (0:21) He briefly informs them on the assistance of the Genesis Portal, he says that if left too long could enable dangerous beings to enter the Earth or any other part of the timeline. Silver questions in the voiceover what that has to do with him and Blaze and the Professor says that he's allowing them an opportunity. During the voiceovers, we see the Genesis Portal as well as someone standing right near it looking almost like a silhouette. (0:30)  Here we see the Genesis Portals even more, and Silver and Blaze walking up to them as well as different settings in themselves like forests and temples and different cities. The voiceover here is the Professor asking Silver if he wants to take that opportunity. (0:36) The background song stops, then we see Silver in the Professor's office looking at Blaze and telling her that's an opportunity and Blaze giggles. The scene cuts to Silver, Blaze and another Echinda looking figure in a dark place, they see a hedgehog who looks quite new to life then the hedgehog then attacks Silver, and then after that we see the hedgehog who looks like it's absorbing energy. Then, there's all these dark puffs of asteroid-looking smoke that hits different buildings and places. Then a dark hedgehog jumps to the camera and lands in a room fill of people, he introduces himself as Goliath and says that he'll take every thing from "them". Then Silver jumps to save a cat figure with a prosthetic arm unlike Blaze's (what is being described are all faster pace than the way I'm describing them and they're obviously way quicker. There's a tick tock noise playing while the music has stopped and this did take up 10 seconds of the trailer). (1:07 of the song, 1:10 of the trailer) In the voiceover we hear, "Let's go to work". Then, we see Silver and Blaze gearing up their weapons and abilities. (1:15 in the trailer as well as the song) The Professor's holographic head is seen. (1:17) Silver tells Blaze that they have to do this and he questions what other choice they have. (1:21 in the trailer as well as the song, you get what I mean) There's a montage here, some that include gameplay for Silver and Blaze. And the rest of the montage which is Silver shouting someone's name while there's destruction behind him, a sniper is also seen, a robot is seen shooting a beam from its chest at a small ship from another ship he's in. (1:25). Goliath is seen looking at a another hedgehog in a rain forest, a monkey's gameplay shows him using its tail and wrapping it around a figure's head breaking it. Silver is seen running in a hall with robots chasing him down, Blaze tearing, a hand disappearing into a blue substance and a car chase with the police. (1:31). The song changes here to San Holo's New Sky here. (0:12 of the song, 1:34 of the trailer) There's a voiceover from Goliath, he says that the world will end here and during the voiceover we see a tall building with a blue beam being shot at the sky, there's another shot of the cat figure (Sara that's her name) about to superman punch someone from quite high up, she has interestingly jumped off of floating debris to do so, the shot is in slowmotion. The next shot is the team near a huge temple near the forest. (0:24 of the song, 1:40 of the trailer). The beat drops and we see Gaul in slow mo jumping off a ancient looking railing while an owl looking statue is about to drop (he's avoiding the statue). We then see Blaze fighting a man on fire using her martial art skills, Goliath is about to hit Silver with a curved sword to which Silver moves out the way and Goliath hits a banister. (0:30 of the song, 1:50 of the trailer). A huge fleet is seen in the skies of Onyx City unleashing smaller ships, Gaul rapidly shoots his GEM (main weapon) at someone to which we don't see, there's some gameplay of Gaul shooting some people down, a robot with wings attacks a guy and there's a fast running figure who runs on the wall in slowmo and the team are actually seen below surrounded (0:35 of the song, 2:00 of the trailer). An explosion occurs, and there's a fast running figure clearing a path from debris, then there's Goliath who is seen fighting Silver again, the fire figure flies after the team who's in a ship, then there's the Professor who barges Gaul. (0: 50 of the song, 2:10 of the song). There's another montage of shots, more gameplay shots here and shots of temples and such. We see a car driving and the player driving the car, a building collapses similar to the one with the beam shot out of it (0:58) Goliath is seen jumping at Silver with his sword raised and ready to kill him while Silver looks like he's creating a sort of invisible barrier this shot is in slowmo and the trailer ends right before Goliath's about to hit him. The title shows up on screen and then the release date. There's also the DLC covers and preorders at the end too.

Critical/Fan Response: This trailer was alos responded well too. Fans enjoyed it quite a lot as it was a different take on Silver's character and some fans stated that the game looks quite action packed and awesome too. Some fans actually didn't like it and thought it was reminiscent to CoD trailers for some reason. Though, overall most people did enjoy the trailer. Most people saying that, "it looks really fun and action packed" and they love the moneyshots here too more than in the Blue Blur. They also like the fact they're getting inspiration from comics and fans couldn't wait to see how they'd expand on the Genesis Portals, others thought that the game will still be crap however even with the inclusion of some comicbook easter eggs and inspirations.

Trailer #3: This trailer is called the "Free Roam" trailer and shows everything that could occur in Free Roam, as well as what the players can do there and how much depth there is to places and hubs. The music is in fact an instrumental in the trailer (the trailer's music), so there's nothing said except the beat. Its 1:42.

The trailer begins with a pan on Onyx City and all the patrol fleet in the sky with the OCC symbol on them. Here, we
Elephante (feat

Elephante (feat. BISHØP) - Closer (Virtu Remix)-0

Free Roam trailer

see the large variety of civillians and different things they're doing and then we see the robots playing basketball and the robot laying a Slam Dunk. (0:15) The Sonic Team and Sega logo are shown, as well as the Havok Engine, Hedgehog Engine and CryEngine4 logo is also shown (a surprise to many fans). (0:17-0:25) We then see humans near thier market stall fixing up robots and people programming them, as well as mails being given to some people and cars driving by. Then, we see Civil Protection Robot seen using a whiplash on someone (in-game, not cutscene) who we don't see. (0:29) There's then some kids running across an alley with a football. (0:30-0:40) Silver's walking past a couple of CP Robots minding his own buisness, a police chase occuring, and Gaul (in-game, so its not a cutscene its gameplay) fighting some police soldiers causing some panic judging by the people in the background running. Then, Gaul is running chasing a junk robot in-gameplay (who is admittedly) to which there's the Square button that shows on the side of the robot's legs while he's running and Gaul then dives for his legs. "EXPLORE NEW WORLDS". (0:41-0:58) The camera pans over different areas, it names two such as Callinos and Xevon. Sara's seen throwing a Time Grenade in-game and runs through the explosion, we then see an in-cutscene footage of Silver on a hoverboard with Blaze riding in Onyx City. Gaul is then seen diving off a building in Xevon at night while raining with a wingsuit in-game along with another character on the side (side mission?). Sara's then seen carrying a car and throwing it at some Civil Protection Robots in gameplay and Callinos is seen. Its sunny annd we see a ship that flies past some of its buildings getting a view on the beautiful city. Then, the scene flashes for a bit and we see Silver creating a huge energy ball of sorts and shoots it at the camera. (0:58) "GO WILD". (0:59-1:08) Blaze and Silver are seen walking through a wreckage of cars in gameplay (nearly everything's in gameplay, everything marked C mean cutscene the rest means gameplay as its confusing to describe). Gold is seen running through Xevon, Gaul throwing a bomb and taking cover, cars flipping while the car that is being played by drives past them, Silver walking into a temple full of symbols with a headlamp. "NEW MODES TO PLAY". Here, we see Silver in an arena fighting a huge Legion creature along with Legion soldiers, they make an entrance in this scene in the trailer, Blaze is running from bullets firing at her, there's a race between Sara and Silver with Sara creating more speed with her mechanical arm and Silver levitating however flying. They're marked Player 1 and Player 2. (1:09-1:20) Thomas is seen chest slamming one guy when the circle button appears near thier head, next it shows Silver and Blaze sitting on a destroyed car talking to a new character who possibly has never been seen before (side misson?) the person looks beat down and his clothes are ripped. Gold is then seen riding her hoverboard, she shoots the ground and then emerges on the ground through the rapid fire of the bullets and she nails a combo on the enemy. Gaul is seen shooting a football into the goal playing with other guys, there's more scenes with side missions and different characters doing random stuff. There's one where Gaul shoots a fuel tank and it blows up destroying the enemies. (1:20-1:22) The last shot is loads of junk robots protesting and also getting hit by some police cars and Silver who stands on top of a building watching it go down. The title then shows up. The Old Gen DLC has been revealed at the end of the trailer for pre-ordering, and also at the very end we see a cybernetic Echinda marked James2 is seen looking out his window and seeing all sorts of chaos with ships battling, cars crashing, gunplay, etc and they're all marked all these different names. Then, it says "Trailer coming 22nd April".

Critical Response: Players didn't mind this trailer, they didn't think it was best and some thought the music choice was a little odd however they liked the drectuon Free Roam was taking as it seems to be larger than TBB's one. There's way more side missions that we see in the trailer, loads of exciting ones, multiplayer and co-op seems fun and some can't wait until the Online Trailer releases. Some people thought that they copied the Free Roam from GTA as there was a lot to do, though its mainly consedering the fact there's so many car chases and car explosions similar to GTA's in some's minds.

Trailer #4: This trailer is called the "Weapons" trailer and therefore showcases some of the weapons the player can use as well as DLC Weapons. This trailer shows some new missions that weren't seen before, new characters and some new plot details and locations. Fans called this one of the best trailers for the game. 


N.E.R.D - Spaz

Weapons Trailer

There is swearing in the song that are neatly edited out in the actual trailer.

(0:00-0:10) The trailer starts with Onyx City and a pan of that city, we see some circus robots juggling, a homeless man, and a fox and a wolf exchancing a gun secretly, then in the next shot we see Gaul point a Shock Darter at the camera. (0:10-11) The SEGA logo and Sonic Team logo appears as well as the CryEngine4 logo also appears. (0:11-0:22) The next shot we see is some missions being played and cinematic views of Gaul, Sara and N-RSP shooting enimies down. For example, we see Gaul is using his GEM to shoot down multiple enimies and does a combo kill (he swipes his tail at the enemy's face, making it flip and Gaul shoots at the enemy whilst flipping), Sara shoots a electric beam at an enemy continously, another unidentified [Thomas] who throws the weapon to N-RSP who grabs the gun and does a combo kill on the enemy. We see loads of shots with Gaul, Sara and N-RSP doing combos with weapons. The last shot (before the 0:22 mark) is Gaul throwing a grenade and escaping it by jumping off the banister in a building and then the place blows as the song stops and the camera cuts to black.


How the menu would kind of look (the seller standing at the ccounter. Any weapon being in front as this is an example).

The song has still stopped (0:22-0:25) and we see a human male who tells the camera that he has the goods and all he has to do pay for them. Then, we see a menu of all the weapons and the Crossbow being chosen and equipped. (0:25-0:35 0:43-0:53 for song) The shot here is Sara holding the Crossbow and walking on a roof, the enimies below her, she does a side-flip onto the ground and punches the enemy with her prosthetic arm, and then tuck and rolls ducking the enemy's shot and Sara shoots his Crossbow at the remaining enemy. There's more shiots with more characters using different weaponry, and using more combos with weapons. For example one's with Gaul doing a frontflip over Sara and Sara grabbing him by the back and throwing him head strong at the enemy and then he shoots at the enemies. (0:35-1:00 0:53-1:10 for song) we see a robot with mechanical wings with a katana who flips and slices the enemy in half, Sara runnning, dodging shots being fired at her, N-RSP hovers in air and shoots a chest beam everywhere with power, disintergrating enimies in sight, we see more shots of enimies being owned such as enimies getting sniped, Gaul driving a motorbike with no wheels (that hovers) and shooting at the wheel of a car making the car flip. More shots of enimies being owned, and more weaponry. We see Gold who has a sniper in her hand shooting CP Robots down (that go with the beat of the song). The last shot is a jetpack that materializes on Gaul's back and shoots a Fireblaster at a crashed ship. (1:00-1:15 1:10-1:25 for song) we see female looking robots (with human projection) that dance seductively (not too seductive) in the shot, there's then a shot of a car chase with Gaul who shoots at the driver and the car drives off the cliff, a robot who throws a scythe at an enemy, more shots of Gaul and Sara and they're weapon based combos as well as a combo with Silver and Gaul, Gaul shoots at them and Silver uses his telekenisis to stop the bullets and aims them at the enemy's locations killing them. We also see Gaul jump off a ship, shoot a grappling hook to a building, swings into the window and kicks one guy in the tower (in a cutscene). Then, we see Sara rapidly punch someone continously and then grabs the person and shoots a beam at them through her prosthetic arm and basically electrucutes him. (1:15-1:45 1:25-1:55 for song) More of the shots here are cutscenes, so we see Gaul point a gun too Silver, N-RSP chest beam a small ship that hovers next to the Sky Rider and there's some gameplay shots quicker than last time with Sara continously shooting down enimies (the gunshots go along with song here) (1:46 for trailer, 1:56 for song) The song cuts here and we see a ship piloted by Gaul shooting through a window shooting all the guards down as one man with a red and black hood charges at Gaul as the title comes up. At the end we do see a robot (THOMAS) who looks in a box for weapons with Gaul. He takes the Disentigrator gun out and Thomas makes a joke about Gaul and Gaul says (joking however) "Don't make me shoot you in the chestplate" and Thomas laughs as the release date comes on.

Critical Response: This trailer did get fans hyped for the weapons in this game as well as the gameplay too, namely the combos. People appreciated this quite a lot, and liked the ammount of detail and physics put in the combos as well as the fact that they looked like they'd do alot of damage to enimies. Takashi did confirm that the player can't perform combos randomly as they'll be either a bar that just appears with the word Combo on it, and the nearest character to you will have the Square or X button over thier head and the player has to press it, or just the button will appear near the nearest character's head and the player'll have to press it to perform the combo. 

Trailer #6: This trailer is the last trailer and therefore is the Launch Trailer for the game.
Two Steps From Hell - Dark Ages (SkyWorld)

Two Steps From Hell - Dark Ages (SkyWorld)

Trailer music for Launch Trailer


This idea and concept came into play during the production of the Blue Blur, so about September 2015. The story for the Blue Blur as well as the script and pitch was technically done at this point, as all needed for that game afterwards were the voice acting from the cast. Due to Silver's goal in the game, and how he already somehow has some sort of beef with Nazo, the developers wanted to delve into that more and see what was the cause of the two fighting and what is the cause of what happens near the end of the game with Silver sympathezing to him all over a sudden. The writers wanted to explore that and then realised all the oppurtunities they could take if doing so,since if they explore Silver's life, gamers will technically get a Silver the Hedgehog game. 

The team's creative director, Williamcost thought that it'd be best that happens, since some fans have asked for a Silver the Hedgehog game. So, William checked some videos of fans who wanted a Silver the Hedgehog game, each giving different points and views on why however the baseline being, that Silver's game would introduce a much more unique taste to the whole deal, as its set in the future instead of being set in modern day. He realises that Silver does have his own problems back in his time, things he has to deal with, friends etc. So, after looking more into the videos and site pages, he pitched the idea to the writers and producers and then they confirmed it. Takashi is a producer for the game and also agreed to what William had said.  As a team, the writers then read some of Silver's comics, the comics set in his timeline. Because, they wanted a better picture of him and his future. While doing so, they found out about Silver's hometown, Onyx City, Onyx Island, The Onyx City Council and thier corruption and play with power. The developers really liked that, and thought this'd be the take Silver needs to regain more praise from fans. 

The writers did also check Silver's personality at points, of course, we all know Silver as that guy that instigates fights all the time and is quite unpatient and writers then said that this could change at the end of Silver's game, so maybe he becomes quiter and more knowledgable to things. So overall the writers looked through everything and this was during September-late October 2015. After some tossed around ideas, they started working on drafts of the script. Approximately 190 pages when came to the final cut of the script. The writers decided to include new characters, never before seen in the comics, as well as comic characters from Silver's timeline. The team thought about adding twists and turns into places and liked the idea of each character having thier own arc, as the aspect they liked in the Blue Blur and Sonic 06 was that each character had an arc and therefore had a goal in mind and weren't just there doing nothing most the time. At this point, they had introduced as new characters, Gaul/Mr Nobody the Monkey and Sara the Cat. They did do concept art on these characters and wanted the two to be best friends or at least people who've known each other for a long time. There was concept art shown, showing Sara standing and smiling with a prosthetic arm, as well as Gaul who has all the weaponry and tech. At first, they made Gaul be a nerdy sert of guy who just knew how to use weapons for childhood reasons though they then realised the bigger side of things if making him quite a wise guy.

They completed the story later and pitched it to Williamcost. Taking inspiration from some sci-fi movies such as Avatar (2009), I,Robot, Chappie, The Martian and Scorch Trials. As for games, (story speaking) they had gotten inspiration from the Future series of Rachet and Clank, Sonic Adventure 2, Unleashed and COD: Modern Warfare 2 most surprisingly. As you'll notice in the game's story, they're some factors of those games and movies in the game's story. Also judging from the list of movies espiecally, William wanted the team to take a more realistic view on Silver and not make him goofy or "kill-the-mood" type guy. Though, he would be more reasonable in most of his actions and there'd be more real life subjects centered around his character's personality. The list of inspiration is also taken because of the other characters too, like Gaul and Gold (who wasn't confirmed until SOH day in February). They then began casting and working on the character's designs like Sara's prosthetic arm and costume, Gaul, and even Goliath, who was stated to be an "intimidating foe for Silver and him only" and that this'll be understood more when playing the story.

Gameplay was worked on later after the Blue Blur's release, or at least worked on more after its release. William did keep in mind the poorly recieved Silver gameplay from Sonic 06, that the fans gave. So, he wanted to start anew and make something fresh the fans liked. So, he went online and started a little chat on what most fans wanted in gameplay. He'd look at this daily and see what is most requested, he then would tell this to the actual programmers and they'd do it if they can. They worked on combo moves for each character as well as tag team combos which weren't really the greatest of the Blue Blur. They did give each and every single character one too, and ones that'd work for those specific characters. They also started animating out the 3D Cutscenes for the game and settings as well. The cinematic trailer was then worked on for 3 weeks, showing the style of Silver and Blaze and thier chemistry in the game being almost brother and sisterly. On the day, the cinematic trailer hit was the day they released the game's title and some info to the public. Such as gameplay details mainly and the change in graphics.

The cast were then confirmed in February 2016, the day before Sonic the Hedgehog day where they all attended it and answered questions from the fans as well as gave more input on the gameplay style and some (small) plot details. From here on, different cast attended meetings with different gaming sites, interviewers etc to answer more questions about the game and more trailers released.

The music for the game then began to be worked on. The team wanted to give off a futuristic vibe and flavour in the music as much as possible and then asked different techno musicians or DJs to help with them with the game, for example Madeon and San Holo. Steve Jablonsky even wrote a song with them that is also in the game, TSFH have returned with more new pieces that'll be used in the game. Hans Zimmer was still the guy that gave opinions on most the feedback on the music and requested rooms of improvement consedering the vibe the developers wanted. They still wanted the epic, classical, medieval-like aspect like the previous TVOS installment, though they wanted to balance those factors out. 
Montage Mx - Tunnel Drop (Epic Massive Orchestral Hybrid)

Montage Mx - Tunnel Drop (Epic Massive Orchestral Hybrid)

Main theme song of entire game

They made Montage Mx- Tunnel Drop, thier main theme, as it does as to the composers it does mix futuristic and sci-fi with the epicness of the music that they need, or at least enough to be able to have a good piece come out of it, therefore they chose this song as a theme. It is played at some parts during the story, though the player can hear it on the main menu of the game itself. The music was worked on for 3 months for the game, as it was quite pivotal and gave the player, an epic game but also a sense of emotion when playing the game, like when something's about to go down, or when tension is rising. The development of the game ended on May 25th 2016, where private screenings were shown and various gamers were invited into a private place to play the game and provide the team with feedback. The game then released 5 days later on May 29th 2016 for Japan, June 1st for UK and US, and June 6th for Australia. 

Critcal Reception

The game overall again has done exceptionally well and this really pleased the team working on the game, as it got more praise than TBB alone. 

Silver the Hedgehog: The Telling of the Future

Aggregate Scores
Aggregator Score
Metacritic 95/100
Gamerankings 92.08
Review Scores
Public Score
Eurogamer 10/10
IGN  9.45/10
GameSpot 9.0
Nitendo Power 10/10
X-Visual 7/10
Famitsu 35/40
Destructoid 9.8/10
GamesRadar 8/10
Game Trailers 9.9/10
BeastGaming 8.5/10

As for the scores, Silver the Hedgehog: The Telling of the Future got quite an unexpected score from fans and critics alike. Eurogamer giving it a straight 10/10, most reviewers there talking about the improvement to graphics and the fun free roaming style they have. IGN gave it 9.45, saying that the story was the greatest story there is though they in general thought the game was too long however understood that consedering the hate to Silver's character in 06, he needed to up his game quite a bit, so they sort of understood this though thought some scenes could've been cut out. Nitendo Power also gave it 10/10 praising the Free Roam and how Mobius and Onyx Island are the most fun places to explore as there's alot of hidden secrets the developers have kept there. They did also say its in general fun in Free Roam to see the enviorment change as well according to alot of reviewers there. Destructoid, Famitsu and Game Trailers gave the game a high score too, praising the story and the gameplay as well as the graphics. Destructoid however gave the 9.8 and not 10, because they thought there were too many sub plots though still gave the high score because they enjoyed them.

GameSpot gave the game a 9.0, saying that the characters were all likeable and story was an enjoyable playthrough, though there were too many mind-boggling sub plots, and some of them were off for nearly the entire game and then out of nowehere come back again. X-Visual said that the game was a good game, though Silver seemed "unrealistic" and the story seemed boring. The only good thing to them were the character's mechanics and that's really it. GamesRadar pointed out that the game was confusing espiecally the end and they thought that twist wasn't needed and just overall stupid, though they enjoyed Free Roam quite alot. BeastGaming basically said the same, saying that the twist at the end ruined the game for them, though Free Roam was the only enjoyable thing there and the story wasn't really too interesting. Then we have the Aggregator scores with Gamerankings and Metacritic both giving the game quite a high score.

So, on the whole, at the end of the day, the game luckily got most good reviews. YouTube channels and users stated that they liked the game too, and could see excitement in most playthroughs. Most complaints about the game from what the team gathered up was to do with the length of the story which was a bit too long, and how long cutscenes can ruin a game.Though, loads of people enjoyed the game, and the mid credits scene and post credits really made them want to get a sequel to Silver's game, espiecally the mid credits scene. But, gameplay was approved, and this has boosted them to have quite big plans for gameplay in the next game.

Easter Eggs (Spoilers from game)

  • The phrase, "Nothing starts until you take action!" is obviously from the SA games
  • Lara-Su's statue is seen in the Libary.
  • The "Dark Legion Prophecy" is seen in the Science Centre.
  • Dark Enerjak and his Prelates are seen in Chapter 8.
  • Prelate-V attacks the Libary just like in the comics just that Silver doesnt follow him into the portal.
  • In Chapter 7, they do mention how Nega has tried to invade the Sol Zone before.
  • There are paintings of Future Freedom Fighters in the Libary
  • The whole question of why people are always saying "For Sonic..." before death is an easter egg for EXE Chorinicles, where that quote will be delved into.
  • Mammoth Mogul makes cameo appearances.
  • They mention King R'o Hedge and the fact he's Amy cousion who lived near the Never Lake on Mobius.
  • Zouge the Bat is seen having a thearapy/interrogation session with Mephiles. Zouge is an alternate version of Rouge from the No Zone and works in the Zone Jail.
  • In the menu of the game, the player may find hidden files in it (purposely) including some hidden information on either the game itself, future games etc.
  • Some players have found a file in the game, and found some rare video clip files, one video clip labelled "#98", and people have found that these clips mention the dissapearance of Shadow the Hedgehog and how he is pivotal to thier "projects" as he's apparently been a wanted fugative from the Zone Cops. Sonic the Hedgehog #98 is the first comic Shadow appeared in.
  • Another folder within a file named "CLASSIFIED" shows a conversation written in quite some weird writing like galactic alphabet. It has been translated by players and some say that it talks about how the Time Masters are awaiting the "Great Call" from the 3437 PXE, 2020 AD, and an unknown time in the past too that isn't specifically stated though apparently has something to do with the Echidnas and namely Enerjak. Enerjak is from the comics and the Time Masters are from TBB.


  • "You wanna know what I've seen right?"- Silver
  • "I saw him, I saw Nazo, I know how he became him. Though, I dunno why he BECAME him..."-Silver
  • "There's not vun of them, theres actually three!"-Professor Von Schlemmer
  • "Don't worry Silver, I'm your guardian angel"-Goliath
  • "Piss off"-Gold
  • "Gold, you have abilities beyond what your mind can expand upon, they're a gift that deserved to be used in the right way. The way where you look at the bigger picture. Oooh....the bigger picture indeed"-Goliath
  • "NO! You killed her and for WHAT reason, I loved her. Hell, she was my damn world, and you take her AWAY FROM ME!"-Gaul
  • "This, happened when trying to do what's best for the greater good"-Sara
  • "Tell me, do you have a soul?"-Tormac
  • "Let's get it on"-Schlemmer
  • "Oh shit...."-THOMAS
  • "Yeah, so things didn't go exactly as planned as well....ehh...though we gotta keep moving, they're patrol fleet looking out for us"-Kal
  • "01010111 01101111 01110111"-The Red Bit (it actually means something)
  • "Hahaha, you still don't get it do you Silver!? Let me just lay it out for you"-Goliath
  • "Schlemmmer, Goliath is messing with your mind and I know your better than that, the whole gang do, its not you talking its him"-Gaul
  • "He'll try to create the wrong time...."-Edmund
  • "I have failed my people, Silver, I truly have. I have left the island to the World Leaders who were legally allowed to take this island away from me. I have failed everything, my destiny, my legacy, my tradition..."-Edmund
  • "I dunno what to do Schlemmer, I know this, but I don't know what to do"-Gold
  • "I fulfil my own destiny"-Silver
  • "These'll blow it up, though they'll mainly disrupt its enerdy signatures and somehow convert it into coding sequences hence disrupting and stopping the energy from even coming in in the first place"-N-RSP
  • "Schlemmer, he got me down, I...I...I can't get up"-Silver
  • "We did it Silver....."Gold
  • "We need the Gorilla Tank, as that'll probably be able to scan Tormac's location"-Gaul
  • "These countermeasures have called for action, and I am a man of my word so ahem...May Sonic the Hedgehog be with me. For He...(shot)."-MECHA Lab Scientist on video log
  • "Run, we need to run now"-Blaze
  • "Look, I can save you, okay. People die everyday, kid yeah. I'm not gonna let you...I have a team behind my back helping me, trust me, you and your family will live and that's a promise okay? Do you trust me?"-Blaze
  • "You die HERE!"-Spitfire
  • "That was badass"-Silver
  • "No....No....No..No....NO!!! NO!!!!!"-Silver
  • "All these things I do are for what, nothing? C'mon, yes, we are doing the exchange game, I gave you storytime yesturday and your giving me storytime today, so without further ado, where are you little explorers going?"-Goliath
  • "You should've rotted in that hellhole"-Silver
  • "Shoot, Shoot, Shoot"- Gaul and Sara
  • "I can assure you, they'll be found and suffer quite severe consequences. Our people shouldn't be looking up to rogues like them, they should be following a prime example of what they're already doing and not all becoming crime-fighters in black hoods, Mr Manahan"-A member of the Onyx City Council
  • "This is an R-10 2. A soundwave so powerful it can shatter walls"-Gold
  • "Hold on!!!"-Thomas
  • "What is that thing?"-Sara
  • "I am Prelate-V"-Prelate-V
  • "It will be done when the time is right"-Goliath
  • "Wha...wha-what's going on, where's Blaze, where's Gaul, where's Sara? Where am I?"-Silver
  • "Just run, RUN!"-Silver
  • "The future is a very weird place"-Silver


  • The game had gone through various titles before its current one, Tales of the Future, Tales of a Time Traveller, Adventures of a Time Traveller and then ultimately and finally the Telling of the Future.
  • Nazo was rumoured to appear in this game.
  • The game is darker than previous games overall, some even said that the game's darker than Shadow the Hedgehog.
  • Its not known whether Sonic was a depiction of a hero really or not.
  • The game does have the reveal of Silver's parents which blew the fans' minds.
  • Players have found files in the game that talk about the greatness of Sonic the Hedgehog and the idea of ressurecting him and using him as a weapon.
  • Etheros was heavily inspired by The Second Devourer from Silver's comics.


These are people I'd like to thank that have helped with the game, such as concept story-wise as well as kind of the story for the game and the design of characters etc.

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