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Silver the Hedgehog is a telekinetic hedgehog from the future. He considers himself everyone's friend.


The hedgehog's first appearance was in episode P "Rose" of Sonic the Hedgehog and his Awesome Friends . Coming from a destroyed future, he hoped to change the past so he could fix the future. Later, a "hedgehog" named Mephilis came to Silver and introduced him to a Kronos Emerald. With it, Silver could be capable of going back in time. He was overjoyed with the fact that there was a chance to fix things after all, but his happiness was quickly replaced by anger when Mephilis told him about Sonic: the one who had supposedly ruined the future. Angered, Silver used the Kronos Emerald and traveled back to the time where Sonic was still alive. When he made it into the present, he first runs into Amy Rose , who asks about Sonic's whereabouts after mistaking Silver for Sonic. Soon, the two decide to go find Sonic together. After finding him, Silver attacks Sonic with zero hesitation. Amy, however, stops him from continuing while Sonic flees. Amy follows after, much to Silver's dismay. Later, he runs into Shadow and asks him about Sonic. Instead of answering him, Shadow dismisses him and leaves Silver alone. Finally, he finds Blaze. He asks her about Sonic and she tells him about him and how he helped her save her kingdom. Confused, Silver asked how someone so terrible would bother helping anyone, leaving Blaze perplexed. Then he told her about Mephilis and what he said to him about the blue hedgehog.

Other Appearances

Möbius Gems

Silver also appears in the alternate universe, Möbius Gems. Formerly known as White Diamond, Moonstone co-led the Möbius War and somehow got captured and trapped in a bubble. Centuries later, he was freed. Immediately, he attempted to fly back to Homeworld, but the aether around the planet was too strong to get through alone. Distraught and burned, he sat down in the Möbius Gems' backyard and cried. Minutes later, Amy Rose Quartz came outside and found him.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games: the Series


Silver looks nearly exactly like his video game counterpart: His hair is rather unusual compared to other hedgehogs. He has five locks of hair on his forehead that stick out. His eyes are a golden color and he has three lower eyelashes. Along with that, he has two long locks of hair that reach his knees. He wears heeled boots with teal ends and a small red gem near the cuffs.

In Möbius Gems, his psychical appearance stays the same, except for the gem on his stomach and his outfit. He formerly wore a light blue suit with a white diamond imprinted on it, symbolizing his role as White Diamond. Later, he wears no special attire, but keeps his shoes.


Silver has some similarities to his video game self; he is still very optimistic and always stands up for what's right—at least what he thinks is right. Silver is very open about himself and his feelings and doesn't believe in secrets. He's very emotional and is prone to outbursts when distressed. This hedgehog also has an affinity for the arts such as music, painting, etc. He gets very irritated when people play with his hair and hates the sheer thought of cutting it.



Confirmed in Episode 75, Silver is reliant on his bracelets to keep his powers contained; without them, they flow out and the lack of them will eventually kill him. He also cannot do well in high temperatures due his connection to cyrokinesis.

Silver is extremely naive and believes most of what he hears from others. As stated before, he's very emotional and this usually leads to many problems. He also has a case of nyctophobia and a minor case of monophobia.



  • King Platinum (father)
  • Queen Opal (mother)



  • King Platinum



  • If you click the links to her powers and it gives you an error, just go to the URL and erase three letters/numbers/symbols from the end, then click enter.
  • Much of the story from Sonic '06 was changed to fit Silver's storyline.
  • It's unknown who Silver's ancestors are. It's been hinted that his ancestors were heroes; they may be referring to Sonic, Amy, or even Shadow, considering their species.
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