Cquote1 It's gonna be easy, just watch me as I finally beat the Iblis Trigger! Cquote2
Silver the Hedgehog

Silver the Hedgehog is a fictional anthropomorphic hedgehog created by SEGA. Silver traveled back from an Alternative Timeline that wasn't very long from the future. He is the boyfriend of Shadow the Hedgehog, and the arch nemisis of Louis Robinson.


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Silver is best described as having a strong sense of justice. He fights for what he thinks is right. However, not all of his actions and accomplishments are heroic.

Silver is also somewhat egoistic. He sometimes brags about him being much better than his rivals, which could make him a very tough opponent. His attitude is not something to look up upon. His egoistic behavior could make him pay a price.

Silver is also doesn't really think before he acts. He doesn't really know what to say half of the time. Though he does talk a lot. When he's angry, you won't like him.

He also is a bit mischievous. A perfect example is the running gag of Silver chasing his cousins.


Ice Skating- Silver has shown to be extremely good at ice skating. He has a very good talent of figure skating. His speed skating abilities aren't bad either. He skates with grace and speed. However, he isn't very agile. He sometimes makes his speed get the most of him and could crash.

Acrobatics- Silver has also proven himself to be very acrobatic. His tricks make him move gracefully, and can perform many flips in the air with ease. He also gets a nice jump and can twist tightly.

Abilities and Powers

Psychokinesis- Silver's main supernatural ability is psychokinesis. This is shown when the cyan lines on his golden cuffs and symbol on his gloves glow. His body also glows that color. With this power comes telekinesis and levitation.

Superspeed- Silver also can run at pretty high speeds. Though is isn't faster than Sonic, Shadow or even Blaze. However, when he levitates with his psychic force, it is almost like he is flying twice as fast as he runs, being able to catch up with Sonic.


"This time, I will kill you!"

"What, my figure skating skills are far more awesome!"

"Sorry Cream, I really like you, but my heart belongs to Shadow."

"This is really confusing."


"If you think you're getting away this time, you got another thing coming!"

"This time there will be no interruptions!"

"Why would I play board games? They literally have 'bored' in the name!"

"Amy? Get outta my way Amy. This is my mission."

"God dammit, Louis, you're a real pain."

"This doesn't make any sense..."

"That wasn't me! It was Bokkun!"

"Wait, what happened to you whining 'I'm not the Iblis Trigger!'?"


  • Silver has an alternate outfit. His alternate outfit consists of a tealish color shirt, grey shorts, teal shoes with white lace and a purple one-strap backpack.
  • In the DRA Anime series, Silver has two running gags:
    • One of them is when Silver always gets into a chasedown to get Dawn. Nobody knows why he does it though. Usually, Dawn escapes it.
    • Another gag is hen Silver is talking a lot and the Louis's Furret or another furret drops a piano out of nowhere landing on him.
  • Silver is actually bisexual. He is currently dating Shadow and has a crush on Christina.
    • However, Silver's homosexuality was never shown in the DRA series, but mostly in the Mariala Anime.
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