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Silver the Hedgehog/

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Silver (IIBU)

The Psychic Time Traveler

Silver the Hedgehog is a fourteen year-old hedgehog with psychokinetic powers, who made his debut in Sonic the Hedgehog. He is the best friend of Blaze the Cat, and one of the the sworn enemies of Dr. Nega. Silver comes from two hundred years into the future, and most of his roles usually involve traveling back in time, to Sonic and company's time period in order to change the course of history and prevent disaster from befalling his own world.


Silver stands out from the other hedgehog characters of the series for his rather peculiar "hairstyle"- five quills in a leaf-like shape, and two large ones behind his head. He has gold eyes, and also has silver-white fur mirroring his namesake. A large amount of white chest fur can be found reaching past his torso and past his back, where two more quills can be seen.

In terms of attire, he can generally be found wearing gold cuffs around his wrists and ankles that have a cyan line encircling them, boots that reach past his ankles and have indigo coloration on the side, along with teal tips and red gem-like additions, and white gloves with cyan circles on the palms and the backs of his hands. In the Riders series, his appearance is relatively the same, though now his leg cuffs lack the cyan lines, and his shoes are replaced by what seem to be sneakers that have a dark blue main color and segmented teal padding.


Silver is known to be very determined. Having witnessed the devastation of his world due to the monstrous entity known as Iblis rampaging after its release, he seeks to find a way to prevent the future in that timeline, and is willing to take any help he can get. Naive, and believing anyone's word without a doubt, he can be easily tricked by characters like Mephiles the Dark into doing whatever they say.

A hedgehog who usually wears his emotions on his sleeve, Silver can express emotions like rage and joy loudly and intensely. However, when saddened, he is silent and rarely sheds a single tear. He is known to be an optimist, never giving up hope even when everything seems dark.

In spite of his lack of critical thinking and naivete, Silver is not a flat-out idiot. On the contrary, he can be perceptive when needed, as he saw through Eggman Nega's clever disguise when nobody else could. Lacking any info to use, he instead relies on his intuition to guide him through situations. As an isolated individual, though, he has no understanding of interpersonal relations or manipulators' tools of deceit.

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