Silver Abelard
Silver Abelard The Cat
September 8th
Peace, Nature, World Tournaments, Salmon.
Laziness, Guns, Having to replace the feathers in his helmet when one falls out.

Silver Abelard is a wandering cat who lives in Arid Canyon Zone. He is skilled with a spear, and is usually found wearing silver colored armor. He made his name at the Blitz Pit, donning the title of "The Silver Lancer". He only participates in tournaments at the Blitz Pit, and usually never shows up at any other time there. He is generally quiet and somewhat keeps to himself most of the time, but he is usually well mannered.

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Silver Abelard The Cat Sprite

Silver's fur, as his name implies, is a clean silver color. His hair is the same color, and is generally well groomed. His eyes are a pale sky blue color.
His outfits may vary, but he's currently taken a liking to wearing a dark red shirt and black shorts, along with silver boots that reach his knees. He wears a brown belt with two pouches on both of his sides, and black gloves with two straps on the back of each.

He also wears dark gray armor, which covers his entire body. His helmet has a mouthpiece to guard his muzzle, with a space in the sides for his whiskers to hand out. The most iconic things about his armor, are the two feathers on either side, just below his ears.


Silver is a quiet, yet polite young man. He doesn't appear to be very social, and only says what he feels is needed. He generally speaks in a soft, friendly tone. He doesn't talk about himself too much, nor does he often the one to start a conversation.
He enjoys sparring on occasion, and is an honorable fighter.

Strengths and Powers

Silver doesn't have any powers. He wields a spear in battle, and is quite skilled with it. He is rather strong, and his armor is surprisingly easy to move around in. He isn't very quick, though. He wears his armor whenever he goes into battle.

One ability he specializes in is his high jumping. He can jump high and far, and is capable of using this as an attack by landing on top of his enemy.

General Info

Silver was abandoned somewhere deep in Arid Canyon when he was a young boy. He was soon found and adopted by an elderly lion, named Ventus. Ventus found another boy not long after, and raised them both together in his home.

Ventus was an old, retired fighter. He never spoke of where or what exactly he fought, but he was especially skilled with a spear. When the kids were old enough, he taught them all he knew. Silver took his teachings to the heart, however, his brother preferred fighting with his claws and bare hands. Some time later, His brother left home to become a fighter at the Blitz Pit, with a thirst for battle. Silver stayed behind to look after their father, but constantly kept in touch with him. Silver had grown into a strong young man. His father passed away at the age of 78. Not long after his death, he stopped receiving letters from his brother. Growing worried, he traveled down to Greenflower City, and found no trace of him. Others at the Blitz Pit had also been increasingly concerned about this. Since then, Silver has been on a search for his lost brother.

Items Currently In Possession

Oberisk: The name of the type of spear he wields. It's long, sturdy, and easy for him to handle.

Iron Armor: The armor he always wears to battle. It's very tough, but actually rather easy to move around in. At least he finds it so.


Well, Silver really started off as an NPC character to fill in the empty spots in the Blitz Pit World Tournament 2011. But when his opponent introduced himself, and asked for his name, it was only natural that I'd have to think up one to reply with. Moments after he introduced himself as Silver Abelard, I began thinking of his character, backstory, and other such things. By the time his match ended, I was about ready to call him an official character of mine.



Blitz Pit World Tournament 2010: He was one of the many fighters who participated in the tournament, as the Silver Lancer. Odyssey: He appeared late in the story, and was recruited to the team by Amber. Blitz Pit World Tournament 2011: Once again, he participated in the tournament the next year.

Other Appearances

Memories of David The Echidna: He takes notice of Smash's investigation, and decides to ask him for help with his own problem.

Relationships with Other Characters


Ventus The Lion (~Deceased) An old lion who adopted him when he was nearly a preteen. He raised him under his wing and Silver stayed with him until he was 23 years old, before he finally passed away from old age. The lion passed at age 78. Since then, Silver has kept Ventus' house as his own, to have a home to come back to while he travels the world.

Razor Claw The Tiger

At the same time he was adopted by Ventus, Razor was taken in as well. The two were raised under the same roof as siblings, despite being two completely different breeds of cats. Razor was the older, more active and energetic brother. Silver looked up to him, being the older of the two. After Razor's disappearance, and his father's passing, he left home in search of his lost brother. He is still searching to this day.


Characters by the same creator

Smash The Echidna

Though they met during the events of Odyssey, Silver really didn't interact with him much until several months later, in Memories of David The Echidna. He has acknowledged him to be a powerful fighter, one he would stand no chance against.

Pearl The Echidna

Like Smash, they met in Odyssey but never really talked much until months later. He doesn't know much about her personally, but Pearl mentioned that she watched his battles in the Blitz Pit.

Amber The Cat

Amber was the reason he met the gang in the first place. She came to him with a plea for help during Odyssey, and he answered the call. Since it was she who called him, he felt the need to protect her throughout the rest of the journey. Due to that, he felt closer to her than anyone else in the group.

Cutter The Echidna

Due to them both being spear-wielders, Silver ended up fighting by his side quite often in Odyssey. Though his attitude is vastly different from his own.

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