"Frankly, I've grown quite tired of the doctor's foolishness and apparent inability to even attempt to destroy the Storming Alliance. I want to work for someone who will make things interesting."
—Silvally to Lycus about leaving Eggman, The Night Rogue

Not to be confused with any fan-pairings of the same name.

Silvally is a minor antagonist in The Legend of Fox the Brave. It was going to be the antagonist of the scrapped story Shadowed Future: Aftermath, but will make a return in The Night Rogue as a follower of Eggman that ditches him in favor of Dr. Finitevus when Lycus chooses to leave. Silvally is the one responsible for giving Storm the Buizel his muzzle scar.


Silvally is a very interestingly designed character. It is a four-legged Pokemon with a very dark gray, mostly mammalian body and back legs and feet, dull green birdlike forefeet, and a fishlike tail. It has a birdlike beak with white "hair" on the back of its head and around its neck, medium-sized ear, and a large crest on its head. Its sclera, crest, and tail change color depending on its type(i.e. orange for Fire or black for Dark)


In Shadowed Future: Aftermath, Silvally was meant to be "charismatic but cruel". It is cool and calm, but in battle, is rather cruel and even a bit sadistic.


Before the Series: Unknown

Austin's Flight: Silvally only appears after Austin Smith and Storm are captured. After Austin regains consciousness and struggles to his feet, Silvally leaps out and flattens Storm, holding him to the ground. When Storm wiggles free, Silvally slashes the Buizel's muzzle, leaving a short, shallow gash that eventually heals into a scar.

Austin's Exile: When Finitevus essentially ambushes Storm at the bottom of the Altar of the Sunne, Silvally is with him and uses his much greater weight to hold the Buizel down.

The Night Rogue: Silvally first appears as Lycus is leaving Eggman. It is mentioned that Silvally had been working for Eggman for some time. When Lycus asks him why he's leaving Eggman, Silvally raises one of its forefeet and appears to inspect it as it says that it's grown tired of Eggman's "foolishness and apparent inability to even attempt to destroy the Storming Alliance". It adds that it wants to work for someone who will make things interesting. It later joins Finitevus alongside Lycus, becoming one of the first members of Lycus' Gang.


Silvally's moveset is unknown, but it has the ability to change its type at will.


Silvally's Ability is RKS System, which allows it to change its Type at will using "Memories".


Silvally can use its sheer size and bulk to easily overpower enemies smaller than it.


Silvally's Type-Disadvantage changes depending on whichever Type it is. It commonly stays as a Normal-Type, so mostly it is weak to Fighting-Types and immune to Ghost-Types.


Silvally is the second genderless Alolan Pokemon to appear in the series, and the second overall.

  • The first in both respects is Tapu Fini.
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