"You say you're not scared of me? Well...I may not be the guy I was before, but I think I still remember enough to remind you why I was scary in the first place."

Hailing from Shiro, Silerowe Steel is a nineteen year old fox with the ability to control Metal. A real Metal-head, Silerowe originally had been at odds with Vulkan and his crew; before being bested and conceding to the strength shown by Relivax the Echidna; Now Silerowe serves as their ally, lending aid when they need it.


Name: Jordan Stele

Nickname: Silerowe

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Species: Fox

Race: Shironan


Silerowe has tree-green fur, covering a vast majority of his body; with the exception of his muzzle, chest, the tip of his tail, and the inside of his ears. Those sections of his body are colored white, with his chest fur being somewhat unkempt. He has hair long enough to be tied into a small ponytail, this is his common hairstyle that he can often be seen keeping his hair in. He has three tinges of fur on either side of his muzzle. The sclera of his eyes are glossy white, his irises red, and his pupils black.

As far as body builds go, Silerowe's quite impressive. Training his body to withstand using metal has made him strong. He's on the taller side of most Shironans, and his body shows obvious development in muscle; giving him a bit of a bulky physical build. Namely in his arms, chest, and legs.




(As a metal elemental, Silerowe has had to train his body and mind daily to withstand the stress of his power. After all, Metal is one of the most taxing elements to command due to it's durability and tendency to refuse to bend. Because of this, Silerowe boasts great strength, stamina, and physical endurance. This lets him withstand blows that would fell a normal man, and allow him to perform physical actions for a great deal of time before fatigue begins to set in and slow him down.

Of course, this does have a negative effect on his speed. As while he may be able to go a long distance, he can barely move faster than the average mobian. To counter this, he adds metal to his shoes and uses this to boost himself.)

As the Metal elemental of the group, Silerowe possesses the most body strength of them all. Being born with the innate ability to control such an unyielding element can do that. Along with this body strength comes intense physical durability. He is capable of tanking blows


Silerowe was born with the innate ability to control metal, being able to manipulate it when the power first surfaced. He can create it, absorb it, or even create things with it. He absorbs metal usually through making contact; though he's recently become curious if it can be consumed. However, he most often creates things made of metal for combat; usually coaing his body in armor, forming blades, or expelling it in bursts for ranged attack. He can also control any metal that he himself has made; mainly in metal that he keeps in his shoes.

However, absorbing metals like Mercury, can be harmful.




Relivax the Echidna - Don't let the cordial greetings between these two fool you; Silerowe and Relivax do NOT get along. The two can stand each other enough to work together, but they often lock horns with each other more than they do anyone else. For Silerowe, it's because he can't stand Relivax's wisecracking; and often berates him for it. Relivax just thinks that Silerowe's a jackass. It's usually Vulkan or Yma that breaks them up, Yma more so.



Silerowe, like most everyone else from Shiro, used to be an Alternate version of a member of the main cast. In Silerowe's case, it was Tails.

His name is actually a amalgam of Tails' real name backwards. This makes him one of the only two characters to still have a reversed Canon character's name, the other being Yma.

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