The Silent Planet is a planet in space where everything is different. Threetails and all her friends came from there.

Environment(what the world looks like)

Everything is different. The sun is red, the bushes/trees are purple and orange, and the sky is pink with black clouds(turn blue when it rains). Also the sky will sometimes be gold, silver or bronze(to represent the guardians Threetails, Dexter or Bruce, respectively) The world looks completely different.


Wars are the main thing that has happened on here. It would always be fighting on the planet, mainly because the hedgehogs and the foxs are each others worst enemies cause of their constant fighting for world domination over the Silent Planet.

When the first war happened Threetails wasn't even born so she and most of her friends don't know much about it except that nearly half the popuation of the planet was exterminated.

Threetails and the others were only young when the second war happened but they do remember it. Many people close to them were killed, such as Threetails and Dexter's parents, Luna and Midnight's parents, Nicko and Bruce's mother and many more.

During the second war Threetails and her friends were kidnapped by Eggman, and he took them and trained them to be a part of the Eggman Empire. But Threetails couldn't stand Eggman anymore and left with the others to get back to the Silent Planet.

Years later Threetails, Dexter and Bruce were pronounced guardians of the Silent Planet which meant to watch over the planet for the rest of their lives, giving their lives to save the planet no matter what the cost.

But the hedgehogs and the foxes are still planning to start another war, not against themselves but against the guardians. Threetails, Dexter and Bruce will need all the energy from the Silent Planet to win the next war.

Inhabitants(or used to be)

Threetails the Fox(main guardian)

Dexter the Fox(guardian)

Bruce the Hedgehog(guardian)

Luna the Bat

Midnight the Bat

Toxic the Rabbit

Nicko the Hedgehog

Garry the Rabbit

Allen the Devilcat

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