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This is an article about Silencia the Hedgebat, a character created by Kiramazing.
Cquote1 Strategies are good and all, but mixing it up occasionally with the element of surprise never hurt anybody! Well, except for the person you're fighting. Cquote2
Silencia the Hedgebat

Silencia Naomi Moranez is a dark blue hedgebat with strong wings and a strong sense of hearing. She also has a love of fighting.


Physical Description

Silencia has sharp dark blue quills and dark blue fur. Her ears and wings are a slightly darker blue than the rest of her body. She has three quills coming off of her forehead that are also a slightly darker blue, and are tipped with a dark greenish-teal. Her skin is dark, and is on her hands and arms, on her belly, chest, inner ears, muzzle, and the undersides of her wings. Silencia has a petite figure due to an abundance of exercise.


Silencia wears a metallic dark purple shirt and short skirt. She usually wears purple socks that rise to a little below the knee, but if she's just relaxing at home, she won't wear socks or shoes. Her gloves are short and are a similar purple to her other clothes. Her sneakers are black and white.


Silencia is extremely stubborn. It's nearly impossible to change her mind about something, although she is open to new ideas. Her stubbornness can sometimes get her into trouble, though. She's a bit outgoing, and likes meeting people. She has a fondness for getting into fights, which isn't always a good thing, as it can put her in some bad situations. Silencia fights fair... most of the time, as she occasionally goes for cheap shots when in a battle. Silencia is more of a tomboy, although she wears fairly girly clothes.

Strengths and Powers

Silencia doesn't have any special powers, but she does have unusually strong wings that make her a skilled flier. She has been able to fly very well since she was only a child. Silencia is also moderately fast at running, but she prefers flight to ground movement over long distances. She is a pretty skilled fighter, as she has spent lots of time practicing her battle strategies and tecniques.



  • Silencia is named after Lake Silencio, a fake lake in the TV show Doctor Who.
  • Silencia mainly dislikes sour foods because they make her sick.
  • Silencia has a particular fondness for sweet foods like candy and fruit because she is half fruit bat.
  • Silencia was originally created by Kiramazing, and was adopted by HS664.
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