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Silas is of average height, having a greyish-black color, midnight blue eyes, white muzzle, insides of ears, and belly. A long, healed wound goes across his back. His right arm is roboticized, along with his lower torso and legs.


He wears a midnight blue, long-sleeved, long coat. An Oxyurite is embedded into his glove and the elbow of his right arm.  

Concept and creation

Silas is a counterpart to Doctor Starline . According to Lil Draco, if Doctor Starline's personality and demeanor is that of Dr. Jekyll, then Silas's personality and demeanor is like Mr. Hyde's. Originally, Lil Draco wanted the character to speak like normal but wanted him to say few words, similar to Jason VoorheesMichael Myers, and Ghostface. Silas views himself in the same way as Pinhead.



Born to Silia and Mortar Thylacine in Onyx City on Onyx island, Silas was the typical quiet and reserved kid, almost always seen studying and doing little else, other than going to school. Most people would say that he was a powerful workhorse. After he graduated the top of his class at Onyx High, he quickly left Onyx Island to settle down somewhere in isolation.                

As he arrived at an decaying, decrepit tower in a dark forest near Windmill Village, he set up multiple alchemy and science labs throughout the tower which extended underground. He created assistants to aid in the creation of the vast rooms connected to various rooms that Silas referred to as "The Labyrinth".                                


A year after he set up his laboratories and rooms that made up "The Labyrinth" and the tower, which he refers as "Isolator", an insurgence by a group of dangerous vigilantes overtook Windmill Village.


Several months passed ever since the Avion took hold of the Isolator. Silas became more distant from the world and more cold towards his captors. One night, while the group slept, Silas repurposed his assistants, which he found in several abandoned Eggman Empire bases and repaired, to go into assault mode. His assistants consist of two Silver Sonics (v2 and v3 ), several dozens of badniks, and a prototype Metal version of a long forgotten warlord.



Silas is very short-tempered but glib-tongued. He carries himself in a haughty and serious manner, talking very little. Being an intellectual individual, he is quite astute for a combatant. He is quite self-centered and absorbed, being only concerned about his personal goals of complete world domination... and ruling it with an iron fist.

Powers and abilities

His main ability is temulkinesis, which is the manipulation of weapons. He can forms shields out of weapons, create constructs out of weapons, etc.

Silas is a decorated tactician, always multiple steps ahead of his opponents.

Due to his constant and vigilance with his expertise in guns and his cybernetic implants, his gunmanship was vastly enhanced.

As Silas is in current possession of the Oxyurite, he can drain oxygen in a set radius at his will (ex. can drain oxygen 10 feet away from him).



The thylacine utilizes modified versions of a Type-50 Directed Energy Rifle/Heavy, a Type-51 Carbine, and a Type-31 Needle Rifle for ranged combat.

For close combat, he utilizes two push daggers.


Silas thinks of himself of the perfect heir for the Eggman Empire and is quite arrogant in his abilities which he often overestimates.


"What makes you think that you can defeat me? I still have a few tricks up my sleeve!" - Silas taunting Carlos before a battle

"How ... how dare you refer to me as weak!- Silas before fighting MegaScience the Mecha Wolf

"I know everything your going to do before you even do it, Nika. You can try to escape my Labyrinth but it is built to be inescapable, which is something that you should've figured out by now.


Dr. Eggman

Unlike Doctor Starline, Silas despises Eggman and looks down on him, unbeknownst to Eggman. It infuriates Eggman that Silas does not have the same admiration for him as Doctor Starline has.

Doctor Starline

Starline and Silas only see each other as colleagues and nothing more. During conversations with Starline, he will constantly bring up the fact that Starline should look out only for himself and no one else. Starline obviously refuses since he admires Eggman, even though Starline attempted to kill Sonic while they were fighting on Frozen Peak.

Rough and Tumble

Silas thinks little of the skunk brothers, referring them as weak. He absolutely hates their barbarian tactics, as he prefers that there needs to be a counterbalance between brains and brawn, which Silas believes he can do perfectly. Rough and Tumble absolutely despise working with Silas. 

Niikki the Wolf

Silas tries to keep a close eye on Niikki during several times of the day. She is possibly the only other character Silas respects other than Doctor Starline.



  • Carlos the Slug



Regular Theme 

  • Sayonara by Dirtyphonics

Overuler Theme 

  • Phase 1 - Lights Up by Agressor Bunx
  • Phase 2- Sink by Mizo (ft. MC Coppa)
  • Phase 3 - Man Eating Lizard Dragon (DNB VIP) by Jade

Dirtyphonics - Sayonara Monstercat Release

Dirtyphonics - Sayonara Monstercat Release


Agressor Bunx - Lights Up

Agressor Bunx - Lights Up

Mizo - Sink feat

Mizo - Sink feat. Coppa-0

Jade - Man Eating Lizard Dragon (DNB VIP)

Jade - Man Eating Lizard Dragon (DNB VIP)




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