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Signal Jam is a special, elementless ability. This technique is used to jam a pre-determined amount of radio, TV and "other" frequencies and signals. Although this ability is useful in order to duck "under a radar" or tracking device, it only works in an x (0-10)-mile radius.


  • Jams frequencies and signals in a certain radius, and could also be used to "distort" other signals.
  • When a person is very close to the object or person using Signal Jam, a loud, deafening noise can be heard for about 2 seconds.


  • Can only be utilized in a certain radius.
  • Cannot be used well against certain forms of magic, i.e., Mana (Shahooter), Relik Magic (Scooter).


  • Klestov and Emeraldsbourg's planes in the Klestov-Mobian War.
  • Depelluischion
  • Niks the Lynx (Jams the frequencies used by any Anvil Corp. technology)
  • Tanya Binler (Uses it as part of her Battle Meditation to disrupt enemy communication and further lower their morale)
  • Naomi Mongoose (while operating the A8's communication desk)
  • Grace the Hedgecat (A side-effect of her armor's nanite core and the reactive armor it creates)


An unnamed ability of Ronan's is a technique that is always active, it jams any form of Future Sight and Chaos Control (unless the Chaos Control is performed with a Super Emerald)