Signal Beam is an intriguing elementless attack.


The user focuses their energy into a focal point, normally between their hands or in front of their mouth (or, in the case of insects, the space between antennae), which forms into a orb-shape. Typically, this orb is white or multi-coloured, although in some rare cases it is tinted the shade of the wielder's aura. The orb is soon fractured, launching a beam of multicoloured energy at the target. Normally, this beam is a prismatic beam, with colours scattered through it. However, in some cases, these rainbow colours are tinted to the colour of the orb, which is common with tinted energy sources.

When the beam strikes the opponent, it is designed to do damage, but the rapidly changing colours carried by the beam have a one-in-ten chance of distorting the perception of the opponent, leaving them in a state where they could injure themselves or others.



Technique Rank

Due to the power and capability to disorient, the technique bears a C-rank.

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