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Sidhael Taida

Laid-back and lazy, Sidhael Taida ("sid-HI-ell TYE-duh") is a member of Hell's Hounds, a group of demons who serve Buer, the Black Wheel of Decay. She is the embodiment of the Deadly Sin of Sloth.

Physical Description

Mobian Form

Sidhael primarily appears in the form of an average-looking Mobian hedgehog. Standing at exactly three feet tall, she has a short snout, medium-sized triangular ears that stand upright, and a fairly short, pointed tail. Her quills are relatively long and droop downwards.

Her fur is primarily black on color, with an ash gray muzzle, chest and stomach. Her hair, which forms a large tuft on her head, is Oxford blue in color, and her eyes are Persian blue in color. She has a collection of blue markings adorning her body, and also carries her Symbol, the Blue Crescent, on her forehead and both of her shoulders.

She typically wears a long-sleeved hoodie over a plain white shirt, blue jeans, and black boots.

True Form

Sidhael's true form is that of a large and bulky bipedal creature, vaguely resembling a reptile of sorts. A thick, messy mane of hair extends from her head, reaching down to the base of her tail and going over her shoulders somewhat. Her limbs are short, with thick forearms and stubby legs, which all end in blunt claws. She has a long, thick tail, and a short snout, as well as two small, pointed ears.

On either side of her head are what appear to be organic, cannon-like structures, pointing upwards slightly, as well as a single horn on her head. She also has two pairs of eyes.



"Hey, do me a favor and hold still; it makes my job much easier."
Base Stats
Other Stats

As Sidhael's primary form is that of a hedgehog, she has all the abilities of that species, namely the ability to curl up into a ball, as well as having sharp quills.

Like the other Hounds, Sidhael can manipulate HellMagick, and exclusively uses ranged, energy-based techniques of this "element", such as Infernal Sphere and Infernal Burst.

She is also able to travel between the Putriverse and Mobius, although this is energy-intensive, and she must rest a day before traveling again.

Unique Power: Hyper-Precision

This is Sidhael's unique power. It gives her near unparalleled accuracy, making her highly adept at finding the weak-spots of her opponents, and makes all ranged attacks from her terrifyingly strong and precise. She typically manifests organic "guns" out of HellMagick and uses them to attack. When she uses her powers, especially her organic "guns", her eyes and markings glow a bright, light blue.

Her unique power also gives her great perception, and incredibly keen eyesight, able to detect attacks from further away than most people and react accordingly. Whether by sheer luck or through her perceptive abilities, she is also able to predict where her opponents will be while in the middle of a fight, further increasing her deadly accuracy.


Sidhael is also able to influence those who share her Sin, namely those who are lazy. Those people who she is able to completely influence "gain" a Taida form, wherein they gain the ability to wield Sidhael's unique power...but she also has control over them.

Naturally, some people may willingly give themselves over to Sidhael in order to wield her power as well, essentially selling their souls to her. In this case, however, those people who give themselves to Sidhael always have access to her unique power, and don't utilize a Taida form.

People that have been influenced by Sidhael, or have given their souls to her;

True Form


Sidhael is resistant to the Element of Darkness, as well as HellMagick. Any opponent who primarily attacks at melee range will barely be able to touch Sidhael, as her terrifyingly strong and accurate ranged, energy-based attacks will easily keep them at bay. She can put out a literal salvo in the form of the Demonic Barrage technique, peppering a chosen area in shards of concentrated HellMagick and punishing opponents who group up close to each other.


Sidhael is weak to the Element of Light. She is quite frail, and isn't terribly fast, either. Her physical strength is only average, as she relies almost exclusively on her ranged techniques in combat. While she can usually outgun other ranged combatants, multiple foes can get the drop on her if they surround her; she cannot keep all sides guarded for long.

On the rare occasion where she is furious enough to unleash her "Fuck-You-and-Die Storm" (essentially, a much stronger version of Demonic Barrage), she becomes exhausted and practically unable to move for a while. This is why she only uses this technique in dire situations.

Friends and Foes








As the very embodiment of Sloth, Sidhael is laid-back and typically passive, often preferring to relax and let others handle situations in her stead. Incredibly slow to anger, she easily keeps a cool head, even in bad situations. She's also quite lazy, to the point where she often opts to simply ride on Guduros' shoulders instead of walking herself; the Sin of Gluttony doesn't seem to mind, though.

Due to her primarily passive nature, she very rarely even bothers to engage in combat with someone, and is more likely to ignore a foe or even leave the area, as fighting is "too much of a hassle" to her. If they attack her, however, she will defend herself, and will stop attacking once they do.

But even the most patient, relaxed people have their breaking points, and Sidhael is no exception. On the very rare occasion where she does get angry, her fury is explosive, resulting in a literal, terrifying hail of HellMagick, striking down anyone who's unlucky enough to be caught in the storm. This is, in fact, a stronger version of the HellMagick technique known as Demonic Barrage; she calls her version the "Fuck-You-and-Die Storm".

Positive Traits

Negative Traits

Neutral Traits



  • She and Baelroch are the only Hounds not labeled as "Chaotic Evil" due to their primarily passive natures.
  • Sidhael shares a few similarities with Sans from the indie game Undertale;
  • They're both laid-back, relaxed and quite lazy.
  • They're both deceptively powerful, utilizing strong ranged techniques (Sans w/ bones and the Gaster Blasters he summons, Sidhael with ranged HellMagick techniques and the organic "guns" she summons).
  • They both have blue in their color schemes.

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