Sid the Hero (TV Series)
Sid the Hero (TV Series)

Action, Adventure, Comedy,

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Produced by
Written by
Music by
Studio by
SEGA, Nickelodeon
112 (+4 special, 2 movies, 1 prologue)
Running time
22 minutes
Original run
1 December 2019 - present

Sid the Hero (TV Series) is a 2D animated, spin-off, coming-of-age TV series that airs on Nickelodeon. It features Sid the Hero and his family and friends going on misadventures while also living their normal, teen drama lives as well. It's usually a slice-of-life comedy with some dramatic adventure plots along the lines and has overarching plot elements. It also includes episodes and sub-plots that focuses on characters besides Sid the Hero and references and cameos to Sonic the Hedgehog and other series.


Heroic412229 wanted to make a cartoon that not only was a continuation to Sonic Overload(Heroic412229's version), but also a continuation to Sid the Hero's life as he wanted him and his friends to be able to show how their lives are going afterward, as well as how they've changed during those events. This is why Sid the Hero (TV Series) was created.

The central theme(s) for the spin-off series are "Growing up" and "Learning New Experiences". This allows the show to teach its audience that growing up and learning new things isn't always easy, but it can be a great thing if you put a lot of effort into it.

Plot and Premise

The plot focuses on the main and titular protagonist, Sid the Hero, and his family and friends going on misadventures while trying to get through their ordinary, teen dramatic situations. For example, Sid's overall journey of maturity to make sure that he doesn't repeat the same mistakes he's done in the past due to his immaturity, Rana's life revolving around understanding new things with her friends at Pre-K, etc.

This is set around the city of Station Square while other locations follow different rules, have different characters, and teach different morals that the cast needs to learn overtime to get through these situations and grow up to become better people as a result.

Despite the teen dramatic elements, there are some comedic and slapstick moments to balance it out as well as some action-adventure scenes and plots to make it more entertaining.

While episodes are usually standalone, it also features continuity and story arcs, with several key elements of both the series and characters changing. Each episode has a central theme and message that revolves around growing up and learning new experiences.

Cast and Characters



This is the overall soundtrack for the Sid the Hero (TV Series) series. In this soundtrack, old songs from the game, Sonic Overload(Heroic412229's version) are played, along with new tracks like the theme song as well.

Number Song Character(s) Singer / Musician Episode(s) Type of Song
1 Things Change None N/A All of them Theme Song
2 I'm Ready To Go Sid the Hero N/A N/A Character Theme
3 Innovation None N/A All of Them Ending Theme


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There are many themes about the TV series, but the main ones are growing up, and learning new experiences. Other themes that the series tackles are about grief, puberty, discrimination, death, and other serious themes. That being said, there are some other, more lighthearted themes too. These include friendship, family, love, acceptance, and other light-hearted themes. These themes are subtle and are accessible to kids, teens, and adults of all ages.



  • This is the first TV series created by Heroic412229.
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