Sid the Foxidna is the son of Hardrock the Echidna and Betty the Hedgefox. However, unlike the rest of his family, Sid has returned to the ways of the Blackmane Family and become a mercenary, serving with the Word of Kiritsu.

Sid the Foxidna

Biographical Information
  • Post Heartless Saga Gen II: 13
  • Second Heartless Threat: 15
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
  • Fur: Gold fur w/ dark tan muzzle
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Possesses Fox tail
  • Gray t-shirt w/ skull pattern
  • Black jeans
  • Dark blue trainers
  • Gold necklace
  • Black earrings
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Super Strength
  • Omnikinetic
  • Skilled w/ Protogan Eye
  • Possesses the genetic ability Immunity
  • Talented w/ shotguns
  • Advanced combat - hand-to-hand
  • Flight (using tail)
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212 & SallyGirl

Physical Description

A relatively broad foxidna, Sid has golden fur with a dark tan muzzle, plus a rather Gothic-styled brown hairdo. His eyes are ever-evaluating, ever-watching, and a piercing brown.


Despite his role as a mercenary, Sid dresses rather simply with a gray T-shirt emblazoned with skulls, black jeans and dark blue trainers, plus a gold necklace and black ear-studs.


Early Life

Born three years after his elder siblings, the twins Pinky and Rocket the Hedgefoxidnas, Sid was relatively put out of sorts by his parents and their loving nature towards the twins, especially Pinky, with Rocket marked by a birthmark shaped like a Heartless tendril. As he grew older, he was impressed by stories of the Blackmane Family of old, mercenaries and thieves that fought the Knuckles Clan many years before. Eventually, at the age of five, with only a note for his parents, Sid left his family home, heading towards his family's ancestral lands - the Twinkle Snow region. Despite his youth, through excessive use of his omnikinesis, he managed to survive long enough to reach his target destination, an old mansion. Within, a lion lived - his grandfather, the famed mercenary Leon the Lion.

Sid pleaded with his grandfather to take him in and raise him as per the old ways, to raise him and train him as a mercenary. After a while, Leon agreed, admitting that his brutal treatment of others close to him had 'mellowed out' over the years since his son was a child, although his position as a mercenary leader meant he kept a reasonable outlet for any such violence. With that as the basis, Sid's training began.

Training with Leon

Over the years following his flight to his grandfather, Sid was groomed as Leon's protege, a successor that Leon felt worthy of the Blackmoon bloodname. Sid didn't let his grandfather down as he quickly began to specialize in five elements and the use of a shotgun, his hand to hand skill and use of the Protogan increasing in strength as he grew older. By his thirteenth birthday, Leon was certain that Sid was the one. However, he was unwilling to allow his grandson into his own mercenary company, mostly due to his view that the world wasn't ready for two Blackmoon in the one group. Instead, he pulled a few strings, and Sid found himself as a member of the Word of Kiritsu, an influential mercenary group.

Finding Rocket

Barely a year later, Sid was returning from a training mission with the Word when he stumbled across a familiar black hedgefoxidna - his older brother. While only just aware of the recent events, Sid was hostile towards Rocket, acting like his brother was only there for information or a place to hide. The young hybrid even went to the point of pointing his shotgun at his own brother and refusing him entry. At least, that was the case until Leon intervened, simply telling the young foxidna that it was alright, before guiding the Freedom Fighter into his library. Sid simply returned to his training, ignoring the part of his brain insisting that Rocket was a threat to his position.

The Assist

After a year with his brother around, plus mercenary operations, the date for the wedding was revealed via Pinky, and Rocket went into action, leaving for what he felt was a solo run. However, Leon felt that this was a foolish move, and after a brief contact with the heads of the Word of Kiritsu, departed with Sid after the young hybrid. Between the two experienced mercenaries, the stakeout and monitoring of the chapel was the easy part. However, when the Heartless emerged, revealing their true forms, the duo went into action alongside the hated members of the Knuckles Clan and their allies, Leon accepting the peace and focusing on their common foes. Sid simply followed his grandfather's example, and did his best to stop the assault. Once the fight was over, and the Heartless warped home, Sid simply returned to the Twinkle Snow mansion, but not before receiving congratulations from his parents.


Sid, born as a member of the Blackmane Family, possesses the family's genetic ability, an ocular skill referred to as the Protogan Eye, which is capable of copying the basic form of a technique, although not it's power and element. Due to this, he is instinctive at mimicking techniques by copying the basic form, before creating his own variant. In addition, he inherited the genetic ability Immunity from his mother, making himself immune to poisons.

Through studying the flight abilities of the fox members of the Prower Family, Sid had copied the technique, possibly through the use of the Protogan, and can fly somewhat lower and slower, using a single tail. However, by combining either Fire or Air manipulation into the mix, his flight can resemble a Prower's for a short time as he boosts with the chosen element.

As a fighter, Sid is a mostly close-range combatant, using a Hammerforge Industries S-19 Shotgun as his primary weapon. However, his hand to hand and long-range elemental skills are just as respectable, if not greater. With omnikinesis granted by the power of the Protogan Eye, Sid has expertise in the elements of Water, Poison, Electricity, Wind and Nature, with the rest providing a solid foundation for him to work from.

However, despite his obvious power, Sid suffers greatly when the enemy brings out a status condition into the mix. While immune to poisons, afflictions like forced sleep, illusions, mental scrambling, burns and paralysis all have major effects on his combat abilities, not to mention their debilitating physical effects.

Fire Abilities

Ice Abilities

Electric Abilities

Light Abilities

Darkness Abilities

Earth Abilities

Wind Abilities

Water Abilities

Nature Abilities

Wood Techniques

Poison Abilities

Psychic Abilities

Elementless Abilities

Chaos Powers

Forms and Fusions

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A dark, motivated persona, Sid is the only one of Leon's grandchildren he feels worthy to bear the name "Blackmane". With the family's traditional animosity towards members of the Knuckles Clan and interest in mercenary operations, Sid has become the heir to the Blackmane family name and Leon's protege.

With an emphasis on close-range combat, Sid is also renowned amongst the Word of Kiritsu, his current employer, that he has a fear of death from a distance - that he's afraid of dying to an unseen foe. This is denied by the foxidna, but his actual fears are unstated.

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