Shortcut is an unusual penguin that lives in Techtown. He is from the second generation.


If you imagine a mobian penguin, make him a strong violet colour, (NOT A TYPO BRITISH SPELLING) give him red sunglasses and a blue cap, and also white knux shoes (no stripes), then you have shortcut.


He loves technology, and will get overexcited and hyper, but other times, he is calm, until somebody tells a joke…

He also appears to always want another way to do things, a.k.a a shortcut.


Shortcut was born in Techtown, as the son of Andy the Penguin and Lalania the Hummingbird, and as the younger brother of Dani the Hummingguin and Robert the Hummingbird. They were a happy family, but unfortunately, they lived with the undying dread of the rise of Databyte Egg. (like everybody. Gees, this guy badly needs to be killed!) Eventually it came. It was completely terrible for the city. Databyte had gathered much more power throughout the years, seeing as the town hero of the day had sealed him in a radiation chamber. Unfortunately, the villain escaped and the radiation had powered him up, and he was now a scarlet colour, with white, pupilless, eyes. It was complete uproar. Shortcut was nearly killed but was miraculously saved by a green zoobloo called PilcrowPilcrowPilcrow. Pilcrow had travelled from the past, to come and save the future. Ever since, the 2 have been best friends.


Sometime in the future, shortie is supposed to receive the power of cyberkinesis, but at the current moment he can only understand technology incredibly well.

Special Abilities

He has all the basic abilities of a penguin, such as surviving in the cold, sliding on your belly etc. But he also has the ability to tell if others are lying by their expression. He also has the supernatural ability to think of an attack on the spot, and it only takes him about 5 minutes. This gives him incredible combat skill.



"Yeah, you're just weird."

"AAH! WHAT THE HELL A-oh you just saved my life." (when he first met ¶¶¶)

"The advantage of shortcuts!" (when getting an S rank)

"It's as easy as slipping on ice!" (when getting an A rank)

"Killer, but at least I did it!" (when getting a B rank)

"Oooh…No. Not tasty." (when getting a C rank)

"There must be some sort of serious error here!" (when getting a D rank)

"That Burns…" (when getting an E rank)

"Let's zap this course!" (when starting a sonic riders race)

"I'm just heading for the shortcut to fame!" (when passing someone in a sonic riders race)

"Just another one!" (when winning a sonic riders race)

"Don't worry shortie, It's just a dream…" (when losing a sonic riders race)

"Ha ha ha. That's so funny. Please pause for a moment whilst I die laughing."


He is weakened by any kind of magic abilities, as he is born with a cybernetic tinge of blood. He is also weakened to large enemies, as most of his attacks that he has crafted are aimed at villains his own size.

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