"Mortals of abnormal power are still mortals. Babes toying with a barely understood gift. Babes who are still dreadfully unaware of the horror story of planar proportions raging around them. You know nothing of war, for you know not the Unseen War,"
—Shockwave, discussing the Stygian War and the Elemental War with a Human Soldier.


Shockwave rarely communicates with mortals. When he does, he has ulterior motives, such as delaying the Stygian War's advancement to the physical world. Unlike most other Daemon's, he is Neutral, not outright evil. He is still cold, however.

He often works in cryptic ways. When working with others of a lower status, he will carefully keep them in the dark about his true motives, while manipulating them to fulfill his goals. He is very cold, caring little for mortal concerns, and mortal tragedies that don't affect him directly.

This behavior sometimes borders straight up amorality. Sometimes, he will manipulating innocents into dying for his goals, or go as far as killing someone for what they 'could' do. He also tends to carry out errands for Zyrel, who have a mysterious link. 

As with all Fiends, Shockwaves finds it considerably racist when he is confused with Devils or Demons. He takes this much better than most fiends, however.


Shockwave may take a variety of forms with help of his shapeshifting and illusion powers. His actual form will is supposed to be so abberent that he refuses to use it in any case. 

The most common form is that of an ebony furred hedgehog with blue mottled streaks covering his muzzle and chest. This form has a brille like lens covering his eyes. The hands have chitinous claws, and the feet have three segments instead of two. Finally, Two large bony growths arc down from his back. Shockwave claims this is very close to the form he was born with. 

Regardless of form, Shockwave possesses a left with green sclera and a strange dark design on them. His right eye is entirely gone, leaving only a dark, forboding cavity. In his common form, it is covered by his Brille.


Shockwave is a Daemon, a Fiend from a Lower Plane. He is considerably enigmatic, and not much exists about him. He appears a few times in very old scriptures about communications with demons. He himself refuses to talk about his origins. All that is known is that he oringinated on the plane of Gehenna, the birthplace of all Daemons. 

History according to HS664's claims

The author of Shockwave, HS664, has confirmed that Shockwave will appear in The World's Enemy when it is re-written as a story.

Relations with Others


  • Zyrel the Green Mage: Shockwave has several mysterious ties to Zyrel. The nature of their relationship is unknown. 


Shockwave, being Daemon, has a wide array of eldritch powers at his command. These powers are infused into his being, and thus come naturally to him like all Daemons. He is a very high ranking Daemon, and thus has more powers than those of lesser status. 

  • Super Stength: Shockwave can easily lift 25 tons without muscle tear or bone damage. He can also easily shatter metal with his hand. 
  • Super Durability: Shockwave has the ability to feign extreme injury, ranging from being crushed to being impaled through the abdomen. He can easily resist injury from projectiles and slashing weapons, along with energy blasts. 
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Shockwave's precognitive abilities allow him to dodge attacks fired at high speeds easily, including bullets and rapid fire energy blasts. 
  • Very High Psionic Resistance Index: Shockwave is highly resistant the telepathic and other mind affecting psionic attacks. This ability is natural for Daemons, as they use it as a defense against Demons.
  • Shadow Powers: Shockwave may manipulate the power of shadows to create weaponry, manipulate light, jump small distances, or crate barriers. This power is utterly useless in total light or absolute darkness, as it draws power from shadows themselves. 
  • Grant Divine Magic: By making a specified deal with a person, Shockwave may grant them an array of magical energies from his own body. He rarely does this. If he wants, he can give a temporary charge of Divine energy to someone by forcing them to drink his blood. 
  • Illusion Construct: Shockwave can create illusions. His skill with this ability allows him to make entirely solid illusions. If Shockwave wills, he can make this illusions solid, breathing, audible, and alterable. Shockwave may also create hologram-like illusions with a pre-recorded message or create a two way communication point.
  • Planar Shift: Shockwave can go to his home Plane of Gehenna, the Material Plane, or the River Styx at any time. 
  • Astral Projection: Through focus, Shockwave can transport himself into the Astral Plane, creating an Astral Projection of his consciousness. His physical body is turned into a mass of energy, fueling the projection. He may re-appear in a multitude of places if he travels there astrally. 
  • Illusion World: Shockwave can create a world of illusions around him. These illusions are extremely realistic, and even capable of causing damage in the real world. The extent of this ability is very extreme, as he has been able to make people believes their limbs have been amputated, or believe they are tapped in hellish fire. Those hardened against mental attacks are likely to be very resistant to this attack.
  • Crystal Fiend Eye: This is a unique power of Shockwave's series of Daemons. This causes a unique pattern to appear on Shockwave's eyes, which he can keep active. During this time, he can naturally see energy of varying spectrums (including supernatural energy like Magic and Psionics). Any illusions of any sort become clear to him, and he may gaze in any planes overlapping the current plane.  
  • Crystal Fiend Eye; Mirror: Shockwave can burn a large portion of his own life force in order to negate a single attack. The success rate is nearly 100%, but this may fail and just weaken the opposing ability. This ability is uneffective against others with a Crystal Fiend Eye. 
  • Crystal Fiend Eye; Shadowcrafter: Shockwave may visualize any animate being, be they Fiend, Celestial, Material or Elemental, and create a "Shadow" or them. This shadow looks, sounds and smells just like the original, but with a fraction of their supernatural powers, if any. These "Shadows" dissipate after taking enough damage. This can be almost any creature the Shockwave has seen, and since Shockwave has been alive for over 2300 years, this numbers as very many. 
  • Crystal Fiend Eye; Soul Render: Shockwave must make Eye Contact with a victim. As soon as Eye Contact is made, he creates a mental battleground where he attempts to damage the foe's very soul. Using this power is incredibly dangerous, as it puts an unbelievably painful strain on him, causing his eye to bleed. Even if it is not successful, the very act of having the soul touched can be severely traumatizing, causing severe personality changes. If successful, Shockwave may be able to completely reprogram one's soul, causing any number of horrible issues. 


  • Extensive Knowledge: Shockwave is well studied in the information of magic, psionics, and the many planes. This is mostly due to his incredibly old age, and a goo amount of studying on his part. 
  • Shockwave's Blade: Shockwave's sword is a finely crafted Jian made of an enchanted nickel/iron alloy. The sword easily cleaves through most foes. The blade also has the ability to, at will, multiply the user's sight as much as 100 fold. It also has a very faint mirrory sheen, like a slightly frosted glass.


Shockwave has few weaknesses. Because of the common neccessity of his missions, he does all in his power to keep these secret. For starters, he cannot use any of his shadow powers in absolute light or absolute darkness. 

The second of his weaknesses is that he can be severely harmed by weapons enchanted with holy powers, or weapons made from specially enchanted obsidian weapons. These bypass his natural defenses due to being a daemon.  

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