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Shocker the werewolf is the night form of Ebony"Voltio" Zachary Tyon


He is taller than eggman himself, and is twice as muscular. 

Overcharge version

When Voltio absorbs too much electricity he turns into this version of Shocker. This version his fur turns yellow, his eyes turn black, his shoes tear apart, and his gauntlets break apart.

Moon version


When shocker comes out due to a full moon or an over-charged accident, he is out of control. He is a different person altogether. He is destructive,brutal, and strong-willed. He does however act like a dog due to his animal instincts taking control. He also appears to share some memories with Uila, such as who his friends, and who his foes are. He is very protective of a friend in danger(like a dog, although it is unknown as to why this is so). And when uila comes back out in the morning, he hs no memory of anything shocker does. Shocker also doesnt really care much for rude people, unless it's himself who is being rude(hypocrite)


Overdrive transformation

Shocker's overdrive form. There are signs of this version ocurring

  • He will grab his head in apparent pain
  • For anyone who sees, he will open his eyes revealing them to be black
  • His body disappears in an electric cloud

Signs of transformation staring

Before the transformation actually begins, there are signs that hint when it is starting. They are:

  • He starts to growl in an bestial matter.
  • His eyes slit and turn diamond like.
  • His body seems to be under slight stress and he flinches.

Actual transformation

When a full moon is out, Uila falls to the ground in apparent pain. He starts to act in a crawling manner. He slowly starts to grow in mass, resulting in his jacket sleeves tearing apart. His eyes shrink and slowly turn black, the pupils slowly turning diamond-like. His teeth start to grow and they turn as black as well. His fur slowly starts to alternate colors. His fur grows wild, and his hair goes out of control. His gauntlets shatter into pieces, and his gloves rip apart. His fingernails also sharpen and lengthen. His shoes grow spikes and they turn gray with with dark yellow markings. His golden coloring also turns silver and silver markings start to glow on around his eyes and his arms.


Shocker can use his electric body to control technlogical beings that are to resist him. He can also discharge electric bolts


Shocker's speed and agility is increased greatly under the influence of lunar energy or overdose of electrical energy.


Shocker is stronger and tougher in terms of Physical power. He can also charge batteries using his bestial electrokinetic powers.


When in his overdrive state, he is extremely vulnerable to water.

Shocker's power also depends on the transformation used.

And while he gets stronger, he gets less intelligent, being barely able to speak clearly and not in first person like stupid creatures, this makes it harder for people to understand him.


When he speaks he sometimes says " Shocker smash" This is a nod to the Hulk. He also refers to himself in first person sometimes, one example is " Shocker says he doesnt take orders, you want someone to take orders for you? dont look at shocker, look at lightning"

When Uila was lightning, Shocker and weresonic would get into arguments over what shocker was.

It is unknown how Shocker's overdrive body is pure electricity while his normal body and Uila's body is not.

Believe it or not, but shocker is the releasing of Ebony's brutal animal instincts, not his negative emotions like Diablo.

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