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Shock has an unavoidable habit of being over-ambitious, probably the effect of being Spark the Hedgehog's best friend. Shock is joyful and hardly ever not having a smile on his face. He brings a glimmer to the battle, his shiny teeth reflecting sun-light on the darkest of foes. He will run around the world thrice for Spark's attention, though it seems he wouldn't when Spark denies him of getting in the thick of the battle.



Shock was born around 10 years after Spark's birth, which explains his over-ambitious personality. He ran away from home when his beloved toy was whipped away in the wind. He followed it until it got hooked on wire, but Shock couldn't remember his way.

He wandered to The Town when Spark, at 12 years old, offered to help him. Spark took him to The Shrine. There he got his first taste of action. Edge the Hedgehog, along with followers, had come to extinguish the fires of life. Shock was propelled by Spark into the enemies, and defeated them with a spin dash.

Ever since he has followed and admired Spark, though really he doesn't recieve the respect he deserves.


Shock has Silver Quills that resemble Sonic's.

His arms as well as legs are silver, and both of both have orange streaks on them.#

His shoes are a mix of Silver buckles (similar to Sonic's too) and the rest is orange.


Spark - Best friend and role model

Edge - Arch-Enemy

Glint - Friend

Blizzard (the Cat Ghost) - unknown (met once - possible friends/allies).

Super Forms

Super Shock - Emeralds

Hyper Shock - Emeralds + Super Spark energy

Shell-Shock - Anger

Shock-Wave - Anger + Emeralds = Best form of Shock.

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