EG-003/Shock, the Goddess of Lightning
Windy Valley
Her sisters, Mecha Amy (best friend), Dr. Robotnik (depending on the circumstances), Sonic, Chaotix, and many others.
Running, foot-racing, electricity, and technology.
Rainstorms, losing races, Amy Rose.
Theme Song

"I think I'll put another shock to your system!"
Elemental Chaos Part 5

Shock, the Goddess of Lightning, also known by her experiment codename, "EG-003" (pronounced "Eee-Jee-Double-Oh-Three") is a character from SolarBlaze's episodic fanfic, Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power. She is the third of Dr. Robotnik's Elemental Goddess Experiments (often abbreviated as "EG Experiments"), cloned from Scorch's DNA.


Shock has almost the exact same cocky attitude as her sisters' (Scorch and Squash), but with minor differences. She's also very competitive and happens to take great pride in her speed, striving to be the "fastest thing alive". Due to her competitive nature and her desire to be the fastest, she's developed a rivalry with Sonic, and two of them are always trying to outdo one another.

Powers and Abilities

Shock has the ability to control anything that has electric current running through it, whether it's machines, electrical wires, or otherwise. She can also fire thunder blasts from the palm of her hand and/or turn into a lightning bolt and crash into enemies head-on. Additionally, Shock can temporarily increase her speed and power by absorbing lightning bolts from the sky. She also has super speed that rivals that of even Sonic the Hedgehog.


Shock's primary weakness is water-related attacks.



Shock is the third of Dr. Robotnik's EG Experiments. Like all the others, she was created by using the Egg Merger machine to infuse Scorch's blood with an ordinary gem, plus a sample of the electric element (which came from a lighting bolt during a thunder/wind storm that was occurring at Windy Valley at the time).

Episode 2: Elemental Chaos

Unlike Squash, Shock didn't disobey Robotnik upon being brought to life, and ended up remaining loyal to him. Her first assignment was to deal with the Chaotix team, who were constantly getting in the doctor's way at the time. Shock fought against them and lost, due to the fact that it started raining while she was charging up her attack. Sometime later, she and Storm were forced to form a temporary alliance with the Chaotix team (and several other heroes, including Sonic, who she later on developed a friendly rivalry with) in order to stop Mephiles' universal destruction plans from coming to fruition.

Later on that day, after Mephiles was defeated, Shock (along with Storm) ended up assisting Scorch, Slush, and Squash in a battle against Iblis. Eventually, after a long, tough battle, they emerged victorious, with Iblis getting resealed. When that was over, Shock, as well as Scorch, Slush, and Storm, lent the heroes another hand in stopping Dr. Nega (who betrayed Robotnik towards the end of the battle) from destroying the planet.

Episode 3: The Goddess of Destruction

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Christmas Special

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Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos

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Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik

"Look, doc… I can’t speak for Mecha Amy, Seedra, or any of the others, but I just want you to know that even though we've sided with them, Storm and I bear no grudge against you."
The Goddess of Destruction Part 19d

Shock is one of the few EG Experiments who did not turn on Dr. Robotnik upon being coming to life. Unlike Squash and Seedra, Shock loyally served the doctor, since she felt obligated to do so, due to the fact that he's responsible for giving her life. In a nutshell, Shock had mixed feelings about Robotnik. While she happened to get along with him almost as well as Scorch does, she's began having second thoughts about serving him, since she's (secretly) begun to disagree with the doctor's world domination plans, especially after forming a temporary alliance with the Chaotix and company to lend a hand in stopping Mephiles.

Eventually, with some persuasion, Shock (along with Storm) decided to join Mecha Amy's rebellion against Robotnik, and permanently align themselves with the heroes. Despite this, however, Shock later on said that she bears no grudge against the doctor, and was merely doing that for Silvra's benefit.

Sonic the Hedgehog

"This time, for sure, we'll definitely determine which of us is truly the fastest!"
EoP Christmas Special Part 1

Despite being a creation of Dr. Robotnik's (who, at the time, hadn't turned against him yet), Shock didn't seem to hold a grudge against Sonic. She first heard about him from Robotnik while he was listing certain people who've been responsible for foiling his plans over the years. After hearing about him and his speed, Shock wanted to see him in action with her own two eyes, and after meeting him for the first time, the two of them decided to race one another, but both times, it ended in a draw, due to them being equal in terms of speed. From that moment on, the two of them developed a friendly rivalry.

Amy Rose

"By the way, Shock… This little rivalry you’ve developed with Sonic… It’s not going to go beyond that, is it? As in, gaining romantic feelings for each other, because I’m warning you: I’m Sonic’s girlfriend!"
Amy Rose, Elemental Chaos Part 17

Ever since Shock began her friendly rivalry with Sonic during the events of Elemental Chaos, Amy gave her a warning in advance, claiming that she was Sonic's girlfriend. Although they assured her that nothing was happening between them and that they were nothing but racing rivals, Amy still continued to grow suspicious of it over the months. Somewhere between the six months between the events of The Goddess of Destruction and the EoP Christmas Special, Amy ended up hearing from Tiara Boobowski that there was another girl besides them (and possibly Princess Elise) that was interested in Sonic.

Unaware of the fact that this "other girl" was Seedra, Amy ended up coming to the "realization" that it was Shock. Despite the Lightning Goddess's claim that Sonic wasn't her type, that still completely fell on deaf ears with Amy, and they ended up getting into a heated argument, which almost developed into a physical fight. From this point on, the two of them have taken an intense disliking for one another.

A year later, after finally realizing that Shock wasn't after Sonic, Amy decided to apologize for all the hostility she's shown to the Lightning Goddess, which Shock willing accepted (after jokingly telling her to "piss off").

Mecha Amy

"Just so you know, Mecha Amy… Regardless of whether the doc decides to have you scrapped, shut down, or whatever else, we won’t let anything happen to you. [Storm and I are] your friends, and we’re behind you all the way. Remember that."
The Goddess of Destruction Part 19e

Even though Shock despises the original (due to the aforementioned conflict regarding her supposed "interest" in Sonic), she doesn't have anything against Mecha Amy at all, even to the point where she willingly joined the machine in her rebellion/uprising against Dr. Robotnik. From that point on, the two of them became good friends and remained on good terms with one another, as shown in the EoP Christmas Special, when Shock was visibly angered when Metal Sonic (who was being mind-controlled at the time) attacked Mecha Amy.

Big the Cat

"You know, Amy... I wasn't gonna say anything to you about this at first, because I didn't think it was any of your business, and quite frankly, I still don't, but... Big and I are in love!"
Dimensional Chaos Part 15a

During the events of Dimensional Chaos, Shock and Big were part of the group (which consisted of Sonic, Tails, Amy, Tiara, and Froggy) that split up in order to find the Elemental Emerald that was said to be at the Mushroom Valley Zone. In an effort to keep Amy off of her back, Shock put on a charade, stating that she and Big were together. Initially, Amy was not convinced, until Big held an umbrella over Shock, preventing her from getting electrocuted during the rainstorm that suddenly occurred.

From there, Amy figured that there might have been some truth to what Shock said, and decided to observe the two of them in secrecy. Although Shock and Big's "romance" started out as an act, it was implied in the second Christmas Special that the two of them have grown closer, even to the point where it eventually became real.

Elemental Goddess and Number Line Similarities

Number Line + Elemental Goddesses

An image of Shock and Jedan, along with the rest of the Goddesses and Numbers plus Dr. Robotnik), drawn by Azuroru.

Coincidentally, the Elemental Goddesses and the Number Line happen to have several similarities to one another. Shock is by no means, an exception, having some things in common with Jedan.

  • Both characters are part of a group that consists of at least eight siblings.
  • They were both created by Dr. Robotnik.
  • Each of them have speed-related abilities; Shock has super speed, while Jedan has the ability to control the flow of time.
  • Shock and Jedan both have a dislike of rainy weather.
  • Each of them are best friends with another of Robotnik's creations (Mecha Amy and Copy Cat, respectively).
    • On a related note, each of them are associated with a cat in some way (in Shock's case, it's her implied romance with Big the Cat).


  • Shock's main quote is stolen catchphrase from the DC Comics superhero, Static.
  • Her "I have no quarrel with you" line was stolen from the Paper Mario character, Beldam.
  • The name of "Elena" was chosen for Shock's medieval incarnation, due to the fact that it contents the same three letters as the word "electric".




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