Sho the Panda is a good friend of Xing-Li's. He uses a flute to control his areokinetic abilities. He is a graceful young man, as well as an excellent young ninja. Xing has a huge crush on Sho as many other females do. The calm and tranquil Sho enjoys helping his friend Xing for the good of the world. His Aerokinetic abilities are said to be able to rival that of Shun the Panda's own electrokinetic abilities.


Sho the Panda

Current Years and Days
Name Sho the Panda
Kana ショーパンダ
Weapons Sora-Furuto
Profession(s), Occupation(s) Ninja/Student
Chronological and Physical Info
  • Age: 12 (20 Years Later)
    • Age: 17 (25 Years Later)
  • Fur: White/ Black (Hair)
  • Skin: White
  • Eyes: Grey
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: March 23rd

Sho the Panda is a good friend of Xing-Li's. He uses a flute to control his aerokinetic abilities. He is a graceful young man, as well as an excellent young ninja. Xing has a huge crush on Sho as many other females do. The calm and tranquil Sho enjoys helping his friend Xing for the good of the world. His Aerokinetic abilities are said to be able to rival that of Shun the Panda's own electrokinetic abilities.

Attire [Clothing] (Pending)
Affiliation(s) Good
Romantic Interest(s) Xing-Li the Panda (Possibly)
  • Aerokinesis
  • Martial Artist
  • Musician
  • Takehiko the Panda- Surrogate Father
Likes Reading, Night Time, Playing his Flute, His Abilities, His Friends and his "Father", Honest Virtues, Peace, Training
Dislikes Losing, Loud, Combat (Usually), people hurting his friends, Judgment
  • Unknown (Assumed Chun-Nan)
Current Residence
  • Chun-Nan
Alternative Names
  • Shou (Variation of His Name)
Super Form(s)


English Voice Actor
  • (Pending)
Theme Song(s)


Sho was orphaned from birth and sent to the Grand Council of the Chi when he was found by local guards. Grand Council member, Takehiko took him in. He taught Sho how to wield Aerokinesis through the use of a flute known as Sora-Furuto (Sky Flute). Sho developed a way to allow for faster movement in combat situations, and learned how to allow the wind to defend him. Takehiko soon gifted Sho with the Seal of Niǎo rén. This granted him the ability to channel the wind generated from outside into his body, and join it with attacks, for lethal blows. This also granted him the ability to glide. Sho's abilities were well recognized throughout the village. Sho became a go-to ninja for harder missions, as he was far more advanced than most students. His knowledge and aerokinetic abilities granted him a great deal of power and respect. Sho was very good friends with Xing-Li, Kesshou, and rivals with Hiro the Raccoon. Though he never understood why Xing acted so strangely around him as they got older. Sho nonetheless supported Xing's decision to venture out and make her own destiny, and even offered to join her. Sho's abilities come in handy in combat situations.


Base Stats
Spcl. Atk10
Spcl. Def8
Total 84.5/100
Other Stats

Sho is a very strong ninja as well as an Aerokinetic. He has the ability to control wind through the use of his flute "Sora-Furuto". He is very agile in combat. Sho can also incorporate wind attacks into his strikes. Sho is capable of using the flute to draw in air in a confined space and cause suffocation (if not stopped). Sho is also very resourceful, and capable of relying on his environment. Sho is also extremely fast and nimble, almost like the wind. Sho is capable of providing himself with the necessary oxygen in places people would normally be unable to breathe (I.E. Water, Space, etc.) Sho's quick thinking, agile movement, and overall incredible abilities, allow for extremely amazing acrobatic feats, as well as unpredictability in combat. Sho is also capable of generating waves of compressed air from his body, sending out a wave of air capable of dealing great damage. He is capable of limited gliding, and can send out Wind-Blades, strong enough to chop done weaker trees. Sho is capable of creating clones from condensed air. While they are transparent, they take the form of Sho. They aren't as strpmg as him, but are smart, very fast, and only follow Sho's orders. They also have air abilities, but don't use a flute. It appears they use themselves, though this eventually causes them to wear out into nothing (They can be brought back in the form of new clones of course). Sho is capable of creating up to 32 clones at a time so long as their is air in the atmosphere.


Despite the fact that Sho has the ability to generate artificial oxygen, when it isn't present and flowing through his body, he is extremely weakened. His attack power, speed, and capabilities reduce because of the lack of air. Sho also has a weakness to earth aligned attacks, and can be hurt by them more than any other attack. If Sho is incapable of using his flute, then his number of attacks are reduced as well. While Sho is very fast, without his wind he isn't very strong. Finally, Sho can expel the air from his body for a short time if he uses his air attacks too much. He will be weakened, just as he would be in an environment without air temporarily.


Sho in many ways, is much like the wind. A calm force that can be quite devastating, with a force that can make the bravest of foes tremble. He is swift, fast, light on his feet, and in many ways a traveler. Unafraid, and very capable, Sho is almost never intimidated. His quick thinking, and intellect provide him with enough confidence. Sho is a nice blend between Xing's strong sense of justice and Kesshou's great combat skills. Sho is a "go with the flow" type of person, who watches many things from a distance. He is one to think before he acts. When dealing with friends, elders, or friendly strangers, Sho shows a very polite and respectable demeanor. When facing an enemy he can be very calculating, and decisive. He is ready to strike at any moment. Sho is by no means cocky or by no means a coward. He is a fierce competitor, and is very capable in social and combat situations. In order for Sho to always be at his best, he must always make sure he can adapt to any situation. He will also adapt other fighters' techniques and incorporate them into his own fighting style. He does this by taking notes on any battles he participates in or watches. He keeps these notes in a journal, within his back pack. Sho studies these notes relentlessly all of the time, and has become a very experienced fighter because of it. Because Sho is always learning, he becomes stronger practically everyday. Sho is a very determined character, and while his motives aren't known, he is a strong ally to Xing-Li.


Xing-Li the Panda

Xing and Sho are very good friends. Sho can understand why she acts so strangely towards him, but he does have a clue that she may like him. He isn't very sure of his feelings for her, so he isn't very comfortable discussing relationships. He and her love to watch the stars together. Xing really enjoys Sho's musical talents, while Sho admires her strength and overall ability to befriend anyone, somewhat envying it.

Hiro the Raccoon

Sho and Hiro don't get along very well. Sho can tell Hiro is jealous of his friendship with Xing, and finds it pitiful that Hiro allows his actions to be controlled by his emotions. Sho, never being one to back down from a challenge, will engage in arguments or battles with Hiro just for the sake of training. Sho sees Hiro as an immature ninja, who is too easily wiled by his emotions. Nonetheless he still values his abilities, and considers him a friend.

Kesshou the Arctic Wolf

Sho sees Kesshou as an extremely talented fighter. He respects her, and values her friendship. Her abilities and battle tactics are highly impressive to Sho. On the other hand however, Sho can see Kesshou has a dark past, and seeks to uncover it. He has a very hard time trusting her, and has spied on her, and tried to gather Intel on her. Sho can see how easily swayed she can be to do bad things, and is very eerie around her. Sho wishes to battle Kesshou, so that he may record her battle tactics. Something he has done while watching all of his allies fight in combat.

Takehiko the Panda

Abumi-Anko the Panda


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