Shiverstone Caves

Type Geological formation, cave system

Massive ice caves

LocationFrozen Plateau Zone of Artika




Mobian Residents


Other Residents

Rahab - rumored

The Shiverstone Caves is an area located on the Mobian continent of Artika, within the Frozen Plateau Zone.


Invaded By The Artika Egg Army

Seeing that there were large deposits of valuable Gelidium and Algidite hidden within the Shiverstone Caves, and possibly within the other glacial plateaus as well, Dr. Eggman ordered Egg Boss Tundra the Walrus to erect a base at in the Frozen Plateau Zone, carving it out within one of the largest glacial plateaus; there, a female snow leopard named Ivory was appointed to maintain the base as a Sub-boss.

There was another reason Eggman wanted to stake out his presence here; there were rumors that the Frozen Orb of Kyanos could be found deep within the Shiverstone Caves, and Eggman wanted the artifact to serve as the core to his latest creation; the Egg Reaver.

However, as hard as Ivory and her Egg Soldiers scoured the maze-like caves, they had no luck in finding any trace of the mythical orb. Frustrated yet growing impatient, Eggman decided he would have to settle for a large Frost Sapphire, refined from Algidite mined by Burrobots and Excavators.


The Shiverstone Caves is a massive series of caves that extend beneath the surface of the Frozen Plateau Zone and are said to stretch even further throughout Artika. The entrance of the caves is formed into the largest glacial plateau on the Frozen Plateau Zone.

Th caves themselves are maze-like, and rich in minerals such as Gelidium and Algidite; it is for this reason that mining operations led by the Artika Egg Army were set up within the caves, even though they are quite treacherous.

The legendary, Ice-aligned ore referred to as Eternal Ice is said to grow within the deepest, most dangerous parts of the caves.

Notable Areas


Not far from the cave entrance, Ivory and her soldiers had erected a small base for their mining operations within the caves.

Flora and Fauna

The caves contain no soil, being formed purely of ice and permafrost, and thus no plants are able to grow inside. Without any plants, no creatures can be sustained within the caves.

Notable Residents

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