Shipwrecked is the ninth graphic novel in the mini-series Terrible Luck by Manta-bee.

Plot summary

This issue begins where The Icy Ridge left off, with Sonic and Co. traveling on a collapsing sled down the stream of the Mountains. They are washed into the ocean where they are caught on a submarine which rises from the waters. They descend into the submarine, which they discover is the Gatta Mona captained by Captain Snappkot, who seems to know about their perdicament. Also on board is Tom from Hapless Hills. They use the submarine to enter the ruins of an old sunken ship. When they encounter the villians that they hoped to never see again, it turns out Caterina Diff is also on-board in a pink cheerleading uniform and doing a cheerleading routine. The gang soon discovers that Cheese the Chao has bitten into a poison apple that had fallen to the floor earlier and is suffering from it's effect. They later find the antidote and Cheese is healed.

Near the end, Lerich, Irrika and Caterina leave their submarine and start looking to pilliage.

The next day, they find themselves, ironically, at the site where Tails' plane crashed. Polly then arrives and offers to help them again and says she will get the best inspection squad to help them as well, but they refuse her help. A vehicle pulls up and they approach it and the woman driving it, who intoduces herself as Katy, takes them to the Tenpai.


Tails: We have some hair clips in our submarine, that would look great on Caterina, I'll go get them if you'll just give us a minute to go back.
Caterina: I don't want your worthless junk, you mangy mutt! A super-popular cheerleader doesn't wear hand-me-downs that are found at some garage sale.

  • Caterina: [cheering]

C is for Cute!
A is for Awesome!
T is for Terrific!
E is for Excellent!
R is for Ravishing!
I is for I'm better than you are!
N is for Not-Imperfect!
A is for A super-cool, super-hot, super-popular cheerleader!!

One more time!!

Knuckles: I just can't stand that cheer... "not imperfect" is two words.
Amy: I can't stand her voice, it's more grating than scratching on a chalkboard crossed with a fire truck siren.
???: I can't stand the little brat herself.


  • This issue is reminiscent of Dark Cloud's Shipwreck level.
  • When Sonic and Co. get washed into the ocean, of course the fans know that Sonic can't swim, so he is saved by Tails and Knuckles, who help him out of the water as soon as they descend on to the submarine.
  • Caterina seems to have gotten more insane and egomaniacal (even more so than before), she reaches the peak of psychosis in the next book.
  • When the hook swings and nearly takes out Knuckles' eye, it could be an allusion to the Archie Comics when he had lost an eye in the future.

Chronological Info

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