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Alekei Inaba

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Mina Ishito

Doctor Negro Light

Doctor Zuk Tankani

Kirk Genkei

Nanuk Okaiwa

Chicha "Cookie" Osaki


Physical Description

The Shinto are a race of bipedal, Mobian-like creatures that sport many colors, ranging from blue, red, yellow-orange, pink, green, indigo, purple, and anything in between. They mainly have short fur, but they have thick white fur on their arms, calves, muzzles, ears, chest, and tail tips. There are special gemstones on their foreheads, which grants them special elemental powers, depending on the climate they live in. The gemstone also allows them to transform themselves into dogs, wolves, or foxes (depending on their lineage).  They speak their own special language, which has resemblance to the Greek language.The elements they control can be either: fire, water, nature (plants), ice, earth, electricity, wind, light, darkness, or any other elemental power, such as Pokemon do. They are all around 1 meter tall (3'3'').


They can live for almost 10,000 years, being considered children until they are at least 750 years old, which is the point where they reach adolescence. As infants (birth-275 years), they make sounds similar to mobini wolves and dogs. They whine, yelp, and bark, along with making regular babbling noises that Mobian children would.

Age Stage of Life
0-275 Infant
276-500 Child
501-900 Adolescent
901-3000 Adult
3001-8000 Senior
8001-10000 Ancient

Biological Information

They aren't actively aggressive, and are omnivorous, but prefer to eat meat. They remain healthy when exposed to many diseases and viruses, such as malaria or ebola. The species is generally very intelligent: being able to solve complicated problems quickly and create amazing technological advances, such as time machines, or cloning devices. When one becomes acquainted with a Shinto, they may turn into dogs/wolves/foxes and allow themselves to be pet. They enjoy it for the most part, but consider it to be demeaning when not in a friendly status with the one petting them.

Birth Defects

Some are born with a strange disability that limit the capability of their immune system, make them act feral, and give them ADHD/ADD like mental issues; therefore, they require a special device to be planted on their backs to keep them from falling deathly ill (chances are 1 in about 100000).

Other birth defects may include missing limbs (about 1 in 70000), a certain version of dyslexia (1 in 60000), or other mental issues (schizophrenia, psychosis, OCD, etc.).


There are a few differences between males and females of this species. There can also be ones of an undetermined sex, being gender-neutral.

Males tend to have slightly more fur, and are a bit taller than females, being about an inch taller to 3 inches taller. Males are also slightly more intelligent, having 1 or 2 more IQ points, but doesn't necessarily mean women aren't intelligent. Males are generally more strong, despite being so skinny. They also have longer tails and muzzles.

The females are smaller, and faster. They tend to have softer fur when compared to the males, and have lighter colors of fur; instead of red, they'd usually be pink. They have shorter tails, and shorter muzzles, and a lot longer eyelashes. They are very gentle, and are more friendly towards different species than the males.


They don't normally believe in any specific gods; instead they follow many religions from around the universe. Few follow their own paths, believing what they want to believe. A main belief they all share is that when they die, their souls are just leaving their physical bodies, and enters the magic gemstones they all possess. They display the gemstones of deceased royalty in museums. Strangely, if touched by a Mobian fox, wolf, or dog, they will be transformed into a Shinto. This was discovered on accident.


The Shinto species mainly live on the planet of the same name. There are many different environments there, from frozen tundras to volcanic lava lakes. It is a large planet, about 3 times larger than Mobius; but strangely, it has the same orbit and rotation speed, so the days and years are exactly like Mobius'. They can survive on almost any planet, being able to adapt quickly to any environment, as long as it has a food source and an atmosphere of some sort. They thrive very well on Mobius, and planets very similar to those like it.


Only royalty and certain work forces wear uniforms.

The king (often called emperor) wears a formal navy blue coat with golden shoulder pads, and a white dress shirt underneath the coat. They have black or gray pants, along with blue boots with a golden horizontal stripe and silvery cuffs. They wear a crown made of a silvery metal with precious gems decorating it when they are engaging in royal affairs.

The queen (if there is one) wears a similar outfit to the king, but there's some minor changes. All the golden things on the king's clothes are silver on the queen's, and the queen wears a long skirt instead of dress pants, along with any jewelry they adorn themselves with.

The male children usually don't wear clothing, but will wear a white formal shirt with gray dress pants, along with a silver crown when they are engaging in royal affairs with their parents.

The female children wear long dresses that correspond with the color of their gemstone, and a silver crown. They also wear a golden necklace with beads that appear to be some kind of golden pearls. They wear casual clothing when not dealing with royal business.

As for the working force, they wear whatever clothing is appropriate for that position. A maid wears black and white clothing, a cook wears white clothing with an apron, etc.

Only the workers for the spacecraft wear special uniforms. They bear resemblance to the outfits worn in the Star Trek series, being either red, yellow, or blue, with black areas around the shoulders, hips, and pant legs. There is a golden patch on the chest that shows the symbol of the space craft they work on.

Scientists and doctors wear traditional lab coats most of the time, sometimes with goggles or other accessories.


•All Shinto must respect the royal families. Failure to do so will result in being banished from that area for at least 10 years.

•Shinto must not kill another sentient being without good reason. Failure to comply will result in imprisonment for 500-12,000 years, depending on the situation.

•When using advanced technology, one must be responsible when operating it. Failure to do so will result in being reported to the intergalactic law enforcement, possibly being imprisoned, fined, or punished in any other way that is acceptable for the consequent events caused by improperly using the technology.


The species originally consisted of a few foxes that were transported to this planet by the Xorda. After a few hundred generations, a meteorite crashed, mutating the inhabitants of Shinto. The meteorite caused a strange mutation; causing gemstones to be embedded in their skulls, between their "eyebrows". They further evolved to be more agile, and their intelligence greatly surpassed that of a normal Mobian's.

As time went on, several wars occurred. There were civil wars between the subspecies (Shinto that had different elemental powers), but it always ended fairly quickly, although there were many casualties. Then, there were wars between the fire nation and the ice nation; with the ice nation winning, ending the war after 70 years. Eventually, the whole species became peaceful with each other again, joining the whole planet's people together again.

After they created spacecraft capable of traveling to nearby systems, they ended up waging war on an aggressive species called the Xendo, and wiped out a few societies that wished to destroy their or the Mobian species. They felt obligated to protect Mobians, despite forgetting the planet where they originally came from, although they are concerned about keeping themselves unknown to Mobius so they don't provoke the Xorda into attacking, possibly wiping out their species.

Now, they have formed an alliance with Mobius, knowing Sonic and his friends (from the Sonic Boom universe, anyways), and are feeling better about showing themselves to the Mobian race.

Alliances and Enemies







Wisps (There is a general concern for the safety of the species)

Mobians (Protect the planet from any enemy forces to preserve life there, and somewhat appreciate certain people within the species)




Black Arms



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