Shinras the Hedgehog is an ancient mobian who lived several thousand years ago and was the last king of the Shoukan empire. Shinras was the leader of the Great Civilization War against the Echidna Nocturnus Clan, but was defeated and captured as part of the Mobian-Gizoid project.


Shinras used to be extremely loyal to his empire without fault, training his body day and night to serve his people and his king when required. tactical, cunning and logical, he possessed all the traits needed to be a natural leader and, when the prior king passed away, was immediate successor through a unanimous decision. Despite the Nocturnus' overhwleming numbers and technology, it was Shinras' own power and intelligence that enabled his men to stand as long as they did.

However, millenia in solitary confinement after being repeatedly tortured and tested on when he became the first Mobian-Gizoid hybrid drove him to the brink of insanity. Despite this, he maintained his intelligence and other prior traits; tactiful and merciless, though his mentality deteriorated in a logical sense; within his mind he still believes that the war against the Nocturnus clan still raged, and the result was that they won, believing that the only way to rid them was to destroy the world itself and anyone who stood against him.


The Heirarchy War

Shinras was born into the Shouka tribe at 2038 BC, being born as a potentially powerful warrior, even to Shoukan standards; a trait that was predominantly entitled to the prior king Astradamus. Raising through the ranks quickly, he worked as the first hand to the then current king Sharrath. However, a few years later he would become the next elected King after the passing of Sharrath on 2012 BC; it is suspected that Shinras caused the murder, though it was never explained.

However, under Shinras' rule he began to favour the Knuckles Tribe over the Nocturnus in order to bring the Knuckles tribe into a place of more power. Because of this, the Nocturnus turned on the heirarchy, waging war against the Knuckles and Shouka. Shinras served as the front line leader and geenral of the insurrection, but was outclassed by the Nocturnus' Gizoids. However, some time during the war Shinras was overwhelmed and captured, and experimented on as a new mobian-gizoid hybrid, codenamed Type-00 Gai'Vahros; "the uncontrolled angel".

Demoralized, the Shoukan council told of the Knuckles tribe's leader, Pachacamac, about the Chaos Emeralds and their location. Attacking the shrine by force, this began the Chaos event, who destroyed the Knuckles tribe and proceeded to destroy the rest of the continent. However, while the Shouka did get destroyed, the Gizoids, the Nocturnus, and Shinras were pulled into the Twilight Cage.


Like any Shoukan hedgehog, Shinras was adept at Chaos manipulation, and was considered the greatest of the Shoukan tribe (ignoring Ginrai as he was not of Shoukan descent) since the days of King Astradamus who was the first Mobian to reach a super form. Shinras' reputation was deserving for being so strong that he never once used any Chaos abilities in his battles. However, because of this his Chaos powers lay dormant, increasing at an expedential rate and allowing him to achieve, what was possibly, the greatest form of a mobian, giving him the title of "The Legendary Mobian".

Considered its own form, "Legendary Mobian" was merely a state of constant surpress Chaos energies being released. The form considerably increased the mobian's own muscle mass, powers, speed, strength, durability etc. Shinras' visage looked like a Super form, but his spines were elongated, straight, and dark Chaos lightning crackled around his body. The most terrifying, however, was that while in this form Shinras kept getting stronger; the compression of the Chaos Energy caused it to constantly multiply as it was released as a safety device to make sure the Chaos Energy was never depleted.

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