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A former superhero and keeper of the peace who has fallen from grace, Shining Raymundo was once a well-renowned savior of the commonfolk, but eventually rebelled after being outclassed by others and now serves as a high-ranking member of Sartorius' Void Ensemble.


Shining Raymundo has the appearance of a gray-skinned humanoid in white, stereotypical superhero attire. These include a bizarre turban-like hat with a large half-sun crest on the front, a cape that extends down to his waist with a sun-pattern stitched on the back, the base of which covers the lower part of his face (mouth included), and a sun-themed emblem on the chest of his suit. Ramundo has dark-green, almost insectoid eyes with no visible iris or pupil's of any kind.


Ramundo Brite, when he had hatched, was discovered to possess very powerful light energy. He was raised throughout his youth to control this power and use it to seek out what he saw as morally right. Ramundo was taught a strict style of morality, to make no exceptions when dealing with villains, but rather make every punishment a non-lethal lesson to inspire fear in his opponents. When Ramundo had hit the ripe age of 15, and his Crucite evolution had successfully ended, he took off into the world as Shining Raymundo, and had begun his work to "rid the world of all darkness" in his young, naive words.

Raymundo quickly found success in a distant city riddled with lawlessness. There he had successfully defeated and properly punished every last evil being in the area. Raymundo decided that one city simply wasn't enough, and had traveled throughout the entire planet, hurrying from place to place saving the lives of as many civilians as he could. He had gained worldwide fame and a massive fan-following through this, though that did not matter to him at the time, as all he wanted was to maintain the peace, as even Raymundo, with his semi-noble heart, knew that the world could never truly be cleansed of the inherent evils of sentient life, and was simply happy with keeping it at bay.

But as time passed, and his fans grew older, they too followed in his footsteps. Everywhere you could look, crazy people running around in tights and pajamas trying to keep the peace. Many were absolutely terrible at this, not even being able to take back a stolen wallet or purse, but more and more experienced and powerful heroes appeared almost weekly, taking Raymundo's place and (unintentionally) his life's work. Rather than being elated from a majorly-decreased workload, Raymundo was furious instead, constantly criticizing behind other heroes' backs and overall being very jealous of their efficiency. Eventually, the world saw no need for Shining Raymundo anymore, and the world simply forgot about him... for a short time.

As if he were possessed, Ramundo almost instantly took a 180-degree turn on his policies, stealthily taking down other heroes and letting villainy grow, which he used to lure out more and more heroes to destroy, bitter that, in his own words, his life's work "had been pulled away from me by a selfish, uncaring world and trampled upon by cheap, lowlife imitations." But from a cruel twist of fate, Ramundo's legacy became his ultimate downfall. Obscure heroes from worldwide and anyone with powers or any useful strengths rallied up to dethrone Shining Raymundo. His former fame granted them a clear idea as to what he was capable of, giving them a massive advantage in the fight against him. Ramundo had fought a pathetic battle and lost, having been killed by his own attack being reflected back at him.

Shining Raymundo was given a shallow grave with no mourners, and the world quickly moved on from his legacy, and eventually forgot about him entirely. As he slipped into the Void of Memory, his light would guide him through to this new world and led him to the god of the void itself, Sartorius Vhan. Sartorius knew entirely about Ramundo, as well as his successes and downfall as a superhero.

Sartorius began to incubate these feelings of hatred within Ramundo, twisting his ideals even further than before his death, leaving him as a hate-filled shell of who he once was. With warped ideals set in stone for him, Ramundo toughed out the decades as his body regenerated from the massive loss sustained by his death. Now fully revived, Shining Raymundo currently serves in the Void Ensemble, countless amounts of Sartorius' minions and assistants who all work for a common goal, to bring the world into void and take revenge on those who had forgotten them.

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In his prime, Ramundo was the sort of superhero stereotype. A do-no-wrong hero man that inspires kids to stay in school, kisses babies, and smites any wrong-doers with his godly light-powers. But as time had passed, and his title was usurped by other, more capable heroes, Shining Raymundo's light was that of pure evil instead.

His judgement became biased towards all heroes, super or not, and turned a blind eye to any villain that aided him. Ramundo died a miserable, unfulfilled life, which carried over to his afterlife in the Void of Memory. There, his hatred towards the world only grew, and serving the god of the void only gave him more of a position to take his revenge, to eliminate the society that dared to forget about his heroic deeds.

Both before and after his turn to villainy, Shining Raymundo was somewhat arrogant, always believing that no enemy could ever best him. Even to this day, Ramundo still carries this ideal and has even become very condescending, misogynistic, and has also become somewhat mysandristic, often carrying around and classifying people by stereotypes from his day in the spotlight.


As if it weren't obvious enough, Shining Raymundo's strongest power is his control of light. From greatly illuminating the land around him to condensing light into solid objects, Ramundo could easily do anything with light. Whenever he uses his light attacks during the day or in a bright area, Shining Raymundo absorbs the light around him to use it for his deeds, whether heroic or villainous. Shining Raymundo has a variety of light-based and even some fire attacks in his arsenal. These include:

  • Shining Ray: Fires a generic but powerful beam of light at an opponent.
  • Shining Ray Gloves: Envelops his fist in solid light, which then takes on the appearance of boxing gloves. This greatly boosts his physical strength and attack speed, as well as give him access to a wide arsenal of moves from various styles of boxing.
  • Shining Ray Scape: Envelops his feet in solid light, which take on the appearance of athletic sneakers. This greatly boosts his speed, and is often used to make quick getaways.
  • Shining Ray Blind: Uses light to create a blinding force around him, heavily lowering his visibility to those around him.
  • Shining Ray Pillar: Creates massive towers of light spring up around the area of combat, obstructing the opponents field of vision as well as their space to move. Is often used to trap opponents.
  • Shining Ray String: Creates an incredibly thin yet highly durable string of solid light, which he uses to create a wire trap by stringing random objects together and making a jungle of tangled string. Is often used in conjunction with Shining Ray Pillar to more easily trap opponents.
  • Shining Coffin: see Coffin
  • Holy Shining Ray: One of Ramundo's strongest attacks. Sends down beams of holy light from the very sky itself to decimate the land around him and eradicate any nearby opponents. This can be used even if no light is readily available, so long as it is during the day in the area around him.


From his childhood years spent training his body, Ramundo is a very fast and agile opponent. He can easily dart across the arena like a flash of light and can catch nearly anyone off-guard. His physical strength is also something to keep track of, as when combined with his blinding speeds, he can easily hit as hard as a train and still be capable of throwing even more than just that. Ramundo has also practiced stealthy maneuvers during that time, which allows him to easily work around the environment to his advantage. Even when it seems that the landscape was made specifically against him, Shining Raymundo will find a way around it.


Shining Raymundo's ability to store light is granted by the emblem worn on his chest. If that were to be removed, he will not be able to store light and will become much slower, as well as having a much less diverse set of attacks. Although he can generate his own light, it constantly drains energy to do so, which is why he uses the emblem in the first place. Just about anything that reflects light is Ramundo's biggest weakness, as he himself cannot hold strong against his own attacks, which ironically enough was what lead to his downfall.

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