Shimi has the same appearance as Rin the Wolf, the only diffarance is that she has silver gray fur tinted with black and red at the tips, black sclara and deep violet ireses, and red stripes on her cheeks. She wears the same atire as Rin since she is also a part of her.


Shimi is cold and sadistic. She describes herself as Rin's inner instincs. Shimi finds making bonds and any kind of friendship useless and pathetic. But in reality she worries about Rin and cares about her dearly. She cares about Rin so much that if anyone pulls her out and hurts Rin in the process she will show no mercy to her enemies. Some people say that Shimi has a rather obsesive personality with Rin but the reason is because if Rin dies she will die aswell.

Shimi can also be harsh to her enemies and she lacks compashion and empathy. She even stated that if any of Rin's friends get in her way that she would treat them as an enemy. Her sadistic side sometimes gets the better of her when she fights an enemy. She also calls her opponents trash and she would beat them untill giving the final blow. But other than her cold, sadistic and rather obsesive traits she also cares about Rin's well being and agrees that having a few friends might be a good thing. But that no matter what she will always be a part of Rin.


Shimi was born due to the bloodlust mode awakening in Rin when she was a child. She first surfaced when Rin let her emotions get the better of her. When Shimi surfaced she brutaly beat up Rin's classmates and distroyed the classroom. She was eventualy calmed down when Rin's inner consiousnes manage to control Shimi.

When Shimi first met Rin both were in the deepest parts of Rin's mind and Rin stated that Shimi would never take control. Admired by her strong will Shimi eventualy stoped gaining control of Rin and would only surface when she is in critical danger. Rin then named her Shimi.


Shimi has the same abilities as Rin but they are greatly amplified and much more stronger. She is also very fast, almost as fast as Sonic, and she mainly uses hand to hand combat to fight. She is also skilled with a sword and various different types of weapons.


Rin the Wolf (main consiousness, is rather obesive of her)

Yuffi the Hedgehog (gained her respect)

Blaze the Cat (gained her respect)

Sonic the Hedgehog (gained her respect)


"Rin...sorry but she's not here're fighting me now"

"My name is Shimi, you can call me Rin's inner instincs"

"You're the one who made Rin cry. I'LL KILL YOU!!"

"I could care less about the rest of you but since you're Rin's friends I'll let you live, besise if I hurt you then she'll never forgive me"

"You don't get it do you Shadow. Heh, Rin and I are the same person you kill me you also kill her"

"I only surface when Rin is in dire danger or if she lets her anger get the bitter of her"

"Don't get in my way or I'll kill you to!"

Voice Actors

Her Japanese Voice actor is Mami Kawada

Her English Voice actor is Mela Lee


  • Shimi's name means 'Stain'
  • Shimi is rather obsesed with Rin.
  • Shimi was only born when Rin first awoken her Bloodlust mode, due to the cause of the artaficial gene inplanted in Rin when she was a child.
  • Shimi doesn't care about Rin's friends but doesn't show much hostility to them.
  • Shimi is sometimes called 'Inner Rin'
  • Shimi will only surface when Rin is in dire danger.
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