Shilo Ibis is a cavalier from the Nihlic Clan of Nihlus and a former member of a nomadic tribe from within the Transitory Mists that was absorbed by the elemental clan.

Shilo Ibis

Biographical Information
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • Feathers: White & dusty brown, with a black beak
  • Hair-feathers: Dark purple
  • Eyes: Copper
  • Faint tattoo-patterning on his cheek
  • Brown fabric headdress
  • Brown reinforced riding jacket
  • Dark brown fur worn as a cape
  • Black reinforced riding pants
  • Black riding boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
AffiliationsNihlic Clan of Nihlus ("Summoner"/Cavalier)
WeaponryMistglass Hooks
  • Flight
  • Skilled cavalier
  • Highly skilled with swords
  • Expert mounted wielder of hookswords
  • Highly skilled hand-to-hand fighter
  • Fairly skilled in hydrokinesis & naturakinesis
  • Naturally trained horseman
Other Information
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Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Physical Description

A tall, lanky avian Mobian with a long hooked black beak and mottled white and dusty brown feathers, Shilo often tends to break the mental mold people have when they think of Nihlic Clan members, at least visually. All long limbs with his clearly defined avian heritage, it often surprises people to find that the young heron-like Mobian has waist-length dark purple crest feathers resembling hair; and another set of crest feathers growing like a mustache on his face. His eyes are the color of copper and are slightly smaller than many expect.

A skilled cavalier, his personal mount is a fairly powerfully built tan mare he refers to as Mikoto.


While outwardly Shilo appears to break the tradition of the Nihlic Clan in not being dressed for warfare at all times; in truth his choice of attire is what his people wear when prepared for war. A simple tan headdress is tied around his head, restraining and hiding his crest-feathers. A thickened brown cotton and leather riding jacket and black reinforced riding pants as well as a set of black leather boots complete the primary part of the ensemble.

As the former head of the tribe before it was absorbed by the Nihlic Clan, Shilo wears the fur of a fairly large Mist-dwelling beast as a cape. This pelt is surprisingly durable and is harder to pierce than his reinforced clothing overall, though the glistening fur does appear to be flammable.



As a Mobian bird; there is little question about the fact that Shilo can fly. However, he tends to stick to walking and riding. This is simply due to the restrictive nature of his clothing; as he will happily take to the air if he can free up his wings from the sleeves. Similarly; he lacks the vast majority of his combat potential when flying.

As a lifetime equestrian and the one-time head of a nomadic tribe within the Transitory Mists; Shilo is a natural horseman capable of training horses and some of the other creatures capable of being used as mounts that are found within the Transitory Mists. This does not include his current mount Mikoto, the mare being trained by his father. However, he serves as essentially the head of cavalry support for the Nihlic Clan, and still leads his tribe in traditional pasttimes and roles even while they remain part of the larger elemental clan.

One of the aspects of Shilo that often attracts attention is his choice of weapon to wield while on horseback; a set of Mistglass Hooks - a set of hookblades made out of what appears to be a dark, frosted glass. Incredibly rare even within the Transitory Mists where they are made, Mistglass Hooks are as durable as steel with no need for sharpening or even polishing. Furthermore, as with the natural properties of the Transitory Mists themselves; anything constructed of Mistglass can be stored in a smaller, condensed form; an amorphous quality that the alchemists of his tribe and the Nihlic Clan as a whole find far too slow to imbue regularly.

A highly experienced hand-to-hand fighter with two elements up his sleeve as well as his Mistglass Hooks and horse; Shilo utilizes a fairly well practiced hand-to-hand style that he helps to tutor his tribespeople in; distinct enough from the standard used by the Nihlic Clan. A wielder of both Water and Nature, he employs the two in vastly different ways. Water gets imbued into his combat, with his hooks, hands and feet all often seen coated in water or hydrokinetic energy to amplify his damage to targets weak against it. By contrast, his skill in nature is mostly employed passively as a horse trainer and cavalier; utilizing Sweet Scent and other natural scents and pheromones tailored to the creature in order to help make it more passive and receptive to training, or to help him communicate to Mikoto without speaking.

As a fighter, Shilo tends to lack range; though he can strike targets as far as six feet away thanks to his hookblades. Similarly; his elemental combat tends to fall on the weaker side, instead preferring to rely on his swords and fists with the elemental aspect kept to a minimum. This leaves him vulnerable to ranged elemental fighters, particularly electrical ones.


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