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He is a light blue hedgehog with shadow style quills except with dark blue almost black stripes. His left eye is emerald green and his right eye is blood red with a red scar that is crescent moon like shaped. He has a tan muzzle, belly, and arms but, with his dark blue stripes on his arms. He wears a black tank shirt, faded blue jeans with rips on each of the knees, sonic's shoes from SA2 but, colored blue as the main color and black as the stripes and green on the bottom, half finger gloves that are black with a red square in the middle and a blue emerald in the box. Finally to finish it off a black leather jacket that has a blue trim and grey, red, light blue, Brown, blue, purple, light green, yellow, white, black, Orange, gold, and green circles aligned in a big circle each with a blue edge. He also wears 1 inhibitor ring on each arm and leg. The one on his right arm is green,  on his left arm is orange, on his right leg is gold, and on his left leg is the colors of the elements. Each ring restricts his true power. Grey is wind, red is fire, light blue is ice, Brown is earth, blue is water, purple is poison, light green is nature, yellow is lightning, white is light, black is darkness, gold is shift, orange is sol, and green is chaos


Very cocky and serious to every one and doesn't back down from a fight and strives to be the strongest and perfect.



Shift has supersonic speed, master at wind, fire, and ice ,can also use all the advanced and combo elements of the elements in his use, high level of IQ, can shapeshift into any animal mobian or not, can summon any kind of sword, knife, spear, javelin, and ninja weapons, and an expert at chaos, shift and sol energy, armed, unarmed, and hand to hand combat.

Special Abilities

Shift has a unusually high defense level which means he can a lot of heavy hits and blows without taking a lot of damage.

Shift can switch between 4 main normal forms: speed (current and most common), power, flight, and special (special is like speed, but more powerful because it has more strength and flight capabilities and strong attacks)

Shift can use the Byakugan in his left eye and the sharigan in his right.


His power is in his normal forms is always at one- fourth of his true power with all his inhibitor rings on. At this level he is equal to Shadow the hedgehog in power.

Power form: In this form Shift loses his super speed, but gains super strength and changes elements and get control over earth and water and changes color to red, but stripes stay the same color.

Flight form: Shift has supersonic flight and gets control over poison and nature and changes his color to yellow.

Special form: Shift has super sonic speed, above average strength, and above average flight and gets control over electricity, light, and darkness and changes color to green.


Can do spin dash, homing attack, and spin and add elemental and chaos ,shift and sol energy to them.


Shift's only weakness is that if he uses too much energy he will pass out.

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