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Cquote1 Honestly, are you really going to pull out that nonsense of judging me for what I am? I may be a dingo, but I'm not like the ones from Angel Island, who antagonized a bunch of Echidnas who did absolutely nothing to them. Besides, he's a warrior, and he's half wolf! Cquote2
Arguing with Tundra about why she should be allowed in the Resistance, Trouble in the South

Sherry the Dingo is a character set to appear in an upcoming installment of The Legend of Fox the Brave: Rise of Ruin, currently titled Trouble in the South. She is a Downunda-born dingo(not like the ones who frequently antagonized the Echidnas) who traveled to Wolfhart City to join the Resistance in fighting Infinite and Dr. Finitevus, and to seek a place in the Wilde Tribe for her Pack despite doubts from the Resistance. She is feisty and hard-headed, but friendly and outgoing, and will serve as a future love interest for Coop the Dog(as dingo-dog hybrids are possible, and naturally occur).


Unlike the Dingoes that appeared in the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Comics, Sherry is more realistic in appearance(like Alex and other jackals aside from Infinite and the Jackal Squad). She is around Lucky's size, with orange fur that fades to white on her belly, white hands and feet, a black-tipped tail, and amber eyes.


Sherry is feisty, spunky, and outgoing, and refuses to let anything get her down. As she stated herself, Sherry is not like the Echidnas' old enemies, and hates it when she is judged simply because she is a dingo, arguing that Cody was a warrior when he was a wolfdog, and that the leader of the Resistance is a coyote.


Sherry's past is unknown, but she mentions traveling from Downunda to Wolfhart City to join the Resistance and establish her Pack as apart of the Wilde Tribe, implying that she is from Downunda




Sherry is similar to Alex and his family in a few aspects:

  • She is often judged because of what kind of animal she is
    • she is a dingo while Alex is a jackal)
  • She is a kind of Mobian that is often mistrusted
    • Jackals are viewed as low-down and sneaky, while dingoes are viewed as the enemies of the Echidnas
  • She is native to Downunda but speaks with an American accent, not an Australian one
    • Alex and his family don't due to their nomadic heritage, so Sherry's reason is currently unknown
  • She traveled from Downunda to join the warriors
    • Alex made his journey because he was separated from his family as a pup, while Sherry joined partly out of a desire to make her Pack apart of the Wilde Tribe for reasons currently unknown.

Sherry's relationship with Coop is the third confirmed Mobian inter-species relationship

  • The first is Chaise and Audrey
  • The second is Tundra and Simon(though this relationship cannot produce children, due to Simon being human)
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