Fur: White

Eyes: White

Skin: White
White tanktop hoodie with single crimson stripe

White skirt with single neon pink-purple stripe on side

blue shoes with teal at the toe and yellow rings on top

loose neon pink-purple fingerless gloves

Can climb things well and even hang upside down for long periods of time

Strong legs and feet


A cute bat girl always ready to party~! Currently sixteen, due to her behavior she is often assumed by others to be much younger. Despite clearly looking to be around sixteen years old. Possibly due to her life-style choices, or just because she isn't home too often, Sherbert lives in an apartment complex just outside of Station Square. Often she must deal with her neighbors who complain she's too noisy....

Sometime back after some incidents, Sherbert had retired from the all Furry spy group she was originally into around the age of nine. It's just been two years since then but she seems pretty happy, despite missing it originally.

Considered nuts by most, Sherbert is currently single but she honestly doesn't seem to mind at all.


  • Flight
  • Climbing things
  • Hanging upside down for long periods of time
  • Strong legs and feet


  • Party Ball Rain: Shiny silver balls rain down before exploding into massive amounts of confetti. Sometimes fireworks if rigged properly.
  • Airy Tap: Using her cute shoes the wings attached expand in size as Sherbert kicks the target.
  • Lovely Winds: She uses her chibi wings to kick up a big gust of air.


As Sherbert is a "Party Animal" she enjoys dancing, listening to music, and has even taking a interest in being a DJ.

She also happens to be just a bit nosy and likes to spy on others but blames this on the fact she was a spy previously. But half of the time people don't believe her...

Sherbert has also been shown to collect random items! Ranging from a small plastic gem, to a shiny rock, to even toy rings with the center piece missing.


  • She is just a bit death, ironicly enough for a bat. This is because she is always listening to music that is too loud.
  • Her fear of Sonic
  • Laughs or says inapropriate things at the wrong time
  • Points out the obvious things


A "batty" bat girl. She has been called numerous things: Insane, Demented, weird, and just plain stupid. The reason for this is unknown, a lot of people like to guess though. Its either, "She's stupid, plain and simple." Or, "She was totally brilliant, but then she just lost it". Perhaps only Sherbert knows. Perhaps she doesn't know at all!

Sherbert doesn't think there is anything wrong with herself. She either doesn't know or she chooses to ignore it. Mysterious in a sense, and just plain too creepy to be near. As long as she's havin' fun, this bat doesn't care! serious moments.


  • Music
  • her unique-ness
  • colorful lights
  • parties
  • weird things
  • Favorite Foods: Candy, Soda, licorice, raspberry based alcholic drinks or jams.


  • Boredom
  • Studying
  • Plain old black and white
  • Being teased
  • Sonic
  • Hated foods: Healthy things, junk food, Banana, coconuts, black licorice, most meats.


A white bat girl with pearl white eyes. Her skin is also white and the inside part of her ears are lilac blue. Sherbet has little hair, consisting of two giant bangs, one being red while the other is light purple. She has a small curled cowlick that is bright lime green. She has small chibi like wings with pink coloring inside the center.

Sherbert wears a white tanktop styled hoodie with a red stripe going down the center, a white skirt with a neon pink stripe on the side, and light blue shoes with ice blue tips and a yellow ring like part as a sock. She has small pink wings here as well. She has neon pink fingerless gloves.

Sherbert doesn't change in winter unless she must, in which case she just wears a scarf, non fingerless gloves and shorts. At the beach she usually wears a very "loud" styled bikini. For bed she wears a plain wool purple long sleeved sweater dress and fuzzy blue slippers. Sometimes a night cap~


  • "Lets Party~"
  • "Muffins!"
  • "Why is the sign talking? Purple! Berries...."
  • "........I said good day!"
  • "Why does everyone think I'm insane...? ......Oh my god I forgot to walk my bush!"


  • Despite how small her wings are, she uses them like normal wings. Their not just decoration. Why she has them instead of real batwings is a mystery...
  • She was born on March 5th.
  • The reason she fears Sonic is unknown.
  • Despite the fact she enjoys saying Muffins, she has no particular taste for them.
  • If one looks in her mouth, they will see she lacks a bat fang.
  • Its been revealed because of all the loud music she hears, Sherbert is somewhat deaf.


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