"Hi, I'm Shelly! Shelly 'The Barracuda' Hedgehog! Welcome to the Station Square Super-Mall, how may I be of service?"
—Shelly's usual quote (even in emergencies) due to working in a Super-Mall
Shelly the Hedgehog is a young female mobian Hedgehog and a current Station Square resident. She is quirky,
Shelly The Hedgehog mall
ditzy and glamorous as well as heroic and inspiring to young people, particularly the children of Station Square. After discovering the crash site of Tails' ship upon a mysterious island, Shelly discovers she's not quite as 'normal' as her parents brought her up to believe and that there is more to life than being just a sales clerk at one of the fifth largest Station Square Super-Malls even though she adores her job working in a Super-Mall.

She is voiced by actress Alexandra Breckenridge.

Early Life



Theme song


  • Shelly is one of two hedgehogs born in a domesticated family
  • According to Shelly, she and her younger sister are avid Sonic the Hedgehog fans but far normalized from Sonic's concerns
  • Her favorite color is blue and is often wears in her clothes and jewelry
  • Her superpowers contains quick speed and striking at enemies whilst mid-air as well as being able to control the air elements.
  • Like many of the Mobians in her home of Station Square, she believed herself to being a "Normal" (hedgehog/fox/echidna/mobian born without super-abilities)
  • Her nickname "Barracuda" comes not from the species of the same name or their ferocity (though Shelly prefers that also) but rather the song choice by the rock band Heart
  • Shelly and her sister grew listening to 80's ballads
  • Shelly loves vegetables but is also very fond of indulging in tacos and Hot Pockets since both are her favorite childhood food
  • Shelly has a fear of ghosts and dreads being alone in dark places just manifesting with them


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