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Cquote1 Everyone says that my career as an actress is what makes me popular among everyone. Well, they're all dirty liars. I'm popular among people because I'm nice to them. I'm popular because I include my friends in almost everything I do. I'm popular because I take time out of my busy life to spend time with my friends. They have it all wrong. Cquote2
Shelli giving a speech at an award show

Shelli the Fox is a fan character adopted and created by Darkest Shadow. She is a professional actress who loves to perform on a stage. She also has a dream of becoming an interior designer. She is a part of the High Rollers, a private group of people selected by multi trillionaire, Lili DeRochefort.

General Information

Melissa Veronica Bolourchi is a sixteen year old fox living in a somewhat big house in Beach Cove City. She currently attends the Mariala County Academy;an audition based school for kids with a special talent(s). She is currently rooming with her best friend, Michelle. She will be a junior in high school next year. During break times from school, she goes to Beach Cove City to audition for shows in the summer.

She is currently a Broadway actress, who loves to perform in all sorts of musicals. Ever since she was three, the live stage was her home. Many people watch the musicals and plays that she stars in, especially movie producers and all of them. She gets many requests to be in another show, or even in a movie, and she accepts most of the offers. The cameras are always on her, and she is very used to it.

Shelli also is considered to be a part of a High-Rollers Club that Lili started, where sophisticated and stylish people go to have special events and parties. She often goes there to have a good time with her friends. She is very popular among society and her fan-base is huge.


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Shelli is best described to be very classy and sophisticated. She loves to be in a place where everything looks really stylish. She also likes to dress for success and always look her best to look like she's above-average. She likes to go to fancy places and events and wants everything to look clean and overall beautiful. She has great manners and expects good manners from people that she meets.

Along with that, Shelli is considered to be a perfectionist. She wants everything to be almost exactly--if not exactly, the way she wants it to be. She wants to be flawless, even if she does a single mistake, she will always refrain from doing it again. She refuses to make mistakes and will always do her best to fix them. She doesn't like people who always mess up like that.

Shelli is also considered to be pretty quiet. She doesn't like to brag about her popularity among the society, and prefers to keep her mouth shut. She doesn't get involved in fights or conflicts and avoids those kinds of situations at all costs. She takes any kind of feedback with a smile, positive or negative, even disturbing comments.

Although most people think that her sophistication and perfectionist keeps her from having any fun. However, they are all wrong. Shelli loves to have a good time at any kind of party and likes to have lots of fun playing games off all sorts, as long as she doesn't get dirty. Often, she goes to high-class parties with her friends and have a blast until the sun rises!

Physical Appearance

Shelli currently stands at 3'3 and weighs about 72 lbs. She is a pink and white colored fox. The skin underneath her fur is also white, like her muzzle. Her muzzle is furry with three tips on each side. Her are short like a hedgehog, and have a light blue stripe pattern like a tigress. Her inner ears are pink. The back of her hair is somewhat long and goes down to the middle of her back. The front has front bangs and asymmetrical sides. Her tail is fluffy and pink. Her eyes are separated and she has pink pupils. The fur under her front hair has a pink triangle tip. Fur covers her arms and tummy.

Currently, Shelli wears a long-sleeved yellow shirt with two red stripes on each side. Above it, is a black down-facing collar with a white horizontal stripe in the middle and a red-pink bow. Over her top, she wears a magenta apron with white lining and light pink fluffiness on the straps. For bottoms, she just wears a frilly yellow skirt. For footwear, she wears red shiny three inch heels, and knee-length magenta socks. As a fun accessory, she wears a dark red pin with red and yellow circles on it and white polka-dots. Finally, she adds a cute white hairband with a bow on top.


Acting- Shelli is an outstanding actress. Her career began when she was only three, and she improved her acting skills over the course of time. She could play any kind of role that a director gives her with ease, even a boy role! She is able to easily fake and let out any kind of emotion that they want her to have while speaking that line. She always memorizes her lines and blocking and does her absolute best during dress rehearsals and show nights. Most people say that she is going to go down in fame for being such a talented actress! A lot of people also say that when she takes the stage, it makes it look like they are watching an actual real scenario happening!

Singing- Being an actress who likes to audition and perform musicals, Shelli obviously needed to learn how to sing. As of now, she has an outstanding singing voice and still takes voice lessons. She has a wide range of keys that she can hit. Her voice can be soft like in a lullaby or strong in a really moving song. Her voice lands her many roles in shows, and she receives standing ovations for them.

Decorating and Designing- Having the dream of being an interior designer, she often wants to work on her dream to make it into a reality. She likes to go over people's houses and make over certain rooms to fit their personality. She loves doing that, especially if they are like her, and want stylish looking rooms that are to die for. She picks out the best of decorations to fit their request, and the results look amazing.

Powers and Abilities

Glass Manipulation/Hyalokinesis- Shelli has the power to manipulate glass at her own command. She can make anything made out of glass easily break by just clutching her hand and focusing on the object. She is also able to make the glass shards fix themselves into the whole frame. She can also make glass shards rain from the sky, or use them as a combat style to fight against an enemy. If she concentrates hard enough, she can even turn into glass!



Lili the Cat- Lili and Shelli are best friends. The two have meet a long time ago at a high-class party, where the two became friends over a fun conversation. The two have always hanged out together, and now they are like sisters! They have a lot in common, as both of them are classy, they both get invited to high-class events, and they both have a ton of money!

Michelle the Cat- Michelle and Shelli are also best friends. They met once when they were babies, and didn't really know each other well, but they met in high school and now the two are closer than ever. With both of them being actors, they like to always practice their acting warmups together. They love spending time together and they always go to movie premiers and events together.

Spring the Cat- Spring and Shelli are considered to be good friends. The two haven't really known each other for a long time, but they like to talk. While Spring spends most of her time outside with nature, Shelli spends most of her's inside at parties. They have a lot more differences than similarities, but they still like to have fun together.

Alexis Petals- Alexis is a big fan of Shelli, and she likes to come to all of her shows. Shelli actually met Alexis backstage before. The two like to spend time together, as both of them are famous people. Shelli finds Alexis to be trendy and stylish, like her. The two love to talk and spend time together.

Ingrid the Sheep- Ingrid and Shelli don't really know each other that well. The two have met several times, but they don't really talk a lot, unless she is with her friends. Shelli finds Ingrid to be a little too quiet and that she needs to go outside more.

Christina the HedgeCat- Christina and Shelli are arch rivals. Shelli knew from the first look at Christina's fashion pageants that she was going to be a brat, but she didn't know how wrong she was. She decided to get into fights with her;glass versus crystals, and the two try to avoid each other in public as much as possible. When she sees her, she tries to shove her in public to purposely make her fall.


  • Shelli was adopted the same time Spring the Cat was.
  • Shelli's name, voice actor, and dream job are all based off of Shelli Poole, a contestant on Season 17 of Big Brother.
  • Shelli likes to act live on Broadway, plays, and musicals on a stage, rather than Sitcom and comedies on TV.
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