Shell is a young Buizel, Storm the Buizel's younger sister, a minor character in The Legend of Fox the Brave, and a supporting character in Dakota's Search. She is a member of Rogue Squad and one of Firekit the Litten's closest friends, the other being Dakota. Shell is also the secondary protagonist of the upcoming story Dakota's Search, and is one of the perspectives of the story, similar to Austin's Flight switching between Austin and Storm's POV.


Being a Buizel, Shell appears to be a short, anthropomorphic weasel with two tails. She has pale orange fur, yellowish-tan fur on her muzzle, belly, and tail-tips as well as one spot of the same color above each eye and one on the underside of each forepaw, two small black streaks on each side of her muzzle. She has a medium-sized black nose, two short "crests" on the back of her head(the top one longer than the other), black eyes, and one short blue fin on each arm. Finally, she has a pale yellow-orange flotation sac(referred to as her "collar") around her neck, and a single orange spot on her back(males have two)


Shell is sweet and kind-hearted, and overall a kind soul. While generally shy and soft-spoken, she is still unafraid to speak her mind, and is a quite sympathetic person. If Shell finds herself in an argument, she can easily hold her own and (while never mentioned) has a bit of a sharp tongue.


Before the series: Shell was born to Whirlpool and Paya after her brother Storm. She was very close to Storm, and did everything with him. Her fate was unknown when River Valley Village was attacked and Storm was swept away by the Village's namesake river. Soon after Storm joined Rogue Squad, he accompanied Rokky the Krokorok to Grassy Root Village to find Shell with a lone Treecko named Slash in the ruins of the Village; Shell had been frightfully watching Slash as he mourned his father Blake(Reecko's brother, making Slash his nephew). She eagerly joined Rogue Squad to be with her brother, and remained with him since.

Dakota's Search: Shell chooses to accompany Dakota on his search for answers as to Finitevus' obsession with Austin's knowledge and choice to trick Dallas into following him. She is with Dakota when they find a lost Litten they named Firekit. When Dakota chooses to stay with SwiftClan to evade Finitevus and look after Firekit, Shell reluctantly accepts this and heads back to the Storming Base.


So far, Shell's only confirmed move is Water Gun. Her moveset may be revealed in future appearances, but considering she is a minor character, this is unconfirmed.


Shell's current Ability is unknown, though it may be Swift Swim, a Buizel's natural Ability(its Hidden Ability is Water Veil)


Like all Water-Type Pokemon, Shell has aquatic respiration, which allows her to breathe both above and below the surface of the water. Her streamlined body also allows her to slip through the water very quickly.


Being a pure Water-Type, he is weak to Electric and Grass Types, resists Steel, Ice, and Water Types, and has an Advantage against Ground, Fire, and Rock Types.

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