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Shawn the Bandicoot
Shawn the Bandicoot
Shawn the Bandicoot
Made on Paint Tool SAI
Idiot (Kou), Captain Pervo(Maxie), Stalker Boy (Sadie)
New Guinea Long-nosed Bandicoot
Amber fur with 2 bangs,

Tanish-peach muzzle and tail,

Violet eyes, long nose, long ears
Blue hoodie

India Green pants Cerulean and Indigo shoes

Ghost White gloves
Desiree the Bandicoot (older triplet sister), Crush the Bandicoot (older triplet brother)
Romantic Interest
Maxie Flippercorn(one sided on his side) Dana (Possibly)
Neutral/Anti Hero
explosions, making people mad, irritating people, guns, shooting stuff, fire, knives, being hugged by cute (his definition) girls
being called a pyro, being called a pervert, being called a stalker, getting his nose touched
Bandicoot Twist, super bounce, paintball shooting, dig
Kou the Hedgehog, Dana, Twila, Hazel, Skipper and Missy Monkey, Battery, Batterina, Rouge the Bat
Sadie the Dog

Shawn the Bandicoot is an original Sonic fan character created by pumpituppartyzone/Ike. He is an Amber anthropomorphic bandicoot. His main appearances are in the Youtube show called Total Sonic Island. His best friend is Rory the Pika, and he is the power formation of Team Bandicoot. Twila Mouse is the speed, and Dana the Panda, who he may share a love interest with, is the fly formation. He is the owner of Shawn's Junkyard.

Total Sonic Island

Take I

Shawn entered the show in the second episode as one of the antagonists. He has a very annoying, obsessive attraction to Maxie Flippercorn, which drives her to the point of screaming and beating people up when they bring it up. Maxie absolutely loathes Shawn, but he doesn't seem to mind. In episode 4, he threatened Sadie when she partnered up with Maxie in the challenge, which started a conflict. He teamed up with Kou the Hedgehog in the challenge, but most likely by default. Kou probably doesn't like Shawn, due to the fact that they are called the "Shawn Haters".

Take II

Shawn was in the show from the beginning and was assigned to Rouge's team. Immediatley, people (fans and contestants) disliked him because of how perverted he was, but didn't vote him off immediatley. For an unknown reason, he voted Vector off in the first episode. The episode afterward, almost everybody on the team voted him off, even though he almost won the challenge. He was then 2nd character to be eliminated.

In the episode "Hide and Don't Speak," he, Izzy, and Rouge returned to the island to help with the Hide and Seek challenge. They were used as the people who were "it," and found every person's hiding spot except for Sharky's. This is the only episode in the show so far (because it was the only one possible) that Shawn was shown to care for Maxie, as he found her hiding spot but let her find another. After she leaves, he tells her to call him, but remembers that she does not have his phone number.


Shawn is very persistent, and does not stop doing something until he gets what he wants. With his persistantness, he seems to try the same thing over and over again, assuming that he will get a different result. Though this usually does not work in his favor, he always tries anyway.

He enjoys playing pranks on people, and he hates crying, unless it is because of a prank he pulled. Shawn tends to pull pranks on people at very inappropriate times, which he just finds even more funny. He likes to annoy people, and has always loved to play with guns, whether it is a water gun, paintball gun, or a shotgun.

Another odd thing about Shawn is his obsession with fire. This also seems to be one of his weaknesses, as he can sit down and watch a fire burn for a very long time, and it can pull him away from almost anything. He also enjoys lighting objects on fire, even when it causes him pain. He appears to be put in a trance whenever he sees something burning.


Shawn has many abilities that are similar to Crash Bandicoot's. When he spins around in a spiral movement quickly enough, he starts to apparently for a tornado, which he can launch in any direction. He calls this the Bandicoot Twist, which is an ideally powerful skill. 

Shawn also has many of the common abilities, such as the Spin Dash and Spin Jump. He can also do the Bandicoot Bounce, which is the Spin Jump, but if you bounce off the floor, you go higher than usual.

Shawn is a black belt at kung-fu, something that he likes to brag about to people. He claims that martial arts skills run in his family, even though neither Crush nor Desiree (his brother and sister) have these skills. Shawn has advanced upper body strength, most likely due to his kung-fu skills, which helps him as power formation on his team. He also has Super Speed, though he is about the speed of Knuckles the Echidna.

Game Appearances

Baseball Party Zone

Shawn is one of the team captains in this game. His team name is the "Bandit Coots", his special throw is the "Anvil Ball", and his special swing is the "Combustion Swing". His default stadium is "Boom Boom Boulevard", and his team consists of himself, Dana, Twila, Skipper, Missy, Zamboni, Battery, Batterina, and Keygen.


Name Team Name Special Ball Bat/Glove Pitching Stats Fielding Stats Batting Stats Running Stats

Shawn the Bandicoot

Bandit Coots

Anvil Ball








Moe Flippercorn

Hazel the Hyrax

Sunny Dayz

Dana the Panda

Twila Mouse

Missy the Monkey

Keygen the Tiger

Zamboni the Chao

Kou the Hedgehog

B.B. the Fox


Maxie Flippercorn

Sadie the Dog

Cliff McMuffin

Freckles Jeeperchomp

Ned McMuffin

Big Buela the Gorilla

Sonic Fanon Party

In this game, Shawn is a NPC. He is the owner of Shawn's Junkyard, and gives out Power Rings.

Maxie Rivals

Shawn appears as a playable character in this game, partners with Razz, investigating the missing chao.


Dana the Panda

Dana and Shawn are very good friends, and there may even be chemistry between them. At one point, Shawn found out that Maxie was going to the movies with Cliff McMufiin. To get her jealous, he went to the same movie with Dana. When he saw Cliff kiss Maxie, he immediately planted a small kiss on Dana's cheek, which to his surprise, put a smirk on her face. The whole theatre gasped, and Shawn whispered in her ear, "Really? Well, if that made you smirk a little, let's see what this does!" He the preceded to smooch Dana for the next two minutes of the movie. He always smiles when he thinks of it or when it is mentioned, though he insists that he did not feel anything.

Maxie Flippercorn

See Shawn and Maxie.


Bunky Octopretzel (Best Friends)

Dana the Panda (Great Friends)

Twila Mouse (Good Friends)

Hazel the Hyrax

Rouge the Bat

Kou the Hedgehog (to an extent)

B.B. the Fox

Sunny Dayz

Maxie Flippercorn (to an extent)


Freckles Jeeperchomp

Handy the Fox

Rapid the Hedgehog

Sadie the Dog

Cosmo the Seedrian



  • Shawn was pumpituppartyzone's first Anti-Hero aligned character.
  • Shawn is one of the 16 baseball team captains in the game, Baseball Party Zone.
  • Shawn is the power formation of Team Bandicoot.
  • If Shawn had a voice actor, it would be either Dave Trosko, or Drew Nelson.

Memorable Quote

"Sweet! We got it." - When Team Blast is achieved

"Wow. You're going through with it. Too bad you're gonna brutally lose." - Before Race/Battle 1

"Let's get this show on the road." - Before Race/Battle 2

"Before, I was taking pity on you. Now, it's serious." - Before Race/Battle 3

"Time to teach you a lesson." - Before Race/Battle 4

"Just what I expected." - After Winning Race/Battle 1

"That was just too easy." - After Winning Race/Battle 2

"Yes! I... am amazing!" - S Rank

"Man, that was great!" - A Rank

"Whoa, I did pretty good." - B Rank

"Meh, it was good." - C Rank

"Well, that sucked." - D Rank

"I can't believe I did that badly." - E Rank

"Wow. I can't believe I really lost." After Losing Race/Battle 1

"Yeah, well I wasn't trying." - After Losing Race/Battle 2

"I'm finished...." - After being 'Killed'

"Nooooo!?!?!" - After Falling

"I'm such a beast." - Homerun

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