Sharpshoot Hyena Clan

Sharpshoot Hyena Clan
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Sharpshoot Hyena Clan
Organization Information
Type Matriarchal clan
Also known as
Founders Kassideus Sharpshoot - current clan matriarch
Headquarters Unnamed village
Enemy organizations
Affiliation Efrika Plains Freedom Fighters

The Sharpshoot Hyena Clan is a clan of Mobian hyenas that reside within the Efrika Plains.



The Sharpshoot Hyena Clan is primarily a peaceful clan that tends to avoid unnecessary conflict, despite the fact that many of their members are more than capable of combat; however, the soldiers are more for protection than anything else. The clan has always been led by the Sharpshoot Family, with the female family members historically being the leaders, and their mates serving as close adviser.

Despite the seemingly matriarchal rule, males are not considered lesser within the clan; the lineage of leaders all being female is more or less traditional, as the entire clan seems to hold the concept of motherhood in high regard.


As stated above, the Sharpshoot Hyena Clan avoids unnecessary conflict when possible, and in the event of an altercation with an enemy group, the clan's soldiers must always allow enemies to retreat if they attempt to surrender; however, clan soldiers may fight to kill if the enemy refuses to disengage, especially if they are close to the village, as the safety of the 'civilian' clan members is of high priority.

The clan strives to assist their allies however possible. Clan soldiers must prioritize the safety and protection of sick/injured, elderly, or young individuals over themselves or other soldiers; this extends to sick/injured, elderly, or young individuals outside of the clan.

Allies and Enemies


  • Efrika Plains Freedom Fighters - She and her soldiers assisted Rikardo in rescuing the frill-neck's parents, Esau and Mirta, from Axel the Water Buffalo and his soldiers. Her and her family have also been friends with Rikardo's parents for quite a long time.


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