Sharil the Hedgidna is the liaison between the mercenary group Children of Supplicium and the Technomage weaponry manufacture Anvil Corp., known for his corrupt nature.

Sharil the Hedgidna

Biographical Information
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
  • Fur: Red, w/ tan skin, black quill & dreadlock tips & lower body
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Has a fox-like tail, but no fox genetics
  • Silver vest
  • Purple shirt
  • Black pants with purple pin-striping
  • Black boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
Weaponry & EquipmentNone
  • Moderate Hydrokinesis
  • Moderate Toxikinesis
  • Super Advanced combat - hand-to-hand
  • Talented scam artist/smooth-talker
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212


Early Life

Sharil was born in the Lost Jungle, one of the thickest, hardest to access areas of Mobius. Like most Mobians living in it's dark depths, his family was hiding from a threat that was chasing them - a clan of rather mad Poison-wielders, seeking revenge for a botched scam run by his parents, former members. However, using their command of hydrokinesis, the family escaped into the swamps, hoping that the clan wouldn't find them again. It was soon after their escape that Sharil was born, and the fear of discovery soon had the baby affected. As they traveled, they discovered a village, and began to dwell there, deep in the jungle, starting a relationship with the crocodiles and alligators that dwelled within.

Return to Civilization

After eighteen years in the jungle, Sharil's family was pretty well entrenched in their ways, the way of the jungle. Even so, they still performed their scams on outsiders, generating a nice bit of money. Then, one day, a tired, sorry group of mercenaries arrived to the forest - the Children of Supplicium had arrived. Instantly, his parents tried their usual scam, but the leader of the mercenary group instantly called them up on it. Embarrassed and frightened by the armed man, they tried to surrender, but his response made that futile.

Instead of being angry, the mercenary leader was amused, and offered the duo, plus their eighteen-year-old son, who possessed the same silver tongue that adorned his parents, to join their ranks, with Sharil being offered military training while his parents became envoys and recruiting officers. Suddenly honored with a chance to return to a brilliant life, his parents accepted.

Unfortunately, it quickly became evident to the mercenary command that it was a mistake to train Sharil as a solder - he had no skill with any form of weaponry or piloting, and only moderate skill with either of his two elements, although his skill with hand-to-hand elementless combat was far higher than average, considering his mutation of a tail normal to a fox, not a hedgidna. Coupled with his accent, which was a lot more 'southern swamp'-esque than was normal for the military for the Children of Supplicium, which prompted a change of plan. The next thing that Sharil knew, he was being sent to Tal'dari, the homeworld of Anvil Corp., to serve as a liaison between the two organizations. In the rainforest world, Sharil found himself comfortable, and took to wearing a military uniform, which wasn't quite designed for the environment he was subject to. This was a major point, and as such, Sharil was regularly traveling back and forth from Shadow Base in Radical City and Tal'dari, transmitting requests for weapons or specific items between the two organizations.

However, he was in Radical City when word arrived that his mercenary team had been defeated in Raltiir by a single female swordsman, without taking a single casualty, but with the local military helping themselves to the equipment left behind. The loss of a reasonably large pile of equipment was an embarrassment, and quickly found the Children of Supplicium as laughingstocks amongst mercenaries and employers alike.

Resupply: Project HA

Instantly, the loss of at least one hundred suits of battle armor and powered armor added up. Infantry wise, they had just lost a large portion of their foot force. Instantly, all the liaisons were ordered to communicate with the manufacturers, with the ultimate aim of having their own kind of Powered Armor built. As the liaison connected with Anvil Corp, Sharil personally spoke with the CEO of the corporation, Teiran Vinile, with the request for the armor. Intrigued by the idea, Vinile returned to the table with his idea - armor that was slightly stronger than most of the smaller manufacturers and fitted with thrusters and thicker plating for slightly less than the stronger but rarer Col'nesian armored suits offered by Hammerforge Industries, a simple variant on their Steel-type Powered Armor. By contrast, the Anvil Corporation was offering custom armor for a semi-reasonable price. Instantly, the boss accepted, and Sharil was promoted, with Anvil Corp. acquiring more deals from the Children of Supplicium than any other corporation, with most of the more common salvage, a common form of payment for mercenaries, a share in the equipment of all they kill, being sold for brand-new Anvil Corp. technology, and as such, Sharil was receiving money from both sides - his mercenary employers, for getting them such good deals, and from Anvil Corp. itself, for his work in selling their equipment.


Sharil is a bizarre fighter. Strong and well-trained in hand-to-hand combat, but with only moderate skill with either of his two elements, water and poisons. As such, his fighting style involves a lot of close and personal strikes, using all available cover and his weaker ranged attacks to distract and allow him to get in close, for a successful assault. In addition, unlike most hedgidnas, Sharil possesses a tail, similar to a foxes. With this muscular tail, he is fully capable of breaking bones.

Unfortunately, while he is strong and fast in close combat, capable of deflecting, parrying and countering almost all strikes that approach him, any strikes that do make it through his guard are likely to cause him extreme pain, as his greatest weak spot is an array of scars on his chest - any impact to those points can cause his body to spasm, and possibly even pass out.

Water Abilities

Poison Abilities

Elementless Abilities


With his interests in spear-fishing and gator catching, Sharil is truly a swamp person. He loves humid environments, such as rainforests or his home swampy jungle. However, he is quite easy to manipulate, considering his greed. Like his parents, retired con artists, Sharil has a silver tongue and can manipulate all but those with the strongest wills into doing as he wishes.






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